The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Counterattack

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Chapter 642 Counterattack

Kernid slowly opened his eyes. In front of him was a transparent light curtain, and outside was an area that looked like a prison. Translucent single person cells were spread evenly throughout the area, and almost every cell had a tenant.

He was one of them.

This was the prison that belonged to Shana and the others. It was to imprison the captured targets on the list.

All the prisoners had specially made mechanical rings on their wrists and ankles. These limited the power of these Grade As. These rings were embedded in their flesh. The rings on their wrists sent out nano-level needles into their blood vessels, hearts, brains, and other vital spots. The mechanical rings on their ankles were Super-Gene suppressors that weakened their recovery speed.

They had collars on their necks, too. These were enchanted with very powerful magic that disabled them from using spells and weakened them. The person that enchanted these spells was clearly much stronger than the prisoners. Hence, the effect was very long-lasting.

Other than this, many drugs were also injected into them, preventing the cells inside their bodies from generating energy.

So many imprisonment methods made these Grade As extremely weak.

On the first day that Kernid was imprisoned, he shockingly realized that the others imprisoned there were all as famous and important as him, if not more. However, they had all been captured and imprisoned there. He was justifiably petrified.

Kernid tried to escape but failed. So many others were unable to escape, and he was no exception. Furthermore, even if he did manage to escape the prison, there would still be enemies guarding and waiting outside, which made him despair.

After being imprisoned for so many days, he had given up and clearly knew that he would not be able to escape by himself. All he could do was pray that someone would come to save him. However, no one had come to save those other prisoners who all had such high positions. He could not help but feel that the chances of escaping were close to none. He was rather pessimistic.

However, speaking of being pessimistic, he was far inferior compared to his neighbor.

A male Spacehuman was imprisoned in the cell beside Kernid. That person had been maintaining a long face the whole time. He looked not just miserable but almost depressed. His name was Lagi[1], a lone Calamity Grade. From what he said, he had been imprisoned there for almost ten years. He was the most senior around.

The days of imprisonment were very boring. Their only entertainment was chatting with each other, trying to find at least a shred of joy in those hopeless days.

When those prisoners were having a good time chatting, as long as Lagi opened his mouth, he would unquestionably shatter the atmosphere.

Everyone there had once been important, and everyone was pessimistic about ending up like this. However, in terms of being pessimistic, Kernid felt that they were all trash compared to Lagi.

This time, the gate of the prison opened. Albert, Shana, and Eliot walked in. The prisoners started an uproar.

Let me out of here. Do you know who I am?

Youve messed with someone you shouldnt mess with. Youre going to pay for this!

What is your goal!

Many spoke with rage. Every time someone came to patrol, they would try to threaten them.

The three of them ignored the prisoners completely. They were not there to check on the prisoners as per schedule today. Due to the two failures that Black Star had caused them, out of caution, Albert had decided to keep things at a low profile and not do anything for a few years. Hence, they were now making a count on the prisoners and preparing to move them somewhere else.

They definitely did not capture these targets because they wanted to collect stamps from their areas; they had other goals. This place was not the final location that these prisoners would end up in.

The yelling and cursing did not stop, but the three of them did not care. They split up and did a count. Very soon, Shana came to Kernids cell.

Kernid bashed the transparent wall heavily and furiously said, I remember you. Youre the one that caught me! The Light Rune Civilization will definitely get me out!

Shana sneered. Youve still not given up? Do you really think someone will come to save you?.

This time, Lagi slowly said, Dont worry, no one will come to save us. Were definitely going to die.

Kernid was instantly at a loss for words. He covered his face with one hand and said, Whose side are you actually on?

Even Shana was speechless. This guy had been imprisoned for almost ten years, so he had probably gone haywire.

After the count, the three of them prepared to leave. The prisoners were still yelling and cursing. Albert paused before turning around and saying to everyone, I know, you all think youre someone important. In reality, your positions in the Shattered Star Ring are not even worth mentioning in my eyes. In a few days, I will freeze you and send you out of the Shattered Star Ring. You will be determined as lost forever. You will never see your organizations or your families again. Fate is waiting for you ahead.

All the prisoners quietened down, furious and frustrated. If what Albert said was true, it would really be the end of them.

Many were despairing, anxious, and afraid of what was going to happen in the future. No one knew what the goal of this organization was.

Lagi sighed and said, Sigh, Im guessing theyre going to make us experimental subjects and study our bodies. When we lose our value to them, they will then anatomize us; tear apart our bones, muscles, and organs; and place them in containers as specimens. Our name and life experience might be written somewhere on these containers. We will then become a collection to be displayed to others. Look, this is the very developed brain of the Calamity Grade Kernid and so on

The others felt a chill run down their spines.

