The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 747

Chapter 747 747 Eternal Light And Sardeems Attention

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747 Eternal Light and Sardeems Attention

The next day, Han Xiao arrived at the shipyard early in the morning and was ready to craft the spaceship parts assigned to him.

For the sake of secrecy, the blueprint of the spaceship would be split into different groups and given to different Senior Engineers to complete. The core components of the spaceship would be crafted by the direct subordinates of the organization. New engineers like him usually would not be involved in such a large order.

The Cornerstone Summit Corporation considered the problem of the deadline and also the Grade B+ strength that Han Xiao had displayed. Thus, they had pulled him into their plans. However, they would never pass the core portions of the blueprint to him.

The three components that Han Xiao was in charge of had a high technical requirement but were not core components. Because it was a high-grade made-to-order component, the corporation did not have a corresponding assembly line. As such, the high-grade engineers were put to use.

He originally did not plan to steal the blueprint, but if it was a Star Cluster grade flagship… cough cough… since it was the job of a Mechanic, could it be considered stealing?

He planned to make use of his Virtual Technology skill to infiltrate the database of the Cornerstone Summit Corporation. He should be able to steal the basic framework of the Star Cluster grade flagship. The virtual engineer that the Cornerstone Summit Corporation had hired to guard their database was no more than a little brother in front of him. He could easily take a stroll in the other party’s backyard without anyone noticing.

Most important blueprints were still being kept in hardcopy format. Although such a method was pretty prehistoric, it would never become outdated. After all, Virtual Mechanics were infamous all around the world, and no one wanted their own database to be eyed up by others every day.

The Cornerstone Summit Corporation was currently rushing to complete an order, and his construction speed was his advantage. As long as he could complete the quota on his hands, the corporation would probably give him the blueprints of a few more parts for him to construct. He could then farm for progress points for his mission.

As long as he found a way to steal the remaining parts of the blueprint, he would be able to complete the blueprints of the entire flagship.

Upon arriving at the work region for high grade engineers, Han Xiao immediately saw Luke and greeted him.

“Bame, why are you here?” Luke was a little surprised.

“Why do you look so surprised?” Han Xiao raised his brows.

“I thought that you would spend the entire day learning the blueprints. If you want to view your workbench, I will get someone to show you around. The deadline is coming up, and I am extremely busy. I will not have time for anything else.”

Luke thought that Han Xiao was there to familiarize himself with his workplace.

Han Xiao shook his head and said, “You misunderstand. I’m here to start work.”

Luke’s eyes widened upon hearing that. “You only needed a single night to leam the blueprints I gave you?’_

This efficiency was way too high, right?

He was truly in disbelief. The parts of these high-grade spaceships were extremely complicated, and he had needed a full three days to grasp them. The way he saw it, Han Xiao should have needed a day or two to learn it at the very least. However, to think that he was actually able to leam them in a single night!

Han Xiao looked at Luke, who was in a daze, and said, “I shall get to work if there isn’t anything else.”

Luke snapped out of his daze and hurriedly said, “Alright, alright, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Han Xiao nodded and entered his workshop.

Luke only retracted his gaze when he saw Han Xiao close the door. This new colleague Barne was even more amazing than he had thought.

The access card of a Senior Engineer could gain access to a high-grade workshop of the Cornerstone Summit Corporation. The facilities of the workshop were extremely complete, and although it could not be compared to his personal workshop in the Black Star Army, it was still extremely valuable.

Closing the door, Han Xiao was the only one left in the workshop. He then looked around at the workshop and nodded.

“They gave me a deadline of half a month to complete my parts, but I will only need half a day to complete them. Hmm, I think this is a little too exaggerated. I should slow down a bit and drag it out for three days…”


Han Xiao then flicked out a series of compressed orbs to form various different assistants. These were specially modified machines that he had constructed personally and were peak Grade A+ machines. These machines could not be bought on the market and were his personal equipment.


Mechanical Force shot out from his arms, and his assistants all began to spring into action. They then made use of all the various materials and began their construction.

His large pool of experience was the reason behind why he was not afraid of the Soul Embryo. As he constructed the parts, he used his [Quantum Network Matrix] to connect to the network of the Cornerstone Summit Corporation and infiltrated their database.

