The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Four Months

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Ever since the players took over the remaining territories of the Great Cosmos Corps and set up a long distance stargate, Han Xiao had led his forces to the middle region of the star map. The famous planets within the center region of the Star Cluster were much greater, and their quality was higher.

One of these planets was called Planet Shining Gold, which had been extremely prosperous in Han Xiaos previous life. It was one of the first-rate planets that the dynasty had in the Garu Star Cluster and was an iconic planet of the Flickering World. There was also Planet Auspicious Forest, which was a transit station within the Garu Star Cluster. During its most prosperous time, it had over five hundred stargate entrances and was the heart of the Star Cluster.

Apart from this, Han Xiao had also occupied many resource rich planets that were famous for producing various valuable resources.

In his previous life, these famous planets had an important status in the Garu Star Cluster, and the dynasty might take back these planets after opening up the Flickering World to the public. But during the exploration period, these planets were all the territory of the Black Star Army, and the Black Star Army had the right to enjoy the special produce of these planets.

The exploration had already been going on for four months, and the progress of the various exploration squads was similar. The Bloodshed Land had taken a steady approach in their exploration and had almost completed the exploration of the Jeraton Star System. Although they had pretty decent rewards, the outcome was within the dynastys expectations, and it would not cause too big a storm. In comparison, even though Han Xiaos exploration squad had taken the approach of spreading out their forces, which resulted in taking a longer time to explore a single Star System, Han Xiao had managed to provide the dynasty with quite a number of surprises because he had managed to find a large number of famous planets from his previous life.

Because of this, the dynasty increased their support for him as well.

Han Xiao had heard rumors about the Klent exploration team mimicking his method and sending out troops to the planets of the other regions. However, it was a pity that they were not familiar with the situation on the other planets and did not have good results.

Over the past four months, the benefits of the Flickering World had begun to show. The rewards that the Black Star Army received from the Flickering World almost rivaled the combined total of the other armies.

As more and more planets were explored, their rewards continued to snowball.

Countless uninhabited planets were waiting to be excavated. If not, why would they say that the Flickering World was a huge opportunity?

The gains of the army soared rapidly, and after the exploration team sent these earnings back to the main camp in the Shattered Star Ring, Sylvia began to expand the army even further under Han Xiaos instructions. They attracted more new members and increased the scale of their training camp.

On the players side, as the resource rich planets increased in numbers, the guilds also ran out of manpower and could only selectively choose the planets to mine on. The best resource rich planets were naturally taken by the four great guilds and the others by the first-rate guilds. The Australian and Russian guilds were bullied badly and no longer wished to play on the same planet as any of the powerful Chinese guilds. Thus, they chose a few lousier resource rich planets and competed with the second-rate Chinese guilds instead.

Over the past four months, the average level of the players had gone up a great deal, and Maple Moon, who had received bountiful rewards from the hidden mission, was the highest leveled player. She was already at level 113 and only needed seven more levels to reach the max level.

With Maple Moon as an example, all the players searched for hidden missions like crazy, and there were a few who had indeed managed to find some. However, it was a pity that there was no reward for the second [Bold Explorer] skill fragment.

Han Xiao had not remained idle over the past four months either. The experience punishment of the Evolution Cube would end in eight months, so he was not in a rush to level up.

Apart from monitoring the progress of the exploration and scrolling through the forums, Han Xiao spent most of his time in his workshop, expanding his mechanical army.

Currently, his mechanical army had already exceeded ten million soldiers in number, and their attributes were extremely powerful. Under the boost of his mechanical force, this army of his had the strength to wipe out a weaker Star System Civilization.

Among the five main classes, the destructiveness of a Mechanic was the greatest toward a civilization. The other four classes were more suitable to fight a single target, and only a powerful Beyond Grade A Mechanic had the ability to fight a large-scale galactic war.

Han Xiao was currently standing in front of the 3D star map, waiting for a special piece of news.

Today was a special day as the Special Task Force that Hadavy was leading would complete the construction of the long distance stargate. He was waiting for Hadavys word.

But before news from Hadavy could arrive, Tarrokov contacted him.

Beep beep!

Han Xiao looked at his communicator and could only pick up the call with resignation.

"Chief commander, whats the matter?"

"I need to inform you about something. We found traces of stowaways."

"Stowaways? They should be from the organizations who ignored the dynastys warning and want to have a share of the Flickering World, right?"

This was something that the players found out from the background description in his previous life. This matter happened during the version update period, and the players did not participate in the event. When the players joined in, the Flickering World had already opened to the outside world, and the other organizations were allowed to enter the Flickering World.

In the dynastys records, they had fought a long battle with the stowaways. The Star Field was far too big, and there were too many regions to explore. As such, the dynasty was not able to completely uproot the stowaways. Even if they could get rid of one batch, another batch would arrive very quickly.

