The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 674

Chapter 674 Intense Battle And Disasters

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Chapter 674 Intense Battle and Disasters


As the reinforcements had arrived, Stephanie and her colleagues had no time to react as Wilton and the rest instantly joined the battle.

It was a battle of seven against eight. The average level of the enemies was higher than Wilton and the rest, but the numbers now matched.

For a short time, Wilton and the other five were able to deal with one enemy each, making things so much easier for Han Xiao. He could concentrate on dealing with Stephanie and the enemy Mechanic.


Like bolts of lightning, fifteen Calamity Grade Supers fought above the sea, stirring up the tide.

While Stephanie fought the mechanical army, she suppressed the shock in her heart. As a Calamity Grade who had experienced hundreds of battles, she was able to quickly adjust to sudden situations.

She could not figure out how Black Star had discovered their ambush, but it was the reality, and the only thing she could do was deal with it.

Stephanies brain worked quickly as she analyzed the situation.

They have six Grade A Supers. Even with me being here, we wont be able to defeat Black Stars helpers within a short time. It will take a lot of time to capture Black Star

Stephanie frowned.

Meanwhile, two mechanical armies collided midair. The colorful lights from the energy lit up the dark sky.

Using the army as cover, Han Xiao used Void Travel and appeared right in front of the opponent Mechanic. With a short combo of Mountain Ape Throw and Psionic Impact, Han Xiao broke a few of the enemy Mechanics bones. The enemy Mechanic endured the pain and backed up. Han Xiao activated his Psionic Shield to block an invisible wave coming far away from Stephanie, making the sound of suppressed thunder.

Boom boom boom!

The two sides fought intensely. As Han Xiao fought, he was also observing Stephanie.

His reinforcements had arrived, so the enemies would definitely react to it.

Stephanie only had two choices-retreat and look for an opportunity in the future or continue fighting and defeat Wilton and the others, betting that Han Xiao did not have any more reinforcements.

Just as Han Xiao was speculating, Stephanie put her hands together. Her body suddenly started vibrating at a high frequency unobservable to the naked eye. Chain reactions started to occur in the space around her.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the midst of battle, Wilton and the others suddenly felt like their hearts skipped a beat. As all kinds of debuffs were applied to their bodies, they felt their bodies become slower and more difficult to control.


Again, Stephanie used her teleportation ability, turning into a shadow and suddenly appearing behind Wilton.

This did not work on Han Xiao, but Wilton clearly could not react in time before Stephanies palm pressed on his back.


This press felt soft and hardly had any strength to it, but Wiltons entire body trembled. He felt a strange vibration entering his body. All his muscles and bones started to vibrate at the same frequency.

Just as this thought appeared, an intense pain erupted in his body!

Inside Wiltons body, the high-frequency vibration caused his muscle fibers to break, his bones to crack, his organs to tear, and his blood vessels to explode!

After just being softly touched by Stephanie, Wilton was instantly covered in blood.


The other two Purple Crystal Grade A Supers noticed the incident. Their expressions drastically changed as they hastily left their opponents behind, wanting to rush over to help.

Expressionless, Stephanies palm on Wiltons back suddenly grabbed tighter. Her fingers sunk into his body then twisted violently.

Argh! Wiltons eyes were completely red.

In the almost unbearable pain, he punched backward with all his might. Having already achieved her goal, Stephanie did not fight head-on with a Pugilist and backed away.

Wiltons back armor was shattered, showing his skin. A large area of muscles and bones were bent and shattered, mushed together in a spiral, and bones protruded from under the skin. It looked terrifying

In just an instant, Stephanie had heavily injured a Calamity Grade Pugilist. The faces of Wilton and the rest all drastically changedStephanies destructive power was beyond their expectations.

Han Xiaos eyes turned firm as he realized what Stephanies plan was. This woman was not going to retreat. She had chosen the second plan-continue fighting

With what he knew about Stephanie, this was not surprising

Stephanie had been active during the times of war in the exploration era, so she was able to carefully plan before acting and dared fight enemies head-on. She was not one to easily give up on a mission.

