The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 845

Chapter 845 The Battle Begins

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[Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device].

Han Xiao felt his heart shake. He was no stranger to this Universal Treasure. This was the Universal Treasure that the Federation of Light had spent a vast amount of resources to forge. It was technology that belonged solely to them. Just like how the Evolutionary Civilization created the Evolution Cube, all civilizations that had reached the level of a Universal Civilization had more or less crafted their own Universal Treasure.

The principles of this item were related to the principles of multi-dimensional projections and appearance. It upgraded an entire fleet to a higher dimension and transported them to their destination before restoring the original dimension of the troops.

In essence, it was like transforming the universe into a flat 2D plane and transforming the troops to be transported into a 3D object. Because the obstructions within a 2D plane were not able to affect a 3D object, the transported object could move about freely on the surface of the 2D plane.

It was extremely difficult for a normal wormhole to emulate the effect of the [Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device], and this technological skill had always been a strategic trump card of the Federation of Light during the exploration era. All their troops had extremely high mobility, and it was frightening in times of war.

By relying on this technology, the Federation of Light fleet had been able to defeat numerous enemies during the exploration era and survive until the new generation.

It naturally had a flaw as well. First, the amount of resources consumed every time it was activated was extremely frightening and increased with the distance of the transportation. Second, it required a long time to charge up. Third, it required extremely precise coordinates for a long-distance transfer. Fourth, [Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device] was large equipment similar to a stargate and would not be transported together with the fleet. Thus, the fleet being sent out would not be able to return via the same method unless they brought another [Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device].

The Federation of Light naturally would not lend their specialty Universal Treasure to the Arcane Church, and they did not have any obligation to help the Arcane Church retreat.

"My goodness, even the Federation of Light had intervened"

Looking at the descending Arcane Church fleet, everyone in the command room was shocked, and their mood sunk.

Han Xiao had never expected the enemy to work together with the Federation of Light and appear on Planet Lighthouse with special equipment.

The cooperation between the Federation of Light and the Arcane Church was something that was impossible for him to predict, and both parties kept their plans confidential. As such, the dynastys intelligence net had not been able to gather any news about it.

Tarrokov forecast that the enemy would attack from the outside and thus sent out a large number of battleships, which resulted in the defenses of Planet Lighthouse being empty. Currently, they only had little more than a million battleships. However, the enemy had a few million battleships, and they were right outside the atmosphere.

The situation had immediately swung against their favor, and Planet Lighthouse was now in danger.

The entire control room became silent, and everyone was shocked by the sudden change in the situation.

Tarrokov broke the silence and maintained his cool. "Apart from the fleet blocking EsGods troops, all other troops are to return immediately. Theres no need to keep guard anymore. Inform the forces stationed at the stargates to destroy all stargates. We mustnt let them fall into enemy hands."

"Destroy all the stargates? Are you crazy That is our only route to retreat!" Beyoni burst out with rage.

"The stargates are too close to Planet Lighthouse, and the Arcane Church will definitely send their troops to capture them," Tarrokov replied expressionlessly. "Our troops are on the losing side, and our defenses will be weakened if we try to defend them. The combined forces of EsGod and the Arcane Church are more than twice ours, and it will be impossible for us to fight on two separate lines. We cannot separate our troops any further at such a moment."

"But without the stargates, our route of retreat"

"We are already in a desperate situation without any routes of retreat," Tarrokov said with a solemn voice. "Our only hope is to gather all our forces and defend Planet Lighthouse while waiting for our reinforcements to arrive. Even though we dont have the stargates, our warehouse still has plenty of stargate equipment, and we can create another stargate channel on the spot when our reinforcements arrive at the entrance on the other side. However, our reinforcements havent arrived yet, and we will only hasten our demise if we spread out our army."

Tarrokov tried to sound extremely confident, but everyone there knew that actually carrying out such a plan would definitely be difficult. Setting up a new stargate required some time, and the enemy would not watch by the side quietly!

When their reinforcements reach the entrance, they would have to set up a stargate in front of their enemy, and a bitter battle will break out. The problem was, they might not even be able to survive until the reinforcements arrived.

Six figures suddenly appeared in front of the Arcane Church fleet.

