The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Mid Lane High Ground Come For A Team Fight.

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Chapter 641 Mid Lane High Ground, Come for a Team Fight.

The battle erupted in an instant. The impact caused by seven Calamity Grades was tremendous!

The shockwave destroyed about half of the entire base, and the streets nearby became a wreck. Many players were blown away. Their level limit was currently 90, so just the shockwave alone had already taken away a bar of their health. There was nothing they could do.


It was a battle between seven Calamity Grade Supers. Even with Han Xiao, Nagakin, and the other two trying to control the damage, it still caused quite a lot of destruction. However, Han Xiao did not mind how badly the base was damaged. Only the surface buildings were damaged, and it was cheap to rebuild them. Furthermore, he was already at the level of Im not interested in money, so he did not mind paying such a small price to lure these three people.

This was the second time that he had fought Shana. Han Xiao had built a team of non-metallic mechanical soldiers, mainly elites. They were strong and powerful under his Mechanical Force bonuses. It was difficult for Shana to counter him, so she could only fight him directly.

Eliot was a very strong Mage; he used all sorts of high-level spells like it was nothing and clearly was not even using his full strength. Adrian was a typical muscular man, taking on the job of a meat shield, holding back three Pugilists including Nagakin alone.

The three of them cooperated with each other very well. Nagakin and the others were no match. Han Xiao was doing his best controlling the mechanical soldiers to attack. It seemed like he was having an intense fight with Shana.

Nagakin and his two colleagues were all Pugilists. Their raw strength was grossly inferior to the three opponents. Just Adrian alone could stall the three of them. They were instantly at a disadvantage. However, Eliot and the other two had no intention of continuing fighting. They kept retreating, and the battlefield kept moving.

Black Star had set up an ambush, so the fight would not end quickly. This was a Godoran planet, so there were fleets stationed nearby. Eliot and the rest did not want to be surrounded by the garrison. They planned to retreat as soon as possible, and they were very confident in doing so.

This was because Eliot knew how to use the teleportation spell, which was outstanding for escaping. Black Star would be dreaming if he thought that he could capture them. Therefore, Eliot thought that it was really funny. He did not know where Black Star got his confidence.


This time, the sound of spaceships came from the edge of the sky. A fleet stationed there quickly reacted, and about a hundred battleships were approaching as backup.

Theres no need to fight the Godoran fleet. Lets


Eliot told Adrian to hold back Nagakin and his colleagues, then cast a spell. He then performed a stroke in the air with his finger, and an energy vortex suddenly appeared behind him, which then expanded into a teleportation gate.

Sh*t, he can teleport! Nagakin gave an exaggerated shocked expression. Han Xiao glanced at him and could not help but gave a like to his acting skills. His expression was lively, and his eyes had very intense emotions in them. This acting skill of his was definitely Grade A.

Eliot then cast another spell. A huge magic barrier separated all the enemies from him and his two comrades.

The magic shield blocked all the attacks and kept vibrating. Adrian and Shana entered the teleportation gate and disappeared.

With his two colleagues retreating successfully, Eliot looked at Han Xiao and mocked, Hehe, as I said, youre overconfident. This level of ambush is far from being enough to capture us. We want to leave noware you able to stop us?

Han Xiao heard that and made his expression gloomy. He then deliberately said nothing and continued to attack with greater force, pounding loudly on the magic barrier.

In Eliots eyes, Black Star was turning his embarrassment into fury. He immediately felt better; even the unhappiness from the mission failing diminished quite a bit.

Eliot squinted and suddenly said, Wait for it. We will come to find you again. There wont always be someone helping you.

Then, Eliot turned and walked into the teleportation gate. The gate disappeared, and the three of them retreated successfully like they could just come and go as they wished.

Theyre finally gone Han Xiao finally relaxed his tight facial muscles and uninstalled the Angry.jpg expression bundle.

Although the battle was short, the streets nearby were badly destroyed. The level of strength that the enemies had shown made Nagakin feel a lot of pressure.

Black Star, who are these people? Theyre way too strong. They have targeted you, so youve got to be careful, Nagakin said seriously.

Dont worry, they cant escape.

Now we will just have to wait till they get home Han Xiao smiled but said no more.

Eliot exposed his teleportation spell, which was bonus information that Han Xiao did not expect to obtain. This was a god-tier escaping ability. Had they not made any preparations for it, the enemies might have escaped when they attacked their base. Now that he knew about this, he could think of ways to deal with it.

Thinking that Eliot and the rest thought that they had successfully escaped, Han Xiao almost burst into laughter.

Things were going even better than he had expected!

After contacting the construction team to repair the base and getting rid of a huge number of players trying to trigger missions, Han Xiao used the Observers Mark and peeked at those threes whereabouts.

The range of the teleportation gate that Eliot had hurriedly created on the spot would not be too far. The teleportation gate was connected to their spaceship, which orbiting the colonial planet.

As soon as they returned to the ship, they activated its stealth mode and went far away from the planet, preventing the garrison from chasing after them.

The escape was successful. The three of them did not even suspect that Han Xiao had purposely let them go. They retreated with Eliots ability. There was nothing suspicious about it. They just thought that Black Star had misjudged their strength and did not set up a strong enough ambush.

