The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Gloat When Winning Hide When Losing

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Chapter 657 Gloat When Winning, Hide When Losing

At the same time, the vanguard force of Bloodshed Land had summarized the outcome of the battle.

We fought back a wave of attacks. All of you did well and got rid of quite a few Calamity Grade Supers. Purple Crystals allied force will definitely be wary after this.

Jorde praised the result of the battle.

Hunting Blade nodded. The enemy only launched a hasty attack and didnt send out too many high-level troops. Your prediction was right.

The vanguard force had prepared many different war strategies. Their original strategy had been to focus on defense, but upon observing that Section Zero did not send out an overwhelming force in their first attack, Jorde had switched strategies and gotten the eight Vanguard Officials to take action together. They had managed to take out a large number of Section Zeros high-level combatants and achieve the effect of frightening the others.

We should have about ten days until the enemys next attack. All of you should continue to deal with the high-level combatants of the enemy. This is the weakness of an allied army, Jorde said with confidence.

Hunting Blade frowned in response. With their first failure, the enemy will not underestimate us anymore and may not even be willing to fight us head on. We may not have such a chance again in the future.

Then we will have to create the chance, Fosters, who was by the side, suddenly said. If the enemy doesnt send their high-level combatants to fight us, we will dismantle their entire fleet.

Jorde nodded in agreement. In any case, try to find the opportunity to kill as many high-level combatants as possible. The more terrified our enemy is, the lower the difficulty of our expansion.

Black Star should be participating in the next attack as well. I have a request, Fosters suddenly said. Everyone must send me the coordinates of Black Stars location. If the frontal assault team doesnt need me, I will go and get rid of Black Star.

Alright, Jorde replied, but dont let your private grudge affect the overall situation.

Humph, I dont need you to remind me about that. Furthermore, this isnt my private grudge, Fosters said coldly. Black Star is Dragon Emperors subordinate. Getting rid of him will also force Dragon Emperor out. Only then can His Excellency Heber participate in the war openly.

The presence of a beyond Grade A Super served as a deterrent, and they would rarely take action. Even if the Tyrant was the leader of Bloodshed Land, he did not personally participate in the war. However, if Ames took action, he would have an excuse to participate.

In their eyes, the Tyrant was obviously stronger than the Dragon Emperor.

Everyones eyes lit up.

Jorde nodded and said, That makes sense. I shall hand him to you.

Dont worry, I will be able to find him no matter where he hides. Fosters nodded with satisfaction.

As the allied army was waiting for their reinforcements, a couple of riots broke out. With the Arc Light Organization at the helm, the various members of the frontal assault party requested to have a change of mission with the reason being their heavy losses.

Sevitts death had shocked the entire Arc Light Organization with their leader being filled with regret. Sevitt had been his capable assistant, and he had trusted Sevitt greatly. However, he had never imagined that Sevitt would perish in the very first battle, and the leader had immediately suggested backing out. All the other organizations who were part of the frontal assault group had experienced varying degrees of loss to their high-level combatants.

Such an intense battle was completely out of their expectations, and the eight Vanguard Officials had truly scared them out of their wits.

Perhaps they might have been able to defeat the Vanguard Officials if they worked together, but none of them were willing to lose their Calamity Grade Supers. As such, they had all tacitly agreed to avoid the battle.

This was a problem without a solution. The commander of Section Zero could only reorganize the battle formation and change the members in charge of frontal assault, hoping that the reinforcements would be willing to take up the responsibility.

However, the reinforcements also heard of the death count on the frontline and were not willing to take up the role. None of them were willing to sacrifice their high-level combatants.

The Purple Crystal Civilization was extremely helpless and only managed to get a few organizations to grudgingly accept the job after some private negotiations.

The strategy of Bloodshed Land was extremely effective, exposing the weakness of Section Zero in a single battle. Even if the members of Section Zero were famous armed organizations from the Colton Star Cluster, they were no more than a mob when gathered together.

