The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Leeks Coming From Everywhere 1

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Chapter 688 Leeks Coming from Everywhere! (1)

Half a month had passed since the battle that destroyed the hyperdrive base station. The Bloodshed Land seemed to be cautious as well, so there were no major conflicts between the two sides for the time being, just skirmishes. Purple Crystal had no new missions for Han Xiao, so he took his fleet around in standby.

During this time, he had been studying his loot the armed satellite fortress.

There was a total of nine armed satellite fortresses. After the base station was destroyed, the other armed satellite fortresses had all been seized. Han Xiao had received one from Morred too, and he had taken it back for research purposes.

The blueprints for this kind of large mechanical satellite were very valuable. This ones model was [Stout Shield Military Satellite Fortress].

Han Xiao had been slowly deriving its blueprint over the past half a month. While he lacked the necessary Cutting-Edge Knowledge, which made it impossible for him to get the complete blueprint, he did obtain some useful technology such as the shield generator used by the hyperdrive base station, which could also be applied to psionic shields.

Although he could not build the full version of the armed satellite fortress, the Great Mechanic Han was able to fuse a blueprint of the shrunk version of it. While it was smaller in size, it had the same functions as the original, just not as powerful.

The armed satellite fortress was basically strategic equipment, not a combat weapon between Supers. Han Xiao planned to turn some of the Black Star bases built on administrative planets into satellite fortresses, at least giving them a certain amount of maneuverability.

Han also seized the special armor of Bloodshed Lands elite soldier, Thousand Beast Soldier, which he turned into his own blueprint and made preliminary improvements.

In the machinery modification room. Han Xiao stood in front of a row of cabinets, looking at the different types of mechanical suits inside.

Thousand Beast Soldier Armor, Sunil NCO Class armor and Commander Class armor, my Snake Series armors, and some standard mechanical suit blueprints If I combine them together, I should get some high-quality, mid-level mechanical suit blueprints.

Han Xiao caressed his chin and pondered.

He intended to build a special armor series for the Black Star Army to be used as the new standard equipment for the army.

This was not an out of the blue idea but something that he had thought about for a long time.

Due to his two astonishing feats, his fame across the entire Star Field was rocketing beyond his expectations. Initially, Han Xiao had thought that the Black Star Army would only be able to develop slowly and steadily since the players were not there, but wars were proven to have the biggest opportunities once again. The recent heated discussion about him becoming a Beyond Grade A seed made him notice that this was a great opportunity. Some development targets could now be moved forward.

He had always wanted to improve the army from a mercenary group to an armed force like the Bloodshed Land. A set of armor belonging to his own faction was equivalent to uniform seduc culture, which would help to increase the cohesion of the faction more effectively than a mere army symbol.

However, most of the people who came to be mercenaries were free and loose. If he forced a business transformation, he would lose some of those who were unwilling to pledge their loyalty. After all, mercenaries were never worried about where to go next, so they would not easily pledge their loyalty to a mercenary group.

Nonetheless, his recent achievements had made people believe that he had an extremely high chance of reaching Beyond Grade A. The upper limits of an armed force depended on the strength of the leader. The cohesion of a normal Calamity Grade organization could not even be compared with a Beyond Grade A seed organization.

For example, the Bloodshed Land, assuming that it had grown to its present size without Tyrant, would definitely have a ton of problems. Internally, the authority would be held by several Calamity Grades, none satisfied by being on the same level as the others, thus causing internal disputes and factional conflicts. Externally, without a Beyond Grade A leader, despite being such an enormous organization, no one would be able to unite them. In the end, they would definitely go their separate ways.

Therefore, a leader who could suppress everything within determined the upper limits of an armed force.

Han Xiao had been in the center of attention recently, and his reputation had exceeded the normal Calamity Grade range. Through his contacts, he learned that many intelligence organizations even called him half a Beyond Grade A. Numerous organizations believed that he would become a Beyond Grade A. Those organizations were not blind; his combat record was hard proof, so no one would inexplicably underestimate him.

As the faction leaders position increased, the Black Star Armys appeal transformed as well. Even mercenaries knew that following a possible Beyond Grade A would be a more promising future, so the number of people lost in the business transformation would be significantly reduced.

Not only that, with his current position, he could even attract more new talents.

Because of my reputation, the Black Star Armys influence is growing every day. This is a great opportunity to scale up.

Han Xiao was in a great mood. He had initially intended to develop his forces through the support from the Purple Crystal civilization, but to his surprise, his own fame seemed to have allowed him to exceed what he had planned to achieve for the organization during the update period.

Strength was the most important!

This expansion is an opportunity to improve the Black Star Army. There are many goals to be accomplished. First, the business transformation. Second, the expansion of manpower. Third, the increase of the armed troops. Fourth, becoming a long-term partner of Purple Crystal Hmm, as long as the first three are completed, the fourth goal should not be a problem.

Of course, the most important thing is my own strength. When Im done with these trivial problems, I have to take a period of time to get a silver legacy blueprint to complete the Class Advancement mission. After that, complete the level 200 Promotion as soon as possible. The stronger I am, the faster the army will develop.

Han Xiao pondered and quickly set out a list of goals.

He did not expect to perform this well before the war, nor did he expect to spark such discussions. The way he saw it, the development plan that he had originally set was too conservative.

This wave of discussions surrounding him was an extremely rare opportunity that he had to take.

Dong! Dong!

At that time, someone suddenly banged loudly on the door of the modification room.

Who is it? Han Xiao regained focus and opened the door.

Hairy, muscular abs entered his vision. Han Xiao looked up at the three-meter-tall Harmon standing outside the door.

Lagis back. He wants to see you, Harmon said with a low and muffled voice.

