The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Version Update The Start Of Ten Years

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Chapter 652 Version Update, the Start of Ten Years

The forums became a sea full of joy. The Chinese players were filled with excitement.

After Long Sky became the champions, Dynasty defeated Tomahawk and were placed third.

In the top eight teams, three of them were Chinese teams, one was the champion, and one was the second runner up. This astonishing achievement made many proud.

Long Sky received the most praising. Hao Tian had proven his skills and earned himself a ton of fans. The fame of his teammates, Sleepy Winter and Twinkle Fried Rice, grew enormously too. Even the Dynasty fans were happy for them from the bottom of their hearts.

Some thought that what had happened to Dynasty was regretfulif they did not face Rivervale and Long Sky consecutively, both the champion and the first runner-up teams might have been Chinese teams.

Due to the outstanding performances of the teams that they admired, countless players were praising how exciting this season was nonstop. After watching the entire season, they discovered one phenomenon.

During the finals, the Chinese teams did not lose even once to a team from another country!

Hence, some people found new words to praise their teams.

The only ones that can beat us are ourselves!

Han Xiao did watch the events after the match such as the award ceremony, the analytics of the season, and so on. Seeing that Long Sky were the winners, he had a rough guess about the future situation.

The Chinese teams had achieved extraordinary results in this season, and this would have a long-term effect. He knew his countrymen well. No matter what competition it was, as long as a fellow countryman was the champion, it would definitely pique their interest. Hence, there would be many new Chinese players in the next version, far more than in his previous life.

The Shattered Star Ring division, where the champions were from, was the headquarters of the various Chinese clubs. Therefore, many new Chinese players would choose to be born in the novice planets in the Shattered Star Ring. These freshies would become the new blood of the Black Star Army in the next version!

The current player count was far from the peak. The amazing results obtained by the Chinese teams would also affect Han Xiao very positively-good results meant more newcomers for the Black Star Army, which also meant that the quantity and quality of his leeks would be increased.

In this season, the Chinese teams had used various Black Star series mechanical devices. These were basically advertisements for the Black Star Army. Similar to how the American teams chose Planet Winterfrost to showcase the advantages of the Demon Race so that many players would feel that Demons were very strong, the Chinese teams performance made many feel that the Black Star Army was very strong. The machines used by the Chinese teams brought Han Xiao quite a lot of attention.

Season two of the Galaxy Pro League had ended, but its popularity lasted for a long time afterward. However, after most of the players had their fill of fun, they finally focused on other issues.

The end of the Pro League meant that Version 2.0 was about to end as well.

Speculation concerning the storyline of the next season became a hot topic on the forums once again.

In the Shattered Star Ring, Bun-Hit-Dogs video was mentioned, the one that consisted of Han Xiaos conversation with Frenzied Sword and the others. The video hinted that the next version would be related to the Crimson Dynasty and sparked a lot of discussion.

What could the Crimson Dynastys goal in the Shattered Star Ring be?

Who knows? Anyway, in the next version, we will definitely be more involved in the fight between the organizations in the galaxy.

Maybe its the same as the start of Version 2.0, having to face a huge disaster as soon as we log in. Im guessing that the Crimson Dynasty is the final boss.

Im not really interested in the storyline. All Im interested in is what will happen to our Black Star Army. After the last version update, Black Star became the faction that guided us into the universe. I wonder how the Black Star Army will change after this update.

I hope it wont disappear. We farmed so many Contribution Points for so long. If the Black Star Army is gone, it will all have been for nothing.

Due to past experiences, many players were curious about what the Black Star Army would become in Version 3.0.

The Chinese players basically looked at the Black Star Army as their main faction. Furthermore, it was one of the biggest reasons that the Chinese teams were able to achieve such results in the Pro League. Therefore, this issue received a lot of attention.

Han Xiao had been keeping an eye on the forums too, but even he could not give a clear answer to this question.

The new version is about to arrive. This time, the gap is ten years

Han Xiao shook his head. Under the Crimson Tide, this would be a very tough ten years. Klents secret war and the third round of (Prey) there would be all kinds of danger.

In his previous life, when Version 3.0 started, the secret war between Klent and Purple Crystal was at its climax. That was when the players came into play. This meant that the secret war might go on during the entire time before the version updates.

The Black Star Army would spend the next ten years in battles. There would be both risks and opportunities.

When the players returned after ten years, Han Xiao did not know what would have become of the Black Star Army.

There would be many alliances forming in the next version. They would be the hidden competitors in recruiting the players. In Version 3.0, the Black Star Army would no longer be the guiding faction. Han Xiao had been wondering how to make use of the next ten years to increase the attractiveness of the Black Star Army.

The current players had spent a lot of time and energy on the Black Star Army throughout the version, so they would not change factions easily. Keeping the old players was not an issue as long as Han Xiao operated the Black Star Army properly during the version update.

What he needed to go for was the new players in Version 3.0. Other than the effect brought by the Pro League, the Black Star Army had to have at least the same amount of resources as the other alliance factions.

The players achievements during Version 2.0 and the profit made from the players were the only assets that Han Xiao had to get through the following ten years.

The Pro League was the last opportunity to harvest leeks for Version 2.0. Near the end of the version, the players would bank their fortune and wait for the next version.

