The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 743

Chapter 743 News From Harrofal

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After seeing the performance of the four, the audience somewhat believed that they were deities. This seemed to be the only explanation for their unprecedented power.

Ta, ta, ta!

As everyone started to rave about the deities, the royal guards of the Ocean Boundary Kingdom slowly arrived. They had originally heeded the order of Vosumede to surround the wizards, but upon learning that Vosumede had suddenly died, even the court mages were too afraid of the so-called four deities and lost the ability to resist.

The subordinate wizards of Vosumede surrendered one after another. Upon learning that Vosumede had been killed, the head of the Royal Guards Corps could not believe it. Once he had confirmed his death, he was overjoyed.

Vosumede was not supported by the majority of people, and they hoped for him to die an early death. However, no one had the ability to kill him, so his death came as good news to a lot of people.

The head of the Royal Guard Corps initially thought that Vosumede had been killed by the head of the wizard assembly points, but the truth from the wizards mouth frightened him. He could not help but glance over at the four deities before hurriedly dispatching an escort to notify the king.

While it was already late into the night, the atmosphere surrounding the area was weird. Practically everyone around was wide awake and scrutinizing the four of them. Han Xiao did not bother with their reactions and turned his attention to the Mission Completion notification on his user interface.

Having completed the chain mission [Planet Naluns Demon King], the talent that he was supposed to obtain as a reward finally arrived.

Talent [Soul Lock]: +20% Psychological Resistance.

Duration of all negative spiritual effects is reduced by 10%.

When you suffer a spiritual attack, you have a 18% 34% chance to negate the damage. If damage is negated, there is a cooldown time of 30 minutes.

Adding this to my [Advanced Mental Toughness], my spiritual resistance should be at fifty-five percent. However, compared to the addition of resistance, the effect of this damage negation could result in some miracles

While the cooldown time was pretty long, probably allowing it to only be triggered once in battle, and was uncontrollable, it was still an extremely useful ability. If he had possessed such a talent when he was facing Psyker, he would have had a chance to completely negate this effect.

The chance of triggering the damage negation was only at eighteen percent. Even if he was not too lucky, the chance was still manageable. Han Xiao had long gotten used to looking only at the lower limit of his odds.

At this time, Tomar had already started to popularize the divine names of the four of them among the crowd. Wulis brought a group of people to approach Han Xiao, displaying a cramped expression. He did not seem to know how to properly communicate with the deities, and to come into contact with someone whose life level far exceeded theirs, he was full of awe and anxiety.

Four Majesties oh no, Deities. On behalf of all the wizards, I thank you for getting rid of this devil Vosumede. If there are any requests, Ill try my best to fulfil them

Han Xiao kept his interface, looking at the anxious group of people before smiling. I do have a request, and that is for Tomar to be my emissary. Ill bring him up to the kingdom of God.

The emissary of a Deity?

Everyones head swiveled toward Tomar, full of envy, surprise, shock, and so on.

Tomar gaped in shock, his brain an absolute blank. He did not believe that Han Xiao was pointing at himself. This what is the meaning of this

The meaning is, Ill take you to the world that the deities live in. Han Xiao pulled out all the stops in his acting. Are you willing to?

Tomar was rendered utterly incoherent by the surprise, and the few words that managed to escape his mouth were gibberish that even the translator could not handle. He frantically nodded, as though he was testing if he could snap his spine by doing so.

Wulis gulped. While he was full of curiosity about deities and their kingdom, he did not know their character and hence did not dare to ask further.

At this moment, the soldier who went to notify the king finally returned, reporting the situation to the head of the Royal Guard Corps.

Immediately, the head walked over to where Han Xiao and the rest were, with a respectful expression.

Four Deities, Your Excellency Wulis, Your Excellency Tomar, His Majesty hopes that you will grace him with your presence.

Wulis did not reply but rather turned his head to look at Han Xiao. He understood that the person whom the king wished to see were the deities.

Han Xiao thought about it before nodding and accepting the invite.

Seeing the king of this current regime would not take much time, and it could also help to dispel any worries the new leek Tomar would have.