After seeing their appearance, Tarrokov could not help reeling in shock.

Child of Light Sagman, Desolate Beast Mercer, Divine Spell Ninjia, World Gate Taylor, Star Pupil Psyker, and Sea Spirit Dylan.

Six Beyond Grade As

That was twice the number that they had!

Together with EsGod, who was on the outside reinforcing them

Tarrokov, Milizaus, and Beyoni felt their hearts sink. The Arcane Church was truly resolute and was not afraid of starting a war with the dynasty.

Milizaus and Beyoni already felt some regret. They had volunteered to be Black Stars bodyguards because of the Evolution Cube, and their lives might be sacrificed this time.

We really shouldnt have interfered this time

They could not help but look toward Han Xiao, but they realized that Han Xiao already had his eyes shut.

"What are you"

Before they could finish their question, a powerful surge of Mechanical Force burst forth from Han Xiaos body, and the energy level in Han Xiaos body increased rapidly.

Upon witnessing the descending Arcane Church troops, Han Xiao could not be bothered with the others in the room and immediately put all his experience into leveling up.

During such an urgent situation, he could no longer be bothered about the waste because of the penalty! Every little bit of strength would count!

It has been seven to eight months since he entered the Beyond Grade A level, and Han Xiao had accumulated a huge reserve of experience during this period.

Even with the forty percent penalty, the experience that he had was enough to increase his level from 240 to 260!

His cells oozed out with energy, and his entire body erupted with power!

A series of notifications popped up on the interface.


[Emperor Mechanic] leveled up to Lv.35 (Max).

+1000 Energy, +5 STR, +5 DEX, +8 END, +12 INT.

You have received 10 Free Attribute Points.

You have received 1 Potential Point.

Main Class level limit achieved.

You have triggered Class Advancement Mission: [All Rivers Run into the Sea]

[All Rivers Run into the Sea]: Pay a visit to 100 Grade A and above Mechanics and have a Mechanic skill exchange with them. A powerful Mechanic will never close the doors of his workshop but knows how to increase his strength through learning.

You have reached Lv.260.

You have triggered the Promotion Mission [Never-ending Challenger].

[Never-ending Challenger]: Personally challenge a Beyond Grade A Super and survive (Summoning Creatures and Long Distance troops are disallowed). The battle cannot be less than thirty seconds, and you cannot leave the battle during the period. After completing the requirement, leaving the battle will complete the mission.


Upon reaching the level 260 bottleneck, his Class Advancement and Promotion mission arrived at the same time.

All the Random Rewards that he had accumulated during this period did not give him a Mission Completion Card. Instead, he drew two blank Character Summon Cards and a skill level up card. He only had a single Mission Completion Card left, which was the one left from his previous missions. Thus, he can only choose to skip a single mission.

Upon seeing these two missions, Han Xiao was overjoyed. The heavens had left him a way out!

[All Rivers Run into the Sea] was a Class Advancement Mission that required a lot of time. In the entire universe, finding a hundred Calamity Grade Mechanics was definitely possible, but they would be spread out in all the different regions. This mission would definitely require him to spend a long time travelling and farming favorability points for the other party to be interested in having an exchange with him.

Despite it being extremely troublesome, the advantage was that it was not difficult at all.

In comparison, his Promotion Mission was much harder for ordinary players. Facing a Beyond Grade A Super head on for thirty seconds was a Promotion Mission that would only appear in the later stages. Not losing thirty seconds was not a problem, but the surviving requirement was the difficult one.

There were two common ways for players to complete such a mission. First, go all out and try their luck to see if they died.

The second method was much safer. Join a Beyond Grade A Super faction and farm for favorability points to exchange for a chance to spar. Since it was a spar, the Beyond Grade A Super would not kill them even if they lost. Although it required a lot of time, the second method had a higher chance of success, and the interface would not allow all the players to get stuck on such a Promotion Mission.

However, this mission had no difficulty for Han Xiao. Not to mention a single Beyond Grade A, there were six in front of him, and together with EsGod, the number of Beyond Grade A Supers were as many as Psykers eyes!

Without any hesitation, Han Xiao used the Mission Completion Card on [All Rivers Run into the Sea].

In comparison, he would be able to complete the Promotion Mission without a short amount of time.

