The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Swaggering Through The Novice Village

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After a few days of travelling, the Blacklight Stealth arrived at the spot reserved for it at their destination.

The view from inside the porthole showed a planet with green vegetation and yellow earth. Blue oceans could be seen on the planets surface, but the yellow earth made up the majority.

Aurora stared at the planet curiously.

Phillip, what sort of planet is this?

Database search, hum Search complete.

Planet Nalun, sitting in the Star Zone 6 of the Colton Star Cluster in the Shattered Star Ring, the planets number is S-0706812. It was discovered and recorded by the Galute Civilization. There are signs of civilization within, but they are considered fairly backward, yet to have developed interstellar technology. Observation priority is rated as four, hum

Planet Nalun consisted of an indigenous civilization, but their level of science and technology was still quite ancient, without aircraft mounted nuclear cannons, far from the stage of space exploration.

Why did Han Xiao bring us here then? Aurora wondered.

He definitely has his reasons. Just ask him when you see him. Feidin smiled.

At this moment, Han Xiao was not aboard the ship. While the trio were seated in the spaceship, he was streaking through the universe with just his flesh in order to be exposed to the cosmic radiation. This was to obtain attributes through the Void Star Pursuers talent [Radiation Absorption]. As a result, his travelling speed was slower than theirs.

The spaceship was suspended above Planet Nalun, and before long, the void beside it started to twist and warp. Han Xiao jumped out from the void dimension. He yawned and quickly opened the hatch to fly into the cabin.


Jumping into the cabin, Han Xiao exhaled a stream of hot air.

The moment he got out of the vacuum environment, his body started to emit white smoke as though he was being cooked.

Because the cells in his body were continuously digesting the cosmic radiation from the universe, his body was like a burning furnace. The surface of his skin was hot enough to even fry eggs.

Opening his interface to take a look, Han Xiao was pretty satisfied.

This is indeed a mid to high levelled evolutionary species. Its talent shows good growth, and as long as enough time is accumulated, the bonus will be considerable.

After some practical tests, Han Xiao understood how the mechanism of [Radiation Absorption] worked.

After evolving into a Void Star Pursuer, his body cells had transformed, and now he possessed the ability to absorb cosmic radiation. If his physical body was exposed to outer space for a period of time, it would trigger [Radiation Absorption], which would permanently increase his Strength, ^ility, or Endurance by one to three points or increase his energy capacity by five to ten points.

If [Radiation Absorption] was used continuously, the effect would be weakened, and one would need to expose themselves in outer space for a longer period of time before they received the increased attributes.

However, if it was not triggered for a day, the time needed to expose oneself to trigger the effect would also return to the initial state.

This absorption process could be dismantled into three stepsabsorption, storage, and digestion. Since cells are not bottomless and only had limited storage and digestion capabilities, this situation occurred.

This was a racial talent that would allow one to obtain considerable benefits just through the accumulation of time. It could be strengthened on the go and would definitely be worth the time. [Radiation Absorption] was the talent that Han Xiao was the most satisfied with at this time.

At this point, the total bonus attributes accumulated by the talent consisted of sixteen Strength, thirteen Dexterity, twenty-one Endurance, and sixty-eight Energy, as well as a huge boost to his attack.

Returning to the cockpit, Han Xiao greeted the three of them.

You guys have waited a long time. We can start now.

Why did we come over to this planet? Aurora asked.

To be Samaritans.

Han Xiao only smiled and switched to manual mode, turning the spaceship into stealth mode as they entered the atmosphere of Planet Nalun and slowly descended.

This was the first stop that he had chosen. Planet Nalun had three huge continental land plates, but only one of them hosted a civilization. The other two continents had yet to be discovered by the locals. Even their maritime era had not yet started, let alone venturing into the universe.

Other than the Galute Civilization, which discovered Planet Nalun, he should be the second visitor to grace this planet.

This civilization pursued the path of magic, with several kingdoms ruling over the continent. They followed the old aristocratic method of kings and lords, conquering other kingdoms for land. One of the biggest kingdoms was the Ocean Boundary Kingdom.

Ocean Boundary Kingdom.

In his previous life, the players had discovered a profession mission, which could benefit Han Xiao.

The spaceship descended to an altitude of around one kilometer above sea level in its stealth mode, sweeping across the ground under the control of Han Xiao. From their point, towns built out of stones and bricks flashed by.

The Planet Naluns local civilization did not possess the ability to discover interstellar spaceships.

Very quickly, the spaceship circled the entire planet once, completing its scan. Phillip created a map of the entire planet.


The trees swayed as the spaceship landed amid a dense forest within a mountain range.

The four of them disembarked while keeping the spaceship in a stealth state, in case it was spotted by the locals. Taking out his newly created map, Han Xiao swept his eyes over it before explaining,

Our destination is nearby. This area belongs to the Ocean Boundary Kingdom. Were heading to an area called Stone Heart City. Let me see oh, its that city.

