The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 771

Chapter 771 Youd Better Not Run

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After both parties formed an alliance, Floating Dragon changed their drifting trajectory and headed toward the headquarters of the Black Star Army. They would work together with Han Xiao during this period.

Since Ames had chosen to fight by Han Xiaos side, she naturally had to bring her personal weapon along. Floating Dragon had another two more islands, and using it to smash others would definitely be more painful.

Han Xiao then got Reynolds to inform the armys logistics department to modify some empty backup satellite fortresses. Han Xiao was prepared to give them to Ames so that she could use them as her weapon. After all, she could not always use her main camp as her weapon.

After using the Evolution Cube, everyone rested for a day before Han Xiao and Ames gathered all the officers together.

This time, it was to reply to the Tyrants challenge.

Before announcing his response to the world, Han Xiao decided to contact the Tyrant privately.

The secret war had been fought for such a long time, and the two parties had not contacted each other before. The last time they had seen each other was more than ten years ago at the Tyrants gathering. Back then, he had been only Ames follower, and Heber had tried to recruit him.

Han Xiao did not have the Tyrants communicator number, but Ames had it in her communicator. This time, he was going to borrow Ames communicator to contact Heber, which Ames had no issues with.

Han Xiao then opened Ames communicator and pulled out Hebers number from the blacklist. Because of Hebers pursuit, Ames had always blocked his number.

Han Xiao then sent a communication request to the Tyrant.

Beep beep!

After a few seconds, the communication request went through, and Hebers image appeared on the communicator.

Ames? You are finally going to Hmm? Black Star

Heber immediately frowned. Ames name appeared on his communicator, and he thought that Ames had finally thought things through and decided to agree to become his partner. However, he had never imagined that the call would be made by Black Star.

Ames formed an alliance with you? Heber immediately reacted.

Han Xiao only nodded.

Hebers eyes narrowed, and his expression remained emotionless.

For a few years, many organizations had been spreading rumors about the Black Star Army and Floating Dragon splitting up. When Han Xiao became a Beyond Grade A, Heber knew that both of them would definitely split up, and Heber was hoping that Black Star and Ames would become enemies as a result. The outcome that he did not want to see was the two of them becoming allies.

It seems like the little tricks of those organizations werent able to shake your relationship, Heber said calmly.

You dont seem anxious at all. Han Xiao raised his brows.

It makes no difference to me, Heber said. Tell Ames that I will give her a final chance. As long as she stays out of this matter, I can ignore her. I will not show any mercy otherwise.

Get your head out the clouds. I didnt ask you to show any mercy, Ames said coldly upon hearing those words.

Heber ignored her and said to Han Xiao while shaking his head, Black Star, I gave you a chance a long time ago. It is a pity that you didnt treasure it and rejected my invitation. If you are contacting me to plead for mercy, it is too late. We are now enemies, and there isnt anything to talk about between us.

I called you to respond to your challenge. Set a time and place, Han Xiao said with a deep voice.

Through his Observers Mark, Han Xiao knew that Psyker had contacted Heber privately and invited Heber to work together with him. However, the Tyrant rejected and insisted on dealing with Black Star alone but did not stop Psyker from going to view their battle. Thus, both parties had issued separate challenges.

Han Xiao also understood Hebers thoughts from the conversation between the two. Heber did not only want to take revenge but also want to establish his prestige with a new Beyond Grade A Super. Heber wanted to have as many people paying attention to this matter as possible and thus publicly set a time and invited the various organizations to watch the battle.

Alright, Heber said resolutely. The time will be set twenty days from now. The location will be in the desolate universe belt between the Colton Star Cluster and Seoul Star Cluster. I will announce the coordinates publicly.

Choosing a neutral region between the two made it convenient for Bloodshed Land to send out their army and create a confrontation between Purple Crystal and Klent. It was still equivalent to both the civilizations fighting a proxy war.

Heber set the date twenty days from then so that the news would be able to spread throughout the Star Field and attract more people to witness his battle with Black Star. However, he would not drag the battle on for too long as he did not want to give Han Xiao too much time to prepare. He also did not want the matter to die down and wanted to establish his prestige when Black Stars influence was at the peak.

If Black Star wanted to back out of the battle, Heber would not lose out either. Heber could just say that Black Star was afraid of him and did not dare appear for their battle. He would also be able to build up his prestige as well and have a reason to visit the Black Star Army headquarters.

