The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 639

Chapter 639 This Talent Is Wonderful To The Point I Dont Want To Upgrade It

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Chapter 639 This Talent Is Wonderful to the Point I Dont Want to Upgrade It

The situation was extremely clear. Three of them were coming after him, and three others were staying behind in the base to guard their camp.

However, he could only spy on a single party. The problem was how Han Xiao should maximize his benefits.

He was considering how he could nab all the enemies in one fell swoop and also complete a few more phases of the (Prey] mission. Such a mission that could give him the opportunity to draw the abilities of a Grade A Super was extremely rare. If he was lucky, his strength could undergo a massive increase.

There seems to be only six enemies. I needed to think of a way to get rid of them all without alerting them, Han Xiao pondered to himself. The situation is now reversed. The enemy is out in the open while I am in the dark. This is my biggest advantage, and I need to make use of it well.

Should I deal with Shana and her group or attack the main camp of the enemy first?

All the trump cards that I can mobilize include the Black Star Army, my connections in the mercenary world, Ames support, and the organizations behind those on that hit list. If the powerhouses captured by the enemy are all in the main camp, Ill be able to easily convince the organizations behind them to work together and fight the enemy. Every single enemy is extremely powerful alone, and their advantage is their high mobility. It would be extremely troublesome if even a single person escapes.

Han Xiao shook his head and felt that he could not attack their main camp under such circumstances. No matter what, the three who were keeping guard seemed to have the strength of Grade A+ as well. Even if he invited the Dragon Emperor to take action, the enemy would still have time to contact their comrades. The moment he alerted the enemy, it was extremely likely for the three on the outside to split up and escape. At that time, he would only be able to capture Shana, not the other two.

After considering for a while, Han Xiao also eliminated the plan of splitting up his forces. It would be a far more complex operation with too many factors that could go wrong. If he chose to split his forces, choosing how to allocate his forces would be a huge problem. After all, the enemy were not weaklings, and they might have some strange escaping abilities.

I shall do it this way

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

If he wanted to attack the enemys main camp, he would want all the enemies to gather together first to capture them all in one fell swoop.

If he captured Shanas group of three, he would not be able to spy on the rest. If he only captured one of the three, the enemy might shift their main camp due to fear of being exposed. The moment they entered the depths of the unexplored region of the universe, it would be extremely difficult to give chase.

Han Xiao pondered for a moment and decided on a plan. He would only fight off Shanas group of three and cause them to fail again. The other party would then return to their base for sure, and the six of them would be gathered together. He would just have to gather his troops and gain the high ground. He would not allow a single enemy to escape and could even save all the captured Grade A Supers.

For the sake of secrecy, Han Xiao decided to wait for Shanas group of three to find him. Taking the initiative to attack them would only reveal the fact that he had locked onto their position.

He felt that the role of hunter and prey had been swapped. He was like a hunter patiently waiting for the prey to step into his trap.

However, I have to find some helpers first.

Han Xiao opened up his communicator, and an endless list of leaders from the various organizations appeared.

In the office of Section Zero, Ralph was staring at his communicator with his brows locked as though he was troubled over a huge problem. His secretary did not dare disturb him.

In truth, the communicator was currently showing a galactic entertainment program, and he was avoiding work.

It could not be helped. The mission of scouting for private organizations fell on the shoulder of the envoys. Even if the mission to organize an alliance was extremely urgent, he could only wait for the envoys to complete their mission first. The war had not begun yet, and there was no point in him being anxious.

Right at this moment, an incoming call sprung up from his communicator and disrupted his show.

Ralph picked up the incoming call without a change in expression. It was Han Xiao.

Black Star, it is rare for you to take the initiative to contact me.

I have already received your notice. How many people are there in Section Zero right now?

Not too long ago, Purple Crystal had sent out the name of the alliance to all those involved in the alliance. Han Xiao had also received news of it.

This organization was only in its infancy, so the structure of the organization had not been formed. They did not know the names of the other participants of the organization, and no notification of a new faction popped up on Han Xiaos interface.

The members of Section Zero are temporarily a secret. We will gather all the members when it is formed officially. You will know who the members are then.

In his past life, the players only saw the organization in Version 3.0, which was perfected during the time of the update. This time, Han Xiao was personally joining the organization from the very start.

Han Xiao chuckled and could briefly remember which organizations joined Section Zero in the end. However, he felt that he had an opportunity to change the storyline this time.

I have an idea to allow Section Zero to recruit more experts.

Ralphs eyes lit up. Lets hear your plan

The Light Rune Civilization was the ruler of the Thousand Lights Star System. Of the many Star System level civilizations of the Colton Star Cluster, the Light Rune Civilization had always been an open supporter of Purple Crystal. The level of the Light Rune Civilization exceeded an ordinary Star System level civilization, and they had a close relationship with Purple Crystal.

Recently, the person in charge of Light Rune Civilizations national defense, Kemas, had been extremely frustrated.