Pointing into the distance, Hila, Aurora, and Feidin looked to where Han Xiao had pointed.

They saw that, on the edge of the mountain, was a city built on one of the hills, with the gray stone of the surroundings as the main color of the city.

Follow by my side and keep a low profile. None of you shall make a move, Han Xiao instructed.

Because Grade A Supers were a top tier combat power in the universe, they had a crushing power when facing a surface civilization. None of them could be defeated on Planet Nalun, and if they were not careful, an entire city could be wiped out instead.

In order to perform his mission, Han Xiao required everyone to stay low-profile, at least on the surface to integrate into this segment.

While they did not understand the intentions of Han Xiao, Hila and the rest nodded in response.

Phillip, imitate the appearance of the Naluners.

A few mechanical orbs rose up, directing blue rays of light toward the four of them.

A matrix of data flashed across, and a simple simulated illusion was quickly generated on the four humans, turning them into Naluners. The body structure of the locals was similar to that of a human, albeit with darker, rougher skin and a lot of wrinkles.

After adjusting the translator channel, Han Xiao took the three alongside the mountain path toward Stone Heart City.

The afternoon sun shone lazily down.

The four of them moved extremely quickly and soon came to the scattered villages and towns outside the city. The area was undergoing plowing, and farmers were in twos or threes, working hard in the field. The air was filled with the stink of some sort of monster feces.

Having gotten used to the magnificent scenery of the universe, the group of them rather appreciated the primitive scenery of this surface civilization. It had a different flavor to it, as every Universal Civilization had once experienced such a period. The fires of civilization were weak at the beginning, and it was because they were cared for generation after generation that they finally blazed up to the universe level.

Being involved in war within the universe daily, only seeing battleships and armor, it was refreshing to suddenly come over to such a backward civilization to roam around.

There was no need to care about any enemies there. They could walk as they liked.

The environment here is not bad. Theres no air pollution. Han Xiao took a deep breath before shaking his head. Even the smell of sh*t here is so fresh

Im getting the feeling that youre becoming more perverted, Feidin said honestly.

No, no, in this regard, youre still much better.

The few of them idly chatted all the way to the entrance of Stone Heart City. The guards could not see through the camouflage of interstellar technology, which allowed Han Xiao to blend into the crowd and enter the city.

With a muggy wind blowing at them and noisy chatter in their ears, the group faced a messy stone street full of natives, which showcased backward town planning.

What are we here for? Aurora whispered in a small voice.

Youre the only one that keeps asking. Just follow me. Well get the job done.

Using two fingers, Han Xiao pinched at the supple cheeks of Auroras face, pulling it a little before letting go. Aurora cradled her reddened cheek with teary eyes.

Sis, he bullied me! Aurora immediately turned her head to complain.

Unfortunately, Hilas eyes remained straight ahead, as though she did not witness anything.

The few of them walked toward the notice board in town. Phillip translated the Nalunese for them into their language, and Han Xiao approached an old notice that had been left for many years.

As per the notice, a manor in Stone Heart City was believed to be haunted, and there were ghosts within. The owner of the manor hoped that someone would be able to go and solve it.

This notice had been placed here for a long time.

The location of the mission was a small manor. After Han Xiao and the rest expressed their intentions, they were quickly welcomed by the owner of the manor and seated in the main hall.

The moment they sat down, the owner could not wait and began speaking.

This is great. Finally, there are people who are willing to help once again. This notice has already been up there for a good few years, and Ive received at least a hundred people who have applied for this role, with five wizards among them, but no one has been able to solve this problem.

Relax, were different from them, Han Xiao said, and the translator immediately changed his words into Nalunese. Then, are you are you guys wizards? The manor owner looked hopefully at them.

We could be counted as such. Tell me the specific situation first.


On Planet Nalun, there was a lifeform that resembled something like a ghost or a spirit, which the indigenous people named a demonic spirit. A few years ago, a demonic spirit had appeared in the manor and would occasionally go out at night to haunt.

Planet Naluns professions lay in the Mage system, which they termed as Poposot. When translated to the universe language, it meant Wizard. This Super system was very weak, with the wizards mainly utilizing potions or materials to cast spells. They were probably only at the Grade D level, but they appeared mysterious and powerful in the eyes of the indigenous people.

Exorcising the demonic spirits was the job of wizards. A few decades ago, the majority of wizards had mysteriously disappeared, causing them to be rarely seen and their heritage to thus be lost. Their Super system was cut off and could only be explored through obscure magic books.

Luckily, the demonic spirit in this manor was relatively weak, thus the owner and his family could still live here for several years.

The moment the owner finished speaking, Han Xiaos interface pinged.

You have triggered a Chain Mission: [Planet Naluns Devil King]!

Mission Introduction: You have heard from the people that the wizards of Planet Nalun have mysteriously disappeared.