The only problem was that the mission would only be complete after he exited the battle. However, it would not be so easy for him to exit the battle if the enemy wanted to tangle with him. Perhaps he could try to fight his teammates.

Han Xiao turned around abruptly and said, "Beyoni, fight me right now!"


Everyone was confused.

With the enemy in front of you, has your brain short circuited?

Are you going to betray us for the Arcane Church in order to survive


Right at that moment, the room suddenly shook, and a series of explosions came from the sky above.

The Arcane Church fleet outside the atmosphere began their attack and shot out psionic cannons while fighting the defensive troops. The huge protective shield around the planet began to flicker under the continuous explosions, and the ground shook.

Just as Tarrokov had predicted, the enemy had indeed sent out another fleet toward the stargate located not too far away and tried to snatch it.

The enemys fleet began their assault, and the various fleets located on Planet Lighthouse fought back.

With cannon fire being exchanged between both parties, the sky above Planet Lighthouse was colored with a myriad of different colors, and the radioactive explosions were both deadly and beautiful.

On the other side, the most powerful Beyond Grade As Child of Light Sagman and Divine Spell Ninjia began tangling with Milizaus main body, which was outside the atmosphere.

Milizaus tried to use a transportation spell, but it was disrupted by Ninjia, who was also a Beyond Grade A mage.

Meanwhile, Psyker and the other Beyond Grade A Supers began to charge at the defensive line of the dynasty and rapidly approached the ground. Their target was obviously to destroy Planet Lighthouses base and force Han Xiao and Beyoni out!

"All ground troops are to block the enemys attack!" Tarrokov ordered. "Black Star and Beyoni, the four Beyond Grade A shall be left to the both of you. We dont have any other choice."

Although he knew that Black Star was the other partys target, he could not allow a Beyond Grade A Super to avoid battle at such a moment. They would only have a chance to survive if they fought back.

"I understand," Han Xiao said with a solemn expression.

Han Xiao knew that he did not have the time to waste on a spar with Beyoni. He could only complete the Promotion Mission on the enemy.


The next moment, two figures flew out from the base and entered the sky like a black and red ray of light.

Han Xiao opened his secondary dimensional army box and let out his mechanical army. A black current followed behind him as he charged into the sky.

Very quickly, both parties clashed in midair, and the battle began.


The six experts froze in midair and glared at each other, their gazes filled with killing intent.

The energy wave of the four enemies was like a large ocean, and Beyoni felt immense pressure.

He knew that he did not have a physique like Han Xiao, and the chances of him dying were even higher than Black Star.

After both parties glared at each other for a few seconds, Psyker said, "I warned you before. Did you not think that this day would arrive when you stole the Evolution Cube?"

Han Xiao completely ignored those words. This was not the time to trash talk Psyker, and he observed the enemies carefully. There was a Pugilist, a Psychic, a Mage, and an Esper.

Four Beyond Grade A Supers I wont be able to tank their attacks even with my recovery speed. It seems like I will have to use Auroras Character Summon Card and medicine. I hope that those fellows will be able to arrive quickly to share the burden.

Han Xiao gritted his teeth and threw all his Free Attribute Points into Endurance. His Health then increased by about 200,000.

Since the disparity in their strength was too large, he could only choose to be as tanky as possible.

The six of them then moved at the same instant.

The battle had erupted!

On the other side, EsGod was still leading his troops to fight the troops on the security perimeter.

EsGod got Fakisen to ask the Arcane Church when they were going to take action, and the response shocked him.

"The Arcane Church received help from the Federation of Light and killed their way to Planet Lighthouse directly? They even sent out six Beyond Grade A Supers"

EsGods expression changed, and he immediately issued an order.

"All forces, speed up immediately!"

Since the Arcane Church had sent out six Beyond Grade A Supers, EsGod did not know how long Planet Lighthouse could last under such a frightening attack.

If the Arcane Church snatched the Evolution Cube back before he arrived at the battlefield, EsGod did not think that they would fulfil their promise and lend him the Evolution Cube. Furthermore, he would not be able to snatch it from the six Beyond Grade A Supers.

Thus, EsGod was a little anxious and planned to enter the battlefield to take a share of the loot.




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