The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Saving The World With Normal Attacks

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Chapter 679 Saving the World with Normal Attacks

All five choices were decent, and they all had different focuses.

(Cell Resonance) could instantly recover energy and purge a debuff. It could be used by any class and was a powerful support ability.

[Electromagnetic Resonance) was a rather good assistive ability as well. It could reduce the targets strength. When facing an opponent of the same grade, this could give the user a quick advantage. [Object Weakness Attack] was an explosive damage type ability. Though its applicable situations were limited, it was still not too bad.

[Will to Battle) was a tank talent. +180 END was actually quite high, but it had a side effect. Han Xiao felt that he was tanky enough, so he was not interested in this talent at all.

Luckily, the lowest limit for Luck is zero, otherwise mine would go negative if I chose this talent

What was most surprising to him was the fifth choice[Legendary Battle Technique].

This was a proper Molding Talent!

Plus, it was one of the best Battle Technique talents!

Every third attack would deal an extra 35% True Damage, which meant that his attack increased by a huge amount out of nowhere, as talents were passive abilities and had no cost at all.

Every third attack? With the attack speed of Calamity Grades, how many third attacks would there be in just one second?

This was spectacular!

The other four choices paled in comparison. Han Xiao did not even have to think and directly picked the fifth choice.

You have received (Legendary Battle Technique]

That was hella lucky!

Han Xiao was very excited. He quickly went to the combat training room to test the new talent.

The floor split open, and the alloy wall used to test damage rose up. Han Xiao started punching the wall continuously.

True Damage ignored defense. For example, if the theoretical damage of an attack was 10,000 and the targets resistance reduced it to 5,000, adding the True Damage, that attack would deal 5,000 plus 3,500 damage.

Almost double!

If the attack was completely absorbed by a shield, a magic barrier, or heavy mechanical armor, the effect of the True Damage would only go to the shield durability and armor value. When the enemy was actually damaged, only then would this deal True Damage to the enemy.

Therefore, tank enemies that took on attacks with their body would be completely countered by this!

If not for the Germinal leaders talent, I would have had a very tough time against this. Han Xiao was glad.

No wonder Stephanie was a boss-type character-her abilities were too overpowered!

Han Xiao was excited. He was already very tanky. Comparatively, although the attack of his Army Style was not weak, it did not appear as important as how tanky he was since he had always been fighting enemies that were stronger than him or many enemies at once. Most of the time, he relied on how tanky he was to defeat the enemies.

If he used the authentic way of utilizing the Army Style, he would completely destroy any enemy that was about the same level as him, even more so now that he had mastered psionic energy. He would be able to fight many enemies at once even without making use of how tanky he was.

However, his health-mana cycle made him way too tanky, causing the Army Style to pale in comparison. His Indestructible Body title had covered up the fact that he was a Mechanic for too


But not anymore!

The (Legendary Battle Technique] was already strong enough when used by others. When used by a Mechanic using the Army Style, it would be absolutely terrifying!

From the NPCs in his previous life that had similar talents, the Great Mechanic Han knew that this type of talent could be applied to summoned creatures and mechanical armies. The summoned creatures could enjoy the talents of the Mage through their magic link, while the mechanical army could share the effect of this talent through Mechanical Force. After all, the mechanical army was considered a type of equipment, so the talent would apply to them just like it would apply to a weapon in ones hand.

Han Xiao expanded a few elite mechanical soldiers that he had brought along and carried out tests to find out how this talent worked.

After testing, he found out that every machinery had its individual (Legendary Battle Technique] effect count. This meant that every third attack of that machine would trigger the True Damage, instead of the total times the entire army attacked.

The attack count of every machine was calculated separately and not together. So, if Han Xiao fired one machine twice then changed to another machine for the third attack, it would not trigger.

Han Xiao started fantasizing. If the attack count was calculated together, it would mean that if a hundred machines fired together, thirty-three of them would have extra True Damage.

Gently giving himself a slap, Han Xiao shattered his own fantasy.

Hmm, its already strong enough.

Han Xiao was very satisfied. This meant that if a hundred machines all fired three times, the last hundred attacks out of the total three hundred attacks would all have True Damage. The ratio was the same as if the attack count was calculated as a whole. The difference was just the frequency that the talent was triggered.

