The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 736

Chapter 736 Plans Of Expansion

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Void Star Pursuer was the most direct path of evolution. Some of his old talents were kept and others were strengthened.

For example, (Advanced Void Travel] was changed to [Void Dimension Jump), and it was no longer a short-ranged blink skill.

Void Star Pursuer was a Void life form and could travel through space without relying on any equipment. It was able to distort the Void Dimension through its abilities and alter spacetime. As such, a Void Star Pursuer was able to remain in the Void Dimension for a very long time, and this skill was like a divine skill for escaping.

(Void Distortion) was changed to (Strengthened Void Distortion). Its strength increased and cooldown decreased.

(Void Molt) was strengthened slightly, but the name of the skill remained unchanged. (Void Ripple) had disappeared.

Of the four old talents, three were kept.

He had two new talents, which were the core abilities of a Void Star Pursuer.

[Radiation Absorption). The Void Star Pursuer was able to absorb radiation from the universe to strengthen its own body. This was a special ability of universe life forms.

The first use of this talent was to transform Han Xiao into a universe life form. He was now able to survive in the universe without the aid of any equipment and would be like a fish in water.

The second use of it was to allow his cells to absorb radiation in the universe and increase his attributes permanently. The actual effects of the skill had yet to be tested, and Han Xiao was not sure about its efficiency and if there was an upper limit.

No matter what, this is a new and stable growth path and also the talent with the greatest potential. The universe was filled with an endless supply of radiation, and it was akin to a buffet for him.

His other new talent was called (Cosmic Environmental Adaptation). The environment of the universe was extremely harsh and filled with radiation and nanoparticles. For a universe life form to survive in such a harsh environment, their bodies need to be extremely adaptable and have a high level of defense. For example, the Interstellar Beasts that Han Xiao had once killed had skin thick to the point it could make one despair.

This talent molded Han Xiaos body into that of a universe life form and provided him with increased defense, physical resistance, and elemental resistance.

Han Xiao tested it a bit and realized that he was twice as tanky as before.

It could be said that this talent was most suitable for him to become a meat shield.

The talents of a Void Star Pursuer lean toward support and defense. It is extremely well rounded and suited for my combat style.

Han Xiao was very satisfied with the talents of the Void Star Pursuer.

After understanding the changes of his Promotion, Han Xiao had time to think about other problems.

Han Xiao had waited a full seven years for the level 220 promotion, and his strength had finally taken another step forward.

Han Xiao estimated that his Beyond Grade A barrier would be around level 240, and despite being happy about his promotion, he knew that this was only one of the obstacles that he had overcome. He still had a journey to complete.

After reaching level 220, the amount of experience he needed to level up had shot up again to a sky-high number. It would be difficult for a million players to support him.

After all, Skill Impartation and class knowledge was a one-off purchase, and the majority of the players had learned many different skills. Their expenditure would be lowered after the first round of purchases.

It was time for him to find a new plot of land to grow crops.

The new players from Version 3.0 were undeveloped shoots, and they had a huge thirst for knowledge and skills. This was a new market.

Planet Aquamarine is already within my grasp, but there are a few more novice planets in the Shattered Star Ring that arent under my control yet

Han Xiao opened the star map and directed his attention to a novice planet called Planet Deirdre. It was located in the Gelock Star Cluster, and it would be the novice planet for all those who joined in Version 3.0 and the smurf accounts of the other players. This was like the opening of a new server to Han Xiao.

The new players who joined in Version 3.0 naturally would not have to go through as much suffering as the players who joined in Version 1.0. They will be able to connect to the galaxy immediately. Planet Deirdre was like a galactic interchange with many resource rich planets located around it. Many large financial groups were also situated in this location. To the new players, there would be plenty of missions for them to complete.

These players who were born outside the battlefield could choose to travel from afar to participate in the secret war or explore on their own and use the ample experience provided in Version 3.0 to catch up in terms of level. They also had a third option to join another Main Storyline mission.

The Crimson Tide was the main theme of Version 3.0, and the secret war was one of the Main Storyline missions. There were various different events in the other Star Clusters as well. As for the players on Planet Deirdre, the large storyline that they would come in contact with was the Mercenary League storyline.

This organization was the one that the Sky Ring Army and other large mercenary groups had requested Han Xiao to set up and lead. They all felt strongly about the chaos in the Shattered Star Ring and thus gathered all the mercenary groups in the Shattered Star Ring to form a super-sized mercenary group called Shattered Star Ring Mercenary League or just Mercenary League for short.

The Mercenary League had been set up for a few years already, and its effectiveness was extremely obvious. With all the mercenary groups working together, the Mercenary League expanded to cover a few different Star Clusters and accepted the hiring missions from a few hundred different civilizations.

Seven years ago, Han Xiao had participated in this Main Storyline mission. Although he did not pay close attention to the changes in the mercenary world, the Black Star Army was still one of the members in the Mercenary Leagues council and a member of the upper echelons.

There isnt a need to worry about Planet Aquamarine. Planet Deirdre will also be easy to manage. I just need to expand the scope of the Black Star Armys operations over.

Planet Deirdre was located in the Gelock Star Cluster, which was outside the armys scope of operations. However, with the status of the Black Star Army, it was extremely easy for them to open a sub-branch on Planet Deirdre.

He had built up the fame of the Black Star Army over three versions, and he had left a deep impression on the players. Thus, he definitely had a huge advantage in hiring new players.

