The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Dried Experience

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Chapter 714 Dried Experience

Closing the mission reward notification, Han Xiao looked at his stocked up Random Rewards. Including the [Bloodline) reward, he had six of them.

Six should be plenty. Ill give it a try. Han Xiao pondered for a moment and decided to use the Random Rewards.

Luck affected the chances of getting all kinds of good rewards, but a Mission Completion Card was a rather low-value reward, so Han Xiao did not want to use the Random Reward after touching Feidin. He would have a higher chance of getting a Mission Completion Card with his own Luck.

Randomizing complete.

Your Random Reward Type is: [Item]

Please select one from the three options below:

Being used to not getting what he wanted on the first draw, with a calm expression, Han Xiao looked at them and chose the Blank Character Summon Card to be used the next time he saw Ames.

Randomizing complete.

Your Random Reward Type is: [Item]

Please select one from the three options below:

Han Xiao tutted. Two consecutive item type rewards but no Mission Completion Card; this was not looking too good.

These rewards are not good at all Han Xiao touched his chin in resignation. As expected, touching Feidin or not really made a huge difference.

Luck Glow is so strong. I want it so badly.

Seeing that nothing was good, Han Xiao chose the Energy Enhancement Aura, a cheap aura type cosmetic. Its effect was to increase the appearance of energy attacks, making the beams look thicker and larger. It had no actual effects other than making the attacks look more intimidating and cooler.

Randomizing complete.

Your Random Reward Type is: (Talent]

Please select one from the three options below:

3: (Sado-Masochism]: +120 MYS, -50 CHA

What the hell are these? Han Xiaos eyes twitched.

One of the good things about being unlucky was that he would always see weird stuff.

The second and the third choices were useless, so Han Xiao chose the (Golden Ratio Body), which was better than nothing. Han Xiao took a deep breath and started to draw the fourth Random Reward.

Randomizing complete.

Your Random Reward Type is: (Item]

Please select one from the three options below:

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. After drawing four Random Rewards, he finally got a Mission Completion Card!

After selecting the Mission Completion Han Xiao stayed patient and used the remaining two Random Rewards, which gave him 2,000,000 Experience and a common ability, [Breaking Skull], which gave +40% critical chance when attacking the enemys head with an eight-second cooldown.

One Mission Completion Card out of six draws, not too bad. At least it solved the imminent issue.

Han Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. One was enough to complete the Promotion mission. After he completed the Promotion, his Experience would be spent up, so he would be in no hurry. He would have seven years to slowly collect more Mission Completion Cards.

Han Xiao immediately used this new Mission Completion Card.

You have used (Mission Completion Card)!

(Self Challenge) completed!

Level 200 Promotion Mission completed! Promotion successful! END Bonus increased! 1 END = 145 Health = 155 Stamina.

Han Xiaos heart trembled as if burning lava poured out from within and flowed through his entire body. He inhaled deeply and felt as if his body was melting; his cells were evolving.

The pain lasted for quite a while before disappearing. Han Xiao was gasping for air and covered in sweat, but he was very energetic as if he had just finished a physical training.

The level limit was removed. Han Xiao took a deep breath and spent all the Experience on leveling up. His level increased from level 200 to level 207.

[Apostle Mechanic) leveled up to level 12.

+240 Energy, +3 STR, +4 DEX, +5 END, +10 INT.

You have received 8 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

He finally spent all his Experience!

Experience in his interface was just a number; it would only become valuable when he turned it into his own combat capability. The Experience that he had obtained through Version 2.0 was almost all gone. Han Xiao felt the energy in his body-he was now at his


Ive finally spent all the Experience Han Xiao looked at the notification and realized that his Grade Bonus had changed as well.

When achieving the Grade A standard of 10,000 Energy Rank, one would receive the Grade A bonuses. For every 10,000 Ona after that, the bonus would increase.

The original effect was: +10 END, +8 All Resistances. +10% Highest Attribute, +5% Other Attributes, +30 Free Attribute Points, and +5 Potential Points.

After the Grade Bonus upgraded, it became: +15 END, +12 All Resistances. +15% Highest Attribute, +8% Other Attributes, +80 Free Attribute Points, and +10 Potential Points.

Han Xiao spent more than half of the Free Attribute Points in Intelligence and then put forty into Endurance. Endurance was now very beneficial to him. He had spent all the Free Attribute Points in the early stages on Intelligence, so he could slow down for a while.

Furthermore, after his battle with EsGod, he was quite cautious about the attack of a Beyond Grade A, so more Endurance would definitely only do him good.

He then looked at his current attributes.

Level: 207

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Void Distorter (Human Form)

Attributes: 504 STR, 946 DEX, 1040 END, 2859 INT, 432 MYS, 214 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 0

Potential Points: 24

Health: 251,780

Stamina: 209,320

Energy: 28,410 [Lv.12]

[Lv.12 Energy bonus attributes: +169 STR, +239 DEX, +269 END, +336 INT, +206 MYS, +32,520 Maximum Stamina, +352% Machinery Affinity (Super Electromagnetic Sense)]

Energy Rank: 24,668

Grade: A+

Grade A Bonuses: +15 END, +12 All Resistances. +15% Highest Attribute, +8% Other Attributes, +80 Free Attribute Points, +10 Potential Points

Remark: As a Mechanic, youre among the top. As a tank, youre world-class. Are you really not considering becoming a tank?

Tsk, Machinery is the best, Han Xiao snorted internally.