Alright, youd better not run when the time comes, Han Xiao said without much hesitation.

Han Xiao then hung up without waiting for Heber to reply.

This fellow is still as domineering as usual. How annoying, Ames said with her eyes narrowed and her force field energy being gathered in her palms. Every time she saw the Tyrants annoying face, she had the urge to smash her Floating Dragon down on him.

In any case, the time and location have been decided. We just have to show up when the time comes. Han Xiao looked at all the officers. You lot heard the conversation, right? Announce it to the public in the name of the Black Star Army.

Understood. Sylvia nodded and started a long-distance conference. As the Chief Administrative Official, public relations was her job.

Theres still twenty days

Han Xiaos eyes glimmered. It seemed like this would be all the time he had for preparations.

The challenge given out by the Tyrant and Star Pupil created a huge commotion in the Shattered Star Ring, but Black Star had not given an official response. Many individuals had their appetites whet and were looking forward to the development of the matter.

Because of the storm created by the battle, many Supers who wanted to join the Black Star Army controlled themselves and waited to observe what happened. Thus, there were not too many who applied to the Black Star Army during this period. However, Han Xiao was also aware about this and thus did not start his recruitment.

Seven days after the challenge was issued, the Black Star Army finally made a response.

Black Star accepted the challenge!

Not just that, the Black Star Army had also announced a shocking piece of news.

From that day on, the Black Star Army would leave Floating Dragon and gain independence!

Many organizations had intentionally spread rumors that led many to believe that the Black Star Army would cut off all ties with Floating Dragon after gaining independence.

However, the truth had shocked many. The Dragon Emperor Ames had actually chosen to form an alliance with Black Star and deal with the Tyrant and Star Pupil!

This was something that no one had expected. Black Star had to fight alone originally and face the challenge of the Tyrant and Star Pupil single-handedly. Many individuals could not help but break out in cold sweat for this newly ascended Beyond Grade A. However, the interference of the Dragon Emperor immediately leveled the playing field.

A total of four Beyond Grade A Supers had entered the fray!

This was like a stimulant that caused the entire Star Field to blow up with excitement!

Regardless of whether they were ordinary citizens or members of large organizations, everyone was extremely clear about one thing.

A huge show was about to erupt in the Star Field!

In the Palace of Hidden Spells, Austin looked through a report on his communicator and thought to himself, Black Star accepted the challenge officially? Hes even taking the Dragon Emperor

It was now a two-on-two battle, and the Shattered Star Ring had five Beyond Grade A Supers.

This meant that his presence would influence the direction in which this matter developed, and everyone else knew that as well.

It seems like there will be people looking for me very soon. Austin shook his head.

Beep beep!

Just as he thought that, Psyker called him.

Austin let out a helpless chuckle and accepted the call, hanging up after chatting for a short while. Just when he hung up, another call arrived. It was Han Xiao this time.

It has been a while since I last saw you. You didnt disappoint me indeed, Black Star.

I actually have to thank you. Han Xiao smiled.

Thank me for what?

If not for you telling me about information regarding the Evolution Cube, I may not have been able to obtain this item.

Oh, I see. Austin smiled and said straightforwardly, I know why you called. Psyker called me before this.

Han Xiaos eyes glimmered, and he did not beat about the bush. Since you already know our intentions, what do you plan on doing?

Both parties wanted to attract Austin to their side.

Austins eyes narrowed, and he said, Although I have some ties with Psyker, he never agreed to lend me the Evolution Cube. Now that hes lost the Evolution Cube and this chip is in your hands, are you prepared to use it in exchange for my help?

Thats right. Han Xiao nodded. Austin was no fool, and there was no need for Han Xiao to waste his time explaining it to Austin.

Unexpectedly, Austin shook his head and said, I am very willing to provide compensation for using the Evolution Cube, but I cannot agree to this matter.

Han Xiaos heart sank.

However, Austin added, Dont worry, I dont intend to help Psyker either.

You want to remain neutral? Han Xiao was surprised.

Austin smiled and said, The silent Shattered Star Ring has been stirred up again after so many years. How can I allow this wonderful show to end prematurely because of my interference? Hahaha!

This darn old man just wants to watch the world burn Han Xiao gritted his teeth.