Making Black Stars ambush a failure was nothing to the three of them. They felt that it was normal.

This mission has failed. Should we continue looking for opportunities? Shana asked.

Eliot shook his head. Black Star is very cautious. After just one attack, he made a trap purely out of suspicion. Now that he has been attacked a second time, he will be certain that were his enemies. He will only be more alert from now on. We cant attack him again for a short period.

After what had just happened, the only thing they could do was leave Black Star be for the moment.

His threat before leaving was just a scare technique to make Black Star keep being cautious about them so that he would always be afraid, alert, and careful, only to realize in the end that it was all for nothing.

Annoyed, Shana frowned and said, Thats our only choice.

Hmm, I will suggest this to Albert and put Black Star under the Processing List, Eliot said.

They actually had two hunting lists. One was for the confirmed targets; one was the Processing List. Those on the latter list were targets that they had failed to capture the first time, targets who they had alerted. They would not attack these people any time soon. They had to wait at least a few years until the target let their guard down, only then would they attack again.

Black Star was such a target. Eliot did not want to attack Black Star within five years, and he believed that Albert felt this way.

You were right. We should have dealt with this by leaving him be. Shana did not expect Black Star to be so cautious.

Eliot smiled and said, Its not too late. Although we exposed our hostility and let Black Star know that the three of us are targeting him, he knows nothing about our background. It will be useless no matter how much he searches for it. It will only make us keep a low profile for a while at most. He definitely will get no results and will never know whos targeting him.

As for us, were hidden and have the upper hand. He cant be this cautious forever.

Lets return first. We might have to stop making moves for the next few years.

Many had witnessed Black Star being attacked, and the message got out very quickly. However, there was all sorts of news in the Shattered Star Ring nowadays, and huge matters were occurring all the time. Although Black Star was quite well known in the Colton Star Cluster, he was not famous enough throughout the entire Shattered Star Ring. The news that he had been attacked was like a droplet of water in the sea of news and did not attract much attention.

More than ten days later, Han Xiao arrived at an unpopulated planet in a desolate area nearby after nonstop traveling. This planet that had been desolate for countless years was not remarkably boisterous.

All the forces that Han Xiao had contacted earlier had gathered there. Spaceships were parked everywhere on the planets surface.

All these forces wanted to find a lost person. They had followed Han Xiaos request and come to this planet. They had all initially thought that they were the only ones, but now that they were there, they were shocked and did not expect Han Xiao to have called so many people.

Many organizations there were well known in the Shattered Star Ring and recognized each other. After a little bit of conversation, they all knew that everyone had assembled for the same reason. They were all stunned. Could all the people that were lost be connected in some ways? What clue had Han Xiao found?

The moment Han Xiaos spaceship got close, everyone noticed it. After Han Xiao landed, all the people surrounded him.

These were all high-level officers of their organizations and very important. Usually, it would be difficult just to meet one of them, but now they were all gathered there. If Heber was there, he might think that someone was imitating his Tyrant Party.

Black Star, when will we make a move?

Where are the enemies? Stop hiding.

When Han Xiao contacted them, he did not say everything and only told them to gather there. Many were unhappy about that.

However, Ames was also there to stabilize the situation. Black Star was Dragon Emperors officer. Even though the people there all had very strong backgrounds, they did not dare cause trouble.

The time has come. We will attack the enemys headquarters together. Your lost friends are imprisoned there

Han Xiao explained the situation. Through his Observers Mark, he confirmed that Shana and the others had returned to their base. The opportunity to get all of them had finally arrived.

Things were different now. Although it had taken many years to take down the Germinal Organization and DarkStar, that was because he had not been strong enough back then.

Now, however, the Black Star Army was rising quickly, and he had become someone important in the Shattered Star Ring. He did not want to have such strong enemies for that long. As soon as there was an opportunity, he would eliminate them and not leave any hidden threats.

So many organizations had sent out their elite troops; their power together could shock any civilization or organization in the Shattered Star Ring. There were dozens of Calamity Grades from different organizations in various areas. It was complete overkill for just six enemies.

The Great Mechanic Hans networking ability was incomparable. The Black Star Networking Group was definitely not an exaggerated title!

The crowd was overjoyed upon hearing this. For the same goal, these organizations were all willing to follow Han Xiaos orders temporarily.

When Han Xiao was communicating with the others, the players that he had brought along were all observing curiously from the back.

He had used a mission to have some players follow along. He did not need them to battle on this trip; he only needed them to be reporters and send the video to the forums. This was the opportunity that he planned to use to deepen his impression and to remind the players of his charisma, increasing his personal charm and the factions attractiveness.

At the same time, Eliot and the rest returned to their hidden base in the desolate area of the universe.

Albert welcomed them and said, Ive heard about the situation. Leave Black Star be. We will keep a low profile for a while. Everyone stays in the base, dont go outside.

The others nodded. This could effectively avoid risks. They would only start their hunting mission again after hiding for some time.

They instantly threw Black Star to the back of their minds. To them, this matter was already dealt with.

What they did not know was a disaster was secretly approaching



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