Seeing this, both Wulis and Tomar quickly agreed as well.

Please follow me.

The head guard was overjoyed and quickly escorted them to the main hall.

The king of Ocean Boundary Kingdom had urgently dressed up just to meet them.

When faced with the creatures suspected to be deities, the Ocean Boundary King tried to make himself look dignified. Since it was the first time that he had come in contact with deities, he did not wish to destroy the glory of his kingdom. Unfortunately, his protruding belly had defeated all his attempts.

Upon seeing Han Xiao and the rest in the appearance of the Naluners, his internal nervousness dissipated a lot. At least the appearance of the deities was familiar to him.

Distinguished Deities, I hereby represent Ocean Boundary Kingdom to welcome you. Forgive me, but please allow me to ask, what exactly is a deity and for what purpose have you all come?

Even if I were to tell you, you would not be able to understand the difference in our life levels. Han Xiao raised a brow, behaving pretentiously. As for our objective, it was first to get rid of Vosumede, which has been completed. The second objective is to choose an emissary, and I have chosen Tomar.

The Ocean Boundary King glanced at Tomar, burning his face into his heart. He then jolted before asking, In that case, does it mean that deities are willing to pass down your teachings?

Oh, you can put it that way. Han Xiao nodded. This reasoning was more convenient for him as well.

The eyes of the Ocean Boundary King lit up, and he thought that he had grasped the needs of the deities.

Since thats the case, if the four of your Deities are able to perform a miracle and bless the kingdom, Im willing to create a religion that belongs to you, mobilizing the people of the kingdom to become your believers.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, unsurprised. For a backward civilization, the knowledge of deities existing was equivalent to an opportunity for them to reshape their social structure. In their eyes, the help of deities was more important than the development of science and technology.

He could predict that, with his influence, the trajectory of the development of the Planet Nalun civilization would change. Religion would soon begin to intervene in politics, and there was a great chance of forming a political system that combined both politics and religion.

This time, a new mission suddenly popped up on the interface.

[Display Miracles]

Mission Introduction: The indigenous regime of Planet Nalun treats you as a God and wishes for you to show your miracles. Maybe youll leave a mark on the history of this civilization.

Mission Requirements: Present a miracle* to the Ocean Boundary King (Requires a subversion of the targets cognition).

Reward: 3,000,000 experience, 1 Planet Legendary Point.

Oho, theres even a branch task. Han Xiao was overjoyed.

In his previous life, during the mid to late versions of the game, players would occasionally visit backwater civilizations to gain Legendary Points. They would pull all sorts of tricks to leave their names in the history of that civilization. This was also a way to gain Legendary Points.

Since he could obtain a Legendary Point, there was no need to reject this task.

Sweeping a glance at the expectant looks of the Ocean Boundary King, Tomar, and Wulis, Han Xiao breathed in deeply before raising his hands. The nanoparticles transformed into countless carving knives, drawing out a map on one of the palace walls.

What are you doing? The Ocean Boundary King was shocked. He had thought that a divine miracle would be a big event and did not expect for it to be so simple.

This is the original appearance of the world youre in and also the map of the entire world. Han Xiao slowly spoke.

On the wall was a map of Planet Nalun, generated by Phillip.

The Ocean Boundary King jerked in shock. He immediately scrutinized the map before suddenly exclaiming, The world is round?

Even Wulis and Tomar had looks of disbelief.

The civilization on Planet Nalun had only occupied a continent and had not even explored the entire world. They did not even know that their planet was in the shape of a sphere.

Wait, other than this continent, there are still two more? The Ocean Boundary King saw the main point and almost had a cardiac arrest.

The Ocean Boundary Kingdom was only one of the few kingdoms on the continent, and they still had to fight for domination against the other kingdoms. If there were really two other unoccupied continents, if their kingdom could take the lead to occupy them, they would gain an advantage in expansion.

Upon thinking of the possibilities of opening new territories, the Ocean Boundary King was so excited that he could hear the rapid pounding of his heart.