Han Xiao’s Virtual Technology skill was more than sufficient to deal with the firewall of an ordinary shipyard corporation. He easily hid his tracks and went past the firewall and alarm of the database. He then got Phillip to make a copy of all their information.

“Let me see what kind of good stuff there is…” Han Xiao was in a good mood.

An endless stream of information appeared in his mind, including records of all the Cornerstone Summit Corporation’s past transactions. After eliminating all the useless information from his mind, Han Xiao dug out a bunch of useful information.

Blueprints of high-grade spaceships would not be kept in the database, and a special safe would have been constructed to store it. However, the location of the safe was not located on the map, so he did not know the location of the blueprints.

The blueprints kept within the database were those of ordinary spaceships, but Han Xiao would not reject any freebies and accepted them all. Even the meat of a mosquito was considered meat. Furthermore, he had the talent [Research Theory] and would gain one Intelligence point for every three skills. It would only benefit him to learn more blueprint skills.

After searching for a while, Han Xiao finally found information about what he was looking forthe recent large order for the Cornerstone Summit Corporation.

“Eternal Light fortress?” Han Xiao was stunned.

This flagship model was truly too famous. It was not the product of any Star Cluster civilization within the Shattered Star Ring but one of the flagship models of the Federation of Light!

Although the Eternal Light was not the trump card flagship of a Universal Civilization, it was still a top model. In ordinary galactic wars, this was one of the main flagships of the Federation of Light. The combat capability of the Eternal Light was comparable to Star Cluster level flagships and was even stronger in terms of energy. Furthermore, the cost to construct it was also cheaper, and it was one of the flagships within the Federation of Light that had a lower technical requirement.

Battleship blueprints of the Federation of Light could not even be found on the black market. To think that an ordinary shipyard in the Shattered Star Ring was actually able to construct the high-grade battleship of a Universal Civilization.

Is there a reason behind this?

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled, and he could not help but think about various possibilities.

For the Federation of Light to secretly employ local workshops in the Shattered Star Ring to construct battleships, are they actually trying to build up their forces in this Star Field? Could it be that they’re about to make a big move? If that’s the case, the Cornerstone Summit Corporation shouldn’t be the only corporation constructing Federation of Light battleships.

Eh, that’s not right. The Federation of Light should have their own secret warehouses in the Shattered Star Ring, so there’s no need for them to outsource production. Furthermore, the only reason for them to build up their forces in the Shattered Star Ring would be to fight against the Crimson Dynasty… Could it be that their negotiations with the Crimson Dynasty are no more than a farce and they wish to occupy the Flickering World with force?

That doesn’t seem too likely. Not to mention the fact that there wasn’t such a storyline in my previous life, if the Federation of Light wanted to do so, they would have sent an army already…

After exploring the different options, Han Xiao had a more reliable guess.

This matter should not be related to the Federation of Light. Perhaps an individual got the blueprints from some unknown channel and placed an order with the Cornerstone Summit Corporation for them to aid with the construction.

If that was the case, this large customer would either have extremely close ties with the Cornerstone Summit Corporation or was an existence that the corporation could not afford to offend. If not, they would not dare to casually provide such a valuable blueprint.

If this is the case, stealing the blueprint will be even more difficult than I imagined. I may even offend a powerful organization in the process…

Han Xiao frowned slightly.

I am ‘Barne’ now and not ‘Black Star’ anyway. What has Barne stealing blueprints got to do with Black Star?

He can just steal the blueprints and run away.

However, the basic framework of the Eternal Light fortress was stored within the database. The framework of the spaceship referred to the outer armor and components of the spaceship and formed the outer shell of the spaceship. It was akin to the skeleton and skin of a spaceship and did not have any core technical skills involved. Because the external frame of such a large flagship would usually be constructed outside the atmosphere, the technical skills involved were extremely high and required the aid of an artificial intelligence. Thus, the blueprints of the framework were entered into the database.

The core components of a spaceship included the energy furnace, shield generator, hyperdrive engine, and many more. All those components formed the organs of the spaceship and were much more important than the outer frame.

As Han Xiao viewed the framework of the Eternal Light fortress, a notification popped up on his interface.

You have received [Battleship Blueprint: Eternal Light (Incomplete)!

It’s fine even if it’s incomplete. I’d better get the other parts of the blueprint… Han Xiao thought to himself.

