The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Bloodshed Land

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Chapter 606: Bloodshed Land
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In the middle of Seoul Star Cluster, the stars shone brightly. A stream of light slashed across the universe, bolting through the darkness. It was the BlackLight Stealth in hyperdrive. On the ship were only Han Xiao, Ames, Hila, and Aurora.

After a few days, the four of them finally arrived at Seoul from Colton, passing through many stargates and Star Systems. When passing through the entry stargate from Colton to Seoul, they were even searched by the stargate station.

Klent Kingdoms management of the Seoul Star Cluster was rather strict. They had set checkpoints around the entry stargates from other Star Clusters.

The entry stargate allowed teleportation across the desolate area between the two Star Clusters, saving a huge chunk of time. All the galactic travelers with a clean background would use the stargate, whereas those who took the path through the desolate region were mostly wanted criminals and secret organizations.

Bloodshed Lands headquarters were in the heavily controlled Star System, the core Star System in the middle of the Seoul Star Cluster.

In the ships hall, Han Xiao looked at the location marked on the star map and curled his lips.

Planet Heber. Tsk tsk he used his own name for the headquarters, such a Just a Han Xiao was about to comment, he suddenly realized that he had done the same thing, so he instantly changed his sentence. Such a wise choice!

Are we almost there? Aurora looked at the star map curiously and realized that she could not understand it.

The hyperdrive will end in about ten minutes and twenty-seven seconds. Han Xiao looked at the control panel presented by Risda. The spaceship was on autopilot at the moment, and all four of them were at the hall.

Aurora turned and asked, Teacher, is Planet Heber similar to Floating Dragon Island?

Ames lay down sideways on the sofa, elegant and casual. She smiled and said, Different, Planet Hebers costs are higher. Its a modified planet, built by Klent Kingdom with Star Cluster level technology. Its more like a portable fortress. Its Hebers second strongest weapon.

Star Cluster Civilizations ability far exceeded that of Star System Civilizations; they were on completely different levels. The most obvious difference was mobilityStar Cluster Civilizations could build stargates, so their transport speed was countless times faster than Star System Civilizations.

Also, Star Cluster Civilizations had the technology to build planet-grade battleships, the most common one being the Planet Mining Mothership. It could devour an entire planet, breaking it down inside and turning it into all kinds of resources.

For example, Planet Heber was a planet-grade space fortress built by Klent Kingdom.

Second strongest? Then whats the Tyrants strongest weapon? Hila asked with a serious expression. She was more interested in the abilities of the strongest people in the Shattered Star Ring.

His strongest weapons is, of course, his own body. Ames shook her head. He can use his physical body to penetrate straight through a planet.

Impossible! Aurora exclaimed.

Han Xiao had Phillip search for Hebers history. It seemed like there was more than one record of him crashing through a planet. Rather, it looked like it was Hebers usual activity.

Hebers body is extremely strong. Mud and stones cannot stop him. The high-density rock layer under deep under the surface is as fragile as paper to him, and lava is his bathing water. Even a planets core isnt hot enough to burn him. Maybe a Fixed Star could hurt him, but not a planet, so crashing through a planet is not a challenge for him. Ames sighed.

Heber was almost her nemesis, yet even the highest strength force field could not tear Heber apart. Heber could move freely even under the pressure. If she used Floating Dragon to hit him, it would be shattered by Heber instead. The nemesis of force field type Espers was indeed this kind of indestructible enemy. After all, although force field Esper abilities were well rounded, it was more toward controllingdamage was not its strength.

Despite Ames being carefree, she was not ignorant. She knew her own weaknesses.

Hila frowned and kept silent. Hebers strength currently exceeded her knowledge range, so she did not know what to say.

Heber penetrating a planet is like a sniper bullet penetrating several planks. Han Xiao shook his head. A Beyond Grade A Pugilist was terrifyingly powerful.

After chatting for a while, the Blacklight Stealth finally exited hyperdrive state. The light tunnel outside the porthole disappeared, and the universe reappeared.

Right under the spaceship, a small, metallic planet entered their sights. Its color seemed solemn and serious.

Planet Heber!

Han Xiao received a communication request from Planet Heber. If they did not identify themselves and continued loitering around Planet Heber, they would be deemed as an enemy.

Ames had the invitation letter, so after verifying their identity, Planet Heber sent the parking coordinates. Han Xiao told Risda to control the spaceship and land at the given location.

As Planet Heber was a moving fortress like Floating Dragon, it did not have natural sunlight. The top of it was covered with thick, dark artificial clouds to block the radiation from the universe.

The spaceship slowly descended. After passing through the black clouds, Planet Hebers surface appeared in their eyes.

Planet Heber was mainly made up of cold and dark colors; there was almost nothing dramatic.

Castle-like buildings stood tall, and tons and tons of bases were like mountains. These buildings emitted a dark blue light. It was somewhat futuristic and mysterious. Advanced technology seemed to be a planet-wide theme. Between the many bases, there were gigantic hollow-in-the-middle circular devices up to two kilometers tall. A purple light was rippling at its hollow part like it was operating as something.

Above the bases, battleship fleets patrolled.

This was a planet-level armored fortress!

Hila and Aurora were stunned.

The Blacklight Stealth landed at a dock between the bases. When they got out of the spaceship, a group of people were already waiting there. They were all Bloodshed Land soldiers, led by the Vanguard Official Malekith.

Your Excellency Dragon Emperor, thank you for accepting the invitation. Welcome to Bloodshed Land.

Malekith gave a common bow. He had personally delivered Ames invitation letter.

Ames did not reply. She looked at the surroundings, snickered, and said, Its been a while since I last came. This place is boring as always. Heber really has no taste.

Battleships and fortresses are the best decorations, Malekith replied. When he saw Han Xiao beside Ames, his eyes gleamed, and he said coldly, Black Star, I said we would soon meet again.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows, played dumb, and said, Who are you? Ive never seen you before.

The others looked over and stared at him.

Alright, I was kidding. Han Xiao curled his lips.

Bloodshed Lands people were really interesting, trying to pick them apart as soon as they met. Malekith deliberately used such an ambiguous tone to hint that he had met Black Star privately before.

Han Xiao did not tell Ames that he had met Malekith before, and Ames had once had someone stolen from her side. Due to the previous incident, she should be very sensitive to this. If she knew that her trusted officer had met with Bloodshed Land privately again, she would probably not be happy with him.

Malekith looks like a savage with a small brain, but hes actually quite dirty, isnt he?

Okay, I will remember this.



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