The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 668

Chapter 668 My Network Is Beyond Your Imagination

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Chapter 668 My Network Is Beyond Your Imagination

The Six Nations declared war without warning, seemingly wanting to eliminate the seventh country that Bennett had built. Bennett spent the entire day trying to prove it. He had personally dialed dozens of phone calls on private lines with the leaders of the Six Nations, which were all rejected. He had no idea why the Six Nations had suddenly gone crazy, and he had no way to find out. He could not deal with such a big matter alone, so he eventually notified Han Xiao.

If the third round of the mission did not appear, Han Xiao would most likely have thought that this was due to the technology given to the Six Nations by the galactical financial groups causing their confidence to expand, thus wanting to regain power which was also highly unlikely. The Six Nations were not idiots. The more they came into contact with the galaxy, the more they would know how tiny they were; the difference was very clear and visible. The Six Nations would not become arrogant so easily.

The galactic financial groups only invested in Planet Aquamarine because of him and Floating Dragon. He alone was the reason that Planet Aquamarine was developing so rapidly. The Six Nations should know very well that they were depending on Han Xiaodeclaring war on him basically meant that they were digging their own graves.

However, the Six Nations had all lost their sanity at the same time. This did not make sense.

Im almost certain that there are others behind this, and theyre most likely the new group of hunters. These people are more difficult to deal with. Theyre using Planet Aquamarine to lure me back. Han Xiao frowned.

If he did not receive the alert from the interface, he would definitely have been shocked as soon as he heard about the Six Nations betrayal. He would also be suspicious, but he would not be as alert as he was now, so he would go back to find out the cause of it.

Making the Six Nations betray him was bait; the real enemies were hiding in the shadows. They had the ability to destroy Planet Aquamarine directly, but that was meaningless. Their real target was Han Xiao, so if they appeared, it would alarm him.

If Planet Aquamarine was destroyed, it would mean that they had destroyed one of the very few weaknesses that Black Star had. They would then have no way to trick him. Hence, they chose to use Planet Aquamarine as a trap and secretly set up an ambush on Planet Aquamarine, waiting for him, the prey, to step right into the trap.

Luckily, the mission alerted me

Han Xiao secretly felt relieved. He had to admit that the enemies this time were much smarter. If he had not been alerted by the mission notification, he might have fallen into this trap. By then, he would have been in a very difficult situation.

My current advantage is that the enemies think I do not suspect anything, but I already know about their existence.

Han Xiao pondered. The hunters had made the Six Nations betray him for some reason, which was a scheme that he had no choice but to step into. Planet Aquamarine had strategic significance to him; it was a huge leek plantation, so he could not watch the enemies mess up the situation that he had taken so long to build up to. Therefore, he definitely had to go back there and deal with the problems with the Six Nations.

The enemies definitely knew about this.

Hiding from the enemies will only cause worse damage; only by facing them directly can I possibly resolve the issue. Fortunately, I have time to think about a solution. The enemies strength and numbers are unknown, but there shouldnt be fewer than six Calamity Grades. It would most likely be difficult for me to fight them alone. I have to get some help.

Han Xiao rubbed his chin and was a little troubled. The Dragon Emperor had said that she would not help, Section Zero was at war, and further organizations would take too long. After thinking for a while, it seemed like the only ally that could be of help at the moment was Godora.

The Purple Crystal Civilization might be of help, too Han Xiao hesitated. Purple Crystal had quite a few Calamity Grades for sure. They were officially a part of the government, so they did not take part in the secret war.

However, Han Xiao was not sure if Purple Crystal would help him. They might only be interested in the war but not this.

I shall give it a try. It never hurts to ask anyway.

Han Xiao took out the communicator.

He was definitely going to look for help. Unless no one would be helping him, he would not return alone.

Networking was part of ones strength!

On the frontline of the secret war, the army of the Bloodshed Land had arrived at three border Star Systems and had started expanding once again. Section Zero was having an extremely tough time. They could only send small fleets to disrupt the enemies, trying to slow them down.

