The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 774

Chapter 774 Spending Potential Points Sure Is Comfortable

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They are truly a wealthy bunch!

Han Xiao was overjoyed.

A Universal Civilization naturally would not be petty with a Beyond Grade A Super. Apart from Ultimate Knowledge, they would be able to freely give him all the knowledge from basic up to cutting-edge. In his past life, Han Xiao had needed to farm for contribution points in order to obtain new knowledge, but things were completely different now.

The conversation then ended after chatting casually for a while. Not too long later, a file was sent to him.

Looking at the file, joy filled Han Xiaos face.

Han Xiao had already obtained the Cutting-Edge Knowledge [Controllable Annihilation Weapons] from the Armed Branch, [Abnormal State Energy] from the Energy Branch, and [Advanced Space Application] and [Quantum Network Matrix] from the Control Branch.

The file that Zoel sent over contained the last five Cutting-Edge Knowledges.

Armed Branch: [Cutting-Edge Material Science] and [Ultra-Composite Mechanical Architecture Technology].

Energy Branch: [Beyond Visible Energy Transfer] and [Activation Theory].

Control Branch: [Spacetime Dimension Exploration].

The entire set is now complete! Han Xiao was extremely excited.

He belonged to the Control Branch, and learning a Cutting-Edge Knowledge required four points. However, learning the knowledge of the other two branches required twelve points each.

Han Xiao saved a large amount of Potential Points when he advanced into Beyond Grade A. Although it was not enough to level all the knowledges up to their maximum level, it was enough to level all the knowledge up by one.

It was impossible for players to be so extravagant and in Han Xiaos previous life, the players could only choose one or two Cutting-Edge Knowledge to learn. However, Han Xiao was different.

He had a large sea of experience points to level up his skill and he was able to farm for plenty of Potential Points. Thus, it wasnt impossible for him to learn all the Cutting-Edge Knowledge.

Heber probably thinks that twenty days is too short. Hehe

Han Xiao chuckled in his heart.

Compared to other Mechanics, the interface was his biggest advantage. As long as he paid the relevant Potential Points, he would be able to rapidly learn new knowledge and save a large amount of time. Thus, he was able to achieve rapid growth during the limited time before his battle with the Tyrant.

Without any hesitation, Han Xiao spent his Potential Points to learn all five Cutting-Edge Knowledges.


Mechanic class Cutting-Edge Knowledge [Spacetime Dimension Exploration] detected. Do you wish to spend 4 Potential Points to learn it?

Learning in progress. Do not cancel.

9% 24% 57%

Success! You have learned [Spacetime Dimension Exploration]!

Mechanic class Cutting-Edge Knowledge [Cutting-Edge Material Science] detected. Do you wish to spend 12 Potential Points to learn it?

Learning in progress. Do not cancel.

Success! You have learned [Cutting-Edge Material Science]!

Mechanic class Cutting-Edge Knowledge


A large amount of information flowed into his brain, but with Han Xiaos current Intelligence, this load was negligible.

The new knowledge that entered his brain was broken up and reorganized before being stored in his memory palace.

After spending fifty-two Potential Points to learn the five Cutting-Edge Knowledges, the names of these Knowledges lit up on his knowledge tree with an orange light. In the class knowledge tree, Basic Knowledge was white in color, Advanced Knowledge green, High-End Knowledge purple, Cutting-Edge Knowledge orange, and Ultimate Knowledge gold.

Right at this moment, a few notifications popped up on his interface.


Prerequisite requirement fulfilled. Your skill [Quantum Infinite Distance Transmission Channel] has been activated!

Prerequisite requirement fulfilled. Your skill [Secondary Dimension Army] has been activated!

Prerequisite requirement fulfilled. Your skill [Mechanical ForceEmperors Power] has been activated!


The three Emperor Mechanic skills, which were originally grayed out, had turned green to indicate that they could be used.

