The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Arcane Churchs Trace

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Leaving the conference halfway was obviously extremely disrespectful to the other members present, but the seven Star Cluster civilizations and the other members werent too bothered. The Star Pupil Holy Race had become the public enemy, and Psyker was only using his actions to show his dissatisfaction. He would still come online obediently during the next meeting.

Since their target was gone, this proposal could only be postponed to a later date, and Bennett sat back down.

The meeting continued, and the next proposal was raised. The atmosphere of the meeting had become more peaceful.

All the other proposals after this did not have anything to do with him anymore, so Han Xiao temporarily cut off from the viewpoint of the projection and began browsing the forums.

After another long wait, the meeting on the first day was finally over. Every time a Civilization Conference was held, they would have to meet for a few days before being able to discuss all the accumulated proposals. Han Xiao only intended to show his face for the first day, and he would not need to be present for all the other meetings. Bennett alone would be enough.

Disconnecting from the long-range holographic projection, Han Xiao closed the forums and thought to himself, The Star Pupil Holy Race was criticized by Planet Aquamarine, but the future matters will have nothing to do with Planet Aquamarine.

Since nothing had actually happened, it would be impossible for them to actually do anything to Psyker. Han Xiao was not counting on the Star Pupil Holy Race providing compensation or a donation. The influence of Planet Aquamarine was still too weak, and even after criticizing them, Psyker would not be too affected by it.

After this matter was mentioned, the ones who would cause trouble for Psyker would not be Planet Aquamarine but the Talos Civilization.

The Talos Civilization secretly sponsored Avitan Souls so that those extremists would create trouble for the Star Pupil Holy Race. Although they did not instruct Avitan Souls to attack Planet Aquamarine, this unexpected situation was to their advantage, and they could make use of this matter to create trouble.

Han Xiao got Bennett to criticize Psyker to give the Talos Civilization an excuse, and the Talos Civilization understood his intentions. They had wanted to deal with the Star Pupil Holy Race a long time ago, and standing up for Planet Aquamarine could also win them Han Xiaos favor.

Thus, Planet Aquamarine did not have to do anything after the first day and only had to watch from the side.

Han Xiao then contacted Ames and asked her about Floating Dragons situation.

Both of them talked for half an hour before hanging up.

Walking to the 3D star map, Han Xiao looked at the map of the Garu Star Cluster. The explored green region was still extremely small, and it looked like two toothpicks sticking out from a green blob. These two toothpicks were the two long distance routes that were currently under construction.

"Hadavys Special Task Force needs another three months before they can complete the long distance stargate" Han Xiao stroked his chin and pondered to himself.

According to his plan, the Special Task Force arriving at the east of the Garu Star Cluster would be the first phase.

According to his understanding of the Garu Star Cluster, there should not be another huge storm like the Great Cosmos Corps again, and they would have a calm exploration until they had explored about eighty percent of the Star Systems.

Time flew by.

Three months later, in the Crimson Dynasty Rulers office, Urranrell currently had a report in her hands, and she was reprimanding one of the upper echelons with a stern voice.

"The Federation of Light is moving sneakily and has entered our territory. How are you going to take care of this matter? Just watch from the side and let them do as they please? I asked you to keep guard, not retreat all the way! Come up with a plan immediately!"

"Let me think, let me think"

Urranrells eyes were extremely stern. The exploration of the Flickering World had only been going on for a few months, and the Federation of Light could no longer sit still. They had begun applying pressure on the dynasty from the economic, political, and military side. They were prepared to snatch benefits from the dynasty while the dynastys attention was fixed on exploring the new Star Field.

This was only the beginning. The dynasty would definitely invest even more manpower and resources in the exploration, and the Federation of Light would increase the intensity of their operations to make things difficult for the dynasty.

Although this situation was within Urranrells expectations, it was something avoidable. Both the Federation of Light and the Crimson Dynasty were at the same level, and their strength was equal. It was extremely difficult for everything to go smoothly and perfectly. If the dynasty wanted to have some reward, they needed to pay the appropriate price. Urranrell had already prepared herself mentally for this.

Beep beep.

The internal comms line rang.

"Your Excellency, the Chief Commander of the exploration army Tarrokov is on the line."

Urranrell then waved her hand and got the official in front of her to leave. The official felt as though he was pardoned of his crime and hurriedly left the office. Only Urranrell remained in the room.

"Patch it through." Urranrell nodded.

The next moment, Tarrokovs figure appeared inside the room, and he gave a military salute to Urranrell.