However, Han Xiao was not disappointed that he would only have the opportunity to display his abilities when his faction was at a disadvantage.

Just when everyone was trying to avoid taking up the assault role, Han Xiao was the only one who volunteered for the job.

This piece of news quickly spread throughout the entire camp and set off a huge wave of commotion. Everyone looked at Han Xiao with strange looks filled with doubt, shock, and many other emotions.

Despite knowing that he would face a huge risk, Black Star still volunteered for the job. Did he lose his mind?

The few organizations that had already lost their comrades all watched from the side coldly. They all misunderstood Black Stars intentions and felt that he was trying to step on their heads to display his brilliance so that Purple Crystal would think highly of him.

While this in itself was not a problem, the problem was that Black Star did not have the corresponding strength to perform such a feat. It was no different from seeking his own death. Did he not have any brains at all?

Many organizations in the allied army immediately came to a common understanding. In order to raise his status, Black Star did not want to live anymore.

However, not a single organization bothered to advise Black Star about anything. They needed someone to serve as cannon fodder at the front, and since Black Star was willing to die, they would not stop him.

Since Han Xiao had volunteered for such a dangerous mission, Ralph tried to fulfil almost every request of his. Han Xiao did not allow his subordinates to join the assault and got Lagi to lead Herlous and the others to participate in other less intense battles.

A few days later, the second batch of reinforcements finally arrived, and Section Zeros allied army attacked the few bases that Bloodshed Land had in the West Wind Star System again.

Han Xiao got Herlous to command their forces temporarily while he formed the spearhead of the assault force with the Blacklight Stealth.

The objective of his mission this time was to pin down the eight Vanguard Official and the reward was Cutting-Edge Knowledge and a large amount of faction contribution points. The reward from this single mission was comparable to more than ten ordinary missions.

Because of their previous failure, Section Zeros second assault attempt was being watched by the entire Star Field.

The other five Star Cluster Civilization of the Shattered Star Ring as well as some large organizations within the Star Field all focused their attention on the West Wind Star System. The outcome of the second exchange between both parties would be extremely indicative of the outcome of the secret war.

This was the second time that they had fought, and both Bloodshed Land and Section Zero were fully prepared. The battle between both parties had immediately shot to the peak without any foreplay.

Bright balls of flames lit up the pitch-black universe. The burning battleships, exploding cannons, and blinding laser cannons filled the entire battlefield.

The eight Vanguard Official with Fosters in the lead destroyed one battleship after another and swept through the battlefield with unstoppable momentum.

Rather than send out their high-level combatants to stop the Vanguard Officials, the Calamity Grade Supers from Section Zero all chose to avoid the battle and watch as the Vanguard Officials destroyed their battleships.

Why are all of you in a daze! Stop them! the commander roared.

Roger, we will take action soon.

This isnt the time yet. Wait for them to expend some energy first.

The Grade A Supers all gave perfunctory replies.

Despite the commander being thoroughly enraged, he was also utterly helpless. He was helpless if these high-level combatants chose to go against his orders. Furthermore, knowing that Purple Crystal would compensate them for their lost battleships, they would rather watch their own fleet get destroyed than take action.

Ralph could no longer sit still. Despite knowing that the situation was bad, he did not expect it to be so terrible. Thus, he could not help but contact Han Xiao.

Black Star, we cant rely on the others. When will you take action? We will be defeated for sure if this continues.

In the cockpit, Han Xiao looked at the coordinates of the eight Vanguard Officials and replied, Give me a battlefield.

I understand! Ralph was overjoyed.

He still doubted the fact that Black Star would be able to hold all eight Vanguard Officials back alone but had no choice but to believe Black Star.

At the center of the battlefield, the Vanguard Officials were having the time of their lives as they destroyed one battleship after another and disrupted the formation of Section Zero.

The eight Vanguard Officials were like leopards and the battleships like sheep. Without the high-level combatants pinning down the Vanguard Officials, the battleships were reduced to sitting ducks.

