The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 805

Chapter 805 Overwhelming

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EsGods appearance made Murraky horrified. He had thought this was just a regular routine elimination; he had never expected EsGods main body to appear there.

It was common knowledge in the Central GalaxyIf you meet EsGods main body, its best to escape immediately.

"You guys, lure EsGod away and buy us some time!"

Murraky ordered his fleet to ignore the damage incurred and keep attacking the Fallen Arks fleet while decisively giving Han Xiao and the other orders.

EsGods vicious name was deeply embedded in the Central Galaxy. Murraky was arrogant, but he knew that there was no way to kill EsGod with the manpower he had. His goal was just to eliminate the enemy fleet and reduce EsGods power so that EsGod would be alone, and they could try to force him away. If he succeeded, it would be an amazing achievement!

Although EsGod was one of the strongest even among Beyond Grade As, there were three Beyond Grade As on his side at the very least. It was time to make use of them.

As the dynastys troops started moving, the three Beyond Grade As including Han Xiao were confronting EsGod on the desolate planet. They completely ignored Murrakys words and focused all their attention on EsGod.

The atmosphere was almost solidifying, and the murderous intent in the air kept growing.

Beyoni did not dare to move his eyes away from EsGod, so he glanced at Han Xiao with shock from the corner of his eyeshe had heard what EsGod said.

What response? Does Black Star have a private contact with EsGod?

With the movements of Han Xiaos fingers, the mechanical army all aimed at EsGod but did not fire immediately. Han Xiao slowly said, "Did you really think I would agree to your terms and let you use the Evolution Cube? Im now a member of the dynasty, so you and I will only be enemies, nothing else! I came this time to make that crystal clear. The Evolution Cube is right here. If you want it, come and get it!"

Han Xiao did not hide the fact that the two of them had communicated in the past and actively stated his stance.

EsGod narrowed his eyes and stared at Han Xiaos neck as if his sight could penetrate the mechanical suit and see the Evolution Cube.

Black Star knew that this was a signal he sent deliberately, yet he still dared to personally come here to reject him? He had even brought the Evolution Cube along to draw the line clearly. Was Black Star really not afraid of him snatching it, or was Black Star too confident in himself?

EsGod glanced at Han Xiao and the others and said coldly, "Has fighting me as three given you confidence?"

As soon as his sentence finished, EsGod moved. With a push of his hands, rainbow-like energy gushed out and turned into countless beams of light, shooting toward the three of them.


With a quick flash of green light in Ames eyes, a thick force field shrouded the three of them. The rainbow energy exploded over the force field and turned into fireworks. Its penetration power was very strong and even had a decomposing attribute. If not because Ames force field had a continuous supply of energy from her, these attacks would not have been easy to defend against.

EsGod turned his palm, and suddenly, another force field appeared and pressed onto them.

"He has a type of force field Esper Ability, too." Ames was shocked and hastily sustained her own force field. The two force fields entered a stalemate for the moment, but they were surrounded by EsGods force field.

Force Field Esper Abilities were quite common and did not have very high potential. Ames was the one and only person that had become a Beyond Grade A with it. However, the low-grade Esper Abilities that EsGod had absorbed would receive Beyond Grade A bonuses from him, so the two of them were on par for the time being.

Along with Han Xiaos thoughts, the mechanical army outside started attacking immediately. EsGod narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, the space around him solidified and seemed to crystalize. Countless psionic attacks were deflected. Some disappeared into the sky, and some landed on the ground, causing enormous explosions, but none managed to hit him!

"Pure energy reflection Esper Ability" Han Xiaos expression changed.

At this moment, Beyoni released his Esper Ability from afar and ignited EsGods body. Be it his flesh, bones, or the energy inside him, they all turned into fuel for the flames.

However, EsGod was unaffected. He inhaled deeply, and it was as if the flames on his body were absorbed by his skin. Beyonis flames turned into pure energy and were devoured by his cells.

Before they could respond, half of EsGods body suddenly turned into black fog. The black fog concentrated into a human shape beside him. As if his cells had split, a new doppelganger appeared.


