The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 723

Chapter 723 Money Is The Most Terrifying Weapon

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In the Kant Star System, a gigantic fleet was currently hovering around a space filled with nothingness. The size of this fleet was comparable to the elite forces of Klent or Purple Crystal. Two large flagships that were a few dozen kilometers long were located at the core of the fleet with the military technology of Purple Crystal being built into it. Its exterior was covered in a dark purple prism crystal, looking as though it was an artificially carved purple diamond. Energy veins that flickered with a bluish-gold color ran through the crystal, and these energy veins transmitted psionic energy to the entire ship like the veins of a human body. These veins granted the flagship an extremely powerful defense and also gave it the ability to shoot out compressed psionic blasts from any corner of the vessel.

It was a Star Diamond Grade Flagship, Purple Crystals flagship model. With the Gemini Star as the furnace, a special mineral from the Purple Crystal Civilization called Dark Stream Crystal was used to forge this super flagship. It was made from military warehouse no. 3 of the Purple Crystal Civilization and was a war machine for Section Zero.

Every time he saw these two gigantic flagships, Han Xiao would drool over them. This flagship was the epitome of Purple Crystals technological skill, but it was a pity that it was not for sale. Furthermore, Purple Crystals technological skills leaned toward crystal magic and inscription magi, which was not compatible with him.

After a long distance hyperdrive, Han Xiao brought the Black Star Army fleet to the gathering point. There were already millions of battleships awaiting their orders, and they were the fleets of the various members from Section Zero. After ten years of war, Purple Crystal invested a large amount of resources and used their military factories to support Section Zero. As such, the fleet of every Section Zero member had grown greatly.

The flagship of the Black Star Army was a spherical satellite base. Han Xiao gave the flagship a name befitting its appearance, Model Marble. This was an armed satellite fortress that Han Xiao had personally modified. Its size was smaller and had a higher mobility and combat capability. It had the more stable dark energy furnace as its core, and its cost was within a reasonable range. According to Han Xiaos estimation, it should be comparable to an ordinary flagship model of a Galactic Civilization.

The blueprint of this flagship came from a Bloodshed Land armed satellite fortress. Han Xiao created multiple versions of the fortress and completely embraced the idea of copying and plagiarism. After all, Han Xiao had chosen the path of Virtual Technology, so he was not able to gamble for the blueprints of gigantic machinery. Thus, making a copy of an existing machine was much easier to him.

Psionic energy was still far too dangerous, so Han Xiao only dared make use of psionic energy when forging high-grade weapons. When forging such a large fortress, Han Xiao had chosen to use a more stable source of energy. Dark energy existed all around the universe, and it belonged to the category of [Abnormal State Energy).

All the leaders of the participating organizations were gathered into a Star Diamond Grade Flagship called Everlasting for a meeting. As the leader of the Black Star Army, Han Xiao naturally needed to attend the meeting. He was currently in a conference room that had more than a hundred individuals present listening to the commander from Purple Crystal nagging endlessly.

A map of the various Bloodshed Land strongholds in the Kant Star System was displayed on the holographic screen, and every Hyperdrive Base Station was connected to three to fourteen different planets. An efficient reinforcement system was formed, and Bloodshed Land had a total of eleven strongholds in the Kant Star System. They formed a fan-like formation with the first Bloodshed Land stronghold near the border as the core.

The enemys fan-shaped territory could be split into three different layers: six weaker strongholds at the outer rim, four strongholds to slow down the enemy in the middle, and the bridgehead, which was the very first stronghold of Bloodshed Land in the Star System. The objective of this large-scale invasion was to purge all the enemies from outside to inside.

According to our intelligence, Bloodshed Land has found out about our operation and raised their level of defense. We will be facing a head on battle

Han Xiao did not pay too much attention to the meeting. He had already obtained all this intelligence from Ralph and was currently looking around at the people around him to kill time.

Of the many leaders present, the most powerful few were the leaders of the Arc Light Organization, Hero Group, New Phylen Rebels, and so on. They had once been the trump card force of Section Zero, but their position had been replaced with the Black Star Army.

At this moment, the commander said, Bloodshed Land mobilized some reinforcements, and Hadavy will be joining this battle. Your Excellency Black Star, we will need to rely on you on our side.

Han Xiao nodded in response, and the other leaders nodded to him in response.

He was the most powerful individual in Section Zero and would always deal with the most powerful enemy. Among all the high-level combatants, all the organizations there relied on him to deal with the most troublesome enemy. This was also the reason for the Black Star Armys status in Section Zero.

According to the intelligence, Hadavy and his reinforcements will be guarding the innermost bridgehead. They are currently constructing various large-scale defensive measures and plan to use their strongholds on the outer rim to slow down our progress

Cant we attack the enemys bridgehead directly? one of the leaders asked.

