The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Clue

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"A space swap Esper Ability?" Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

"You dont seem nervous at all." EsGod narrowed his eyes. Then, having suddenly realized something, he pressed down hard on the tiny silver cube and shattered it.

Silver alloy pieces scattered from his palmthere were no traces of any evolution energy at all.

EsGods movement became stiff.

Han Xiao chuckled. "Did you think that I would really bring the Evolution Cube here to see you? Let me return your words back at you you underestimated me."

This guy was not Psyker, who had possessed the Evolution Cube for many years, so he did not have the psychic detection to identify the real Evolution Cube.

EsGod stayed silent for a few seconds before shaking his head. "Thats right. Since youve decided to reject me, how could you have really brought the real one here? I was misguided by you."

When his main body had just appeared, Han Xiao acted very tough and told him to come and get it if he wanted the Evolution Cube, making his attention focused on the Evolution Cube on Han Xiao. Afterward, EsGod did not have the time to think too much during the battle, so he subconsciously thought that the tiny silver cube on Han Xiaos neck was the real deal.

He just said that he was not easy to fool, but then he was fooled right after EsGods expression was not looking too bright.

It was no secret that the Evolution Cube had become portable. As Psyker was always attempting to take it back, it was impossible to let anyone else carry the Evolution Cube. That was the misconception that Han Xiao had been building, so people would think that he carried the Evolution Cube with him at all times. Therefore, due to this preconception, EsGod had mistakenly assumed that knowing Han Xiaos location was equivalent to knowing the Evolution Cubes location and failed to think of the possibility that the Evolution Cube might not be with Han Xiao.

The data left by the Evolutionary Civilization consisted of a method to locate the Evolution Cube, but it was different from Psykers psychic method. That method could only accurately locate the Evolution Cube within a certain range when used in combination with a special detection device.

The technology used in this device came from countless years ago and had certain flaws compared to the present. Furthermore, the data left by the Evolutionary Civilization was not complete, so the detector had limitations, mainly distance.

Back when EsGod stole the Evolution Cube, it was because he had a rough idea of where the Evolution Cube was since it was on Psykers mother planet. He had only used the detector when he was nearby to obtain the accurate location of where the cube was on Psykers mother planet. If he did not know where the Evolution Cube was at the start, the detector would not be able to find it across the wide Star Field either.

If not because EsGod did not have the wrong preconception and did not have the time to look at the device while fighting the three of them, he would have noticed that the Evolution Cube was not nearby.

Psykers psychic energy was linked to the Evolution Cube. Although the location would be not very accurate when the distance was too great, he could still sense the Evolution Cube no matter how far it was. This was why Han Xiao always carried it around with him. However, this time, it was different coming to have contact with EsGod. Knowing that EsGod had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, Han Xiao was prepared. The Evolution Cube was not with him for the time being.

Some time ago when he departed from Planet Crimson Ring and spent a few days to reach the border, he had secretly sent a spaceship in another direction during the trip, not to the border but stealthily moving in the territory of the dynasty. The real Evolution Cube was there, and no one knew about this.

Psyker was far away. The further he was, the less accurate the location of the Evolution Cube would be to him. Psyker only knew that the Evolution Cube was somewhere in the Central Galaxy. Furthermore, not mentioning Psyker not knowing what was happening right then, even if he did know, a famous member of the Arcane Church would not be able to enter the dynastys territory. Therefore, Han Xiao could temporarily ignore the threat from Psyker.

For safety purposes, he had dispatched another mechanical army on the stealth spaceship that had the true Evolution Cube on it.

With his [Quantum Infinite Distance Transmission Channel] ability, even if the army was very far from him, he could still transmit Mechanical Force over and let the mechanical army over there have Beyond Grade A level power!

Staying in one place and letting the Beyond Grade A level mechanical army carry out expeditions was the specialty of Beyond Grade A Mechanics.

When he was not even at the scene, how could the enemy close the distance on him

This was somewhat similar to EsGods doppelgangers but even better. This was exactly the combat mode that Manison usedthe enemies would not be able to even see his face when fighting him.

Han Xiao was currently not using this strategy because his army had yet to reach the Mechanic Empires level. Furthermore, his tankiness was one of his strengths, so it would be a waste to not utilize it.

However, the mechanical army he sent on an expedition could also completely thrash Calamity Grades, so they were more than enough to be guards of the Evolution Cube for the time being.

While these thoughts flashed through his mind, Han Xiao did not stop moving and controlling the mechanical army to focus fire on EsGod. Although EsGods energy reflection shield could reflect most energy attacks, Han Xiao had plenty of ways to deal with that.

The mechanical army had a wide variety of attack methods, so one single Esper Ability could not possibly make him helpless. His mechanical army could even counter Metal Manipulation, so a mere energy reflection was no obstacle.

Furthermore, EsGod could not use too many abilities simultaneously and was not going to keep defending but not attacking. Also, there were two more Beyond Grade As beside Han Xiao.

The three of them could not defeat EsGod, but at the same time, EsGod could not easily defeat the three of them. The result of the battle could not be determined in a short time, and the two sides had entered a stalemate.

