The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 821

Chapter 821 821 Aesops Fully Automated Enemy Radar

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821 Aesop"s Fully Automated Enemy Radar

The blue colored planet, Planet Aquamarine, slowly rotated with spaceships constantly flying out from within the planet, leaving behind light trails as they departed.

The sun shone down on the tall buildings of the capital, and the windows reflected the blue sky and white clouds. Trains roared along the tracks, and anti-gravity suspension vehicles weaved within the city. There was a sense of liveliness within the city, a beautiful and prosperous sight.

At the terminal of Black Star City, Bennett stood there with a group of people in wait.

He stood by the window, observing the scenery of the vibrant capital outside. A sense of relief was seen on Bennett’s face.

With Han Xiao helping Planet Aquamarine break into the Shattered Star Ring Civilization Conference, many of the financial groups and organizations began to pay more attention to the development prospects of Planet Aquamarine. This brought about a new round of development opportunities, with the frequent trade circulation resulting in the increasing prosperity of the planet.

As for the citizens, after experiencing so many hardships, they finally began to smile at the thought of better days. The more the people enjoyed the happiness and fortune brought to Planet Aquamarine, the more they worshipped their guardian Black Star, who had brought all this to them.

A spaceship flew into the dock, and its hatch opened. Nero walked out, accompanied by a few soldiers, and the moment he saw Bennett, his expression softened. He ran as fast as his short legs could to Bennett.


Bennett turned around, looking down toward him with a hint of suspicion on his face. “Why did you come back so soon? What did Black Star bring you into the universe for?”

Nero scratched his head, his tone downcast. “We only studied Mechanic theories most of the time. Godfather only took me out to play a few days before throwing me aside”

Han Xiao had taken the majority of troops over to the Flickering World, and it was unknown when he could return, so he naturally left Nero behind, instructing Sylvia to send some people to accompany him back to Planet Aquamarine.

As he spoke, Nero seemed frustrated.

“Mr. Reynold said that this time was a vacation for me, and he even gave me homework to do during this time. He said that I can only come back for two months. Following that, he’ll send someone over to pick me up so that I can continue studying under him.”

Having received Han Xiao’s command, Reynold taught Nero whenever Han Xiao was not around. He seriously performed this duty, and he had already planned out the curriculum of the year in advance.

“It’s a rare chance that Black Star is willing to groom and nurture you. Don’t let him down.” Bennett laughed and squatted so that his eyes were level with Nero’s. Looking at his child kindly, he said, “Tell me what you experienced in the universe outside.”

Twisting his fingers, Nero recounted his experiences. He sounded excited because while the homework he got from Han Xiao was boring, it was still his first time outside exploring the universe. He had seen many strange and interesting things, and he was still quite satisfied overall with the trip.

Bennett listened and nodded, sighing secretly to himself.

He could feel that Han Xiao had taken an interest in Nero. It was not just because this kid was his child, but rather, he seemed to have a talent that Han Xiao appreciated, so Bennett was quite proud of this.

His child could actually display such talents. It seemed that he had some superior genes. Bennett began to seriously consider if he should go for a second child.

He was not willing to see this in a utilitarian manner, but if he put the future of Planet Aquamarine into consideration, if he had a few more talented children, with all of them studying under Han Xiao, Planet Aquamarine would have even stronger ties with Black Star himself.

While he might be old, his body that was forged with Pugilist skills was still lively, full of ‘ammunition’.

Among the list of most charming men, the Planet Aquamarine leader Bennett ranked second overall, which showed the love and support he received from the people. The hearts of the citizens were one thing; in addition, his status, age, and fit body formed the vibe of a stable and mature man, which was attractive to the women.

As for the number one on the list it was without doubt Han Xiao. This position was something that no one could move or shake no matter what. With so many achievements, it did not matter what angle they looked at him fromthey still found him handsome.

Before long, Nero spoke till his throat was parched, and he finally heaved a sigh. He was still excited over the happenings in the universe.

Bennett stopped him, rubbing his hair as he stood up. “Ok, that’s enough. When we have more time, I’ll talk in detail with you. You should return home to rest. I’m still waiting for someone here.”