However, this talent did not require the attack to land to count it could still be triggered by attacking at nothing!

This meant that the triggering timing of this talent could be controlled. If he used it well, he could even make every attack that landed on the enemy have extra True Damage.

Han Xiao immediately had a lot of ideas in his mind.

A strong talent could completely change ones combat capability.

To the Great Mechanic Han, [Legendary Battle Technique] was as strong as his health-mana cycle. It increased the strength and lethality of his mechanical army once again!

If I can make this idea a reality, my actual combat capability will multiply many times over! I might really be able to crush anyone under Beyond Grade A!

The excitement in Han Xiaos eyes was almost overflowing.

The effect of touching Feidin was dreamlike!

The phrase becoming stronger through the battles inside the [Prey) mission introduction was indeed true. Although he had been targeted by Thousand Shadows, Han Xiao felt that it was worth it now that he had received this talent.

Han Xiao browsed through his attributes on the interface. He was so strong that even he was afraid of himself.

Just moments earlier, he had worried that once he returned to the battlefield, knowing how tanky he was, the enemies would only send a few people to fight him so that he would not be much of a threat.

Now, however, if they sent too few people, he would be able to kill them all!

Han Xiao locked himself inside the modification room. Using the last ten days, he planned to adjust Phillips combat control mode so that the mechanical armys fighting method would be able to fully utilize the power of [Legendary Battle Technique]. For example, he could let one team of artilleries standby with their third attack, use the other units of the army to create an opportunity, and let this standby team focus fire when suitable, making sure that when his attack landed, it would deal a ton of damage. However, in order to have the army do such a delicate job, he needed a large calculation module.

Herlous and the others could handle any Black Star Army matters, so he did not have to worry. The best way to increase the Black Star Armys position was for him, the leader, to become stronger.

The flames of war filled the West Wind, Chaida, and the Kaya Star Systems.

Ralph had been counting down to reminding Black Star to return to the battlefield. He needed him to stabilize the battle between the high-level combatants. The Bloodshed Lands Jorde was also wary of Black Star, who had disappeared for two months.

At the same time, in the middle of Hidden Red Robe Abbeys palace, Austin was hovering about four meters above the ground. The oversized robe dragged on the floor. Desoro and the others were standing at the side.

Austin slowly opened his eyes and said with a sentimental tone, I never expected him to change this much.

The Forbidden Sorcerers around all had strange expressions on their faces. Some time ago, Austin had summoned Lagi, and they had watched their full conversation from the side.

Lagi was Austins fourth disciple. The Forbidden Sorcerers present had all followed Austin for a long time and knew Lagi. However, upon seeing him again after so many years, that once vigorous and fearless former Forbidden Sorcerer commander felt like a completely different person.

They could not imagine what Lagi had gone through in these years.

Austin shook his head and said, However, although his personality has changed, hes still as determined and resolute as he used to be, rejecting me like that without hesitating.

After banishing Lagi for so many years, Austin had long forgiven his mistake. Thus, he asked if Lagi wanted to return under his command. To his surprise, Lagi was determined to return to Black Star without even the slightest hesitation.

Although Lagi made it look like it was not a big deal, Austin could see that Lagi was really thankful to Black Star for saving him. He no longer longed to return to Hidden Red Robe Abbey; Black Star had replaced his position and received Lagis loyalty. Lagi was not only doing this because he was thankful but also because he saw a lot of potential in Black Star.

When Austin saw the Observers Mark on Lagis head, he understood what Han Xiao meant as well. He had planted an Observers Mark on Lagi despite knowing that it would be discoveredthis was to express how important Lagi was to him.

Seeing that, Austin was willing to let

him go.

Following a Beyond Grade A seed is a dangerous path. Dont die Austin sighed.

At the dock outside the palace, Lagi was walking to the spaceship. When he arrived, many Forbidden Sorcerers had gone to welcome him, but when he left, he was alone.

He turned around and looked at the Mage palace that he had once known every corner of for the last time, and a mixture of sentimental emotions appeared in his eyes. Then, he shook his head and stepped onto the spaceship.


The hatch closed, covering his lonely yet unbending back.

The spaceship slowly lifted off, turned into a stream of light, and disappeared.



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