This doppelganger disappeared instantly, ignoring Ames force field, and appeared before Beyoni, punching right onto his chest. With its [God Speed] Esper Ability, this doppelganger was extremely fast.

Beyonis response was quick, too. Energy flew in his body. He raised his arms at the verge of danger and blocked the EsGod doppelgangers fist. However, the fist had no momentum or power. Instead, the moment it touched Beyoni, a strange energy entered into Beyonis body.

"Wha" Beyonis expression changed drastically. At that instant, it was as if the Esper Ability in his body had disappeared. He could not even sense his energy anymore.

At this time, the EsGod doppelganger emitted a blinding light and expanded extremely quickly.


A black mass of light appeared, quickly expanding like a black hole, and shrouded Beyoni. A part of the mechanical army around were devoured too and were all obliterated. The mechanical soldiers that were not in the center of the explosion were blown away by the shockwave, incurring various degrees of damage.


The mass of light expanded and exploded, leaving an enormous crater on the ground.

A black sphere of fire hovered in midair. The flames around it dissipated, and Beyoni appeared from within.

His entire body was burnt black. His Esper Ability had been suppressed by some kind of Esper Ability of EsGod. When the doppelganger exploded, he could finally sense his Esper Ability at the last moment and ignited the energy around him, offsetting the approaching energy and canceling most of the explosions power, creating an empty space around him. This was why he was not too heavily injured.

Not far away, a rippled appeared in midair, and Han Xiao walked out of it. He had avoided the explosion by entering the Void Dimension. On the other side, Ames walked out of the Void Dimension, too. Her method of avoiding the explosion was exactly the same as Han Xiaos.

After just a short fight, the faces of all three of them looked grave. They looked up and stared at EsGod, who did not even move.

"What a terrifying guy"

Although expected, the extent of how powerful EsGod was still shocked Han Xiao. Rumors were one thingfacing EsGod himself was another. He had fought an EsGod doppelganger before, but his doppelganger and his main body were on completely different levels.

This being before him was someone who had spent countless years collecting Esper Abilities, a monster with who knew how many abilities!

This guys main body was the true definition of EsGodthe mighty God of Espers!

The potential of an Esper Ability determined its owners Grade limit. Many unique Esper Abilities had a very low Grade limit, but when EsGod absorbed these Esper Abilities and used his own Beyond Grade A energy as their energy source, some abilities that would have never reached Beyond Grade A could now possess Beyond Grade A level of power. Even the simplest Esper Abilities would be extremely powerful in his hands, and some strange abilities would even have shocking effects!

For example, the ability that suppressed Beyoni was originally an ability that could silence someone elses Esper Ability, but that ability had a very low limit and could not even affect Calamity Grades. However, when EsGod used it with his own energy, despite it only being able to activate at close range, it became effective even against Beyond Grade As.

With so many Esper Abilities, he almost had no weaknesses. To him, there were only two restrictionshis own energy limit and the fact that he could not use too many Esper Abilities at the same time, as that would overload his genes.

He suppressed three enemies including Han Xiao alone and did not look pressured. In the entire universe, very few could match up to him in a direct battle!

"Luckily, I dragged Beyoni here. The situation would have been much worse if there were only two of us. Although three of us still cant beat him, at least we can barely stall him"

With a heavy heart, Han Xiao reorganized his scattered mechanical army.

Compared to the other Beyond Grade As whom he had fought before, EsGod was the only one whose strength completely overwhelmed him!

"He does live up to his notorious name." Ames gasped for air. This was also her first time fighting EsGod, and she was shocked after experiencing EsGods overwhelming strength.

EsGod glanced at the three of them and suddenly disappeared by teleportation.


Han Xiao hastily looked up and saw that EsGod had moved into the dynastys army.

Murraky, who was commanding the fleet, had the same thought. When he saw EsGod appearing in the fleet, his expression changed dramatically.

The next moment, EsGod punched forward and shot out a crimson beam of light toward the main ship. It directly penetrated the main ships high-level energy shield and created a huge hole on the ship, completely penetrating it from one side to the other. Armor plates scattered around.