In order to complete his Class Advancement, he had spent three whole years, but between his Class Advancement and Promotion, he did not take very long. This was all thanks to his accumulation earlier on.

This Promotion was not Race Evolution, so he did not undergo a tremendous change. Nonetheless, his health points grew very quickly. Compared to before the Promotion, they was had increased by twenty-five percent

Han Xiao could not imagine how tanky the Tyrant would be. Other than having extremely high defense, he would probably have millions of health points.

Level 207, one more step closer to Beyond Grade A. Ive spent all the accumulated Experience. With the Experience standard of Version 2.0, I may be able to level up four to five more times. I can only wait until the players return in order to quickly level up. Now I just have to stock up on more Mission Completion Cards.

As the (Bloodline) mission ended, Han Xiao went back to the headquarters and rested for a few days. Since his holiday had yet to end, he flipped through the mission list of the Mercenary Department of the army and looked for suitable missions for him to accept.

The news that Black Star was out to do missions personally once again quickly spread across the Colton Star Cluster and brought shock to many organizations. With Han Xiaos current position, why would he ever need to personally carry out missions?

Plus, arent you at war? How do you have time to personally do missions?

Is the secret war this easy for you?

The employers across the entire Colton Star Cluster were overjoyed. With Black Stars strength, what kind of mission would he be unable to complete? For an amount of time, the Mercenary Department of the Black Star Armys business multiplied by three timesall because of Han Xiao.

Those who successfully hired Han Xiao were flattered. Despite being the employer, their attitude toward Han Xiao was like Han Xiao was their employer.

Han Xiaos method of carrying out these hiring missions could be simply described with one word-reckless!

Be it eliminating rebels, clearing beasts, or chasing galactic pirates, all he did was crush them instantly. The enemies could not even resist. Han Xiao spent more time traveling than doing the missions. It was terrifying.

Since Han Xiao was moving alone, he thought that Klent would once again send people to try assassinating him. However, after completing seven missions, he still had not even seen a trace of any assassins.

What had happened to DarkStar horrified Klent, so they were extremely cautious. Seeing that Han Xiao was alone outside, they immediately had specialized groups of people making deductions.

With Black Stars position, theres absolutely no need for him to do those hires personally.

Therefore, its obvious that

Hes luring us to attack him!

He definitely wants to replicate what happened to the DarkStar leader and make us the scapegoat once again! This guy is evil!

Therefore, the Klentans looked at Han Xiao wandering alone with a sneer on their faces.

Humph, your intentions are too obvious; we see right through them! We will definitely not fall for it!

Furthermore, Klent had just been hit politically, so they wanted to keep a low profile for some time. Klent also could not think of anything that could threaten Han Xiao at all, so they had no intention of attacking Han Xiao for the time being.

When Han Xiao was doing missions and stocking up on Random Rewards, the various departments of the Black Star Army were developing steadily as well.

The first batch of investments for Vilna were spent in the first three months. Following Han Xiaos orders, Reynold invested another 150 million Enas.

On the Floating Dragon Island dock, one thousand battleships were parked neatly in their various models. Among them were two enormous flagships as the core of the fleet.

The spaceships of the galactic pirates were pushed to the corners of the dock. They shivered and did not dare to have any objections. This was because the exterior armor of these thousand battleships was painted with the same image-a light green Void Dragon head with a throne below it inside a ring

This was the mark of the second Field Team of Floating Dragon!

Vilna took a few assistants to accompany Aesop and Jenny in inspecting this fleet.

We now have a thousand Star System produced battleships and three hundred thousand galactic warriors, including 450 Grade B Supers and 240,000 Grade C Supers. The remaining are Grade D and below, mainly responsible for the management, logistics, transport, and others.

Vilna introduced the current scale of the second Floating Dragon Field Team to the two of them.

It has only been half a year. This is great, Aesop complimented.

Its mainly because of Black Stars help, Vilna said. Its difficult to even make money on my own.

How much did he spend? Jenny asked with a frown.

70,000,000 Enas initially and another 150,000,000 Enas a few days ago Vilna swallowed her saliva. Even as a Calamity Grade Super, she was still shocked by Han Xiaos generosity.

How generous Jennys brows stopped frowning, and she slightly snorted. She touched her slowly deteriorating hairline with resignation.

The maintenance cost of these troops is about 8.5 million Enas every month, Vilna cautiously added. Black Star is the one maintaining that right now, but in the future

Its a little expensive, Jenny subconsciously replied before suddenly pausing.

She suddenly realized that she had almost never given Han Xiao any funding or maintenance fees at all. Although the Black Star Army was Floating Dragons Field Team, they had been responsible for their own expenses and still handed over a part of their profits to her every month.

As the Black Star Army almost never requested any funding from Floating Dragon, she had not really thought about it. Only now did she realize that the Black Star Army was really independent, and they were probably passionately expanding their business to earn the maintenance fees too. Jenny shook her head and felt that she really was not a very great butler.

Black Star built a fleet for you without caring about the cost, Aesop said. It seems that hes made up his mind on leaving. Vilna, you must think of ways to make profits for this fleet. We will provide the maintenance fee of this team of yours in the future. We dont need the Field Team to be too large, or the cost will be too high. You cant keep accepting Black Stars help. You dont have his ability to make money, so you must learn to control your fleets size.

OOkay Vilna hastily nodded.

Jenny, who stayed silent on the side for a while, could not help but admit, Black Star really is a rare talent.

Aesop nodded in agreement before adding with resignation, Sadly, hes growing too fast. Someone this talented will not serve others forever






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