The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 796

Chapter 796 Plan

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The main goal of heading to the Central Galaxy this time was to meet the upper echelons of the dynasty and enter the dynasty allies circle. Then, he would officially step into the Central Galaxy stage and be known in the heart of the universe.

Other than that, Han Xiao had two more important goals.

One was to try to obtain Ultimate Knowledge from the dynasty during this trip.

The dynasty had generously given him all the Mechanic class Cutting-Edge Knowledges, but Ultimate Knowledges were much more valuable. Even Beyond Grade A allies would have to make some contributions before getting rewarded with it. The dynasty was generous to give him all the Cutting-Edge Knowledge at once, but keeping the Ultimate Knowledges back was a rule.

Resources were not given completely free to the Beyond Grade A allies of Universal Civilizations. Han Xiao estimated that he would only be able to request Ultimate Knowledge after he finished exploring the Flickering World. However, he wanted to go to the Central Galaxy and see if he could get it in advance.

Due to the EXP penalty he received from the Evolution Cube, his strength growth was paused. Han Xiao planned to look for other ways to become stronger like the other Beyond Grade As.

Other than talents, blueprints, and abilities, there was only class knowledge left. Ultimate Knowledges could make anyone from any class tremendously stronger.

Currently, the highest-level knowledge he had was only Cutting-Edge Knowledges. His [Kings Mentor] required Ultimate Knowledge to be activated.

Another goal was to grow new leek fields.

Only some of the players were in the Shattered Star Ring; there were a lot of players in the other Star Fields. In the past, due to how far the distance was and how the army was not strong enough, Han Xiao could not reach them.

Now that there was a chance to borrow the Crimson Dynastys military inter-Star Field channel, he could bring some people to the dynastys territory to grow new leek fields.

This way, the fame within the players he had been accumulating throughout the last three versions would be of use. The name of The Black Star Army was attractive to the players of the other Star Fields too, and the players of the Shattered Star Ring were the best examples.

He might be able to bring some of the Central Galaxy players back.

Han Xiao smirked.

This trip might take about two to three months, but I will return in time for the official exploration of the Flickering World. During this time, I will leave the matters of the army to you guys.

Its thanks to you bringing back so many Shattered Star Ring allies that our partners are spread all across this Star Field, Sylvia said with a serious face. The expansion of the army is almost complete. We will be able to stabilize as long as we follow the plan. You dont have to worry.

Im not worried when you guys are taking care of it. Han Xiao nodded with a smile.

The Black Star Army had officially become a Beyond Grade A organization and was now a giant in the Shattered Star Ring. According to the planned blueprint, it would continuously build more than ten thousand bases that would be spread across the various Star Clusters and Star Systems in the Shattered Star Ring.

The expansion of business was going very smoothly too. Through the channels provided by the partners from various industries, the Black Star Army had officially stepped into the various business industries. They were now involved in financial group trading, intelligence dealing, tourism transportation, mercenary production, and many more. Of course, most core businesses were still mercenary requests, resources mining, and armed alliance businesses. These three were the pillars of the army.

Among all the business models, the only one that was not replicable was the profits brought by the Evolution Cube. There was only one Evolution Cube, so it rightfully became the specialty of the Black Star Army. This was also the reason that the Black Star Armys expansion was going so smoothly.

The Evolution Cube was accessible for the army members as well. They just had to exchange for the right to use it with Contribution Points. This was also how the army was able to attract many more newcomers than it had estimated, building the fundamentals for the armys large-scale expansion.

As the Tyrant had ceased fire and Psyker had admitted his loss, no organization in this area could threaten the armys position.

It could be said that the Shattered Star Ring had become the Black Star Armys headquarters. The army had built a strong and firm base there. The next step was to open new markets.

I will bring some Black Star Guards with me. Vice Commander Lagi will be responsible for the high-level combatants here. Dont let him slack

Han Xiao suddenly thought of something and added, Also, announce to the entire army that Ive been invited to the Crimson Dynasty.

No problem. Sylvia did not ask why.

Since he was going to open new leek fields, Han Xiao did not plan to not use the players information channel. He wanted to spread this news through the forums and let the players over there in the Central Galaxy be mentally prepared beforehand.

Han Xiao was not worried about someone messing with his headquarters after he left. The Tyrant had become his ally on paper, and they had agreed to a ceasefire, so causing trouble would not be beneficial to Heber at all.

Psyker was temporarily lying low as well. Through getting a seat for the Planet Aquamarine in the Civilization Conference, Han Xiao had given Planet Aquamarine political protection. If Psyker did something to the army while he was not present, it would be a law-breaking act. Furthermore, Psyker still had his race behind him, so he would not do anything rash.

The Evolution Cube was on Han Xiao at all times. If someone wanted to get it, they could only snatch it from him. Therefore, attacking the Black Star Army was meaningless. This applied to EsGod as well.

Han Xiao was even less worried about enemies below Beyond Grade A causing troublewith so many Calamity Grade officers in the army, anyone who dared look for trouble would be asking to die.

After resting for two days, the long-distance fleet heading toward the Central Galaxy officially gathered.

It was the day of their departure.

The fleet was formed of 3,500 battleships, and the main ships were three mobile satellite bases. Although they were rather bulky, they were also equipped with hyperdrive devices, just not very high-speed ones.