Over the next ten or so days, Han Xiao hid himself within the shipyard to construct components, and the progress of his [Engineer] mission shot up.

He completed the first target in three days, and the upper echelons of the corporation were stunned.

After checking to ensure that there were no problems with the quality of the components, the upper echelons all felt that they had truly picked up a treasure. They then passed the blueprints of a few more parts to Han Xiao, and he completed them in less than two days.

The upper echelons of the corporation then gave Han Xiao a few more blueprints, which were completed extremely quickly. However, the upper echelons immediately fell into a conundrum. Han Xiao’s efficiency had far exceeded their expectations, and they were faced with a problem. If things continued as such, this new recruit ‘Barne’ would learn of many more blueprints. If this continued, it would go against their initial plans of splitting up the blueprint into parts to lower their risk.

Just when the upper echelons were hesitating, the big boss behind the corporation came to inspect their progress.

In the conference room, Sardeem flipped through the latest report of the Cornerstone Summit Corporation, and his gaze swept over the managers who were by the side.

“I am disappointed in your efficiency. Why isn’t the Eternal Light constructed yet?”

“Your Excellency Sardeem, this is the flagship model of a Universal Civilization. We can’t construct it quickly with our technical skills. Furthermore, our corporation only has one Grade B+ engineer at the very most, and the production capability of those high-grade components is too low…”

“Oh?” Sardeem narrowed his eyes. “I truly wonder if all of your attention is only on the sales figures of the shipyard. All of you only want to increase your sales figures for the outside world and don’t want to do your jobs?”

You… you misunderstood us. We do not have such thoughts!” The expressions of the upper echelons changed greatly, and they hurriedly defended themselves.

Although they were the upper echelons of the corporation, Sardeem was the true boss, and the Cornerstone Summit Corporation was actually Sardeem’s property. Apart from accepting the orders of the outside world, their other responsibility was to produce machines for Sardeem.

If Sardeem was the ruler of Planet Macipher, then the Cornerstone Summit Corporation was a state enterprise. As long as Sardeem was willing, he would be able to easily take back the authority of those managers.

Constructing the Eternal Light fortress was a mission that Sardeem had given the Cornerstone Summit Corporation, and the blueprint belonged to him.

“Don’t forget whose subordinates all of you are,” Sardeem warned. “I will give you four more months. If all of you still cannot complete the Eternal Light…”

The upper echelons hurriedly expressed their loyalty. “Don’t worry, we will definitely construct it.”

Sardeem then nodded and suddenly asked after reading the report, “You hired a new Senior Engineer?”

“Yes, he is called Barne.”

Sardeem then pointed at the data displayed on the report. “Even if he is a Grade B+ Mechanic, his efficiency is extremely rare. Hmm, there are two possibilities. He may be an extremely talented Mechanic with the potential to become a Calamity Grade Super, or… he hid his strength because of some motive.”

The upper echelons were stunned. “What should we do?”

“You do not need to bother about this.”

Sardeem waved his arms and revealed an excited look.

“If it is the former, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to take in a disciple with potential. If it is the latter, it may be even better.”

All the upper echelons then looked at each other.

“Then how should we arrange his job? Do we continue to let him construct the Eternal Light? With his efficiency, he will probably learn a large number of blueprints.”

Sardeem’s mouth curled up, and he said, “We just need to protect the blueprints of the core components. There’s no need to be worried about the other parts being leaked.”

“Alright.” No one dared to rebut.

Sardeem then stood up and had a teasing look in his eyes. “Observe him for a while. I will find the time to come into contact with him. I think that he will be an interesting fellow.”

The sea of stars was boundless, and the universe was endless.

The Shattered Star Ring was at the edge of the explored universe. This Star Field was split into more than ten Star Clusters and at least a thousand Star Systems.

Among all these Star Systems, the Eternal Night Star System was one of the most special ones.

Because a new Star Cluster Civilization was being born in this Star System.

Under the lead of their leader, their civilization rose at an unprecedented speed. Their race evolved at an unbelievable rate, and their race would forever remember the glory that their leader brought them. They changed the name of their race and were called the Star Pupil Holy Race.

Psyker was the leader of this civilization.

Today, the Star Pupil Holy Race welcomed an uninvited guest.



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