Oh, I thought hed throw me an excuse that the hyperdrive engine broke and drag his feet till the end of the war to return. Han Xiao was surprised.

Harmon scratched his hairy head and gave a long grunt, as if the muscles in his brain could not process the meaning of the sentence.

By the way Han Xiao suddenly remembered something. How come you are the one reporting? Wheres Herlous?

Usually, if Sylvia was away, Herlous would be his male secretary, a more decisive, reliable adult male.

He asked me to lie to you that he was training, Harmon said with a straight tone, giving off a strong vibe of the word reckless.

Hmm Han Xiaos mouth twitched, and he did not know what to say. Then, what is he actually doing?

Hes playing cards.

Han Xiao was speechless.

Okay, got it. Ill go to see Lagi now.

Han Xiao closed his door and walked for a while before recalling something. He turned to Harmon and asked, By the way, how many years till the selection battle for your tribal chief?

Harmon was one of the heirs of the Luhan Beastman Civilizations Rockfall Tribe. The side mission from him was to join his War League and help him become the chief.

If he remembered correctly, this should be a Version 3.0 side mission, but in case the storyline had changed, Han Xiao decided to ask again.

Harmon counted with his fingers for a while and said with a hesitant tone, I think eleven years less three days.

The average life expectancy of the Luhan Beastmen was about 250 years, which was quite long. The selection of chief was a major event, it usually gave more than ten years to the candidates for them to form their War Leagues. This was because one selection often determined the chief for the next two hundred years.

Its a good thing you have comrades, Han Xiao said with resignation, otherwise I suspect youd miss the selection battle and lose your position as an heir

Harmon opened his eyes wide and blew his lower lip unhappily, his thick lips shaking.

Han Xiao went straight to the bridge and immediately saw Lagi, who had been waiting for a long time. He smiled and walked forward, patting Lagi on the shoulder.

Youre back.

Yes, I didnt die on the way, Lagi murmured. I think it took all the luck I have in my life.

Han Xiaos smile stiffened. Youre too pessimistic!

Ahem, do you remember what I said before you left? Han Xiao said with resignation.

Yes. Lagi nodded and said, You said you were going to cancel my workload and give me a raise.

No, I didnt. Dont bullsh*t! Han Xiao clenched his teeth. I said when you get back, youll be my vice captain!

Oh, then I remembered wrongly. Lagis kept a straight face.

Are you sure? Han Xiao was suspicious. Why do I feel like you did that on purpose?

Hearing Han Xiaos doubt, Lagis face became upset as he muttered, You dont trust me Sigh, I should have known. People like me have no credibility.

Enough, you, Han Xiao said with resignation. Since you dont have any objection, Ill announce to the whole army that youre the first vice-captain. By the way, Im also planning to announce your past. You were once the Hidden Red Robe Abbeys Forbidden Sorcerers commander. This past will increase your reputation, and no one will be unhappy about you becoming the vice-captain. Do you have any questions?

Lagi nodded. He had no objections, but he did emphasize one point. Dont forget, you promised that my vice-captain position is just a title, and my workload wont increase.

Dont you f*cking remember that crystal clear?

The appointment of the vice-captain was quickly transmitted to the communicators of the hundreds of thousands of official members of the Black Star Army.

When opening the Black Star Armys mercenary group resume, under the leader column, the vice-captain position that had always been empty finally had a first name written in itLagi Schwer.

Lagi had only joined for a very short time, so there was still a huge number of mid- to low-level mercenary members within the army that did not know him. With curiosity, confusion, surprise, and so on, they opened Lagis resume and were immediately shocked.

Not only was this newly appointed vice captain a Grade A+ Super, he was also the Hidden Red Robe Abbeys Forbidden Sorcerers former commander, as well as the fourth disciple of Magus Austin!

Lagis past was very impressive. Few outsiders knew about what had happened between Lagi and Austin; to many, this was a core member of a Beyond Grade A organization leaving and joining the Black Star Army!

Han Xiao was at the height of his popularity, so his every action attracted attention from countless people. Not only the army members, the various organizations that were paying attention to him were also shocked.

One of the Magus core members is now the vice-captain of the Black Star Army. Are they now working together?

The perception of the Black Star Army had subtly changed for countless people, including its members. Black Stars recent achievements and the Black Star Armys expansion seemed to show an inexorable rise.

As many people could see, Black Star wanted to use his soaring influence to benefit the Black Star Army, intending to become a Star Field level VIP!

The question that followed suddenly sparked interest from all sides.

What would Floating Dragon do if Black Star rose?

After all, the Black Star Army was nominally Floating Dragons field team. Now that Black Star showed Beyond Grade A potential, if he did deliver on that potential, would he continue to stay under Ames given the amount of ambition that he had shown?

While it was still unclear whether Black Star would become a Beyond Grade A, ambitions were not easy to erase. Black Stars soaring position would change the way he thought sooner or later, inflating his ambitions.

Countless people were excited when thinking about the possibilities of the future.

If the announcement of the vice-captain drew attention, Han Xiaos subsequent announcement triggered an earthquake.

The Black Star Army publicly issued a large-scale recruitment order to the entire Shattered Star Ring!

Han Xiao planned to tap into the Beyond Grade A seed title to attract a large number of talents.

He believed that there were plenty of people willing to bet that he would become a Beyond Grade A.

Joining at this time would be more valued than joining a Beyond Grade A organization, it was equivalent to becoming a partner at the start of a business. Even if they lost the bet, it would only cost them time, so the loss would be within an acceptable range.

It was a huge gamble!

As the Black Star Army made the announcement, countless people and organizations across the ten or so Star Clusters in the Shattered Star Ring were tempted.

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