The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Postwar Conference

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Thousands of attacks landed on the hyperdrive base station, tearing it to pieces silently in an instant.

At this point, Han Xiao had already returned to the Blacklight Stealth. He took off the mechanical suit, massaged his shoulders, and smiled when he saw the hyperdrive base station getting destroyed.

Victory at last. My efforts didnt go to waste.

The notification of the strategic mission being completed popped up on the interface. Destroying the armed satellite fortress alone made the Mission Rating very high. His Favorability with the Purple Crystal increased by 1,350, and he was also awarded with tens of millions of Experience.

However, this was just a small part of the reward that he received this time. Killing Tamaria who was many levels higher than him alone gave him more than half a billion Experience.

Earning Experience through killing Calamity Grades is actually quite efficient. Without the players here, thats a rather good option.

War was indeed an opportunity. Where else would he be able to find so many Calamity Grade enemies?

Through this battle, he had a clearer idea of his own strength. Compared to two months prior, his combat capability now was on a completely different level.

With (Legendary Battle Technique], he could crush most opponents with just his mechanical army. Despite having just entered the Grade A+ territory, his actual combat capability had already exceeded top Grade A+ Supers.

With so many powerful Molding Talents that synergized with each other, the actual effect in combat was better than he imagined.

Not even sending ten normal Calamity Grades to fight him would basically be gifting him kills!

As long as a Beyond Grade A Super doesnt interfere, the others in the Bloodshed Land should all be no match for me

Han Xiao only had this thought for a second before he immediately slapped himself and got rid of it.

That was close. I almost flagged my own death!

Han Xiao turned to look at the battlefield.

With the base station destroyed, the enemies lost their reinforcement channel. The stalemate was broken instantly. The morale of Section Zero was boosted, and they started to clean out the remaining enemies. The enemies complete defeat was just a matter of time.

Han Xiao had completed his mission, so he did not take part in the following battles. He slacked off with the Black Star Army fleet at the side.

Morred and the three fleets intercepted and surrounded the remaining enemies. The ending of this battle was already decided. As it quickly ended, Section Zero finally achieved their first big victory.

The three fleets cleaned up the battlefield and picked up the loot before leaving the scene in groups.

After more than an hour in hyperdrive, the fleet slowly stopped in a safe area.

Han Xiao received Morreds invitation to attend the postwar conference on the flagship.

After calling up Herlous, Harmon, and the other officers, Han Xiao linked his spaceship with the flagship.


The hatch opened. In front of them was the link corridor. Han Xiao led the others into the flagship. A few receptionists were waiting there. They quickly approached and welcomed him with a respectful tone.

Your Excellency Black Star, everyone has arrived. Theyre all waiting for you.

Lead the way.

Han Xiao nodded and followed the receptionist to the door of the conference hall inside the flagship.

The door opened, and joyous and delightful voices came from inside. The atmosphere seemed very positive.

There were quite a few people in the room. All the people in charge of the partnered organizations within the fleet had been invited. After finally achieving a victory, everyone was elated.

Han Xiao stepped in, and chatter inside the hall suddenly stopped. Everyone looked over. Seeing that it was Han Xiao, their eyes were filled with admiration and respect. They opened up a path for Han Xiao.

Black Star, youre here. Quick, take a seat.

The center of the hall was a circular conference table, and everyone was sitting there. Morred sat at the host seat. As he saw Han Xiao, he quickly stood up and passionately invited Han Xiao to take a seat.

Hi, how are you? Have you eaten? Han Xiao sat on his seat and casually greeted the others.

Haha, now that everyone is here, lets start the conference. His Excellency Ralph has something that he wants to say to us.

Morred smiled and pressed the desk. Ralphs remote projection image appeared above the center of the conference table.

Ralph cleared his throat and spoke.

Everyone, youve done a very good job. Youve eliminated the base station, causing the Bloodshed Lands twelve strongholds to be isolated and their forces to be separated. Our troops successfully destroyed those twelve strongholds with very low casualties. This is our first overwhelming victory!

Clap clap clap!

Everyone applauded.

Morred, you were very decisive. Your contribution in destroying the base station is huge. Carrie, you restrained the enemies and completed your mission. Pierer, you

Ralph praised everyone present one after the other. The applause continued nonstop. Han Xiaos expression was strangethis reminded him of exam result announcements.

They had just won a battle, and now they were already being evaluated for their contribution.

Also, the biggest merit of this victory

Ralph turned to look at Han Xiao with a big smile on his face. Black Star, you destroyed the enemys armed satellite fortress and defensive measures alone, which can be said to be the key point in turning the battle around!

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Who said that one person could not change the battle? Black Star alone could complete this kind of key tactical mission-his actions determined their victory and decided the result of the skirmish.

Ahem, I just did what I should. Han Xiao maintained his expression and waved his hand like it was not a big deal.

Morred could not help but add, If not for you, at most, we would have ended up with a tragic victory. Of course, you deserve the biggest


Han Xiaos mouth twitched, and he had no choice but to smile politely.

Ralph smiled and said, You dont have to be humble. I have already reported to the superiors. They are very satisfied with your achievements. The people above have decided to increase their investment in the Black Star Army as a reward. Also, they will consider making you a long-term partner.

When Ralph said this, everyones expression slightly changed. They were jealous.

The biggest goal they had in joining the secret war was to become a long-term partner of a Star Cluster Civilization. Black Star was already one step ahead of them.

In the Purple Crystal Civilization upper echelons eyes, the Black Star Armys importance had probably already exceeded any of the other Section Zero members.

Now this is what I wanted to hear, actual benefits Han Xiao smiled.

By the way, you also killed the Bloodshed Lands Adjudicator, Tamaria. This is the first high-level Bloodshed Land officer that has died. The Bloodshed Land has lost an important member. Youve done a good job.

Han Xiao was stunned. So, that testy woman I killed is the first important Bloodshed Land officer to die in the secret war?

This means that I took Ty-Tys first blood?

So Heber wont get angry right?

Due to the disadvantage they had been at for the past two months, Ralph had been incredibly stressed. He kept wanting to get revenge. As soon as Black Star returned, he had finally made the Bloodshed Land lose. Ralph felt relieved.

The more he looked at Han Xiao, the more satisfied he was.

In his eyes, the combat capability displayed by Black Star exceeded the standard of normal Calamity Grades. Usually, only Beyond Grade As would be able to crush a group of Calamity Grades. However, Black Star was not Beyond Grade A. Hence, he felt that there was only one explanation for thisBlack Stars potential was extraordinary. Furthermore, his potential was becoming real strength way too quickly. He was obviously much stronger than he had been two months ago!

Purple Crystal had looked into Han Xiaos past before. About ten years ago, Black Star had just entered the galaxy and built his mercenary group. Back then, he was not even Grade B, yet in less than ten years, he had risen extremely quickly.

This meant that Black Star had the highest amount of Beyond Grade A potential!

In all the years since the end of the exploration era till now, none of the Beyond Grade As had risen as quickly as Black Star!

Ralph was exhilarated. As long as the Tyrant did not do anything, Black Star might be able to crush all the Bloodshed Land Calamity Grades. He was basically a murder weapon among the high-level combatants, the biggest advantage that Section Zero had!

This evaluation right after the battle was done on purpose. One reason was to use rewarding Black Star as an example to encourage more Section Zero members to win battles, eliminating the downside of an alliance force.

The second reason was to express their attitude toward Black Star on how important he was to them.

Killing two birds with one stone.

At this moment, no one realized that the effects of this skirmish would be much greater than they thought



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