The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 690

Chapter 690 Three Years

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Chapter 690 Three Years

Gureja and the others got the answer that they wanted and were overjoyed. After finalizing the details, they left satisfied.

Walking out of the Black Star Army base, they turned around to look at the majestic base, and Gureja lamented, Black Star stepped into the mercenary world less than ten years ago, but he already has such accomplishments under his belt. He is truly an amazing fellow.

Another person shook his head and sighed. Every individual capable of becoming a beyond Grade A Super has their own legend behind them. They are not characters that we can understand.

Thats right. He is no longer on the same level as us. Thankfully, we got to know him early, Gureja said with a complicated mood.

In one of the corridors of the Black Star Army headquarters, Herlous and the three Volga brothers were walking and chatting.

Have you heard? Three Calamity Grade Supers have joined us. His Excellency Black Star personally met them. They will definitely take on important roles in the army in the future, the eldest Volga brother suddenly said.

I know. Herlous nodded with both joy and depression.

He was happy about the high-speed development of the Black Star Army but depressed that his own status would be affected because of this.

With three Calamity Grade Supers joining the upper echelons of the army, the competition would definitely get more intense, and Herlous felt a great deal of pressure.

Strength represented authority, and he still had not touched the Grade A door yet. His importance to the army would only decrease as time went by. There were already many mid-level combatants in the Black Star Army. If not for the fact that he was the one who had followed Black Star the longest, he would not have the right to be part of the upper echelons with his Grade B strength.

Herlous already felt that he was growing rapidly, but he was not able to keep up with Han Xiaos footsteps and the high-speed development of the Black Star Army. He did not wish to fall behind just like that and thus became extremely nervous.

In order to train his body, he halved the time that he spent playing cards It would be impossible for him to stop playing cards. It would be impossible in this lifetime of his.

The Calamity Grade truly seems so far away

Herlous let out a sigh.

The development of the Black Star Army made many of the old officers lament at the speed of their growth. However, the wheels of history would always continue to spin, and Han Xiao would not stop because of this.

Han Xiao spent a full seven days meeting all the emissaries from the various organizations and reorganized the structure of the expanded Black Star Army. Only then did he have some free time to himself.

Han Xiao locked himself up in his office and took out a piece of paper to summarize the benefits that he had received recently and made a new blueprint for development.

The rapid growth of the Black Star Army had exceeded his expectations, and the original development plan was no longer suitable. With many organizations and Star System Civilizations giving him the opportunity to expand, it would be a waste for Han Xiao not to make use of them. As long as he made good use of this opportunity, the development speed of the Black Star Army would be increased by ten if not a hundred times!

This was an enormous harvest!

Han Xiao began to organize which opportunity would be able to bring him the largest benefit and how much he needed to invest. He made a simple list for himself and began to analyze it.

At the same time, he also began to grade his faction based on the different grades of equipment. He had two different grading schemes. First, current size. Second, potential for development.

The evaluation of the current size of a faction was determined by the amount of resources, size, military strength, number of members, influence, and so on.

The evaluation of potential was determined by networks, allies, scope of operations, long term benefits, development opportunities, and the like.

Han Xiao chose an organization to be the benchmark for comparison. He rated the Bloodshed Land to be at the orange grade in terms of size and potential. With that as a reference, he began to analyze the Black Star Army.

Not including the players, before this large expansion, the scale of the Black Star Army was limited to a few Star Systems. Our size was around the dark green or light blue grade. Currently, it should be at the light purple grade. When Phillip recruits the second and third wave, we should be at the purple grade.

Han Xiao mumbled to himself while spinning his pen.

As for potential, the reputation of me being a beyond Grade A seed was an orange grade development opportunity. The secret war and setting up a bridge with the Purple Crystal Civilization are also orange grade. The contracts with the various Star System Civilizations are orange grade. Setting up the Mercenary Alliance is pink grade. Together with my own network and potential, the potential of the Black Star Army should be at the orange grade on average.

Han Xiao made a list on the piece of paper and nodded.

As long as he was able to realize the orange grade development potential, the Black Star Army would be able to quickly enter the level of a pink grade organization.

All the organizations of the pink grade were famous organizations on the Star Field level. While they were still a distance away from the Bloodshed Land, they were truly super-sized organizations.

Han Xiao began to make plans for the various opportunities of development.

With so many Star System Civilizations inviting me to set up a branch, this is akin to expanding my territory. All the newly hired manpower can be put to use and sent to these new Star Systems to expand our scope of operations.

I can let a portion of them pioneer the discovery of resource rich planets to resolve the problem of our organizations transformation. Apart from employment missions and war duties, we can also obtain more revenue streams by mining for resources.

Hmm, if the manpower isnt sufficient, I can send the people from Planet Aquamarine to make up the numbers and allow a portion of them to become galactic residents. Furthermore, digging seems to be the specialty of those worms. With my reputation in the Black Spirit Race, I should be able to find a large number of elite laborers.

Han Xiao then put a tick behind the words Star System Civilization.

Setting up a mercenary alliance within the Shattered Star Ring is also pretty simple. It will expand the scope of my operations and increase my influence. With the support of the other large armies, as long as I call for support, building the foundation of an alliance wont be an issue. Everything else will just be a matter of time.

Han Xiao very quickly came up with the new blueprint for development.

Putting down his pen, a smile could be seen on Han Xiaos face.

After memorizing what was written on the paper, Han Xiao reduced the paper to dust with a single snap of his finger.

When Version 3.0 is released, the changes in the Black Star Army will probably shock the players.

The Black Star Army became bustling with activity, and after hiring a few waves of new members, the Black Star Army had almost ten million members. The majority of them were sent out to set up branches around the various Star Systems of the Colton Star Cluster, and the operations of the army expanded from the Garton Star System to half of the Star Cluster.

Han Xiao did not forget about the secret war, and after handling the expansion of the army, he went back to the battlefield and continued to fight.

After the commotion from his expansion subsided, the large wave of discussion about him being a beyond Grade A seed petered out. Han Xiao had already become the biggest winner, and the Black Star Army left a deep impression on the entire Star Field during this period. The fame of the Black Star Army had entered the ranks of the famous organizations within the Shattered Star Ring.

Under such circumstances, the Black Star Army was still the Floating Dragon Field Team in name. Floating Dragon remained silent throughout the entire matter, and with some people fanning the flames from behind the scenes, more and more people started to treat the Black Star Army and Floating Dragon as two separate organizations. At the same time, people began to discuss both parties splitting up.

The storm that Han Xiao had created had a long-lasting impact. More organizations began to participate in the secret war both openly and secretly, and the scope of the battle became larger and larger.

The secret war was a Main Storyline Mission in Version 3.0 (Crimson Tide). However, news of the secret war was overshadowed by the commotion that Han Xiao and the Black Star Army had created.

The war was still ongoing, and the Black Star Army continued to develop.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye.


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