"Tarrokov, how is the progress for the exploration of the Flickering World?"

The exploration of the Flickering World was of strategic importance to the Crimson Dynasty, and Urranrell was extremely concerned about the situation.

"The information has already been sent to you, and I am here to give you a brief report"

Tarrokov then began explaining.

Urranrell glanced at the report while looking at the information and nodded.

"In summary, Renault and Crown are being explored by the forces of the dynasty and Klent. Our progress is only average. On the contrary, the Black Star Army, which chose the Garu Star Cluster, has discovered a large number of resource rich planets over the past four months and even took over the territory of a local organization, saving us a great deal of effort. Furthermore, the Black Star Army didnt bother about their own losses and are constructing a long distance stargate for the convenience of future exploration squads," Tarrokov said.

Urranrell placed down the information in her hands and said with a satisfied look, "Not bad. He is a reliable ally."

With a basis of comparison, she was extremely satisfied with Han Xiaos efficiency.

"The Black Star Army is an ally worthy of grooming. We should increase our support for them in all aspects."

Although Tarrokov seemed to have received some benefits from the Black Star Army and always spoke highly of them, Urranrell was not bothered about the details as long as the Black Star Army produced results.

"Apart from this, I have something else to report," Tarrokov suddenly said with a deep voice. "Weve noticed traces of stowaways."

The stowaways that he referred to were those who secretly entered the Flickering World without approval from the dynasty.

Urranrells eyes narrowed. "Are you sure they arent natives?"

Tarrokov shook his head and said, "Although I do not have much evidence, our troops stationed in the universe belt between the Shattered Star Ring and Flickering World discovered traces of warp speed hyperdrive by an unknown force. Their technological capabilities have obviously reached the level of a Star Cluster, and they should be arriving in the Flickering World very soon. Some others may have already arrived at the Flickering World before this but werent discovered by us."

"The Federation of Light and Arcane Church have indeed taken action," Urranrell said.

"I think that they will avoid the first three Star Clusters that we have chosen and explore the Star Clusters located deep within the Star Field," Tarrokov said. "They want to swallow our Star Field on the sly and avoid coming into contact with us."

"Youre right," Urranrell said slowly. "Send out our forces to patrol the universe belt between the Shattered Star Ring and Flickering World. Destroy any stargates built by the enemy that you can find."

Those stowaways were probably planning to create their own secret stargate to connect the Flickering World to the outside so that they could send a large troop quickly in the future. The hidden stargates would usually be hidden within the universe belt between the two Star Fields.

The Crimson Dynasty had publicly forbidden other organizations from privately setting up their own stargate because of such a consideration. The most effective way to deal with stowaways would be to destroy their stargates and ensure that the control of the stargates remained firmly in the dynastys hands.

The only way to maximize the dynastys benefits was to ensure a monopoly on transportation.

Tarrokov shook his head in response. "We will need more manpower."

"I know." Urranrell nodded. "I will deploy more troops to head to the Flickering World. It is also time for our second batch of allies to move out."

At the same time, an Arcane Church fleet had secretly arrived at the border of the Flickering World.

"Weve finally arrived! Contact the branch division. Have they chosen a location in the desolate universe belt?"

"Reporting to the captain, the location has been decided, and they are only waiting for us."

They required two stargates to form a new path, and stowaway troops would usually split up into two groups. One group would choose a location for their secret stargate, and this would be the entrance.

The troops that arrived at the Flickering World would then build the exit.

"Very good. Make sure that we avoid all the detectors of the Crimson Dynasty. Go around the Dawn Star Cluster and head to the desolate universe belt near the Garu Star Cluster to construct a stargate. We will also build a temporary base."

The Arcane Church also wanted to set their sights on the Flickering World, but this was a long-term job. At the same time, the Arcane Church was even more interested in the Evolution Cube.

They had chosen to set up a stargate near the Garu Star Cluster so that it would be easy for them to store their army.

It would only be convenient for them to send out Beyond Grade A Supers after constructing their stargates. After all, an expert of such a level would not be willing to spend a few months slowly crossing the desolate universe belt.

Black Star had already proven himself to be someone extremely difficult to deal with. In order to guarantee their success, the Arcane Church had sent out more than one or two Beyond Grade A Supers.

Of course, the three Universal Civilizations kept an eye on each others Beyond Grade A combatants, and the moment any one of them displayed any strange movements, the other two parties would be alerted.

If they wanted to allow their Beyond Grade A Supers to move sneakily, they needed to find a reason to fool others.




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