They were in a very passive position in the war, and countless difficulties were popping up every single day. The never-ending difficulties made Ralph extremely stressed, especially the problems with the high-level combatants.

After all kinds of persuasion and profit promises, the high-level combatants of Section Zero finally stopped avoiding fights, but they still were not willing to go all out. They saved seventy percent of their strength to protect themselves and only used thirty percent to deal with the enemies. In terms of high-level combatants, Section Zero was still completely at a disadvantage, getting beaten black and blue by those war maniacs of the Bloodshed Land. Ralph had been thinking of the reliable Black Star every day.

Although Black Star would not be able to change the situation of the war alone, Black Star was the only one that had given all he had.

Ralph was still settling the matters when his communicator suddenly received a communication request from Black Star. His exhausted mind suddenly became energized.

As soon as Ralph picked up the phone, he said, Black Star, youve finally contacted me. Has your holiday ended? Quickly come back to the battlefield, we need you!

Han Xiao coughed and said, Sorry, I cant go back yet. Civil strife has occurred in my home, Planet Aquamarine. Someone wants to overthrow my representative. I have to return to settle it.

Ralph was disappointed.

Did you call to notify me of that?

No no, I want the Purple Crystal Civilizations help.

Ralph was confused. Is that necessary? Its merely civil strife of a surface civilization. Arent you able to settle that yourself?

Its not that simple

Han Xiao did not hide and told Ralph about the new group of hunters while leaving out the source of this information and changing some of the details.

Currently, only Han Xiao, Aesop, and very few people knew that the true master behind the hunters was one of the Ancient Ones. Last time, when eliminating Albert and gang, Han Xiao did not stop Albert from pushing the blame to Klent, so many Shattered Star Ring organizations thought that Klent was the mastermind, including Purple Crystal.

Han Xiao was hinting that Klent had sent a group of hunters to eliminate him.

After Ralph heard Han Xiaos explanation, he connected the dots and speculated Klents motive.

Black Star fought the eight Vanguard Officials alone, showcasing his Beyond Grade A potential. Klent planned ahead. They cant let a new Beyond Grade A appear in the Colton Star Cluster even if the possibility of that is just one in a billion. They dont want Purple Crystal to have the opportunity to invest in Black Star, so they sent a group of people to secretly infiltrate the Garton Star System, wanting to eliminate Black Star, the Beyond Grade A seed!

Ralph was shocked and felt that he had discovered the truth. The Klent Kingdoms motive made perfect sense. He could not find anything wrong with his speculation. If he was in their shoes, Purple Crystal would have chosen to do the same thing.

Ralphs expression became serious immediately, and he said in a low voice, Got it. Theres a deeper reason behind this. Black Star, we have very high hopes for you. We wont let Klent threaten you easily. I will submit your request immediately, and the people above should send some high ranking government combatants to help you.

Han Xiao was delighted. It went smoother than he had thought-Ralph was rather easy to bluff.

What he did not know was that the Purple Crystal Civilization upper echelons had held a private meeting long ago and decided to heavily invest in him. Han Xiao still thought that he was just a normal Section Zero member, but in reality, as long as his requests were not too excessive, Purple Crystal would always be willing to help him. In fact, they would want to help him as much as they could.

By the way, for insurance, Im planning to ask for help from the Godorans too, Han Xiao added.

Godora is the ruler of the Garton Star System, right? I remember theyre your ally. Sure, theyre under us. Do you need me to tell them?

That would be best.

Han Xiao was secretly surprised by how Purple Crystals people were so easy to convince.

Hanging up the communication, Han Xiao contacted Godora.

Godora was his old ally, so when Serbia the Fifth heard his request, he agreed without hesitation.

If only Black Star had requested help from them, they might have hesitated for a moment. However, Purple Crystal had confirmed that they were involved in this as well, so the Godorans had nothing to be afraid of and were even eager to agree.

In the Godorans eyes, Black Star was giving them a chance to improve their relationship with the Star Cluster Civilization.

The detailed plan still required discussion. Han Xiao chose an unpopulated planet near Planet Aquamarine as the gathering location and headed over in his spaceship.

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