The commander replied with a deep voice, The border of the Kant Star System is connected to Kaya, and Bloodshed Lands stronghold is located right behind the bridgehead of Kant. If we attack the bridgehead directly, we will have to face enemies from both the Kaya Star System and the other strongholds located in the Kant Star System. Thus, we will face less pressure if we choose to attack from the outside.

Because of the lack of time, we have to uproot all the strongholds located on the outer rim as quickly as possible. The enemy forces located on the outer rim are the weakest, and we have an absolute advantage in terms of strength. We will split our forces into six and attack six different strongholds at once. The forces shall be split as follows

Han Xiao realized that the Black Star Army was assigned to lead a few different organizations to attack a weaker stronghold. An idea then came to his mind.

I have a suggestion.

Please speak, the commander said with a respectful tone.

Han Xiao pointed at the star map and said, The smallest stronghold is only connected to three different planets, and it would be too troublesome to send an entire fleet over. Leave them to the Black Star Army. I will uproot them completely.

The commander hesitated for a moment before nodding. Alright then, I shall withdraw those forces.

He had plenty of trust in Han Xiaos strength. However, a mere three planets without a single Calamity Grade Super could be easily taken care of by Black Star alone. The enemy did not arrange for any experts in the outer rim, and it was truly a waste of resources to send a powerhouse like Black Star.

Then the reward

Dont worry, you will definitely be satisfied. The commander nodded. Purple Crystal definitely would not be stingy if the Black Star Army took on an extra mission.

Han Xiao smiled and said, I dont need too much. I just want 7,000 tons of Dark Stream Crystal and 2,000 tons of string alloy.


Rare materials could be used to create plenty of elite mechanical soldiers, and compared to money, Han Xiao preferred to receive his payment in materials.

I will report this to my higher ups. The commanders lips contorted slightly.

Returning to the Black Star flagship, Han Xiao called the fleet commander, Herlous, over and indicated his intention to split up his forces.

Lagi would lead the majority of their forces and join the main fleet while Han Xiao would lead a small bunch to attack the smallest stronghold.

You want to lead them? Herlous asked with doubt. You can destroy the three planets single handedly, right?

I plan to bring Marian, Sylvia, and a portion of the undying force. I mainly want to train them. Han Xiao shrugged.

Alright then. Herlous nodded.

I also have something else to add. For the undying troops that I dont take with me, I want you to send them to the most dangerous part of the battlefield. I want you to throw all the jobs with risks over to them.

Herlous rubbed his head and said, I understand. Ill have them follow Harmon.

After giving some instructions to Herlous, Han Xiao then issued a mission to the players through the interface. He indicated that the army would be split into two, and he would be taking 300,000 players with him.

Through the faction interface, the 300,000 spots were filled up in less than three minutes. Han Xiao then mobilized more than a hundred battleships and took Sylvia, Marian, and the 300,000 excited players to their destination.

Han Xiaos objective of this operation was to fatten the players up and allow them to earn as much experience as possible. Thus, he was willing to participate in more operations.

Apart from the Main Storyline Mission, Han Xiao was prepared to use up the daily Faction Reward Quota to give the players experience.

On planet number K-00156 was one of the Bloodshed Land strongholds in the Kant Star System. This was a new stronghold that had not been completely overhauled. Grayish metal covered the surface of the planet, and more than a thousand battleships were patrolling the atmosphere of the planet to keep it safe.

Over a hundred rays of light suddenly sliced through the dark space and exited hyperdrive. They exited hyperdrive not too far away from planet K-00156, and Han Xiao led his forces over without stopping.

300,000 players looked at the planet through the windows of the battleships excitedly.

This is our target, right?

Is it finally going to begin? I cant hold back my excitement any longer.

Have you guys triggered the war mission? My mission is to destroy this planets stronghold. Are all of your missions the same?

All the players obtained a subsidiary mission through the Main Storyline Mission that required them to destroy the stronghold on planet K-00156.

Frenzied Sword and a portion of the professional players took part in this mission as well. Maple Moon also followed along, and there was not even a need to mention Bun-Hit-Dog; he would follow Black Star wherever he went.

Right at this moment, an orange alert light went off in all the battleships, and Phillips voice sounded.

All forces, proceed to the charge cabin and prepare to launch. Check the durability of the armor and life support system of the charge cabin. We will be entering the atmosphere of planet K-00156. We will land on the surface. Kill all enemies who fight back and destroy the base on the surface of the planet. I repeat. All forces

All the players heard the order and entered the charge cabins with their comrades. However, Maple Moon looked outside the window with hesitation on her face.

The Defense Team of planet K-00156 had already detected the approaching troops and were currently about to surround them. The enemy had over a thousand battleships, a full ten times their size. They were like sheep being surrounded by wolves, and it would be impossible for them to break out from the enemys encirclement. How were they supposed to be launched onto the planet?

Maple Moon was much more observant toward such details.

What are you waiting for? Lets go. By the side, Bun-Hit-Dog pushed her along, and Frenzied Sword also began to rush her.

