The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 748

Chapter 748 748 Target: Evolution Cube

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748 Target: Evolution Cube!

Planet Avitan of the Eternal Night Star System was not the Star Pupil Holy Race’s mother planet. It was a highly developed administrative planet. Its location was optimal, and it was an important financial center. There were more than twelve billion residents on this planet.

In a certain main city on Planet Avitan, hovering carriers flitted between the tall buildings. The Star Pupil Holy Race people who were born with the ability to fly were travelling in the sky following the traffic rules. The city was peaceful and prosperous.

However, on this day, the peace on Planet Avitan was shattered.

A crimson meteor suddenly appeared and started descending extremely quickly from outer space. The radars did not detect the movement of this meteor before this at all, as if it had appeared out of nowhere.

The meteor descended at an extremely high speed, right toward this main city. The time in which the fleet stationed at Planet Avitan could react was very little.

Countless fully automatic planetary defense formations deployed outside the planet’s atmosphere quickly responded, releasing an enormous amount of dark energy and forming a net that extended more than a hundred miles, standing in the path of the meteor’s descent.

Such devices were usually used to stop meteor showers. The dark energy was close to materializing. It had extremely strong elasticity, toughness, and extensibility. The net could make use of the tens of thousands of meters between the atmosphere and the ground as the buffer zone to shroud the meteor and stop it.

However, the meteor penetrated this dark energy net instantly like a knife cutting through silk.

The automatic defense formation immediately started executing the second plan. It launched countless homing annihilation beams, attempting to turn the meteor into dust midair, but to no avail. It was as if the meteor was indestructible while at the same time having some kind of anti-lock on ability, causing the majority of the beams to miss.

Looking down from above, the blocks of strange black marks caused by the annihilation beams could clearly be seen. Woo!

At the same time, an air strike alarm rang throughout the city that the meteor was falling toward. Countless entrances of underground shelters appeared on the city surface. Most of the citizens quickly hid in the underground shelters nearby. Very soon, the streets became empty.

They activated a gigantic protective shield, which shrouded the entire city, in an attempt to stop the impact of the meteor head-on. Thousands of antiaircraft cannons extended from below the ground of the edges of the city and fired simultaneously at the meteor in the sky.

Outside the city’s protective shield, the Calamity Grade Star Pupil Holy Race Super protecting the city floated in midair.

The black-red meteor covered in burning flames enlarged quickly in his blue eyes.

“The flames are too thick. I can’t see the exact shape of this meteor. It’s almost reached the ground. I have to stop it now!”

The protector was a Calamity Grade Psychic. He looked up at the accelerating meteor and released all his psychic energy, hoping to stop the meteor or at least alter its course.

However, to his absolute shock, he realized that his psychic energy disappeared as soon as it touched the meteor. He could not do anything to it at all.

“What the hell is this thin…”

The next moment, the speed of the meteor suddenly increased again as it strongly penetrated the protective shield and landing right in the city.


A several-hundred-meter-wide crater appeared on the ground. The tornado-like flames quickly dissipated, showing the true identity of this ‘meteor’. It was a completely black human-shaped being, like a cluster of fog, emitting black smoke from all over its body. It had no face, only a vortex on its head with a red dot of light in the middle, as if that was its core.

It was an EsGod doppelganger!

The observation satellite of Planet Avitan recorded this and broadcasted it live to the other cities on the planet. The EsGod doppelganger was being watched by more than ten billion people.

The garrison on Planet Avitan had already noticed this. The protector of the city and the guards were trying to surround the EsGod doppelganger. The fleet stationed there started moving as well. Spaceships quickly gathered in the area, and more than half of the military forces on the entire planet were hurrying toward this city.

However, the next moment, what the EsGod doppelganger did terrified the entire planet.

As he opened his arms wide, his energy level increased at an extremely high speed. Horrifying energy gathered like a supernova that was about to explode!


The next instant, the blinding light made all the people of Planet Avitan watching the broadcast close their eyes. Then, the exploding radiation forcefully cut off the broadcast.

However, even without the broadcast, everyone on the Planet Avitan felt it.

The ground beneath their feet trembled!

With the EsGod doppelganger as the center, a black and red energy sphere quickly expanded into an enormous size, devouring the entire city. It could even be seen from outer space.

The energy sphere expanded over the entire city, seemingly having reached its limit.

