The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Another Familiar Face

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Reynold had very low requirements. Other than finding Han Xiao to learn blueprints, he was pretty transparent the rest of the time. Ever since joining the army, he had always kept a low profile. His business capabilities were as rigorous and reliable as his personality, never causing any trouble at all. He managed the logistics of the army extremely well. This was the first time that he had asked Han Xiao for help.

Seeing that Reynold had a lot on his mind, Han Xiao figured out what was going on. This matter was probably very difficult to deal with, which was why Reynold had waited until now to ask for his help. Since the start, Reynold had only come to learn, not for help. However, now that he had achieved so much fame in the entire Star Field, Reynold saw hope and felt that he had the ability to help, so he now was asking him.

Han Xiao felt that he had guessed most of it correctly and secretly focused more.

Tell me about it first.

He did not immediately agree to help and decided to listen to the mission content first.

Reynold contemplated for a while on what to say.

As you know, I come from the Hyde Star System. Im sure you know about the situation in the Star System.

Han Xiao nodded.

The Hyde Star System was a Star System without a ruling civilization, connected with six Star System civilizations including Godora. All these civilizations stationed many troops in Hyde and divided this ownerless Star System. They expanded and confronted each other for many years, causing Hyde to become a chaotic land.

I was born on a small place called Ceciris, located in an area occupied by the Hutt Civilization. Ceciris is ruled by a low-level galactic civilization that has six planets in total under its ruling. Its classified as somewhere between a planet civilization and Star System civilization. This civilization has many governments that compete with each other. As Hyde is always at war, the political situation of Ceciris is volatile.

My father operated a machine research company, which later went bankrupt. When I was six, they died in a riot caused by a political parade

Han Xiao was slightly moved. This was the first time that Reynold had talked about his own story. Usually, he never even mentioned anything about it.

I have a sister whos nine years older than me. Her name is Rossellin. After my parents died, I lived together with her for three years. When I was nine, she sent me on a long-distance galactic flight off Ceciris and abandoned me.

When I left home, I was still a child that knew nothing. No one took care of me. I drifted in the galaxy and got through my tough childhood. I then finally had the strength to protect myself. After that, I once went back trying to find Rossellin. Then I discovered what she did.

Reynold shook his head and said, After I left, her Esper ability awakened. The official saying is that she can manipulate peoples minds, subtly rewriting peoples perspective on the world. At the start, people did not know about her ability. She used this ability to gather countless believers and built a new religion. New ideology and culture were born in her hands.

With her ability, in just a few years, she completed the missionary process that would take normal religions decades. More and more people became her followers. She became the pope of the new religion in the Ceciris civilization, loved and worshiped by countless people. Even many high-level officials across the various governments were her believers. She controlled half of the Ceciris civilization with religious methods. Her position was above countless people.

However, those governments felt that she would threaten their reign, so they kept searching for clues. In the end, her ability was discovered. She became the most dangerous careerist to those governments. She was captured, and the religion that she had created was destroyed.

Although her Esper ability can modify peoples subconscious mindset over a large area, she cant brainwash anyone, cant make anyone a fanatical, and cant control the minds of the others. Therefore, although the society was shocked, no one spoke up for her. Nobody would like having their mind twisted. Her reputation went right down the drain, and she became a sinner spurned by countless people.

Those governments tried Rossellin. She was convicted of high treason and given life in prison. However, they showed their true intentions very soon. In their eyes, Rossellins ability was an outstanding tool to assist their ruling. Hence, whoever was going to imprison Rossellin became a problem. Every government wanted to have her, to use her ability to consolidate their rule and damage their opponents. They did not want anyone else to have this tool.

Reynold closed his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose, and sighed. On paper, she was locked in prison, but actually, she disappeared from the eye of the public after the public trial. These governments sent spies and special agents to get to her secretly. Even some rebel forces with ulterior motives joined the battle. She became a tool that kept changing owners.

Han Xiao could not help but ask, So, you want me to save her from the Ceciris civilization? Youre already a Calamity Grade-wont you be able to do that yourself?

No, shes not on Ceciris anymore. Reynold shook his head. The Hutt Civilization took an interest in her ability and took her away. Shes now a prisoner of a Star System civilization.

Han Xiao understood. No wonder Reynold asked for his help. It turned out that Rossellin had become an important prisoner of a Star System civilization, so getting her would be rather difficult.