Haha, the enemy Calamity Grade Supers still arent taking action. Do they truly not care about their fleet at all?

Malekith burst into laughter in the communication channel.

What a bunch of cowards. They dont even have the guts to fight, Hunting Blade sneered with disdain.


In the interior of a battleship, Fosters crushed half the spaceship with his fists and boarded an assault spaceship before the battleship exploded. Upon hearing the conversation, he could not help but ask, Why hasnt anyone reported Black Stars location to me yet? Where exactly is he?

I dont know. No one has reported Black Stars location yet. We managed to find the Black Star Army fleet, but Black Star isnt part of the fleet. There is only a Grade A mage controlling the situation.

Fosters glanced at the battlefield and coldly said, Since the enemys high-level combatants are a bunch of cowards, I am not needed for the time being. I will go to the Black Star Army. He will definitely be hiding in the vicinity.

Okay, go ahead and leave matters here to us. Hunting Blade nodded in response.

Just as Fosters wanted to leave the area, the battleship formation suddenly spread out to reveal a passage, and the Blacklight Stealth flew out from deep within the formation.

That is Black Star

Fosters stopped abruptly with his gaze being fixed on the Blacklight Stealth. The other seven Vanguard Officials could not help but look over as well.

Han Xiao then left his spaceship wearing his Berserk Ape suit and floated in space. He looked at the eight Vanguard Officials and raised his hand to beckon for them in provocation.

A single individual in the vast battlefield was far too tiny, but not a single person in the surroundings could ignore Han Xiaos presence. He unleashed his energy, and the high energy reading being given off from him was sufficient to set off the radar of any battleship around him.

Despite being far away from Han Xiao, Fosters and the others could clearly see Han Xiaos actions.

He is provoking us? Hunting Blade was dumbfounded. He truly did not know who gave Black Star the courage to provoke them.

Fosters could not help but be surprised. He had thought that Black Star was hiding like the other Calamity Grade Supers and had never expected him to step out on his own.

Not bad. At least he is more courageous than the others. Saves me some time.

Fosters eyes narrowed, and he instructed the assault spaceship to charge for Han Xiao. He then jumped out from the spaceship and shot toward Han Xiao with his entire body burning with flames like a dark red meteor.

Han Xiao raised his arm, and the parts on his mechanical suit expanded out to form a gigantic mechanical fist that was a hundred meters in size. Bolts of Mechanical Force covered the fist ,and his fist hammered down on the meteor.

Sound would not be produced in the vacuum of space, and everyone could only visualize the sound of the collision in their heads.


The gigantic fist was penetrated by the meteor to reveal a human sized hole, and Fosters fist arrived at Han Xiaos chest.

Han Xiao was forced to retreat, and his body flew backward a short distance before he could stabilize himself. He then waved his arm to unequip the destroyed mechanical hand.

Show me everything you have and let me have a good time. Fosters sent Han Xiao a voice message to the mechanical suits communication system.

Leaving a voice message in a fight This fellow is truly annoying.

Han Xiao then waved his arm, and the hatch to the Blacklight Stealth opened up. His Mechanical Army then swarmed out of the spaceship like a swarm of locusts.

Very quickly, his army revealed itself, and tens of thousands of machines floated beside him.

Such an army was not to be underestimated!

Because Purple Crystal would compensate him for his losses, Han Xiao did not hold anything back and sent out all his machines.

The eight of you can come together. You wont be able to deal with me alone. Han Xiao returned the favor and sent Fosters a voice message, too. Fosters sneered coldly and could not be bothered to reply. Black Star was already a dead man in his eyes, and he alone was enough to get rid of this pest.

The Calamity Grade Supers of Section Zero were skiving off at the side, and not a single person seems to have any intention of helping Black Star.

Up until now, Han Xiao was the only Calamity Grade Super from Section Zero who had stepped out onto the main battlefield!



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