The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 614

Chapter 614 Official Party

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Carroll flew higher and higher.

While the other spectators were stunned, Hunting Blade was the first to react. He jumped up into the sky, caught up to Carrolls ascending body, and grabbed Carroll with his hands like a chicken, not giving Carroll the chance to yell, Ill be back!

The two of them landed in the training ground filled with machine scraps, stirring up a wave of dust.

As soon as Hunting Blade let go, Carroll collapsed to the ground. With one hand supporting himself and another clutching his chest, he coughed nonstop.


Blood spilled from the corners of Carrolls mouth, his face pale. Despite wearing a simple single unit battle suit, this punch still did quite a lot of damage to him.

However, he had the physique of a Calamity Grade Super. Although it was far from Pugilists, he did not lose combat capability from one attack; he had just broken a few bones, and his lungs had almost exploded.

Although Han Xiao did not hold back at all, he knew that a Calamity Grade would not be heavily injured easily given the fact that they still had energy to protect their body. Furthermore, this was a spar; he could not kill one of Bloodshed Lands men in their territory. Beating the opponent was enough.

Virtual Intrusion had created an opportunity, and Han Xiao had always been good at grabbing opportunities. He was cautious, too. In order to prevent any accidents, he did not ridicule Carroll and directly blew him away, guaranteeing his victory.

Carrolls injuries were not too severe, and he still had the ability to fight. However, he had been blown out of the venue, and the machines that he controlled were temporarily paralyzed. Even though he could continue to fight after the system rebooted, it was clear that he had been defeated by Black Star.

The battle had ended, and the result was his defeat.


Carrolls face was filled with frustration. He clutched his chest and coughed a few more times while glaring at Han Xiao, who landed nearby.

Sigh, that was close. I almost lost.

Han Xiao removed Berserk Ape, smiled, and shook his head.

Bullsh*t! You clearly won easily!many spectators screamed in their minds.

Han Xiao looked at the Virtual Intrusion panel. There was close to no time left before Carrolls artificial intelligence rebooted, so he looked around and said, Youve lost. There are so many people watching. Youll accept it, wont you?

Carroll noticed the eyes of the spectators on him. He clenched his teeth and felt beaten. He had a huge home advantage but was easily defeated by Black Star. This guys combat capability was too strong

The identity difference between the two of them amplified the effect of his loss.

Black Star was Floating Dragon Islands current officer, whereas he was a traitor in others eyes. Now that the traitor had been defeated by someone from Floating Dragon, it was clearly the result people wanted to see. Not to mention, he had just provoked Ames a few days ago, and then he was beaten by Black Star. With those thoughts in mind, Carroll felt extremely embarrassed.

Carroll looked in Ames direction subconsciously, only to notice that Ames did not even look at him, the loser, but at Black Star. This made him even more furious.

In the spectator area outside, Ames exhaled lightly and smiled in relief.

At the moment Black Star blasted Carroll away with that thunderous punch, she had felt the unhappiness that she had kept in over the past few days all disappear, vented with Han Xiaos punch. She immediately felt that even the sun was brighter.

Ames found that Han Xiao looked pleasing to her eyes no matter how she looked at him, so she kept staring at Han Xiao.

As for the person whom she had always been thinking about, Carroll, Ames did not even want to take another look at him. The position of this traitor had become nothing in her eyes; she had let it go.

I have someone better, Ames murmured.

Not far away, Ralph sighed. He had only met Black Star a few days ago. At that moment, Han Xiaos position in his mind became slightly higher. Dragon Emperor found a spectacular guy.

If theres a chance in the future, maybe I can entrust some sensitive missions to Black StarRalph pondered and thought about hiring Black Star Army. The Purple Crystal Civilization ruled Colton, and Black Star Armys stronghold was in Colton, so there was a natural reason for them to work together.

Rossozzi rubbed the tentacles on his chin. On the surface, he was not affected at all, but in his mind, he thought.I heard that Noriosse have invested in the Black Star Army. They have quite the potential. Hmm seems worth investing in them.

After socializing over the past few days, he knew Black Star, too. Due to the fact that there were many important people among the guests, he did not make any proposals to Han Xiao; only now did he think of investing.

The high-ranking Klent official squinted slightly and suddenly said, Black Star defeated Tyrants man in Bloodshed Land. What will Heber do?

Not far away, Malekith and the other Vanguard Officials were thinking about this question, too.

Someone frowned and asked, Will His Excellency Heber interfere?

Malekith shook his head. This is a spar, so probably not

Carrolls defeat was certain. The Vanguard Officials were used to battle; they were not too shocked or stunned by the result, only surprised by Black Stars strength.

Many Vanguard Official were eager to spar with Han Xiao, too.