This time, the energy sphere suddenly split into two layers of energy. The outer layer became weaker, and its color became lighter, still maintaining its original size. The inner layer quickly constricted.

When the inner layer was half of the size of the outer layer, the entire energy sphere seemed to lose its balance. Be it the inner or the outer layer, they both exploded violently, turning into a radioactive impact wave, sweeping across everything in its path!


Great rifts were created right in this city. Be it the city protector, the ground troops, or the citizens in the underground shelters, they all turned into ash in the explosion.

It was like doomsday!

When the aftershock of the explosion finally ended, this main city was wiped off the surface of the planet, erased of its existence.

All the tall buildings disappeared, only the enormous crater and great rifts were left.

Not a single soul survived.

The EsGod doppelganger slowly flew up from the bottom of the enormous crater, out of the dust that covered the sky, and exposed himself in the satellite image.

He paused for a short moment in midair before suddenly flying in another directiontoward another city.

As the satellite broadcast recovered, everyone on Planet Avitan saw this, and everyone seemed to have forgotten how to breath.

Endless fear grasped everyone’s heart.

A few minutes after the ‘gigantic explosion’, every galactic news channel of the Star Pupil Holy Race reported the news, broadcasting what was happening on Planet Avitan to the entire civilization.

At the same time, a fleet with Psyker’s ship in the middle took off from the Star Pupil Holy Race mother planet and headed to help Planet Avitan.

Three ‘Light Fox’ spaceships in stealth mode slowly parked in an area not far from the Star Pupil Holy Race mother planet.

“Psyker’s made his move. The first step is a success!”

Colin smiled ferociously and clenched his fists in excitement.

Psyker guarded his mother planet all the time, and the Evolution Cube was on his mother planet. They would only have a chance to steal the Evolution Cube if they could lure Psyker away.

Psyker’s weakness was how important his race was to him. All they had to do was place an EsGod doppelganger with Beyond Grade A strength on an important colonial planet and let the EsGod doppelganger massacre the Star Pupil Holy Race people. Psyker would undoubtedly leave his mother planet to provide aid.

Unless Psyker chose not to care about the lives of his people on that planet, he did not have a choice.

For this first doppelganger, EsGod had gifted it Esper abilities with very strong destructive powers.

EsGod could create many doppelgangers but not infinite. Although he possessed countless Esper abilities, his doppelgangers could not use all of them. Only after his original body gifted Esper abilities to his doppelgangers would the doppelgangers be able to use those abilities. His original body would not be able to use the Esper abilities that were given to the doppelgangers until the doppelgangers were dead or if he actively made them disappear.

For example, if he gave ten Esper abilities to his doppelgangers, he would then not be able to use those ten Esper abilities, nor would he be able to give those ten Esper abilities to another doppelganger.

Therefore, EsGod kept collecting Esper abilities, even duplicates. Fusing the Super High Risk Esper Ability List was not the only reason.

“Once Psyker arrives at Planet Avitan, it’ll be the time for us to move.” Orozen smiled.

Colin nodded, looked at the second EsGod doppelganger beside him, and said, “Your Excellency EsGod, please wait awhile. We will move when the time is right.”

“Hmm.” The second EsGod doppelganger nodded.

This doppelganger was controlled by the original. Colin and the others were communicating directly with EsGod, who was far away in the Central Galaxy.

This second doppelganger was gifted stealth, teleportation, anti-detection, and various Esper abilities related to espionage.

He had been hiding this team as well as blocking Psyker’s large area Psychic senses with his Esper abilities. This was why they could hide right under Psyker’s nose and remain undetected near his mother planet.

The main force of stealing the Evolution Cube was also this second EsGod doppelgangerhe was the only one that could send Colin and the others to where the Evolution Cube was stored unnoticed.

As for the third doppelganger, he had hidden on Planet Avitan long ago. His plan was to work together with the first doppelganger to stall Psyker.

The third doppelganger had mostly control-type Esper abilities.

Although his doppelgangers all had Beyond Grade A level strength, they were still just doppelgangers, and they would not be able to match Psyker. One doppelganger would not be able to last long; only two doppelgangers working together would be able to stall Psyker long enough to keep him from his mother planet.

As for why EsGod was confident in stealing the Evolution Cube, it was because he had the only detailed information about the Evolution Cube.

The Evolution Cube was no small item.

Without the instruction manual, no one knew how to carry the Evolution Cube around!



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