"Warning! Warning! Ship damage 10.8%! Engine Three broken! Energy circuit damaged. Energy core output efficiency decreased by 18%. Repairing"

The tremble of the ship made the people in the command room stagger and almost fall. When Murraky finally balanced himself, his face had turned pale.

"Quickly, retreat!"

As the main ship was attacked, the situation changed in an instant. If they were attacked by EsGod a few more times, he would be dead for sure. The tiny bit of will of not wanting to accept defeat so easily disappeared immediately, and he did not dare continue fighting.

However, the main ship was EsGods target. He fired a chain of black-red beams of light.

Looking at the beams of light approaching from the porthole and hearing the alarm in the spaceship, it suddenly occurred to Murraky that in the face of such superior strength, he was powerless. The fleet he trusted so much could not help him at all; he was like a pig waiting to be butchered.

Despair appeared on his face.

The beam of light shot right into the main ship. The next moment, light expanded from within, and the main ship exploded into pieces.

Murrakys vision was filled with darkness. He had already closed his eyes and was waiting for his death. Suddenly, he felt that his entire body was covered by cold metal. He immediately opened his eyes and saw that the mass of light emitted from the main ships explosion was getting further in his sights, while he was covered by a mechanical suit and was quickly getting away from the area of the explosion.

"Im not dead!" Murrakys eyes were opened wide. Fear still lingered in his heart.


At this time, the tactical display lit up, and Han Xiaos face appeared.

"Still alive? Dont just freeze there. The fleet needs your command. Dont think about retreating. EsGod is indeed terrifyingly strong, but he wont be able to beat the three of us in a short time. This place is very near the dynastys borders. The guard army of the border is able to reinforce us anytime, so he wont stay here for too long. As long as we hang on, we can force him away."

As the main ship exploded, Han Xiao had arrived and saved Murrakyhe could not let this guy die. The fleet needed a commander.

Black Star? This guy saved me?

Murrakys expression changed. After hearing what Han Xiao said, he clenched his teeth and left the thought of retreating behind. He hastily opened the command channel and told the fleet to continue attacking. The mechanical suit on him protected him and helped him flee, so he would not die.

Han Xiao took the other two to surround EsGod again, fighting him with all their might. They finally barely pulled him away from the fleet.

The four of them fought intensely. EsGod did not show any sign of difficulty dealing with the attacks of all three of them, while the number of wounds on Han Xiao and the others kept increasing instead. The damage of the mechanical army gradually increased too. None of them could match EsGod alone, so they could only fight him together.

In the middle of the intense fight, Han Xiao suddenly received a psychic voice message from EsGod.

"Ive always wondered, how do you know how to use the Evolution Cube?" EsGod said with a curious tone.

He did indeed wonder. The data of the Evolutionary Civilization was clearly in his hands. He had checked Han Xiaos history and knew that Han Xiao had never had any form of contact with the Evolutionary Civilization, so why did he know how to use the Evolution Cube?

Han Xiao blocked an energy shockwave with his psionic shield, clenched his teeth, and barely opened his mouth. "I was lucky!"

"Luck? Do you think Im easy to fool?" EsGods face was filled with doubt.

The activation password of the Evolution Cube is extremely complicated. For you to get it from luck alone, the possibility is infinitely close to zero. Youre not going to fool anyone.

There was only one possibilitythe data of the Evolutionary Civilization had definitely leaked.

EsGod paused, dodged Ames force field impact, and suddenly shook his head. "Never mind, whats important is the fact that you know how to use it. The reason doesnt matter. Maybe this has given you the confidence not to be afraid. Sadly, you underestimated me and overestimated yourself. Bringing the portable Evolution Cube right in front of me is the biggest mistake youve made."

Then, EsGod raised his hand. A cluster of blue light hovered above his palm. The next moment, it disappeared and turned into a familiar tiny silver cube.

Han Xiao trembled and hastily looked down. The Evolution Cube on his neck had disappeared, and he did not feel it at all!




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