The new knowledge that he had acquired fulfilled the prerequisite knowledge for these three skills, and only the final skill, [Kings Mentor], had yet to be activated. Not only did this skill need [Activation Theory], it needed a higher level Ultimate Knowledge.

Because [Kings Mentor] was a skill to help nurture his strength in the long run, this skill would not be able to help him much for the battle in ten days. Thus, Han Xiao was not too anxious about activating it and planned to find another chance to activate it in the future.

With the Quantum Infinite Distance Transmission Channel, my mechanical army will be able to engage in long-range battles and enjoy the boost from my Mechanical Force even without my appearance. This means that my mechanical army now has the ability to go on a long-distance mission on their own, and the Secondary Dimension Army skill means that I no longer have to use army boxes. I can receive reinforcements at a much quicker speed and bring around a much larger force with me

Han Xiao was extremely satisfied.

The skills of an Emperor Mechanic were extremely powerful, but that was not all he had gained.

Following the changes in his knowledge tree, the new knowledge also brought him new skills.


You have learned [Active Mechanical Force]!

You have learned [Advanced Machinery Construction]!

You have learned [Fine Material Refinement]!

You have learned [Legendary Enhancement]!

You have learned [Machinery Fusion]!


Han Xiao raised his arms to release Mechanical Force, and the Mechanical Force in his palms experienced a change in color. A light golden color could be seen amid the blue bolts of lightning, and it looked extremely luxurious.

This was the effect of [Active Mechanical Force], which came from the knowledge [Activation Theory]. It is a passive skill that could increase ones Machinery Affinity by 150% at level one and 280% at the max level.

[Advanced Machinery Construction] was the upgraded form of [Basic Machinery Construction]. It largely increased the speed of construction, and as long as the raw materials were sufficient, raw materials could rapidly be transformed into spare parts before being assembled into machines.

This skill could also increase the effect of [Waste Modification]. Originally, machines could only be recycled for four times, but the upper limit had been increased to eight. The original twenty percent decrease in a machines attributes had fallen to ten percent.

[Fine Material Refinement] and [Legendary Enhancement] were the upgraded abilities of a Mechanics basic skills. They increased his ability to work with new materials and also strengthened his machinery.

Both [Machinery Fusion] and [Kings Mentor] came from [Activation Theory] and were used to strengthen his soldiers.

They bestowed a mechanical soldier with the ability to swallow other machines and decompose the target to snatch the targets armor and equipment. This was a way for a mechanical soldier to evolve and grow.

The two skills did not overlap. [Kings Mentor] increased the energy of a mechanical soldier whereas [Machinery Fusion] improved the hardware of the mechanical soldier. Explaining it simply, [Kings Mentor] was used to increase a mechanical soldiers energy whereas [Machinery Fusion] increased a mechanical soldiers body strength and basic stats.

Both skills were complementary and could increase the strength of a mechanical soldier when used together.

These skills are extremely important to increase my strength in this phase, Han Xiao thought to himself.

Using the Evolution Cube resulted in a ten-month experience penalty, and Han Xiao was not planning to waste his extra experience leveling up during this period of time. He was prepared to use it to increase the level of his skills instead of increasing his chances during the battle with the Tyrant.

After looking through his new skills once and raising most of them to the max level, Han Xiao closed the interface.

These new skills should be used on his mechanical army, and his strength would definitely reach a new peak after the next ten or so days.

Han Xiao passed all the miscellaneous tasks over to his officers and remained in the workshop to construct his new machinery. The others knew that he needed to prepare for battle, and even Ames did not disturb his seclusion.

The date for the battle soon arrived.

The desolate universe belt outside of West Wind was bustling with activity and had become a sea of spaceships.

After travelling for twenty days, numerous spaceships rushed over from all the different regions, and there seemed to be a never-ending sea of spaceships.

In every Star Field, Star Cluster, Star System, and planet, the number of people watching the live broadcast of the event was many times that of those present.