This means that this will be a tough fight. Unless we crush them, they will not retreat no matter what.

Han Xiao clenched his teeth. Such enemies were clearly more difficult to deal with.

Stephanie was very strong. The name of her Esper ability was Resonance Coordination. It sounded ordinary, but it was an extremely powerful Esper ability. There were tons of ways to use it, and its destructive power was terrifying.

As the frequency of the resonance could penetrate many defensive measures and cause structural damage, Stephanies every attack had high True Damage and armor-penetrating damage. Her ability to penetrate defenses was exceptionally strong, and she could largely reduce the opponents defense.

Han Xiao was not afraid of True Damage; the Germinal Organization leader was still blessing him from heaven.

However, his reinforcements did not have the [Steel Body) talent. Stephanies ability was more than enough to make them fearful.

Wilton and the others were elites at most. The quality and quantity of their talents and abilities were inferior compared to the hidden boss-level Stephanie.

Stephanies Resonance Coordination not only had terrifying single target lethality, it was also just as powerful when used as an AOE. Through the vibration frequency, she could give a ton of debuffs to the enemies within an area. When facing weaker Supers, she could even create ultrasound and infrasound to shatter their organs.

This meant that be it against one or multiple opponents, weaker or the same grade, they were all Stephanies strength.

She was even more difficult to deal with than Ember!

Han Xiao had once fought alongside Jayne, whose nickname was Seaquake. Just like Jayne, Stephanies Esper ability was also related to vibration. However, Stephanies Esper ability strength, range, and applicability were all far superior to Jaynes. This was a high-grade vibration-type Esper ability!

Shes a murder machine. I cant let her get to the others. Im the only one that can face her

That thought flashed through Han Xiaos mind. He turned the mechanical armys cannons around and aimed at Stephanie, firing countless rounds and forming a dense net of attacks. At the same time, Han Xiao headed toward Stephanie and fought her at close range.

Stephanies expression did not look delightful. She wanted to get rid of Black Stars helpers first, but Han Xiao had come to her and held her back.

Under the onslaught of attacks, Stephanie could not afford to get distracted.

The punches of both sides landed continuously on each other, making loud bangs. She was completely stalled by Han Xiao and could not get away. Seeing this, Wilton breathed a sigh of relief. He did not dare fight Stephanie; Black Star actively dealing with the most dangerous enemy made him feel relieved. He glanced at Han Xiao, clenched his teeth, and found his own opponent to fight.

Within the mechanical army, both sides clashed with each other time after time. The aftershock formed countless storms, spreading and expanding in all directions.


The beams from the Sky Cannons landed on the sea nonstop, creating tsunamis hundreds of meters high.

Thunderstorms finally started to pour from the dark


As their title suggested, the battle between more than ten Calamity Grades was indeed a calamity to the planet.

After fighting for a few hours, there were now only twelve of them left. The many attacks from the Psionic Sky Cannons had finally killed the opponent Mechanic.

A Godoran Calamity Grade had been killed by the enemy, while that enemy was also heavily injured by a round of focus fire from Han Xiaos mechanical army then finished by Wilton.

Three Calamity Grades had died. The battle was devastating. It was now a battle of six against six!

Huu huu

The Mountain Ape mechanical suit was heavily damaged. Han Xiao had already repaired it three times using (Waste Modification). He gasped heavily for air, dragged his exhausted body, and collided with Stephanie time after time.

Stephanie was not in a good state either. She was bleeding from her forehead, and her body was covered in wounds. Her clothes were almost all torn, but her eyes were still vicious.

The mechanical army around became much sparser. The two of them did not hold back and fought fiercely like beasts.

Neither of them had much stamina left, and they were quickly recovering. They were in a stalemate.