As soon as Version 3.0 arrived, the Black Star Army would rocket in terms of strength!

After all, the players in Version 3.0 would be able to level up to Grade B.

Millions of Grade C Supers and millions of Grade B Supers were completely different.

Beep beep!

This time, the communicator suddenly vibrated.

You have a new message, hum

Han Xiao took out the communicator. It was a message from Ralph, telling him to go to the mother planet of the Purple Crystal Civilization. Section Zero had confirmed all the organization members and summoned the leader of all those organizations to officially announce the creation of Section Zero.

This organization is formed at last.

Han Xiaos eyes gleamed.

The Blacklight Stealth stopped at the port of the Section Zero headquarters, which was on the Curved Blade garrison satellite orbiting the Purple Crystal Civilization mother planet. Han Xiao followed Dodder, the foreign affairs emissary, into the garrison satellite and came to the hall.

At this time, more than two hundred rather well-known people were gathered there. The moment that Han Xiao walked in, those people all turned and looked over with different expressions on their faces.

Before Section Zero was officially formed, most of the people there did not know who the other members were. Due to what had happened with Black Star a few months ago, many had guessed that Black Star had joined Section Zero, so not many of them were surprised.

Not bad, Black Star is a reliable comrade.

Many had the same thought in their mind and nodded at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao saw some familiar faces in the crowd, including chest hair monster Jayne and do-nothing Gadeli, who had once fought alongside him, and some organizations that had followed him to eliminate Alberts gang.

Among them, the ones that had the biggest organizations were the Arc Light Organization leader from the Severide Star System, the Hero Group leader from the Skywalker Star System, and the New Phylen Rebels leader from the Rain Star System. Other than those, there were also many other organizations that were much bigger than Han Xiaos. His Black Star Army was above average.

Ralph stood before the crowd. His face was serious, and his tone was formal.

Everyone is here. As you all know, the purpose of Section Zero is to protect the Colton Star Cluster and guard against the Klent Kingdoms invasion. The enemy youre about to face is the Tyrants Bloodshed Land. Due to reasons that all of you know, we and Klent cant use our official armies. The Colton Star Clusters safety is in your hands.

You will all become important allies of one another, cooperate with each other, fight alongside each other, and guard against the Bloodshed Lands invasion together.

I hereby announce the official creation of Section Zero!

This time, a notification popped up on Han Xiaos interface.

New Faction (Section Zero] activated!

Favorability: 1,500/3,000

Current Relationship: Friendly

In the hall of Black Star Base No.1, many players had gathered.

It was the day of the version upgrade, and the update would start in less than two hours. Many players gathered in different bases before logging off. The players were now experienced with this and knew that the best choice was to wait in a stronghold in groups before the update. Base No.1 had the most players.

This was because Long Sky, Dynasty, and Rivervale had all decided to log off there. Many players had gone to look at those players.

After Hao Tian was done speaking to the passionate fans, he bade farewell to King Admiral and Frenzied Sword.

Im logging off.

King Admiral smiled and said, Little Hao, lets have dinner in a few days. Call Fried Eggplants With Fish and the others too.

Sure. Hao Tian nodded.

Li Ge heard and asked, Hey, what about me?

If youre that shameless, we welcome you to come without an invitation. Second Prince curled his lips.

Its decided then, see you there, Li Ge said in a serious tone.

Frenzied Sword was stunned. He remembered Li Ge to be very proud, what happened?

Compared to the Temple of Gods, which did not achieve any notable results in two consecutive seasons, Long Sky had finished top four and champions, while Dynasty was second and third. Therefore, Li Ge could not maintain the confidence to be proud anymore. He did not want the Temple of Gods to be forgotten, so he could only put away his pride and hang out with these people. That way, he could at least benefit from all the attention that they were receiving.

By the way, Sword, bring your team over for the dinner too. Its on me. Hao Tian suddenly recalled his buddy Frenzied Sword.

Frenzied Sword was stunned for a moment, then overjoyed. He had been dreaming of becoming a god tier player, and now, he finally felt that he was one foot into Hao Tian and the others circle.

Twinkle Fried Rices eyes sparkled. Since so many people are coming, we might as well invite Thunder Storm, Fanatics, Nine Gates, and all those teams as well. We should all celebrate for a few days.

Li Ge immediately supported this idea. All the teams gathering together would definitely be huge news. He would benefit from it, too.

Hao Tian thought about it and said, Okay. Anyway, we did not celebrate enough after winning the championship. Lets enjoy ourselves during the holidays.

They chatted for a while happily and logged off one after another. The players around also turned into white lights and disappeared.

Very soon, the hall became empty.

At the same time, Han Xiao, who was on rushing back, saw a notification on his interface.

Version 2.0 Update Activated!

Saving data Save complete!

Player forums closed.

Update Duration: Unknown. Please wait patiently.

And so it begins

Inside the Blacklight Stealth cockpit, Han Xiao had a melancholic expression on his face.

Ten years

A spaceship left the desolate region, and the countless stars ahead were reflected on the porthole.

Stephanie looked at the bright stars ahead and smiled.

Were finally here, the Shattered Star Ring.




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