Han Xiao did not produce Eternal Light flagships on a large scaleit would be too flamboyant for him, a Crimson Dynasty ally, to use the Federation of Lights flagship. Han Xiao took it as a secret weapon and built it discreetly, storing it in the hangar. He did not plan to use it publicly for the time being.

Teny and the other dynasty elites had been invited by Han Xiao to take the same battleship.

In the command room, the people at all posts readied and stared at Han Xiaos back, waiting for his order.

Before the enormous porthole, Han Xiao stood side by side with Ames and looked at the sea of stars outside.

The light from the thrusters of the battleships around illuminated their faces.

Are you sure you want to come with me?

Its not like Ive never been to the Central Galaxy. Ames smiled. Ill treat it as sightseeing.

Aesop, who was beside them, caressed the beard on his chin and said, I can visit my old friends.

Han Xiao nodded. His deep voice then appeared in the communication channel, sounding in every battleship.



The ship shivered slightly and started accelerating, leaving the Black Star Army headquarters.

The fleet had left.

Very soon, the spaceships turned into streams of light and disappeared in the black universe.

When the fleet departed, countless army members were watching from the headquarters satellite.

Following Han Xiaos orders, Sylvia publicized Han Xiaos whereabouts to the entire army. Everyone knew that their army commander had been invited to the Crimson Dynasty and was going to the dynastys capital to meet its leader.

Thats the head of one of the three universal civilizations, the most powerful person in this entire universe!

Countless army members were excited and honored. The army players expressed their shock actively on the forumsBlack Star was the first person they knew about to cross servers!

This news piqued the interest of the players of the various Star Fields.

In the past, the Shattered Star Ring had always enjoyed the Black Star Armys benefits alone, causing a lot of envy in the players of the other Star Fields.

Tons of the Black Star Armys deeds were already circulating on the forums. Along with the sensational news that Han Xiao had become a Beyond Grade A, the benefits of the army had already spread to the players of all the Star Fields. Comparatively, the players of the other Star Field realized that the privileges and benefits their own factions gave was not even worth mentioningno one would refuse to enjoy the armys benefits.

Now, the opportunity to come into contact with the Black Star Army had arrived!

The players of the Central Galaxy were overjoyed. This topic exploded on their forums.

Is the Black Star Army finally growing beyond its Star Field?

Haha, fantastic, we finally have a chance to join the Black Star Army.

Alas, only if theyre coming to the Primeval Star River too.

The Shattered Star Ring players did not think much of it. The stronger the Black Star Army grew, the prouder they would feel. They also felt curiousafter the army commander expanded into other Star Fields, would he bring back players from the other Star Fields?

To the current players, crossing Star Fields was way too difficultthey had no right to borrow the Inter-Star Field Stargate and could not afford spaceships that were fast enough. No player had crossed Star Fields for the time being. Furthermore, they had yet to even finish exploring the Star Field they were born in.

The players in the various Star Fields all played on their own and would only meet others on the professional stages and never in any other way.

What if, since the Black Star Army guided us into the galaxy in Version 2.0, it will also be the faction to guide us to cross Star Fields in the future too?

Thats actually highly likely. The army has now become an ally of a universal civilization, and its next step will be to explore the Flickering World. It feels like its opening an inter-Star Field era for us.

There was a lot of speculation on the forums.

At the same time in the Bloodshed Land

Black Star has departed?

Yes, just.

Heber sat on his throne. His fist supported his face, and he looked straight forward blankly at the palace gate.

As an ally of the Crimson Dynasty, he had been to the Crimson Dynasty long ago, exactly as Han Xiao had been invited.

As if his vision crossed the wide universe, an odd emotion appeared in Hebers eyes as if some of his memories had resurfaced.

Those guys in the Central Galaxy are not the friendliest.

On the Crimson Dynastys mother planet was Tarunamir Palace, the office space for the government affairs of the dynasty. Including the leader of the dynasty, all the core upper echelons dealt with their official duties inside. It was extremely large and could be considered a city on the mother planet.

This was the center of power of the dynasty. It was solemn, serious, and tightly guarded. The government officials that passed each other almost never spoke to each other.

A short person and a tall person walked side by side down a long corridor in Tarunamir Palace. Warm light shone from the windows on the left and painted their shadows on the wall.

The government officials that saw the two of them on the way all showed admiration by standing still and bowing, expressing their respect.

This gathering is for you guys to meet that new ally.

I think hes called Black Star?

Yes, hes from the Shattered Star Ring, only became a Beyond Grade A recently.

Oh, a new Beyond Grade A from the Shattered Star Ring. When was the last time a new Beyond Grade A was born there? I cant remember.

I have forgotten too.

Isnt that quite tough-skinned Heber from the Shattered Star Ring too. Is he coming this time?

Dont think so.

Sigh, then its no fun

Who knows? The data shows that this new ally became a Beyond Grade A in the shortest time ever in history. His combat capability is not low, and he fought on par with Psyker and Heber. Furthermore, he has a nickname called Indestructible Body. Although hes a Mechanic, his body is very tough.

Oh? This sounds fun. I wonder whos more durable to beatings, him or Heber?

The two of them chatted casually.




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