Tarrokov nodded and said, "It should be the forces of some super Star Cluster civilizations. You should keep an eye out for them and report to me if you find any stowaways. We must find their secret stargates, and we will request aid from your troops if necessary."


A new mission immediately popped up on Han Xiaos interface.


You have triggered [Stowaways Clue] (Repeatable)!

Mission Introduction: A new Star Field is a treasure trove, and every organization wants a share of it. No one is willing to see the Crimson Dynasty swallow all the benefits alone, and even if the Flickering World is the Crimson Dynastys territory in name, it is impossible to stop their greed. As one of the dynastys allies, the stowaways infiltration is also an opportunity for you. The dynasty needs your help.

Mission Requirements: Hand in all information related to stowaways, kill a batch of stowaways, or destroy the secret stargates.

Reward: 2,000,000 50,000,000 Experience and 50 700 the Crimson Dynasty Contribution Points

Remark: This is a branch mission of the [Flickering World].


This was a repeatable mission, and he would receive a reward every time he dealt with stowaways. The rewards were only so-so, but Han Xiao was the most interested in the dynasty Contribution Points.

However, stowaways were stealthy in their actions and extremely difficult to find. Han Xiao can only try his luck. Furthermore, the stowaways were not natives, and if they set up a secret stargate, it would only be possible to destroy the stargate with a battle.

Han Xiao only intended to provide the clues and was not planning to pick a fight with the super Star Cluster civilizations. However, the dynasty were not afraid of offending them and would be the most suitable party to do so.

"The Arcane Church should also be included among the stowaways"

Aesop had prophesied that the Arcane Church would bring him danger in the Flickering World, and Han Xiao was concerned about it.

If the Arcane Church wanted to deal with me, they would definitely have to send a large force. Because theyll need to build up their forces, they wont take action soon. However, Id better remain vigilant during this period, Han Xiao thought to himself.

Psyker was able to locate him, and the Arcane Church would definitely get Psyker to join them. Thus, observing Psykers whereabouts would be the most direct way to find out when the Arcane Church was planning to attack.

It was a pity that the [Observers Mark] that he had placed on Psykers body had already been removed. If not, things would have been much easier for him. Although Psyker was not able to remove it on his own, he could feel that he was being spied on. Psyker had already found out that he was the culprit, and it was impossible for Psyker to ignore the matter after a good half a year. Psyker must have gotten someone from the Arcane Church to get rid of the [Observers Mark] for him. After all, Austin was not the only Beyond Grade A Mage.

Han Xiao conveyed his worries to Tarrokov, and Tarrokov replied with a smile as though he had already expected it.

"The dynasty has also considered the possibility that the Arcane Church will try to snatch the Evolution Cube when you are in the Flickering World. Thus, the dynasty will keep a close eye on the movements of the Beyond Grade A Supers of the Arcane Church. Furthermore, Her Excellency has already sent out a second wave of troops to the Flickering World, which includes many of the dynastys allies. We will also send out a Beyond Grade A Super that is a direct subordinate of the dynasty to follow you and protect you temporarily."

The second batch of allies it seems like the competition is here.

On account of the Evolution Cube, the dynasty sent manpower to protect him. However, Han Xiao knew that the dynasty would prefer him to not run around with the Evolution Cube.

After retrieving that ownerless Universal Treasure, I shall return to Planet Lighthouse for a period of time

Since he knew that the enemy wanted to deal with him, Han Xiao decided to be on the safer side. After all, the Arcane Church was not that easy to deal with.

Thus, it would be best for him to remain on the dynastys outpost, Planet Lighthouse, rather than running all around. Furthermore, he would still be present in the Flickering World and could continue to monitor the progress of the exploration.

"Please thank Ruler Urranrell for me." Han Xiao was caught up in his thoughts but did not forget to be polite.

"Haha, the Ruler recently checked on our progress, and she is extremely satisfied with you," Tarrokov said with a smile.

After having a casual chat for a while, Han Xiao hung up.

Right at this moment, Hadavy finally sent news.

After waiting for four months, the stargate was finally complete!

"Good job!"

Han Xiao was overjoyed. With this passageway, Han Xiao could finally obtain the ownerless Universal Treasure.

Hadavy had also displayed his dissatisfaction in his message. He had not sparred with Han Xiao for four months and was extremely dissatisfied. He wanted to immediately return to Han Xiaos side so that he could be beaten up by Han Xiao. Being in a good mood, Han Xiao immediately promised to beat Hadavy up three times a day and fulfil his wishes.

Han Xiao immediately ordered the fleet to change direction and head toward the stargate.

This news was quickly spread to Senico. However, he was already used to Black Star moving around without any set pattern and did not have any suspicions.




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