It was because the most powerful expert of the Light Rune Civilization, Kernid, had disappeared on his holiday. The higher ups were enraged and ordered him to locate Kernid.

Kemas was heavily pressured by his higher ups to find Kernid. However, the pressure from his higher ups was not the only reason. Kernid was his biological brother, and it would be impossible for him to keep his current position without Kernid. As such, Kemas was more anxious to find his brother than anyone else.

However, he did not have a single clue. Kemas had already applied for aid from the Purple Crystal Civilization but to no avail. He was truly frustrated to the point his body hair was about to drop.

Ring ring!

Right at this moment, his communicator rang-his secretary was calling.

Your Excellency Kemas, someone is requesting to speak to you.

Who is it? Kemas suppressed the frustration in his heart. His secretary was the one in charge of managing his incoming calls, and for his secretary to personally contact him, it meant that the caller definitely had a significant status.

He is the leader of the Black Star Army, Black Star of the Garton Star System.

Oh, so its him. Kemas had heard of such an individual before, and it seemed like he was creating a storm in Godora. Despite being doubtful of why Black Star was looking for him, it would not be good for him to treat the other party rudely. Thus, he got his secretary to divert the call over.

The holographic screen lit up, and Han Xiaos face appeared.

Kemas? I havent got the wrong person, right?

Its me, Black Star. Why have you called for me?

Han Xiao stroked his chin and said, I heard from Purple Crystal that you guys are looking for someone called Kernid.

Yes. Kemas was not aware of what Han Xiaos intentions were and thus gave a short reply.

What if I say that I may know his whereabouts? Will you guys be willing to work with me?

The moment Han Xiao said those words, Kemas! expression changed, and his breathing became heavy as though he was stimulated.

The Star Beast Organization was a special armed organization that was located in another Star Cluster. It was in an alliance with the Star Cluster level civilization that ruled the Star Cluster.

This organization was extremely famous in the Shattered Star Ring and their specialty was the ability to control various dangerous galactic beasts. They did not like to expand and chose to maintain neutrality most of the time. They would never sell or rent their beasts but only provide them to the Star Cluster Civilization that they were in an alliance with.

Their specialty came from the Esper ability of their leader, Gobili. He had a monstrous level of affinity with beasts and was able to control various different types of beasts over long periods of time. If these beasts remained under the influence of his ability for long periods of time, they even had a chance of evolving and mutating.

However, the Star Beast Organization was in a complete mess at this moment because their leader had disappeared.

The vice commander had sent out numerous search parties, but he could not find a single clue.

If their leader was gone, their organization was finished.

Everyone in the Star Beast Organization was filled with grievances. Dont we only like to rear pets? We only rear pets in our homes and do not provoke anyone. Why do others still have to come and provoke us!

Just when they were on the brink of collapse, the vice commander received a call from Han Xiao.

I am Black Star from the Colton Star Cluster. You may or may not have heard of my name before. However, that isnt important. The important thing is that I may know the location of your leader. Are you interested in working with me?

The same scene happened in various locations throughout the Shattered Star Ring. Han Xiao called all the organizations of the names listed on the hit


With his huge network, finding these numbers was a piece of cake. His chain of calls immediately mobilized a large number of organizations.

As for the ones who were on the list but had not been caught, he could only say wrong number.

Just as he was gathering aid in secret, Shanas group of three was also approaching the Garton Star System.

On the spaceship, the three of them were discussing their strategy.

Black Star may be on high alert this time. I feel that we shouldnt take care of him immediately. Eliot shook his head. He had always been a calm individual. However, since Albert had given his orders, he could only follow the orders.

Not necessarily. I did not reveal much information, and Black Star may think that I am only seeking revenge. This is a very common thing for a leader of his status.

Shana shook her head and felt that her loss was not that big a deal. The way she saw it, Black Star was definitely puzzled about her origin.

We should still be careful no matter what. Eliot paused to think for a moment before continuing. It is said that Black Star has an undying body with his subordinates being immortals. A long, drawn-out battle will be to his advantage, so we must come up with a plan to take him down quickly.

Should we wait for him to be alone before attacking?

Not necessarily. After facing an ambush recently, Black Star will definitely be more careful when he is alone. We should strike him at the most unexpected moment.

What should we do?

Hmm I know. He doesnt recognize me and Adrian. I can use a spell to conceal our aura and appearance to mix with the mercenaries and attack him from up close. The two of us shall control him, and you will take action to capture him. The three of us will then retreat immediately. With the three of us working together, we should be able to take care of him very quickly.

If thats the case, we can take action in his base.

Yes, this way, he will be caught off guard. The other mercenaries in the base wont be able to stop us, and he wont have other Calamity Grade helpers this time.

Adrian then spoke in a muffled voice. I understand. We want to deal a lightning fast strike and not give him the chance to react.

Eliot nodded.

Shana pondered for a moment and also felt that it was a good plan. She could not think of how Black Star would be able to escape from their grasp this time.

Meanwhile, Black Star was on his way to Floating Dragon Island.

Oh, I see. Han Xiao now understood their plan.



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