To a Star System civilization, they had no obligation to give face to a Calamity Grade. Given how important Rossellin was, the Hutt Civilization would not give her away so easily. Even if Reynold was to attack the prison, he would not be able to fight against the entire Star System civilization alone. He could not save his sister by himself.

I see, so hes asking for my help because of my influence Han Xiao thought.

I know that this is very sudden, but theres nothing I can do to the situation Rossellin is in. I hope you can save her. Reynold bowed deeply.

Hmm Han Xiao caressed his chin. Your sister really seems to be a careerist. I feel that she did this to herself.

Psychics could change others minds to a certain extent, but the range and efficiency was clearly far inferior compared to Rossellins Esper ability. It was perfect for spreading religion, exactly what the Arcane Church loved the most.

Maybe she really is an ambitious careerist; Im not defending her actions. Although she abandoned me and I dont have much emotions for her anymore, shes still my family. She has already paid the price for what she did; I dont want to see her keep suffering.

Han Xiao was quite surprised. He had always thought that Reynolds heart was mechanical; this was a very rare occasion where Reynold showed any emotion.

After pondering for a while, Han Xiao slowly said, I can help, but it wont be easy. Even I might not be able to make the Hutt Civilization give her to me just by asking. Rossellin broke the law after all. This isnt a really reasonable request, so they can totally not give me face at all

Reynold nodded then said with a solemn expression, I understand. You dont owe me anything. I will continue to work for you and pay my debts for this.

Thats what Im talking about, brother Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. He smiled and said, Ill try my best.

This time, a notification popped up on the interface.

You have triggered the mission (Reformer)!

Mission Introduction: You accepted Reynolds request and decided to save Rossellin from the Hutt Civilization.

Mission Requirements: Save Rossellin.

Reward: 18,000,000 Experience, +30 Reynold Favorability, +80 Rossellin Favorability, (Blank Character Summon Card-Reynold) x 1

Han Xiao glanced at it and was surprised.

The mission itself did not seem too difficult, but the prerequisite to trigger it was. It seemed its requirement was to have quite a close relationship with Reynold while having very high influence, only then would Reynold ask for his help.

The Experience reward was ordinary. The Favorability was common as well. What was most surprising was Reynolds Character Summon Card.

The Blank Character Summon Card of a certain character meant that he could choose any one of Reynolds abilities.

Among all the abilities Reynold had, the most valuable was undoubtedly the Mechanic class Molding Talent (Perfect Mechanical Sense).

Although Character Summon Cards had limited uses, it was better than nothing.

Most of the time, only random draw reward in combat missions had a possibility of giving someone elses Molding Talent. Other than Character Summon Cards, the players had absolutely no way of acquiring any Molding Talents. He had the NPC status, so his drawing range included the Molding Talents, but that was not the case for players.

Han Xiao was not disappointed. In order to get the true (Perfect Mechanical Sense) talent, he had to think of other ways.

A Character Summon Card is fine. I happen to have a use for it too.

The Class Advancement mission required him to build a piece of orange level 180 legacy equipment. It would probably not be possible to build orange equipment with his current Machinery Affinity, so he would have to look for ways to improve his building abilities. However, with the [Perfect Mechanical Sense) effects, he would be able to do it right away, saving him tons of trouble.

Pausing the flow of thoughts, Han Xiao returned to the topic.

Ill leave in two days and visit the Hutt Civilization. Tell me everything you know. By the way, what does your sister look like?

I havent seen her in many years, but when she was still the pope, I saved quite a few pictures of her. Here, look. Reynold took out his communicator and projected a few pictures.

This was a woman in a gorgeous red and white robe. Her hair was tied into a knot at the back of her head, decorated with a beautiful ornament. Her eyes were bright, and her teeth were pure white. Her face was gentle and beautiful, a little bit similar to Reynolds. Her skin was snow white, and she gave off a very noble vibe. In the picture, she seemed to be making a religious speech. There were many faithful believers below her listening with their heads lowered.

Han Xiao glanced at it, frowned, and glanced at it again. Then, he stared at the face of the woman in the picture and could not take his eyes off her.

Noticing that Han Xiao was staring, Reynold was a little confused. What is it?

Han Xiao regained focus and moved his eyes away. He covered his mouth with his fist and coughed twice. Nothing, your sister is quite pretty.

Reynold gave Han Xiao a strange look.

Actually, when Han Xiao saw Rossellins face, he was dumbfounded.

Vilna, whom he had met earlier, was someone he knew from his previous life, but he did not expect to see another familiar face on the same day!

Plus, this woman was on a completely different level from Vilna!



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