Kernids face was filled with question marks. Why didnt you use your own name?

Albert stayed silent for a while, thought about it, and decided not to explain. He then said calmly, Anyway, enjoy your last few days of clarity. The next time you wake up, you will be in another Star Field

The moment his words sounded


A loud bang!

The entire prison suddenly started shaking violently!

Albert staggered and almost bit his tongue. Shocked, he asked, Whats happening?

Somethings happened above! Eliot said with surprise.

The three of them hastily left the prison and closed the gate after them. The prisoners looked at each other.

Could it be that someone is here to save us?

They were instantly energized and saw hope again.

With his usual long face, Lagi slowly said, Even if theres someone here to rescue us, they might not be a match for the enemies. They will be killed in an instant. All of them will be wiped out. Their fleets will shatter, and the people inside will all be crushed and burnt into pieces. Your comrades, subordinates, and families might be among them. You will then be forced to eat those shattered parts of them, demolishing your spirit before anatomizing your body

Shut the hell up!

The shaking continued. Albert and the others returned to the main hall and met with the other three colleagues.

Whats going on?


Alberts face turned grave. He then took the others out of the headquarters. When they got out, they discovered that an enormous amount of power was digging their headquarters out of the ground.

Two people were floating in the sky. When they saw who those two people were, Albert and the others were stunned and stupefied!

Black Star!

Dragon Emperor!

Ames was using her Esper ability to tear the ground apart, pulling their base right out of the ground.

How can he be here? Albert opened his eyes wide.

They had attacked Black Star not long ago, and now he was here. Their location was very well hidden, so how did Black Star find them?

Eliot could not believe it. He had never thought that Black Star would appear.

A thought suddenly appeared in his mind. He had just returned, and now Black Star had found this placecould it be that he had exposed them somehow?

The last time they attacked Black Star, he could only cautiously wait for the next attack. However, after his failure, Black Star was now able to come right for them. Even though he could not understand how Black Star had done it, he could only be the one to blame for it. There was no other explanation.

Could it be that letting him escape was part of Black Stars plan?

Eliot was befuddled, feeling ashamed. Thinking back to when he escaped from Black Stars ambush, he felt that he was an idiot for not realizing that something was wrong and that Black Star had bigger plans.

Shana was extremely upset. She felt that this was all because of her failure when she attacked Black Star the first time. If she did not act alone but worked together with her partner, they would have been able to capture him, and Black Star would have become their prisoner.

Albert forced himself to calm down. He knew that Black Star was dangerous, but he never expected Black Stars counterattack to come so fast, bringing them so much danger.

Dragon Emperor was clearly helping Black Star. He had no confidence facing a Beyond Grade A at all, but he did not despair.

Dont panic. Although the opponent is Beyond Grade A, we still have a tiny bit of hope. Although were no match for the Dragon Emperor, we can at least stall her for a few moments. Eliot, whether we can escape or not all depends on you. We will create an opportunity for you to cast your spell. Albert clenched his teeth.

At this point, he could not care about the prisoners anymore. They were in extreme danger, so they had no choice but to stand the pain of letting go what they had been working on for so many years.

Ensure their own safety first, explain to the people above later!

Understood! Eliot replied.

At this time, Han Xiao took a deep inhale and said with a deep voice, Everyone, come here!


The next moment, countless streams of light slashed across the sky and hovered above Han Xiao.

The fleets covered the sky, and countless cannons aimed at the six of them. The Calamity Grades arrived and sealed all their escape routes, surrounding the six of them.

Albert and the others were petrified. They could not believe it.

How did Black Star gather so many people ?

Do it!

Without saying much, Han Xiao told everyone else to attack altogether.

Villains always died for talking too much. He had no intention of speaking with the enemies. After they captured all of them, there would be plenty of time to have conversations with them.

Run! Albert screamed.

Seeing so many enemies, his last bit of hope shattered, leaving him only despair.

Covered in sweat, Eliot hastily tried to cast his teleportation spell. However, when he had only created a space vortex, it suddenly became extremely unstable. The teleportation gate that had always worked perfectly suddenly disappeared before it could even form.

Not far away, the eyes of a Grade A mage wearing a red robe was shining in the blue light of magic, and the staff in his hand was illuminating.

Spell Counter!

This time, only one thought was in the minds of Eliot, Shana, Albert, and the other three.

Its over!

[1] The name Lagi has the same pronunciation in Mandarin as the word trash or rubbish.



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