The battlefield had become the stage for the trillions all over the galaxy.

Not a single Beyond Grade A Super had arrived at this moment, and everyone was waiting excitedly for the main characters to arrive.

Bloodshed Land and Section Zeros fleets were currently in a standoff with each other, and both Klent and Purple Crystal had sent out their official fleet to maintain order. The atmosphere was extremely tense, and the secret war looked as though it was about to erupt and become a war between two civilizations. However, both parties had extremely good self-control and had a tacit agreement to not escalate the conflict.

There are truly too many people

In one of the Star Diamond Grade Flagships, Ralph looked out at the sea of spaceships. Even with his authority and status, he could not help but feel nervous at such a majestic scene.

The number of spectators was probably in the trillions!

It would be impossible for us to maintain order if chaos breaks out. Ralph felt his heart thumping. When will Black Star arrive?

The Black Star Army headquarters just sent a message and said that His Excellency Black Stars fleet will arrive soon.

Ralph felt his palms drenched in cold sweat as he tried to imagine what would happen next. He had not brought the Purple Crystal fleet over for fun and was prepared to provide reinforcement for Black Star when needed.

After finally gaining a Beyond Grade A ally, Purple Crystal was not willing to give up on Black Star. If the battle was to Black Stars disadvantage, Purple Crystal would reinforce him even if it meant an all-out war. Since the secret war was already in a stalemate, Purple Crystal was not afraid of flipping the table. Furthermore, the authority to mobilize the fleet was in the hands of Ralph and a few other military commanders. Thus, Ralph truly had a heavy feeling in his heart.

In the Section Zero camp, the Black Star Army fleet was in the most prominent spot with tens of thousands of spaceships present. The players were present within the Black Star Army fleet, and they looked out at the scene before them.

The battle is going to begin today

Frenzied Sword clenched his fists tightly.

All the players around him had looks of curiosity, anxiety, excitement, agitation, and many other different emotions.

The scale of this gathering was one that they had never witnessed before and the largest event in the three versions of Galaxy. None of the players wanted to miss out on such an event.

In the Bloodshed Land faction, there was also a batch of players present. They were the traitor army with Summer Night Flower in the lead.

Summer Night Flower looked at the Black Star Army fleet with a complicated look on his face.

I was once a part of them

The way Summer Night Flower saw it, the battle between the bosses of Bloodshed Land and the Black Star Army was his final chance to prove himself.

The Mercenary League had sent their forces and occupied a VIP spot.

How many years has it been since such a majestic event took place in the Shattered Star Ring?

The bigshots of the Mercenary League were chatting casually, and Gureja could not help but lament. He was the leader of Sky Ring and one of the upper echelons of the Mercenary League.

The last time Beyond Grade A Supers publicly challenged each other was 276 years ago. It was Austin fighting one of the powerhouses from the previous generation, right? another Army Commander said.

More than two hundred years ago. Heh, I was still a small guerrilla captain back then, Underworld Feather said while chewing on some snacks.

I bet you definitely didnt have such a weird fetish two hundred years ago. Gureja could not help but look at the dry meat in Underworld Feathers hands.

What weird fetish? I am a gourmet. Underworld Feather rolled her eyes.

Gureja shook his head and ignored her. Since Black Star has already become a Beyond Grade A Super, regardless of the outcome of the battle, I will invite him to become the chief of our Mercenary League. All of us will be able to find more development opportunities if we are under him.

All the Army Commanders nodded, and no one disagreed.

The Mercenary League could be considered a large organization in the Shattered Star Ring, and the Black Star Army was one of the founders. None of them minded Black Star becoming the nominal leader of their organization as it would bring them a brighter future.

There were many other organizations that Han Xiao had cooperated with before present as well.

Right at that moment, a blue whirlpool-like transportation door suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield and expanded rapidly.

Theyre finally here!

At this moment, the crowd erupted in a huge commotion.

The excitement that everyone had been suppressing was ignited once again!




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