The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Stealing Leeks Makes Me Happy

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Looking at Troys trepidatious and respectful expression, Han Xiao chuckled and asked, "So what you mean is, the reason youre in this situation today is all because you were framed, and that youre innocent?"

Troy swallowed his saliva and said, "I was tricked by my political enemy, they framed me for many crimes."

Han Xiao gave a long "oh", not expressing whether he believed Troys explanation and said, "So now you want to take refugee under my command and let me protect you?"

Troy said cautiously, "I wont dare to ask for your protection, all Im asking for is for you to allow me to follow the Black Star Armys fleet and leave the Central Galaxy through the stargate. Im wanted by a Star System civilization, I cant use any stargates without anyones help.

Han Xiao laughed and shook his head. "All the civilizations in the Constellation Corridor are ruled by the dynasty, dont you know Im the dynastys ally? Youre now a wanted criminal of a civilization under the dynastys ruling, its already kind of me to not capture you right here, but you still want me to bear the risk and bring you to the Shattered Star Ring? All you have are words, yet you want me to help you for free do I look like philanthropists to you?"

"No no, youre mistaken." Troy quickly waved his hands and said, "Although I do want to take refuge here, my intention to join the Black Star Army is sincere. Your rise in the Shattered Star Ring has spread across the universe, Ive admired you for a very long time. If you dont mind, Im willing to work for you and be loyal to you in the future."

"Oh?" Han Xiao placed his elbows on the table and his palms crossed before his nose, stared at Troy and said slowly, "You said youre innocent, do you think I believe that? Your ambitions failed and youre wanted to by a civilization, so you want me to back you up and use my name to pay the cost of your failure for you. Do you think there are such great things in the world?"

In fact, this guy was not innocent at all. In the years he ruled Sodrian, he secretly planned a lot of conspiracies to obtain more power. When these things got exposed, he became a rebel to the civilization. His political enemies did indeed exaggerate some of the things he did, but he was no saint either.

The situation Troy explained to Han Xiao was not completely untrue, he just changed some of the reasoning behind them and deliberately kept the factors regarding his own ambitions a secret, and did not tell the whole truth. He wanted to put the blame on others and make his crimes seem less severe, so he would look like he was forced and helpless, which he delusionally hoped would lower Han Xiaos suspicion towards him.

However, this was completely ineffective to Han Xiao. Sodrian was the earliest novice planet in the Constellation Corridor, with so much information the players had dug up, Han Xiao knew what happened all too well. Troy could not hide it from him at all.

Furthermore, Han Xiao had searched through the forums and found a hidden mission in the Galaxy Chronicles recorded by the Constellation Corridor players When Troy was retreating and fleeing, he arranged people to plant high energy explosives in the political building of Sodrians capital city that was more than enough to wipe out more than 10 streets. He completely ignored the civilian casualties and was extremely cruel. However, this triggered the players hidden mission and the trap was destroyed by the players. This was more than enough to prove that Troy was nothing but a cruel and heartless man who would have his revenge no matter the means and the unnecessary casualties.

Under the stare of Han Xiaos eyes, Troys expression stiffened. He was anxious, if not because he had no other way out, he would not have taken such a desperate measure. He clenched his teeth, let go of all his pride and suddenly prone before Han Xiao In the universally accepted cultural standards, this position represented complete obedience.

"With your position, who dares to lie to you! Its my fault for not saying things clearly and causing your misunderstanding, I am sorry. Please save my life, Im willing to forever work for you."

Han Xiao curled his lips in his mind. He knew exactly what Troy was intending to do it was nothing but an attempt to take refugee after making a huge mistake. Since the army was recruiting, he thought this was his opportunity so he intended to use sweet words to convince him.

If not because Troy had a special use to him, he would have let people capture Troy long ago to exchange for the bounty.

Han Xiao stood up, glanced at Troys back of the head and said, "I dont need your loyalty, and I dont need your appreciation even more. Im too lazy to capture you, so Ill take it as Ive never seen you. Get out of my sights right now and dont let me see you again, or else"

Whoosh! The door opened and Hila walked in, she stared at Troy coldly and clearly signifying him to piss off.

Troys face was pressed onto the floor and his expression could not be seen. Only after two seconds did he stand up and patted his shirt as if he was patting away the non-existent dust. With his head down, his eyes were fixed onto the floor and he did not dare to look up at Han Xiaos eyes. Under Hilas sharp stare, he walked out of the room step by step silently with clenched fists and was escorted out of the subdivision.

After he left, Han Xiaos expression relaxed and turned into an odd smile.

"I wonder if this will be of use in the future"

The Great Technician Han had a motive to deliberately let Troy leave. As the main storyline NPC of one of the novice planets, Troy still had some storyline on him. According to how things out in the previous life, Troy would barely escape from the chase in the end.

Then, since he was a wanted man, he fled into the border of the Central Galaxy and survived there. Afterward, he was accepted by the Fallen Ark and became one of EsGods subordinates, but he did not even make it to the officer position. The players only noticed and recorded this because he was once the main storyline NPC of a novice planet.

The fact that an important NPC in the early stages became someone so insignificant in the later stages was like an easter egg to the players, which was why Han Xiao remembered Troy.

Therefore, before Han Xiao let Troy leave, he secretly planted a ward on him.

