The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 670

Chapter 670 Childs Play

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Chapter 670 Childs Play

Since the enemies goal was him, Han Xiao felt that they should have measures to confirm his return. The most likely one would be to have someone watching him in Black Star City, as the Planet Aquamarine people would have no way to discover the enemies. As a Calamity Grade, toying with a surface civilization was as easy as eating and drinking

With the investment from galactic financial groups, Planet Aquamarine was developing rapidly toward the interstellar era. In just a few years time, they might be able to build stable interstellar carriers, colonize other unpopulated planets, and other things. However, Planet Aquamarine was still considered a surface civilization at the moment; they had no chance against a Calamity Grade Super.

All the officials that came to welcome him had green names and no red names, but Han Xiao did not completely rely on the interface. In his previous life, there had been some special abilities that could trick the identification of the interface. In fact, his Observers Mark was one of them.

Han Xiao looked normal but stayed alert. Starting from the moment he landed, the enemy might attack any time.

After chatting for a while, Han Xiao roughly understood the situation from Bennett. He smiled and said, I understand the situation. Theres no need to give the Six Nations time to prepare. Ill go and chat with them right now.

Then, without waiting for the others to reply, mechanical parts covered his body in the blink of an eye and formed into the Mountain Ape mechanical suit. With a blue flame shooting out from his back, Han Xiao took off from the helipad, breaking through the sound barrier, turning into a little black dot, and quickly disappearing.

Bennetts relaxed. With Black Star there, he felt so much more assured.

With the efficiency of its galactic engine, Han Xiao flew within the planetary atmosphere. The wastelands, mountain range, and the rest of the landscape receded under him rapidly. Han Xiao left a blue trail behind him and traveled using the planet as the axis. His tracks were very visible even in the daylight. Everywhere he went, many residents on the surface of the planet looked up and discovered this long-standing blue route he took.

Not long after, Han Xiao arrived above the Stardragon capital.

Looking at the familiar city, Han Xiao saw images flashing past in his mind that felt like only yesterday. Without noticing it, almost ten years had passed. This city was where he started.

Thinking for a while, Han Xiao did not hide and landed on the streets. Not far away, a group of people were protesting. The moment they saw Black Star, their faces turned into excitement, and they started to cheer at Han Xiao.

Look, its Black Star!

Please stop our government!

Black Star, those government officials do not represent us. We all support you. No one wants to be your enemy!

The crowd squeezed over and yelled in a mess, but Han Xiao still managed to understand what those civilians meant.

As he had solved the Mutation Disaster, Han Xiaos reputation in Planet Aquamarine was much higher than that of the Six Nations governments. He was admired by every Planet Aquamarine resident.

Im sort of popular.

Han Xiao felt strange. He did not feel troubled, but he did not enjoy this feeling of being loved by so many people either. After all, his target was not just resolving the trap that the hunters had set up but also using this opportunity to overthrow the Six Nations and uniting Planet Aquamarine.

Since my reputation is so high, things should be much easier.

Han Xiao nodded internally. Without greeting the civilians, he quickly left and flew across half of the city, landing in an alley.

Since he had returned, Han Xiao wanted to see the maintenance workshop that he had once worked at.

During the Mutation Disaster, the city had been in a mess. For safety, many people had decided to leave the city. Lu Qian had disappeared and become uncontactable as well. This store had been closed for a very long time, and there had been evidence of it falling apart everywhere.

Now that three more years had passed, this maintenance store had become even more run-down. Still, no one had come back.

Han Xiao shook his head. With Old Man Lus protection, Lu Qian would not have died in the Mutation Disaster. They might have already settled down in another city and would not be coming back. Since she had not gone to look for him, he did not want to disturb them.

After taking a look at a place of the past, Han Xiao flew toward Dragonhorn Tower where the Stardragon government was, heading right toward the Stardragon leader.

Dragonhorn Tower was very conspicuous. Han Xiao quickly arrived at the destination. Suspended in midair, Han Xiao looked down and smirked.

The ground around the tower cracked open, showing many deep tunnels leading underground. Armored armies appeared from within, and all kinds of firearms and artilleries aimed at Han Xiao.

The basement of Dragonhorn Tower was a military base. When Han Xiao first appeared within the crowd, the Stardragon military received the news. As Han Xiao had come so suddenly, Stardragon did not have enough time to get the missiles ready and could only make some hasty preparations.

With Han Xiaos strength, those armored armies could not even tickle him. Their rather refined gunpowder weapons seemed primitive to him.

Han Xiao shook his head and extended his arm. Several bolts of Mechanical Force lightning launched from his hand.


The tanks and artilleries on the ground were sucked up immediately and quickly dismantled into pieces, all turning into waste. This army was eliminated in an instant, leaving the lost and helpless soldiers on the ground.

The welcome ceremony isnt enthusiastic enough.

Han Xiao felt like he was bullying children but it did feel good.

With his strength, eliminating the entire Six Nations was a piece of cake.

Under Dragonhorn Tower, the Stardragon leader entered the safehouse while being accompanied by the troops. After closing the thick alloy gate, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

This specially-made safehouse was like a safe. It was extremely thick and would never be penetrated by missiles.

Howre the armored troops? the Stardragon leader quickly asked the military personnel beside.

They were wiped out. Black Star only raised his hand a little.

How could he be so strong! The Stardragon leader inhaled deeply.

Suddenly, a loud sound came from the gate of the safehouse.