Suddenly, he came to his senses. He felt that all of this might not be true. Since he had no way of knowing the true appearance of the world, even if the deities decided to lie, he would not be able to unravel it.

Unable to suppress his suspicion, the Ocean Boundary King softly coughed before saying, Respectful Deities, may I ask how to confirm the authenticity of this map. As you know, were all mortals, and without your powers, we have no way to cross the ocean in this continent to explore the world.

The mission is not yet complete Han Xiao was frowning but quickly smoothed his face as he said, Thats right. In that case, Ill let you see it for yourself.

See it for myself? The Ocean Boundary King jerked.

Before he could react, Han Xiao grabbed him by his shoulder and formed a shield out of his nanoparticles.

Bang!Read more chapter on

The next second, Han Xiao burst out toward the sky, smashing through the roof of the palace.

Flying up high, they quickly reached the atmospheric level, where one could barely overlook half of the entire planet. Look, can you see it now? The world is round, and there are two continents over there

Han Xiao casually spoke before turning to look at the king. He only found that the king had turned pale white, his eyes rolling around while his whole body was frozen stuff, as though he had lost the ability to react.

It seems like the stimulus was too much for him

Helplessly shaking his head, Han Xiao then descended and returned to the palace. The entire process did not even take a minute.

The moment Han Xiao took off, Wulis and Tomar had been stunned speechless. At this time, they saw the two of them return, and only then did they realize that they had still underestimated the powers of the deities. Their abilities were incomprehensible.

Han Xiao injected a shot of adrenaline into the Ocean Boundary King, and after he recovered, he shivered, his legs turning soft as he slumped to the ground. He could no longer maintain his proud front and only stared at Han Xiao in horror, speechless.

Before this, he had some doubts about the identity of the four deities, but he no longer dared to hold any. His bladder that almost leaked had completely replaced whatever he had for a brain, allowing his body to remember the reality that deities could do anything.

Do you believe it now? Han Xiao smiled.

Believe, I believe The Ocean Boundary King nodded, and besides respect, there was a fanaticism and piety within his eyes.

This was a miracle!

At this moment, he felt that he had finally found his calling.

Han Xiaos interface was updated, and it showed that his task of showing miracles had been completed. He had obtained 1 Legendary Point.

Legendary Point (Planet Nalun): The God of the Mortal World

The miracle you have shown today will change the development trajectory of Planet Nalun to a certain extent. Your existence will seep into the history of this planet, and people will treat you as a religion and spread your divine light. Your influence will accompany this civilization for a long time.

Another Legendary Point obtained Han Xiao grinned to himself.

After the Ocean Boundary King promised to establish a religion for the four of them, Han Xiao and his party left, disappearing in front of everyones eyes.

Tomar also became a member of the team. He had already agreed to follow Han Xiao to his Divine Kingdom. Because he was a standard orphan-type protagonist template, he had no strings attached and could roam freely.

Han Xiao felt that taking Tomar away was also a good thing for Planet Nalun. Tomar would be the first Naluner to enter the universe, just like him.

Because Tomar was a native of the planet, he had to open his eyes to the world and understand the true meaning of the universe.

After he had been systematically trained to maximize his talents and developed a stronger power, he could then use the resources obtained in the universe to feed Planet Nalun. This would bring more benefits to his motherland compared to him staying within.

Since the mission had already ended, Han Xiao did not tarry much longer on Planet Nalun and quickly took his group to board the spaceship, leaving the planet.

Tomar was extremely curious about everything on the spaceship, but he was also a little dazed, as the deities image in his mind differed from reality.

Han Xiao just threw him to Feidin, allowing him to complete Tomars enlightenment education.

As for himself, he returned to his room, looking through the news obtained this past half month.

The daily news of the Black Star Army was scanned, and Han Xiao flipped through his communicator before finding a message from Harrofal.

After seven years of no contact, Han Xiao was a little curious about what Harrofal wanted him to do.

With one glance, however, his facial expression changed.

The news was short, but the content gave him a headache. There was only a sentence written without any context. Its EsGod!




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