In the battlefield, Murraky, who had just escaped death, had no time to relax and ordered his fleet to keep attacking. Despite being arrogant, his professional capability was no fluke. After all, he could single-handedly command an entire border defense army.

Under his strategic orders, the dynastys troops attacked violently and had the firm upper hand. Without the interference of Beyond Grade As, this Fallen Ark fleet was no match for him at all and was quickly falling apart.

While dealing with the attacks, EsGod glanced at the fleet battlefield and frowned. He could see that his fleet was going to be wiped out.

As he had just confirmed, the Evolution Cube was not with Han Xiao. Therefore, to EsGod, there was no need to continue fighting. This place was too close to the dynastys border, and their reinforcements would reach very soon. Even he did not want to face tons of dynasty border guard armies. Even if he would eventually escape unharmed, he did not want to provoke the three civilizations too much.

If he killed too many the Crimson Dynasty men, the Crimson Dynasty might immediately gather a large army and march into the sensitive areas to pursue and eliminate the main Fallen Ark army. By then, it would be Clotti and the other two old dynasty b*stards he would have to face.

Although EsGod was not afraid of them himself, he would lose far more than just a fleet, so it was not worth it.

At this time, Han Xiao suddenly sent a psychic voice message and said with a deep voice, "You have a space swap Esper ability, so Im guessing you never wanted to make a deal with me since the start, and this has always been a trap."

EsGod blocked Ames force field then replied in a mocking tone.

"Its true I have no credibility nor reputation, but this time, youre wrong. I was indeed sincere. The Evolution Cube was the only hope to reach the higher territory in my eyes, but it isnt anymore. I have seen a wider world! To me, the Evolution Cube is no longer my final target, just a tool that I want and not an absolute necessity. If youre not willing to lend it to me, I really would not have done anything to you"

A higher territory? Han Xiao wondered. EsGod was combining the clearly restricted Super High Risk Esper Abilities and taking in countless galactic wanted criminals to form the Fallen Ark. Everything he did was for stronger powerhis motive was very straight forward.

"You want to be like the Primordial Ones, break through the limit of individual power and discover a new grade?" Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

"Hehe." EsGod neither agreed nor denied it. Then, he suddenly changed the topic and said, "Speaking of which, I have to thank you. You made me see a new hope and changed my goal."

"Thank me?" Han Xiao was confused.

"A few years ago, my doppelganger fought you in the Shattered Star Ring. It was toyed with by you and thrown into a wormhole," EsGod said with a mysterious tone. "Sadly, you did not follow me through the wormhole. You have absolutely no idea what youve missed."

Between the lines of his words, it was as if that event had turned out to be beneficial to him.

Han Xiao suddenly had a flash of insight and linked all the clues together. Shocked, he asked, "Was that why your people killed Harrofal?"

Back when the DarkStar leader returned to assassinate him, he had used an EsGod doppelganger. That was the first time he had come in contact with EsGod.

At that time, he had been no match for the EsGod doppelganger. He had used the wormhole environment around and worked together with a Mechanic who studied wormholes, Harrofal, leading the EsGod doppelganger into the wormhole and banishing it.

After that, EsGod had sent his subordinates to steal the Evolution Cube but killed Harrofal too. Han Xiao did not know the reason. This had happened a very long time ago, and he did not expect EsGod to bring it up. It seemed like there was something else to this.

"Harrofal?" EsGod paused, as if he finally remembered this name after thinking for some time. "Hmm, right, thats his name, that guy who tricked my doppelganger together with you at that time. I obtained the data of that wormhole tunnel from him."

Han Xiao was puzzled. EsGod said that he had seen the hope for the next stage. What did this guy see on the other side of the wormhole?

Did EsGod obtain the data for that particular wormhole tunnel so that he could locate the destination of that random teleportation and build a stable tunnel?

What did that wormhole lead to that was worthy of even EsGod putting in so much effort

Han Xiao was tempted to know, but EsGod had no interest in speaking about it. He suddenly teleported and escaped from the siege of the three of them, waving his hand. A teleportation gate appeared behind him.

From far away, EsGods sights stabbed Han Xiao like knives. From EsGods eyes, Han Xiao understood what he meant.

Ill let you go this time, but we will have plenty of chances in the future to play again. The days are still long!

Their gazes clashed.

Then, EsGod took a step back and disappeared without a trace together with the teleportation gate.

"He retreated"

Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. The mechanical army lost the target and stopped moving.

EsGod could not obtain the Evolution Cube this time, so he would most likely make more plans in the future. Han Xiao had no idea what methods EsGod would use in the future.

The two of them were now on completely opposite sides. However, this guy could not easily leave the Central Galaxy, so Han Xiao did not know when they would fight again.

Also, the wormhole that EsGod mentioned had piqued his curiosity.

Thinking of the strength that EsGod had showcased in this battle, Han Xiao felt a lot of pressure.

"He is the final boss of the Chaotic Evil Faction. I dont have enough strength to fight him yet"

Han Xiao felt a sense of pressurehe needed to become stronger.




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