There were plenty of people discussing the Black Star Army on the forums. Even a new player would be curious about the Black Star Army under such circumstances.

Han Xiaos main objective of expanding the Black Star Army was so that he could harvest his crops more efficiently. There was not even a need for him to make a personal appearance for Planet Deirdre.

If he wanted to get to Beyond Grade A quickly, he needed to expand the size of his crops.

In his plans, recruiting the players of Planet Deirdre would be an important mission.

The army can help me hire new players, and I can prepare for my advancement into Beyond Grade A

The shadow of the Tyrant was looming over him. Heber was his greatest obstacle. The moment he became a Beyond Grade A Super, he would have to face this powerful opponent in battle.

This was not as simple as dealing with a doppelganger of EsGod. He would have to face a true Beyond Grade A Super, and the pressure would be completely different!

I have to groom Hila while performing some worthwhile missions, Han Xiao thought to himself.

Because of the Soul Embryo, he had sufficient reason to temporarily pull out from the secret war and complete his own affairs in a low-profile manner.

He did not only have to level up but also needed to find a way to increase his combat capabilities. He needed to make enough preparations and obtain more talents before becoming a Beyond Grade A Super if he wanted to deal with the Tyrant.

Compared to others, this was his greatest advantage. He was able to obtain new talents and increase his strength. He would never face a bottleneck.

If only I could obtain a Universal Treasure Han Xiao lamented.

He was truly envious of Psykers Evolution Cube, but it was a pity that he would not have the chance to borrow it. He also wanted to obtain a Universal Treasure that belonged solely to him.

In his previous life, the players had many records of Universal Treasures, and in the later versions, there were even players who had their own Universal Treasures. However, most of the Universal Treasures were still in unknown locations, and those Universal Treasures with known locations would be heavily guarded.

If he was able to easily obtain a Universal Treasure, Han Xiao would have long gone to get one.

In his memory, there were three famous Universal Treasures in the Shattered Star Ring. They were in the hands of the three Star Cluster civilizations. Psykers Evolution Cube was one of the Universal Treasures that he had heard of before but had very little informationon.

Currently, Han Xiao only knew of a single Universal Treasure that he might be able to obtain.

It should still be lying silently in the ruins of a civilization.

Its location was in the Flickering World!

What a pity Its still too far out of my reach. Han Xiao felt a great pity.

At the very least, he would have to wait for the Crimson Dynasty to grasp control over the Flickering World and set up a stargate before he would have the chance to obtain that Universal Treasure. He would not even be able to reach the Flickering World currently.

Thus, he had no choice but to find more talents to increase his strength.

He would still have to think about the exact details of the plan. At this moment, Han Xiao only wanted to relax. He then opened the door of the cultivation chamber and returned to the cabin of the spaceship.

Hila was currently training bitterly in the real combat training room, and only Feidin and Aurora were present in the cabin. They were chatting away merrily like best friends. Upon hearing the approaching footsteps, both of them turned around to take a look.

Chen Xing, Feidin let you out again? Feidins actions were currently extremely lady-like, and it was obvious that Chen Xing was the one controlling the body.

Chen Xing snorted, and she did not wish to talk to Han Xiao. She returned the body back to Feidin, and the aura of her body changed greatly. Feidin regained control of his body and said, She seemed to be very afraid of you.

Han Xiao shook his head and said, Ive been meaning to ask. Since both of you are sharing a single body, does it mean that both of your biological needs are the same?.

Feidin coughed awkwardly.

Since both of you can be considered as one, does this mean that it is impossible for both of you to mate?

Han Xiao laughed. Did this mean that they were forced into having platonic love?

Must we talk about this? Can we talk about something else? Feidin felt his head ache.

Aurora blinked and interrupted him. I am actually pretty curious, too.

Feidin was extremely sociable, and he was already very familiar with Aurora. It was mainly because Chen Xing really liked Aurora.

Alright Feidin replied helplessly. Both of us are Psychics. We can simulate our biological needs cough, and organs. We can then use our mental bodies to mate.

My goodness.

Isnt this the same logic as having a wet dream?

Mating in their heads?

Is this the highest level of being a lecher?

Han Xiao had a weird expression on his face, and he pointed at Feidin.

I never expected you to be a pervert.

Shut up! Chen Xing hollered with her face flushed red before disappearing back into Feidins body.

Feidin then shook his head helplessly. She is ignoring me now. Im dead.

So what if she ignores you. She is living in your body and wont be able to run anywhere. In any case, both of you share the same appearance

Auroras body was swaying from laughing too much, and she laughed to the point tears could be seen at the corner of her eyes. She then said, Right, I sensed your life force strengthening greatly again.

You finally broke through your bottleneck? Feidins eyes lit up, and he was overjoyed.

Black Stars strength had remained stagnant over the past seven years, and he had finally made an advancement. It was definitely great news.

You can say that. Han Xiao nodded.

Thats great. We still have hope if this is the case, Feidin exclaimed with joy.

He had been extremely worried for Han Xiao ever since he heard Austins words. At this moment, he could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Han Xiao then chatted with the two for a while before returning to his room.

Taking out his communicator, he sent the coordinates of Planet Deirdre to Sylvia and sent her to set up a new branch. For him to send her over to take care of this matter, Sylvia knew that this meant that Han Xiao placed a huge importance on this matter.

After thinking for a while, Han Xiao sent out a message to Bennett to check on the situation on Planet Aquamarine.

It has been ten years since he last returned.

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