The question that they were most interested in at the moment was Hebers stand toward this.

At the same time, in the palace

Your man lost, Austin said jokingly.

I have eyes. Heber frowned slightly before waving his hand. Nothing to watch anymore, turn it off.

Arent you going to reply?

No need to. Heber was not angry. Since it was a fair fight and Black Star had won fair and square, it just showed how capable Black Star was.

Austin stopped the stream, and the two of them stopped paying attention to the incident.

Heber did not interfere, but no one thought that he did not know about this. Seeing nothing happened, they understood that Heber approved of the result of this battle.

Bloodshed Land believed in strength; Carroll being defeated publicly made the others embarrassed, too.

Many spectators shook their heads and left. Malekith and the others gave Carroll a disappointed look and disappeared.

Carroll knew that the result was decided and had nothing to say.

Dont forget our bet, Han Xiao kindly reminded.

What blueprints do you want? Carroll clenched his teeth. The Tyrant definitely knew about the bet. If he did not live up to it, it would bring shame to Bloodshed Land.

He did not have a choice but to carry out the promise.

Let me think, the mechanic fortress earlier and that Giant Soldier mechanical suit. I want these two. Han Xiao chuckled.

Okay! Carrolls heart was bleeding.

Then, Han Xiao requested three other blueprints. He had peeked at Carrolls weapon inventory before, and there were many things that he wanted, but Carroll did not use all of them in the battle, so Han Xiao could not request them.

As a Virtual Mechanic, although he could not fuse the blueprints for some exclusive machines from other branches, he could still directly learn them if he obtained the blueprint. After all, when gambling on blueprints, a single knowledge combination had dozens of possible blueprint outcomes. Class Advancements only made some of them unavailable, but with the blueprint, as long as his knowledge met the requirements, he could build that machine.

I will give you the blueprints tomorrow. You dont have to worry about me going back on my word; I have at least this much credibility.

Frustrated, Carroll said that before leaving without even cleaning up the training ground. He did not even dare look at Ames.

Unbothered, Han Xiao looked at the interface notification.


[Ames Fury] Completed!

You have received 15,000,000 Experience

You have received +15 Renown

+2500 Floating Dragon Faction Favorability

+20 Ames Favorability. Current relationship: [Confidant]

+2 Heber Favorability. Current Relationship: [Indifferent]


This time, Ames landed beside Han Xiao with a smile on her face.

Good fight.

Well, I couldnt keep watching you get bullied, Han Xiao joked and found an excuse to explain his actions.

I know. Ames smiled faintly. She suddenly felt somewhat nostalgic.

Ever since she reached Beyond Grade A, it had been a very long time since she had felt what it was like to be protected. She had never expected to feel that way again.

Im so much stronger than Black Star, but he was the one that helped me in the endAmes laughed in her heart.

Aurora looked up at Han Xiao, then at Ames. She tugged on the edge of Hilas clothes and said softly, Big sister

Hila looked straight and coldly said, What?

NoNothing Aurora shrank back.

After collecting his machines and placing them into the Blacklight Stealth, Han Xiao and the others returned to their rooms.

This challenge did not cause anything afterward, but very soon, all the party guests knew about the battle between Han Xiao and Carroll through the spectators.

Black Star had fought for Ames in Bloodshed Land, defeating Floating Dragon Islands traitor openly in the Tyrants territory, and the Tyrant approved it with silence. Black Star had gained respect on the Dragon Emperors behalf, and many were surprised.

After the battle, the day passed peacefully.

The next day, the official party finally started.

The people had waited days for the official party.

All the guests dressed up neatly and formally, gathering in Hebers palace hall. This place had been rearranged into a party venue. There were all kinds of rare food and drinks as well as musicians standing by at the side.

Not just the hall, around half of the entire palace was the party venue, all arranged properly. The guests could walk around the place as they like. There were also many small, private rooms upstairs for guests that wanted to communicate privately.

The goal of the party was to invite the people of the top organizations in Shattered Star Ring to discuss all sorts of topics, expand their connections, build relationships, exchange information, plan the development of the Shattered Star Ring, and so on. It was like a social club but more serious, business-focused, and high class.

The guests were chatting with each other. Ames stood by the side and did not talk to anyone. Hila and Aurora were beside her. They did not know what to say during this kind of occasion, so they did not speak either.

Han Xiao was socializing on behalf of Ames. People came to chat with him passionately from time to time. He dealt with the guests while at the same time observing others, quietly collecting information.

Not a long wait after, the host of the party, Heber, finally appeared. The place instantly became quiet. Everyone stopped talking and looked at Heber, waiting for him to speak.

Im glad to see so many familiar faces this time once again. Heber looked around. I hope you guys will benefit from this party like always. So let the party begin.

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