The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 607

Chapter 607 Provoke

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Chapter 607: Provoke
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A sharp green light flashed through Ames eyes. She stared at Malekith and deliberately said, What are you guys trying to do to my people again?

Your Excellency Dragon Emperor, dont be so sensitive. Black Star and I just happened to meet. Thats all, Malekith replied calmly.

Ames squinted and turned to look at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao had nothing to hide, so he honestly replied, He found me and wanted me to leave Floating Dragon to join Bloodshed Land. Tsk tsk, he gave me some good terms.

And? What did you say? Ames asked with a faint smile.

Had I agreed, he wouldnt have brought this up again. Han Xiao shrugged.

Ames smirked, turned to Malekith, and said, Hear that? Give up your tricks and lead the way.

Seeing that the provocation did not work, Malekith did not speak anymore and led the way.

There were still a few days till the party, but many people had already arrived. Bloodshed Land had prepared many rooms for the guests to rest in.

The four of them headed toward the rooms. As they passed through the numerous bases, patrolling soldiers and carriers were everywhere.

Han Xiao had time on the way to observe all sorts of facilities in Bloodshed Land. It was similar to how he remembered. In his previous life, there had also been players that were recruited by Bloodshed Land, so he remembered the map structure of Planet Heber.

If I remember correctly, the Planet Hebers surface is just a small part. There are bigger strongholds underground, Han Xiao recalled.

This time, the voice of a stranger suddenly came from not far behind them.

Long time no see, Ames.

Han Xiaos first intuition was that the tone of this person sounded very taunting.

They turned around. A team of soldiers crowded around a man appeared behind them, the man was the one that spoke. He wore an exquisite robe and had a more feminine than masculine face, staring at Ames with a mocking expression.

The look in Ames eyes slightly changed when she saw this person. Carroll.

Carrolls unrestrained eyes scanned Ames gorgeous face, snow-white neck, flat abdomen, and her thin, long legs, sizing her up fearlessly. He snickered and said, I left Floating Dragon so long ago, but youre still as beautiful as before.

Ames face was cold and indifferent.

Han Xiao noticed Ames abnormal reaction; it seemed like her relationship with this guy named Carroll was unusual. He turned and glanced at Malekith and saw the rubbernecking expression on this broken horn Demons face.

I see, Carroll is Ames ex-subordinate Han Xiao realized.

If Carroll had resigned normally, Ames would not have said anything. Instead, Carroll had openly deserted and joined Bloodshed Land with a high profile. He had even given away some of Floating Dragons technological secrets and their map structure. Plus, he was now in a high position. To Ames, this was no doubt a betrayal. She felt hostile toward Bloodshed Land, even more so toward Carroll. Back then, when she battled toward Planet Heber, she had most likely had another goalto kill Carroll. Only, she had been stopped by the Tyrant.

The truth was just as Han Xiao speculated; Ames and her old subordinate Carroll had become enemies long ago.

To dare come and look for me, are you tired of living? Ames said coldly.

Carroll had the Tyrant to rely on, so he was confident and unafraid. With a derisive smile, he said, This is Bloodshed Lands headquarters. What, do you want to kill the Tyrants logistics manager here? By the way, I heard you found an insect to replace my position. Hehe, you have quite a heavy taste.

With an expressionless face, Ames started to get intense.

Hila and Aurora noticed that the atmosphere was not right and became alert.

However, Carroll did not hold back at all. It was clear that he had come just to provoke them. He turned to look at Han Xiao and casually said, Black Star? So, youre Ames new officer? I can be considered your senior, do you want some advice and tips?

Tips? Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. He was just standing aside and did not speak, but unexpectedly, Carroll spoke to him.

Thats right, I know her very well, and I have a feeling you need my guidance. Carroll shrugged and mocked, After all, you like being her petshouldnt you know what your master likes?

Wow, this is the first time Ive met someone whos even more of an ass than me. Han Xiao could not hold back his laughter. Pal, do you sometimes have like punching yourself in the face when you look into a mirror?

Carroll had thought that Han Xiao would be angered by his provocative words, so he was choked by this completely unexpected reaction. He paused then spoke again with mockery. Dont get angry, Im just speaking the truth. Youre the same as the old me, just her pet. The difference is, youre just my replacement. Without you, there will be a Red Star or a White Star to replace you.

Han Xiao stroked his chin. Before he could return the taunt, Ames spoke first.

Black Star is not like you; hes more trustworthy than you.

Oh, then youll have to be more careful. Carroll stared at Han Xiao with a sneer. The more she trusts you, when you want to abandon her, the more determined shell be to kill you Hehe, youre probably worse than a pet, just a slave tied to her side.

This guy sure talks a lot of trash Han Xiao rolled his eyes. A few words were far from enough to anger him.

Then, Carroll looked at Ames again, this time with even more apparent lust. Did you know this? I once did not even have the courage to raise my head in front of you, but now

I have no interest in what you think. Ames stopped Carroll from speaking. With an ice-cold look in her eyes, she raised her hand and said slowly, Since youre deliberately taunting, it seems like youre prepared to bear the consequences.


As soon as her sentence ended, a powerful force field appeared, and the ground cracked open inch by inch under the extremely heavy pressure. The force field headed straight toward Carroll.

This time, three roars came from around the place. Three shadows moved swiftly in front of Carroll, and thick Pugilist flames rose from their bodies.

The three of them blocked the force field with all their might.

The three of them were all Grade A Bloodshed Land Vanguard Officials, one being Malekith.

In an instant, an impact wave exploded, and the Bloodshed Land soldiers around all turned into rolling stones, falling and rolling away.

The three Vanguard Officials were sent flying, too. They launched a wave of energy midair to stop the momentum, landed on the ground, and stared at Ames with caution.

It had taken all three of them to stop Ames one simple force field attack.

As expected. The look in Ames eyes became darker, and the air started to vibrate.

The attack earlier was just the most casual, simple hit from Ames, and now she was going to get serious.


A much stronger force field brewed, and the ground and buildings around started to crack.

Seeing this, Han Xiao had no choice but to take a few steps forward to stand in front of Ames. With a flash of Mechanical Force, Watcher Instrument hovered behind him in a circle, like a circle of light behind his head.

A dark light appeared in the barrel of the Hovering Shield Shuttle, targeting the enemies. Han Xiao smirked and said, So, do you guys want to duel or fight me together? Im fine with anything.

The eyes of the tree Vanguard Officials including Malekith all sparkled with anticipation.

Despite saying so, Han Xiao knew that the fight was not going to happen. This was Bloodshed Lands showcase of power; the Tyrant would definitely interfere. After all, they were guests no matter what. Plus, Heber would not allow Ames to destroy his party.

Nonetheless, he still had to express his stand. He could not stand aside and let Ames face the enemies alone.

Just when everything was about to erupt, a new energy force arose from far away, shooting straight up into the sky, as if flooding over the entire Bloodshed Land. Even the star lights in the sky seemed to have lost their color and become dimmer.


From a distant place, the voice of a person appeared, deep and loud, like the sound of thunder.

Ames, fighting in my territory, are you ignoring my existence

As soon as he heard this voice, Han Xiao immediately felt the menacing tone.

Subconsciously, this reminded him of what he had felt when he went to the zoo during his previous life and faced the roar of a tiger.

The Tyrant, Heber!



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