There should be more than meets the eye.

First Chain Mission Requirements: Extinguish the demonic spirit in the manor. Reward: 200,000 Experience

Because this was a chain mission, the initial rewards were very low. In his previous life, the players also only found out about this mission during free exploration in Version 3.0.

Each civilization would have a great number of trivial tasks. This mission was also very hidden; it was only discovered when a player who loved to perform storyline missions happened to discover this mission by chance. It was discovered that the reward of this was a talent that could boost ones psychological resistance. While the strength of Planet Nalun was akin to a weak chicken, the talent reward was pretty good.

At this moment, because the new version had just been opened, Black Star Army had been continuously farming the players like leeks, and thus, no one had gone to explore Planet Nalun.

Because of the soul embryo in his mental territory, Han Xiao decided to get another talent toward psychological resistance and thus went there, where the power level was not even at the level of a novice village.

He was clear about the flow of tasks and would be able to omit a lot of exploration time needed.

Leave the demonic spirit to us. Well resolve it tonight, Han Xiao said while glancing at the corner of the room, where a transparent magic eyeball was suspended, watching the conversation of several people talking.

Only the manor owner was unaware of the existence of the magic eyeball. The moment they stepped into the room, Han Xiao and company had immediately seen it.

At their level, such a clumsy, low-levelled magic eyeball was just like a living man squatting in the corner and murmuring, You cant see me.

They could only lie to themselves.

Leave it alone. Han Xiao waved a hand to stop Feidin. He knew who was paying attention to the manor, and attracting their attention was a key step in this mission.

At the same time, within a hidden meeting area deep beneath Stone Heart City

The room did not have any windows, only a few kerosene lamps providing a faint light. From the darkness, a husky voice spoke.

The sentry on number thirteen reacted. Someone has accepted the reward from the manor and wants to deal with the demonic spirit.

Most likely, theyre people who have picked up a few wizard books and think themselves actual wizards, a youthful voice helplessly replied. Alas, theres no way they can handle the demonic spirit.

They said they would move at night. Tomar, you shall follow after them.

I got it. Ill protect them, lest they mess up and anger the demonic spirit, ending up hurt.

The conversation came to an end, and the sound of gears rang in the room for a while before stopping.

Deep at night, Han Xiao made the manor owner and his family leave before they went to the back garden of the manor.

This was an abandoned area surrounded by stone walls and fences, and the door was locked with several padlocks.

Using the keys given to open the door, Han Xiao strolled in. Inside was an abandoned warehouse area with several bams.

There was a cold, viscous atmosphere floating in the air, as though there was an airflow constantly brushing past their skin.

If it was a normal person, they would start to get nervous for no reason, as though they had entered a haunted place. However, toward Han Xiao and the rest, it was useless.

There are faint abnormal mental signals coming from here. I spotted them during the daytime, Feidin whispered. Should I get rid of them?

In front of this great Psychic master, the demonic spirit paled in comparison. Let alone getting rid of one, getting rid of a thousand was just a thought away for him.

Wait for it to appear. Han Xiao shook his head, glancing vaguely in the direction of a barn. He had perceived a living person squatting there. This was his true goal.

Alright, well follow your lead.

Feidin was helpless.

While he had his doubts, his role currently was a bodyguard, and his job was just to follow Han Xiao everywhere.

At this moment, Tomar stood near the barn, leaning against the wall as he watched the four of them secretly.

He was a youth dressed in a black, hooded suit, which covered his face with shadows. He looked like an assassin, just that there were many small bags hanging around his waist, which contained spellcasting materials.

Upon seeing Han Xiao and the rest looking around as though they were on an outing, Tomar could not resist rolling his eyes, showing disdain.

Too unprofessional. They dont even know to arrange the Spiritual Light Powder in advance. Where did they get the idea to come and help someone exorcise the demonic spirit? It seems like theyre going to suffer today

As he thought, there was suddenly a gale of cold wind. The dust rolled up like a tornado, and a pale blue phantom emerged, roaring toward the air.

Dammit, only a few years and the blue shadow demonic spirit has mutated! Tomar exclaimed, and he began to get worried.

He had only studied witchcraft for five years and could not guarantee that he could protect himself in the hands of this demon, let alone those four laymen.

Upon seeing the indifference on their faces, Tomar angrily cursed before reaching for his casting kit. Regardless of his hidden identity, he was about to rush out and help.


At this moment, Feidin carelessly sent out a mental wave, hitting the demonic spirit.

The blue phantom-like spirit body was akin to a broken mirror, shattering and collapsing into pieces like blue snowflakes, disappearing without a trace.

Tomar, who had just dashed out, was stunned rigid at this scene.

What just happened? Was the demonic spirit destroyed in one go?

Arent wizards supposed to fight with potions and materials? What is this situation? The books never mentioned such a thing!

Tomar looked blank.




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