With a flash of psionic energy, the safehouse that could stop missiles now had a hole in it. Han Xiao walked right in. Through the hole, the people inside the room saw countless soldiers behind Han Xiao who were lying on the ground, whining in agony.

Han Xiao really did not want to start a slaughter, so he controlled his strength as much as he could and was barely able to injure them without killing them.

We meet again. Han Xiao looked at the Stardragon leader.

Ho-How are you able to come in? The Stardragon leader was horrified.

Hmm? Han Xiao frowned and noticed the strangeness.

The leaders of the Six Nations should know very clearly how strong he was. It was impossible for them to doubt that he would not be able to even break into this fragile safehouse. However, the shocked expression on the Stardragon leaders face did not seem like an act.

Han Xiao squinted before punching the safehouse wall beside him.


The entire safehouse shook. Everyone else could not maintain balance anymore and fell onto the ground, taking slight damage.

The interface immediately received a lot of combat information. Han Xiao instantly opened and read through it.

The level of everyone there was significantly lower than his, so their attributes were all crystal clear.

Including the Stardragon leader, the status bar of everyone in the room had a special status on it.

[Memory Modification): The memories of this person are modified.

Remaining time: 2 days 13 hours.

No wonder

All his doubts were clearedthis was the reason that the Six Nations had turned on him.

This was undoubtedly an act of those hunters. He did not know what kind of memories the enemies had given the Six Nations leaders, but they seemed to have forgotten how strong he was. No wonder they were resisting so meaninglessly, even dreaming of taking back power from his hands and overthrowing Bennetts forces.

A persons personality was decided by their experiences. Once their memories changed, their personality would shift, too. Some Psychics who knew special techniques or Espers with those kinds of abilities were able to do things like this, so there was definitely someone like that among the enemies.

Such things were useless to stronger people. Stronger Supers had higher mental resistance. However, Planet Aquamarine only had a few decades history of Supers. The strongest among them was just Grade C. In front of a Calamity Grade, they were still weaklings that could be toyed with as they liked.

Changing ones memory was a rather subtle and hidden measure, other than Supers with psychic abilities, the other class Supers would not be able to discover what happened to these people instantly.

But Han Xiao was an exception.

The enemies most likely think I wont be able to discover what they did because Im a Mechanic.

Han Xiao sneered in his mind.

Since the enemies could modify memories, it was meaningless for him to do anything to these government officials as the enemies would be able to modify those peoples memories again.

Suddenly, Han Xiao had an idea.

This kind of ability has to be cast at a close range. The status duration on these people is only two and a half days. By then, the hidden enemy will definitely secretly appear and modify their memories again Hehe, I will then be able to discover their location.

Han Xiao planted an Observers Mark on the Stardragon leader before pretending he knew nothing about the memory modification and acting like he should have acted-threatening the Stardragon leader to stop the declaration of war.

The government officials present had forgotten about Han Xiaos strength, so they were now terrified and gave in under Han Xiaos threats. They gave orders on the spot and released the captured officials at the same time.

Han Xiao saw his old friend Gu Hui, but he only glanced at him and did not intend to say hello. Since the enemies were still hidden, it was not the time.

After witnessing the Stardragon leader complete his orders, Han Xiao turned around and immediately left the Stardragon capital.

The Stardragon leader and the other officials could not believe it. Was that all? They had thought that they were going to die for sure.

The captured officials, including Gu Hui, were all very glad that Han Xiao did not kill those people. Such gentle measures clearly meant that he was giving them a chance.

Due to this mistake, Gu Hui and many officials decided that they had to impeach the current leader. They could not let this maniac continue leading the nation.

Afterward, Han Xiao visited the remaining five nations and convinced every one of them.

He could only plant five Observers Marks, the mark he had planted on Lagi had already been wiped away by Austin after completing its job.

As Promotion was around the corner, Han Xiao swapped out all the Observers Mark targets and gave them to five national leaders. He then returned to Black Star City and waited for the Observers Marks to provide useful information. This was like fishing -it required patience.

To his surprise, the hidden enemies did not attack him during this time. What could they be waiting for? Were they observing him?

Knowing what had happened to Albert, the enemies seemed to be very cautious and were confirming if he had really fallen for the trap.

A few hours later, the Six Nations withdrew the war declarations at the same time. Countless people were cheering and overjoyed.

However, before they could even enjoy the contentment, just one day after, everyone was dumbfounded by the Six Nations actions.

Having just withdrawn the war declaration, the Six Nations launched missiles at Black Star City the following day!

As if their compromise one day ago was just to earn the time to prepare.

Most missiles were intercepted midair, and the galactic level protective shield of Black Star City stopped the rest of the missiles. There were no casualties. However, everyone in Black Star City was furious at the completely perfidious Six Nations.

Even the people of the Six Nations could not believe


Has our government really gone insane?

Are they asking to be killed? Will they only stop when Black Star kills all of them?

Han Xiao, however, was not angry at all. It was clear that this had happened because the enemies had modified the Six Nations leaders memories again. The political conflicts of a surface civilization were no different from children playing house to Calamity Grades.

The good news was, he did not have to wait two days to obtain useful information.

Through the Observers Marks, an enemy finally appeared.

These people finally showed themselves.

Han Xiao squinted his eyes.

Just one day later, Gu Hui was imprisoned once again before he could execute his plan.

Being imprisoned the second time, he was not even angry anymore.

What is this?

Does the leader think that matters of national importance are just like children playing house, doing whatever they want?

Of course, Gu Hui did not know that the memories of all those officials had been modified. He was completely speechless toward those people who had once been his colleagues.



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