A look of surprise crossed Nero’s face. “Aren’t you here to pick me up?”

Bennett shook his head in response, looking at the universe far above from the window.

“I’m waiting for someone even more important.”

At the same time, in the extreme end of Planet Aquamarine’s area of influence, a deep blue spaceship was shuttling through the universe in hyperdrive, quickly approaching Planet Aquamarine.

“So, this is Planet Aquamarine, Black Star’s mother planet”

Within the cabin, a lifeform with deep blue skin stared at the screen, his tone pleasant. He was the captain of this spaceship, and he possessed four arms and three eyes, similar to the rest of the crew.

This entire spaceship consisted of members from the Star Pupil Holy Race.

The captain turned around to survey the crew before coldly remarking, “Black Star had stolen our national treasure, and this is a humiliation to our entire race. Our leaders are weak, not daring to do this nor that. But we, the Avitan Souls, dare!”

The captain’s voice was sonorous, and all the crew showed excited expressions, holding their weapons tightly.

“Because of the Evolution Cube, our Planet Avitan suffered an attack, and countless compatriots died. Our loved ones and friends are still trapped within this disaster. So many of them died, just so the Evolution Cube would not fall into the hands of others! Thus, this war crime is not just pinned on EsGod but also on Black Star!”

The captain pointed toward the direction of Planet Aquamarine before growling. “Only by spilling the fresh blood for revenge can we allow Black Star to regret his shameless behavior, allowing him to understand the humiliation he has submitted the Star Pupil Holy Race to. The despair he has left for us, we’ll take it from him!”

Many of the crew members roared with hatred.

Initially, in order to lure the tiger away from the mountains, they literally washed the entire Planet Avitan in blood. This disaster was the most painful memory of the Star Pupil Holy Race, and a few of the survivors had lost their minds because of hatred and turned into extremists. Thus, an extremist group was born, and they called themselves ‘Avitan Souls’. These extremists were basically almost made up of the survivors of the Avitan, especially those who had closed ones and friends who died within the disaster.

Because they had lost their national treasure, the Evolution Cube, Psyker’s prestige among the Star Pupil Holy Race had plummeted. The extremists who bore huge pain blamed Psyker for his incompetence and deeply hated the culprit, EsGod. Because the root of the disaster was due to the Evolution Cube, many of their comrades had sacrificed their lives. Thus, the Avitan Souls had developed a morbid obsession with the Evolution Cube, turning their hate toward Black Star, who had taken it.

The Evolution Cube was the treasure of their country in the eyes of the Star Pupil Holy Race. This impression had persisted for a long time, and now that the Evolution Cube had switched owners, the Star Pupil Holy Race treated Han Xiao with enmity. As for the Avitan Souls, they were even more extreme. Since Psyker was unable to retrieve the Evolution Cube, as though he was afraid of the dynasty retaliating, the Avitan Souls lost all faith in Psyker and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Upon hearing that Han Xiao would be taking his officers out for a trip for a long time, the Avitan Souls felt that their opportunity had arrived. Thus, they took the chance to plan an attack on Black Star’s mother planet, to execute their revenge, allowing Black Star to only be able to watch as his homeland was being destroyed.

Since Planet Aquamarine was part of the Shattered Star Ring Civilization Conference, even Psyker could not move rashly against them. Of course, these sorts of rules that bound the upper echelons were not considered at all by the extremists since they were outliers. They disregarded rules, as well as consequences, and only inflicted destruction as everything of theirs had been destroyed.

While Psyker was regarded as the best leader of the Star Pupil Holy Race thus far, he was not a god and could not control the thoughts of every one of his clansmen. Every race would always have a few people who were more inclined toward extreme measures, drowned by hatred. This was something that even the advanced civilization of the Star Pupil Holy Race could not avoid.

The captain turned to his first mate. “How are the weapons?”

The first mate nodded. “The five high-class psionic energy bombs are enough to annihilate the entire planet. They’re ready to be deployed at any time.”

