The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Handover

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At the exterior tracks of the Planet Golden Gate, a metal fortress looking satellite was orbiting.

This was the Black Star Armys current headquarters, which had moved away from the Planet Golden Gate surface and become a mobile satellite fortress. Its area was many times bigger and had far richer functions and facilities.

Inside the satellite was the body of this base, a space station similar to the Juberly Hub. The surface was filled with defense facilities and port passages.

In the past three years, Han Xiao had turned most of the base into a satellite fortress. Although its cost was high, he was a mine owner now, so he did not feel any heartache.

This time, at the large port inside the base, a tall purple-haired beauty was walking back and forth, glancing in the direction of the port frequently like she was waiting for someone. Her fingers were crossed tightly, and her pretty face was filled with apprehension.

It was Vilna.

About ten days ago, she had followed Aesops orders and gone to the Black Star Army headquarters to wait to meet with Han Xiao.

Today was the day that Han Xiao would return. Vilna had arrived early at the dock to wait. When she thought about how she was going to meet the man known as the closest to Beyond Grade A in the Shattered Star Ring, she could not but feel nervous.

Before this, Vilna had never seen Han Xiao with her own eyes, nor did she talk to him through communication. To this mysterious senior of hers, she could not help but imagine all sorts of things.

The Black Star Army has risen so quickly, so maybe Black Star is full of ambition? People say that many organizations hes defeated all fell into his trap, so maybe he is a master of plot? He also has extraordinary battle records that shocked the entire Star Field, so maybe hes an intimidating warrior?

All kinds of thoughts flashed through Vilnas mind. Apprehensive, Vilna kept rehearsing what kind of attitude she should use to meet Black Star in her mind.

At this time, streams of light approached from afar and appeared outside the dock. An enormous Black Star fleet appeared and slowly entered the dock entrance.

The bottom of the battleships locked onto the tracks, entering the base to be parked at the various docks.

The flagship stopped at the large dock where Vilna was. The hatch opened with a hiss, and the gangway opened automatically and connected to the edge of the dock.

Wearing a black windbreaker, Han Xiao walked out with wide strides, casually looked around, and stepped onto the docks alloy floor. The people behind him swarmed out after him.

Vilna calmed herself and trotted over, standing in front of Han Xiao.

Yo-Your Excellency Black Star, my name is Vilna. Im Floating Dragons new officer. Aesop told me to find you

Han Xiao stopped walking and looked down at Vilna with his dark eyes, blatantly sizing her


Vilna felt like her heart was at her throat. Han Xiao did not speak. She gulped, and her mind went black, not knowing what to say. The two of them looked at each other in silence.

After looking at her for quite a while, only then did Han Xiao smile faintly. Aesop told me about it. He asked me to help you build the second Field Team. Dont worry, Ill help you.

Then, Han Xiao patted Vilnas shoulder and said meaningfully, Since you have joined Floating Dragon, do a good job. I believe in


Vilnas face was slightly red, and her tightened body relaxed a little. Han Xiaos friendliness made her a little less nervous.

Black Star seems to be a very nice person. I dont understand why Jenny keeps emphasizing that Black Star is a rude, antisocial, and evil *sshole.

Follow me.

Han Xiao snapped his fingers and walked off. Vilna regained her focus and quickly caught up with Han Xiao.

The others had all left; Han Xiao and Vilna were the only ones left. Turning down one corridor after another, they walked in silence.

Without turning around, Han Xiao suddenly asked, Have you met Ames? What do you think of her?

Vilna was stunned for a moment. She thought for a while, stared at Han Xiaos back, and answered softly, Shes very gentle, and I have always admired her. Its an honor to work for her.

Hmm does she know that your job is to build the second Field Team?

Probably Vilna tried to recall. She then realized that Ames had never asked what her job was, so she added, Aesop definitely told


What does she think then?

Er Vilna thought hard about it then said carefully, She didnt seem to react out of the ordinary.

Han Xiao touched his chin and stopped speaking.

He knew that finding his successor was most likely Aesops idea, since Ames would not be bothered about things like this. Nonetheless, he was completely okay with it. After all, Floating Dragon had helped him a lot in the past, so he wanted to return the favor and leave something for them.

He chose to end things on peaceful terms so that he could develop better. Thus, he did indeed plan to groom Vilna and smoothen her future path, using these seven years to complete the handover of his job.

Furthermore, Vilna was someone he knew. Without his presence, Vilna had been the authentic Field Team officer of Floating Dragon in his previous life.

who also met her demise together with Floating Dragon.

As memories flashed through his mind, they arrived right outside the office. Han Xiao ended his thoughts and took Vilna into the room. Then, he called Reynold, Herlous, and Sylvia over.

Let me introduce Vilna, a new officer of Floating Dragon. Shes planning to build the second Field Team, so she came to seek my help. You guys, forget about expenses and help her recruit people. Also, choose ten financial groups from the ones that are working with us and convince them to invest in the new Floating Dragon Field Team using my name. You have to take this job seriously. Help her to build a Field Team based on her plan and support her as much as possible.

Han Xiao spoke quickly. He planned to use the Black Star Armys current resources and influence to build a new team for Floating Dragon without considering the returns.

Understood. Reynold nodded solemnly. He shook Vilnas hand and said, Tell me what you need later. I will do my best to assist you.

0Okay. Vilna had yet to recover from the shock.

Han Xiaos degree of help was way beyond her imagination. All she had to do was talk and not worry about anything else; the Black Star Army would settle all of it.

How generous!

Vilna was petrified. She started to blush. This completely abolished the negative image that Jenny had set for Han Xiao in her mind and built a new, tall image.

Friendly, steady, reliable, rich, strong, and handsome Its great to have such an amazing senior!

Why is Jenny always lying!

Vilna was secretly upset.

No wonder Black Star could build such an enormous organization in ten short years. Although Vilna did not want to admit it, after such short contact with Han Xiao, he already felt much more reliable than Ames.

Go do your stuff then Han Xiao waved his hands.

Reynold nodded. He turned to look at the others and said, Okay, you guys go out and wait for me. I have something I want to discuss with His Excellency Black Star alone.

Han Xiao was a little surprised. He looked at Reynold and saw that he clearly had something on his mind. Han Xiao thought about it and nodded at the others, signaling them to go out first.

The others took Vilna away, leaving only Han Xiao and Reynold in the room.

What did you want to talk to me about? Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and looked at Reynold.

Actually I didnt want to bring this up initially because no one was able to help, but now youre able to. I have something that I need your help with, Reynold said with a sincere tone and a solemn face.

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. He smelled a mission.

In the past few years, he had kept trying to trigger a mission from Reynold, which he sadly never did. He thought that Reynold did not have any missions on him. However, now that Reynold had brought it up himself, he was certainly surprised.

He did not expect to receive such good news as soon as his holiday started.

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