Austin wanted to be a spectator and watch the show by the side. Furthermore, he felt that there would be a chance to use the Evolution Cube in the future based on Black Stars character. Thus, Austin was not prepared to join any side this time.

To a Beyond Grade A Super like him who was used to maintaining his neutrality, he was willing to give up some benefits to remain on the sidelines and watch the show. At his current level, he did not have to restrain his own personality and preferences.

Furthermore, both parties were Beyond Grade A Supers, and he would offend the other party if he chose to get involved. Austin was no fool; remaining neutral was the best choice for him.

Austins attitude was resolute, and it would be impossible for Han Xiao to persuade him. Thus, Han Xiao hung up after a short casual conversation.

Although he did not manage to bring Austin to his side, Han Xiao was not too disappointed. He had never planned to have Austin on his side from the very start. It would be a pleasant surprise if he could succeed, but his failure was well within expectations. At the very least, Psyker also did not manage to pull Austin over to his side.

The situation was already clear, and the division of the Beyond Grade A Supers would not change. If that was the case, Han Xiao could only find aid from other organizations.

In the Crimson Dynasty embassy on the mother planet of the Klent Kingdom

Ah, Klent wants us to help them deal with Black Star?

Within the office of the embassy, the Crimson Dynasty envoy Zoel looked at the Klent emissary with a smile.

Thats right. Black Star is in the Purple Crystal faction and killed a few dozen of our Calamity Grade Supers, dealing a huge blow to our high-level combatants. Now that Black Star is a Beyond Grade A Super, he will become a bigger obstacle to us. Our strength is limited, and we hope that the Crimson Dynasty can provide us with some aid, the Klent emissary said respectfully.

Zoel tapped his fingers on the table and looked at the party silently without talking.

He was the envoy that the Crimson Dynasty had sent to Klent, and he had been there for many years. He was also the envoy who Han Xiao had met at the Tyrants gathering many years prior.

The life span of the Crimson Dynasty race was extremely long, and ten years was not much to them.

Over ten years ago, when Klent openly submitted to the Crimson Dynasty, Zoel had surfaced from the dark and built an embassy on the Klent mother planet. This represented the diplomatic ties between the Crimson Dynasty and Klent.

At the same time, he had the authority to mobilize any army that the Crimson Dynasty stationed in the Shattered Star Ring.

The three Universal Civilizations had their own secret factories in every Star Field, and the army that they had stationed in every Star Field was enough to start a war with two to three Star Cluster Civilizations at the same time.

The authority to control the secret armed force of the dynasty was enough to show how high a status Zoel had in the Shattered Star Ring. He was the individual with the highest authority in the envoy party.

Zoel thought for a while before saying, I will consider Klents request. Please leave for now.

Upon hearing that, the Klent emissary could only take his leave.

Black Star Zoel muttered.

Zoel naturally had some understanding toward this new Beyond Grade A Super who had created a huge commotion in the Shattered Star Ring recently. In truth, Zoel had been constantly updating Black Stars shocking battle record in the dynastys database over the past ten years.

Klent did not wish for Purple Crystal to have a Beyond Grade A ally and requested for the Crimson Dynasty to help them get rid of Han Xiao completely.

As an envoy of the Crimson Dynasty, Zoels sights were naturally set at a very high level. It was not that he was being full of himself. Even if there were many Beyond Grade A pillars in the Crimson Dynasty, he would not underestimate other Beyond Grade A Supers. It was because he understood the strength of a Beyond Grade A Super that he knew that a Beyond Grade A should not be provoked easily.

It was not that Zoel did not want to help Klent deal with a local Beyond Grade A Super but that he had an interest in Black Star.

He completed his Beyond Grade A journey in twenty years, and he is the first in history to accomplish such a feat. He still has a long life ahead of him, and his potential is immeasurable.

Furthermore, such a character had snatched the Evolution Cube, which was hidden by the Arcane Church.

Perhaps I can find the opportunity to interact with him.

As for the thoughts of Klent As an envoy of the dynasty, why did he have to give a Star Cluster civilization an explanation?

Right at that moment, his communicator rang, and the face of his subordinate surfaced.

Your Excellency Zoel, a special individual wishes to speak with you. Should I patch the communication through?

Who is the other party?

Black Star.

He actually took the initiative to find me?

Zoel paused for two seconds before nodding.

Patch him through.




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