“Very good. It is said that this sort of ammunition can destroy a continent with just one bomb. Three is enough to destroy the planet’s surface, and our objective is to ensure all five land on Planet Aquamarine, allowing this planet to accompany us in our demise. Let them feel our pain!” The captain’s tone was sinister; they did not plan to leave alive.

While those high-class Psionic Energy bombs could not compare to the Primordial Psionic Energy Bombs, they were still restricted weapons prohibited by the three major Universe Civilizations because they left terrible psionic pollution. Only Star Cluster Civilizations would possess such a thing generally.

The Avitan Souls were an organization that had only recently been established and did not possess any technological or scientific strength. The bomb was actually quietly funded by someone belonging to a civilization within the area where the Star Pupil Holy Race was located.

This civilization had always been wary of the rising Star Pupil Holy Race, and because they had the backing of the Arcane Church, no one could act against them. However, the Avitan Souls were an opportunity for them to frame the Star Pupil Holy Race. Thus, they used this borrowed knife to try and cause trouble in the Star Pupil Holy Race.

Just as the captain was about to strike, a blip appeared on their radar, and the artificial intelligence of the ship sent out a notification.

“Warning! A large, unidentified object is approaching!”

Everyone turned their heads toward the porthole to look, seeing a huge floating island swimming in the universe toward them.

“Floating Dragon Island?” The captain recognized this homeless floating island and was confused over why it had appeared there, as though it was proceeding toward Planet Aquamarine.

Floating Dragon Island slowly moved toward the deep blue spaceship. Comparing the two was just like comparing an elephant to a sesame seed.

“Let’s move away. Don’t obstruct Floating Dragon.”

The captain quickly gave the command. Floating Dragon was a neutral force and would not actively attack any passing spaceship. He planned to pause his operation for the time being, waiting for Floating Dragon to leave before continuing.

The spaceship was positioned below the entire island, and from the window, they could only see the rocks that made up the foundation of the island but not its entirety.

The pilot raised the spaceship and flew above the foundations of the island, level with the city line.

Everyone within the cabin got a rude shock at this time. They found out that in the most conspicuous position of the island, Ames stood there in a black dress, staring straight at them!

“She’s looking at us?”

Just as this thought passed by their minds, an unparalleled force field descended on them.


Blood flowers blossomed!

The bodies of all the Star Pupil Holy Race members were squashed and turned into piles of meat. They died without warning on the spot.

On the harbor of Floating Dragon Island, Ames casually waved her hand, dispelling the field before speaking to Vilna by her side. “Search the spaceship. See if there are any dangerous weapons within.”

“Yes.” Vilna immediately deployed her people.

Ames then turned to look at Aesop by her side, her brows slightly furrowed.

“Are you sure that the people within this spaceship planned to harm Planet Aquamarine? I didn’t kill wrongly, right?”

Aesop only stroked his beard as he laughed. “When you spoke about moving Floating Dragon over, I did a divination a few days ago. These people are the natives of Psyker’s race, and it seems that because of the issue with the Evolution Cube, they wish to eradicate Planet Aquamarine as revenge against Black Star. They did not succeed in the end as they were destroyed by the anti-space defense of Black Star, but since we’re here, let’s just do him a favor.”

Ames shook her head helplessly. “I didn’t expect to have become a guard for his house.”

Aesop stared at her in surprise. “Didn’t you move Floating Dragon here to help him defend Planet Aquamarine?”

“Oh, this is to obtain the greatest benefits for Floating Dragon. Furthermore, I’m strengthening our alliance. How is this of his concern? Even if it’s for someone else, it would have to be for my two students.” Ames turned around to leave, her dress spiraling like a blooming black flower.

Aesop sent Ames off with his eyes before turning to Jenny.

“We’re almost here. Notify them.”

Jenny nodded without any change in her expression.

Bennett continued standing by the dock, his head raised as he observed the endless universe.

A huge shadow suddenly blotted out the sun. It spread quickly, covering the entire dock in an instant.

One only saw a humongous floating island appear in their vision, leisurely cruising toward Planet Aquamarine.

Bennett smiled.

“The VIP is finally here.”



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