She has boss-type Molding Talents. She has a lot of energy, health, and very fast recovery speed. It will take days to determine the winner if I keep fighting this way

Han Xiao clenched his teeth. He had only been able to gain the upper hand with his health-mana cycle, mechanical army, and immunity to True Damage. Stephanie was Thousand Shadows shadow; her ability was enhanced, and her level was most likely around 240. She was undoubtedly a top-notch Grade A+.

The longer the battle lasted, the greater his chance of winning. Han Xiao was still stronger in terms of long duration battles. However, he could not delay the battle any longer.

Just one Calamity Grade would be able to destroy a planets surface. The disasters brought by a battle between so many Calamity Grades were already starting to affect the entire Planet Aquamarine.

The natural disasters caused by the aftershocks of battle were irreversible!

Even if they stopped immediately, the disasters they caused before would still continue to spread by themselves.

If they fought for a few more days, living beings on Planet Aquamarine would probably all be dead.

The stalemate has to be broken. The two sides are now on par. As long as I become a little stronger, I will be able to break the fragile balance!

Having made up his mind, Han Xiao dived right into the violent sea without saying a word.

He could go through his Promotion at any time, only that it would take some time. Under Phillips control, a part of the mechanical army in the sky stayed to restrain the enemies, while the rest followed Han Xiao into the sea to protect him when needed.

Stephanie frowned and glanced through Wilton and the rest. After hesitating for a moment, she had made up her mind-she did not use this opportunity to eliminate the other enemies but followed Han Xiao and dived into the sea.

Her rich experiences told her that no matter what goal Black Star had, it was best to stop him.

As the strongest Supers of both sides went into the sea, everyones expression changed, not knowing why Black Star had suddenly split up the battlefield.

Could it be that he did not want to be disturbed by the others and wanted to fight Stephanie in the sea?

Captain, should we go down to back him up?

Wilton clenched his teeth and said, No need. Just do what were supposed to-do not let our opponents follow them down. Let Black Star deal with that woman.

He felt that Black Star did not need reinforcements, and subconsciously, he did not want to face Stephanie.

That woman was too dangerous. He would not have to endure the pressure if he left her to Black Star.

Although he had been ordered to back Han Xiao up, Wilton was not willing to sacrifice his life for it.

At the same time in Black Star City, reports of natural disasters kept being sent to Bennetts table. The satellites had discovered that the source of these disasters was the battlefield of Han Xiao and the others.

Many officials and professionals were crowded in the office, anxiously reporting the situation to Bennett.

A few hours ago, earthquakes occurred in many areas on the Northern Continent. Many fissures and rifts appeared. Earthquakes caused tsunamis. Thirteen coastline cities have already been destroyed, causing incalculable casualties!

According to the satellite report, His Excellency Black Star is now fighting with enemies on the sea. The storms and tsunamis caused are approaching the other continents while growing in power. In about three hours time, they will reach land. The various nations have already started the emergency evacuation.

An hour ago, eleven new earthquake sources appeared in various locations around the world. The degree and range of earthquakes are still expanding. According to our calculations, within ten days, 24.7% of all land areas will be affected by earthquakes.


Bennett listened to one report after another while anxiously walking back and forth. This was completely different from the Mutation Disaster; these natural disasters were things that could not be resolved.

Send out rescue teams and support the affected areas as much as possible. For the time being, forget about the Six Nations doings. Bennett issued his orders before pausing momentarily. When will the disasters reach Black Star City?

Black Star City was inland. The disasters would not reach there so soon.

An official gulped to wet his throat, shivered, and said, According to the calculations of the research and development department, if His Excellency Black Star continues to battle, the seriousness of the disasters will multiply rapidly. In about 4 hours 35 minutes, the chain disasters they cause will exceed the critical point

What will happen when it exceeds the critical point? Bennetts heart skipped a beat.

Unless we leave this planet, we can only wait for our deaths.

Bennetts fists tightened.



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