Wait. Maple Moon took out her communicator and summoned Phillip. The enemy battleships are about to surround us. How are we going to deal with them? If our battleships are destroyed, all of us will be sucked into the universe.

This isnt something for you to worry about, Phillip replied mechanically. The enemy fleet will not cause us any trouble, hum

Maple Moon wanted to continue asking, but Bun-Hit-Dog who was beside her suddenly let out a gasp. Look outside, Black Star has met the enemy force alone!

As the people in the surroundings heard that, they all stopped moving and looked outside the window curiously. Maple Moon also looked up, and Frenzied Sword ran back to look outside the window.

Han Xiao exited the battleship alone and faced thousands of enemy battleships.

The enemy had also locked onto him and opened fire immediately.

All the players in the spaceships could not help but grow anxious. In the previous version, Black Star had not displayed an overwhelming prowess in the universe. While they knew that Black Star would definitely have become stronger in the new version, this was the first time witnessing Black Star take action in this version. None of them were clear about Black Stars strength.

This was the firepower of over a thousand battleships!

Would he be able to block them?

Just when everyone was feeling nervous, Han Xiaos hands turned into claws, and as though he treated the space around him as a piece of cloth, he tugged down on it firmly. The space around him contorted, and the endless wave of cannon fire was immediately dispersed in every other direction, flying past his body.

Shortly after, ripples could be seen in the space around him, and his army boxes appeared behind him in an orderly formation.

Frenzied Sword did a quick count of the number of Army Boxes, and there were 121!

The next moment, all the Army Boxes were opened up, and as though Pandoras box was opened, a never ending wave of black machines swarmed out. Millions of energy blasts were launched, and the energy blasts swallowed half of the enemy fleet.

Hundreds of enemy battleships were immediately torn apart by the energy blasts and reduced to fireworks in the dark universe.

In a single instant, half of the enemy fleet was wiped out!

Even though this frightening wave of machinery was charging toward the enemy, the players on-board the spaceships could not help but take in a deep breath.

In the past seven years, Han Xiao did not have much experience to level up and thus focused his attention on his mechanical army. Currently, the size of his mechanical army was already in the millions, and he had forged a new artificial intelligence to deal with the calculations in battle. Phillip would then focus completely on being a butler.

Alert, detecting a large energy spike! Alert! Alert! An alarm went off in the spaceship.

All of a sudden, the surface of planet K-00156 began to tremble with a huge energy wave being released. The window of the spaceship adjusted itself automatically, and the view on the window seemed to be zoomed out. A large Anti Air Railgun that was used to deal with enemy flagships appeared from the surface of planet K-00156, and a brilliant purple light began charging up in the barrel of the railgun.

Han Xiaos attention was also attracted by the railgun, and he threw out a compressed orb, which rapidly opened to become an Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon. An even more frightening energy reaction emanated from the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon, and an ice blue pillar of light shot out from the barrel of the cannon, accurately striking the Anti Air Railgun on the surface of the planet.

Everyone aboard the spaceships could clearly see the outcome of this shot. A large ice crater was left behind on the surface of the planet with frost covering the surroundings of the railgun. Tens of kilometers of land was covered in frost, and the frost was still spreading.

While they could not hear the commotion from that attack, all the players felt a chill run down their spine.

If this attack landed on an ordinary colonial planet perhaps a single cannon would be able to destroy an entire city.

Just when everyone was still in a daze, Han Xiao suddenly weaved through the enemy vessels and appeared beside the enemys flagship. He immediately activated Machinery Apostilization, and the eyes of his mechanical suit lit up with a bright blue color. This was an indication of the energy within his body being extremely abundant.

Han Xiao placed his palm on the electromagnetic shield, and through the psionic energy being emanated by his body, the electromagnetic shield was dyed blue in color. With a few flashes, it shattered like a piece of glass, and Han Xiao proceeded unobstructed to the outer armor of the flagship. His hands turned into claws, and he embedded them deep within the armor of the flagship.

A never-ending flow of psionic energy infiltrated the enemy flagship through his ten fingers. With Han Xiaos palm as the center, the psionic energy spread out to the exterior armor of the flagship like energy veins.

The entire flagship lit up like shattered porcelain pieces, and when the light became blinding, the entire flagship exploded with bright blue flames. The flames rapidly consumed the oxygen within the flagship and were extinguished in an instant.

At the same time, Han Xiaos mechanical army had already destroyed the entire enemy fleet and returned to the Army Boxes like birds returning to their nest. Only the remains of destroyed battleships were left floating about in space.

The battle had ended in less than five minutes. For an expert of his realm, as long as there were no Supers of the same level to restrict him, destroying an entire fleet was a piece of cake to him.

The sound of Phillips cheers could then be heard in the spaceships.

His Excellency Black Star has cleared all obstacles. All forces prepare to launch in three minutes. I repeat. His Excellency

All the players could not help but gulp in shock.

Was this the world of the powerful?

Too awesome!




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