The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Counter

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As another punch landed on Han Xiaos chest, Heber noticed the abnormality. He quickly turned around and stared at the quickly approaching Psyker.

Want to grab the Evolution Cube? Heber looked at Psyker with hostility.

Psyker had publicized the information regarding the Evolution Cube, clearly stating his goal. Although Heber was interested in it, he had no means of locating the Evolution Cube.

He refused to cooperate with Psyker because he did not want anyone to disrupt his duel with Black Star and break his plan to make an example. Seeing that the Arcane Church had suddenly attacked to restrain Ames and Psyker was clearly using him, he was enraged.

His eyes were filled with warning as he stared at Psyker.

Expressionless, Psyker continued to charge forward. He had to retrieve the Evolution Cube even if it meant offending Heber.

In his senses, the Evolution Cube was right on Han Xiao. His psychic energy had already shot toward Han Xiao. As soon as he got the Evolution Cube, he would retreat and not waste energy fighting him.

Seeing that Psyker had ignored his warning, the hostility in Hebers eyes became stronger. However, there was no way he was going to let Black Star go and turn around to attack Psyker.

Psyker had publicly stood against Black Star by demanding a battle with Black Star just like he did, which means that they were on the same side. If he gave up on the opportunity to heavily damage Black Star to stop his supposed ally, the situation would go out of control. Psyker had already tied him up using his standpoint.

Due to many factors, Heber had no choice but to watch Psyker approach, unable to stop him. He was enraged.

With a gloomy expression, Heber decided to get back at Psyker after he finished dealing with Black Star.

At this moment, to his shock, his punch was suddenly stopped!

His eyes quickly moved away from Psyker and back to Han Xiao. Shocked, he realized that Han Xiao, who was supposedly unable to move, suddenly regained control and stopped his fists with his hands.

Instantly responding, Hebers muscles expanded. A powerful surge of energy flowed into his arms. Just as he was about to forcefully break away from Han Xiaos block and disable Han Xiao again, he was stunned.

A terrifying power came from Han Xiaos arms that matched his own!

Whats going on

Heber looked at Han Xiaos face with shock. Half of Han Xiaos mechanical suit helmet was broken, showing half of Han Xiaos face and his calm eyes.

Really horrifying damage, almost took half of my health Han Xiao licked away the blood at the tip of his lips and grinned. Sadly, we have fought for far more than twenty minutes!

The mechanical army had stalled the Tyrant for long enough, so he had obtained the Tyrants Character Summon Card long ago!


[Character Summon CardTyrant Heber]. Usages: 1/3. Effect: +4,000 STR. Duration: 40 minutes!


With the increase in his Strength, he became immune to Hebers disabling abilities!

The next second, Han Xiao clenched his fists and grabbed Hebers hands. Surging power filled his body. With a turn of his waist, he lifted Heber and threw him right at Psyker!

What Disbelief appeared in Hebers eyes.

I lost to a Mechanic in a battle of strength

Are you kidding me

This made Psykers expression change dramatically as well.

Black Star had obviously been pinned down by Heber; he did not expect him to be able to escape it that fast and with raw strength!

The mechanical army far away regained its Mechanical Force bonuses and fired at Heber and Psyker. Psyker had no choice but to stop and block the attacks with his psychic shield while grabbing Heber and helping him regain balance.

The violent attacks exploded on the psychic shield. The expanding light obstructed their sight.

Before the two of them could make the next move, they suddenly felt a sense of pressure. Turning around, they saw an enormous satellite penetrating the attacks outside the psychic shield and crashing directly toward them.

Not having the time to think about anything else, Heber rapidly absorbed dark energy and turned his body into a giant. His fists launched toward the armed satellite, hoping to stop its impact.

However, the difference in size was too huge. Heber and Psyker were both slapped onto the surface of the satellite.

Ames eyes were flickering with a green light. Her force field pushed the armed satellite forward like a marble, drawing an arc and crashing toward the Arcane Churchs fleet.

The attacks of the Arcane Church fleet had caused her to be unable to stop Psyker in time, which made Ames quite displeased. Luckily, Black Star had gotten out of the dangerous situation himself. Without hesitation, she immediately backed Black Star up and set the Arcane Church fleet as a target as well.

Facing the enormous armed satellite, the Arcane Church fleet fired without hesitation. The storm of dark energy blasts fired on the armed satellite and destroyed it.

This was the biggest explosion since the start of the battle. The strong light caused by it made the eyes of countless spectators hurt and forced them to close their eyes. Only stronger Supers could barely open their eyes.

As the aftershock of the explosion dissipated, only then did everyone see the current situation.

Han Xiao and Ames stood in the middle of the battlefield together, while Heber and Psyker endured the explosion and hovered before the Arcane Churchs fleet. Four Beyond Grade As on two sides stood against each other.

The situation had taken too quick a turn, and the people could not react immediately. Once they figured out what happened, their eyes gathered on Han Xiao.

The situation earlier had been dire for Han Xiao, but Han Xiao had used raw strength to fight back against Heber. He had used the most direct and straightforward method to break the situation of being surrounded by Heber and Psyker!

Hu Sylvia took a deep breathshe had been really startled earlier.

Hilas fists opened, and her tense body relaxed.

The audience calmed down and once again focused on the battle.

Psyker and Ames both acted. Its probably not a duel but a battle now.

The Arcane Church interfered. Not just the Beyond Grade As, even the fleets of two sides might start fighting!

The Crimson Dynasty will definitely respond as well; this might cause another war.

I feel like we should back off a little more

Countless people were feeling nervous. The Arcane Churchs involvement changed what was initially a duel between Beyond Grade As. The situation became complicated.

Just in terms of forces, Hebers side with the Crimson Dynasty and the Arcane Church had the complete upper hand. If the fleets took part in the battle, Black Stars side would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Psykers expression was not looking good. After his failed attempt, his plan was shattered. Since he had already acted, he would not be able to watch from the side anymore. He could only snatch the Evolution Cube head-on, which would be much more difficult.

He turned around, looked at Heber, and saw that Heber was looking at him with sharp eyes as well.

Psyker knew that he had offended the Tyrant due to what he had just done. He sighed in his head before speaking to Heber with psychic energy.

Ames has joined the battle; you wont be able to duel Black Star anymore. They will fight you two on one, so you need help. Well settle what happened earlier in the future. Lets work together first. I have the Arcane Church; you have the Crimson Dynasty. Using our fleets, help me retrieve the Evolution Cube, and the Arcane Church and myself will give you more than enough benefits.

Heber frowned. His plan was messed up, and he really wanted to suffocate Psyker. When Psyker asked him to work together, he had suggested a similar plan. Back then, he had rejected it, and he still did not want to agree.

He did not invite the Crimson Dynasty; they had made a certain deal with Klent, which Heber did not know the details of. However, since the Crimson Dynasty had come, they were there to back him up. He did not want a duel to turn into a full out warit would be far off from his initial intentions.

At this time, the Crimson Dynastys fleet suddenly moved, attracting everyones attention.

The Crimson Dynasty fleet turned around, aiming their countless cannons at the Arcane Churchs fleet. Before anyone could react, the Crimson Dynasty fleet suddenly fired!

Countless particle cannon beams blasted into the Arcane Churchs fleet. Suddenly being attacked from the side, the Arcane Church had no time to react.

At this moment, everyone was stunned!

WhWhats going on

Han Xiaos eyes lit up suddenly.

Zoel acted!

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