EsGod was immune to the Observers Mark, but Troys appearance gave Han Xiao a flash of insight if Troy joined the Fallen Ark in the future like he did in the previous life, Han Xiao would be able to monitor EsGods movements.

Although he had no idea when and if this would work out, since it was not a significant plot, Han Xiao was casual about it. After all, he did not have any good way to deal with EsGod yet. It would be great if this ends up working, but it would not be a big deal even if it does not.

40 days passed very quickly.

Han Xiao stayed on Planet Gilman all along, waiting for the subdivision to recruit more people. During this time, he had been expanding his mechanical army every day, as well as using the new Ultimate Knowledge to slowly create mechanical lives. Starting with Psionic Prime, he now had 3,000 first-generation mechanical lives under his commandRead more chapter on

There were a few reasons why he did not create more. Firstly, [Kings Mentor]s cooldown used days as a unit, and this was the prerequisite ability of [Tinder Awakening].

Secondly, although [Tinder Awakening] could be used on multiple targets at the same time, its upper limit was not very high. Even at its maximum level, it could only be used on more than 10 targets at once. Furthermore, Han Xiao had discovered that if he used it on multiple targets at the same time, their initial level would not be as high compared to if he used it only on one target. The cost of this ability was the same be it single or multiple targets, so when his energy was spread amongst multiple targets, they naturally received lesser energy individually.

Thirdly his body could not take it if he used it too frequently.

This had also made Han Xiaos thoughts about developing a mechanical civilization more firm. The efficiency of creating mechanical lives was not high just with [Tinder Awakening]. His health and energy recovered fast, but stamina required rest to recover. In comparison, a fully developed mechanical civilization could provide him with a supply of soldiers at a much faster efficiency without him having to put in all these efforts on days on end.

In the past 40 days, the recruiting of the Planet Gilman subdivision had settled.

There were many Beyond Grade A organizations in the Central Galaxy, so Black Star Armys appeal here was not as high as compared to back in the Shattered Star Ring. The Planet Gilman subdivision had only recruited a little more than 10 million new members and it was slowing down. Compared to the Beyond Grade A organizations in the Central Galaxy, this number was quite low. This was only the beginning for this subdivision.

Amongst the new members, about more than 4 million were players, which made up about 85% of all the players in the Constellation Corridor. Through the armys benefits and the words of mouth on the forums, the majority of the Constellation Corridor players had rushed here to join.

In this more than 4 million players, most decided to become members of the mercenary department. There were two types of army members, one was the full member who obeyed the armys orders, another was the semi-members who worked for the army but had generally complete freedom. Mercenaries were a typical example of the latter.

The mercenary system was lenient, and the mercenary department of the army did not violate the rules of galactic mercenaries. Most of the Constellation Corridor players were here for the benefits, so being mercenaries was a choice with more freedom. They basically had a very simple relationship with the army of doing things for the army in exchange for resources, this way their faction would not be locked.

Han Xiao was not surprised about this, the players in the other Star Field had just known his army, he knew that feelings needed time to develop.

He gave the Constellation Corridor players more than enough time to make their choices. Amongst the more than 4 million players, 700,000 accepted the Flickering World main storyline mission and requested to go to the Shattered Star Ring with the army.

The majority of the 700,000 players were normal players. The remaining millions of players decided to stay in their birth Star Field to continue exploring while watching how would things turn out for those that decided to go to the Shattered Star Ring.

Han Xiao was able to dig away 700,000 leeks just in the first batch, so he was quite satisfied with this.

Today was the day of departure. An enormous Black Star Army transport fleet was ready to leave, all the 700,000 players have already boarded the ships.

At this time, players from all the Star Fields were paying attention to this occasion from the broadcasts on the forums.

All the players were interested in the first time a player would cross a Star Field, this might be an example for them in the future when they get the chance to do the same. Therefore, this became the most-watched occasion ever since the Black Star Armys creation, its popularity amongst the players had broken the record!

On the transport ships, the players chatted with excitement.

"I wonder what does it feel to travel across Star Fields, how will it be different from normal stargates?"

"Will the Shattered Star Ring players bully us?"

"Guys, do you think something fun will happen if we jump out of the ship in the stargate"

"Guards! Thats the guy!"

Inside the command room of the main ship, Hila lead against the wall with her armed crossed, Aurora busily operated on the main pilot seat, and Feidin stood beside her and watched.

Hadavy sat on the sofa with a square-shaped blue crystal wine bottle in his hand, gulping down on the mercury colored wine inside that made him choke and his face blush. Wayne Cards were on the table, the rule was to drink if you lost. There was a pile of empty bottles beside his seat, opposite him was the speechless old man Aesop who was dragged here.

Ames stood behind the scenery window with hands behind her back and looked at the fleet around. With Han Xiao, Hila, and Aesop, these people she was close to accompanying her for the past more than a month holiday, she had quite a good time.

Han Xiao stood before the star map, the destination was set long ago. When everyone had boarded, he gave out an order to the entire fleet.



The thrusters shot out flames and the battleships took off.

"Weve finally departed!" The many players on the ships were thrilled, the countless people watching on the forums were looking closely too.

The fleet slowly headed away from the Planet Gilman subdivision and accelerated. Carrying 700,000 leeks, it headed to the Shattered Star Ring.




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