The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Interception

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Pan Kuang was closing in! Han Xiao spammed the trigger of the rifle. Chains of bullets skipped out of the barrel and pierced through the air, heading in the direction of the target. It was as if Pan Kuang had the danger-sensing ability of a beast. He always changed his position before Han Xiao fired the shots. Han Xiao fired a total of thirteen shots, and Pan Kuang dodged nine of them. The remaining four bullets lost their momentum after hitting the blade. The bullets were reflected by Pan Kuang's protective energy, and their total damage was merely 80 HP.

A high class Superhuman would have a stronger defensive capability. Ordinary weapons and ammunition were useless against Pan Kuang.

The firepower of an ordinary weapon from a place indicated the general level of civilization of that place. With the opening up of higher versions and more maps, the upgrading of the ordinary weapons would follow. However, it was evident that such a day had yet come.

The distance between Pan Kuang and Han Xiao was shrinking rapid, and Han Xiao could see the deathly chill in Pan Kuang's eyes.

"Damn it, he's quick."

Han Xiao cursed softly and threw his rifle to the side. He tugged the thread in his hands and activated the delayed-explosion explosives then pretended fleeing.

Pan Kuang was much faster and went up the cliff in a few steps. He stepped into the ambush circle and sensed something was off. His face changed, and he leapt into the air. His shiny blade was spinning beneath his torso. It was as if he was riding a hurricane, pushing him up the skies.


The ten explosives detonated together, and Pan Kuang was engulfed by the flames!


Your delayed-explosion explosives dealt a damage of 34 HP to Pan Kuang.

(Damage protection is taken into account.)

Your delayed-explosion explosives dealt a damage of 37 HP to Pan Kuang.

Pan Kuang is slightly torched!

Ten messages appeared on the interface, and after a quick glance, Han Xiao confirmed that the series of explosions had dealt more than 400 HP damage to Pan Kuang.


Due to your level, you gained some information about the enemy!

Name: Pan Kuang

Level: 38

Class: [Agent] LV10, [Amateur Pugilist] LV10, [Stormblader] LV10, ??

Attributes: 65 STR, ?? DEX, ?? END, ?? INT, ?? MYS, 8 CHA, 7 LUK

HP: ??

Energy: ??

Energy Rank: 687

Grade: E+


- Amateur Blade-Wielding Technique: +10 attack points when using blades or machetes.

- Soul of the Windy Blade: "The blade is the extension of our limbs; listen closely to the breath of the wind." ??

- ??

Skills: [Defensive Blade of the Wind] Lv.6, [Wind-Gliding Steps] Lv.4, ??, ??


Wind-Slicing Blade

- Grade: Green

- Damage: 44-47

- Length: 0.87 meters

- Weight: 10.2 pounds

- Description: An alloy blade manufactured by a master blacksmith, very strong.

- Additional effects: Windy Breath: smooth texture, +3% attack speed. Strong Edges: sharp blade, +3% additional damage to metallic objects.

There was a huge difference in level. Also, much of the information was unknown. However, Han Xiao was not completely reliant on hard statistics. From the performance of Pan Kuang, it was evident that he had high attacking power and agility, and his weak side would be his limited health. It was certain that the explosion had taken away 20% of Pan Kuang's initial health. Furthermore, Pan Kuang had faced tough battles previously and spent an hour on the run from his enemies; therefore, he was not in his best condition for a fight.

I have a higher probability of winning!

Han Xiao looked at the experience that he had accumulated on the interface, and it was as high as 520,000 points. He channeled all the experience points into raising his levels! Like a rocket, Han Xiao rapidly gained four levels.

His HP was raised to 985, almost exceeding 1,000!

He had practiced the Energy Training Technique 48 times, and his energy had managed to hit 390 points. He just needed a little more to gain four continuous level-ups and raise his energy to 540 points, which exceeded the Lv.5 benchmark of 400 points. That would allow for new increases in all his other attributes. His strength, endurance, agility, and intelligence were increased by approximately 10% each.

The rest of the experience points were channeled into [Continuous Gliding Shots].


Level 2: a slight increase in the effect of the ability.


Pan Kuang emerged from the flames, and he was charred from head to toe. He looked battered, and his eyes were locked on to Han Xiao like an exasperated wolf. He growled and shifted his feet as if he was gliding. In the blink of an eye, he slashed his blade with fury in an attempt to disintegrate the scoundrel who had ambushed him!

The light from the blade flashed, and Han Xiao retreated three steps. Han Xiao's speed shocked Pan Kuang.

Han Xiao dodged the slashes from Pan Kuang and took out his Berserk Eagles. With his increased attack-speed, he fired the pistols. The bullets, which had ferrous cores, went straight toward Pan Kuang's chest.

Pan Kuang moved his machete back and forth, and the bullets were slashed apart. Only one bullet managed to hit his chest, but Pan Kuang's immense energy lowered the bullet's momentum. The bullet was stuck between his muscles.

Han Xiao realized that ordinary bullets were of little use. He immediately switched the magazine for high-explosive rounds.

Pan Kuang made use of this moment to approach closer.

"How dare you switch magazines right before my eyes! Are you tired of living?"

Changing magazine in front of a Pugilist was a sign of insufficient battle experience! Pan Kuang, with a sinister look on his face, slashed toward Han Xiao's throat. He tried to pierce through Han Xiao's neck as if it just was a piece of meat on the skewer.

Pan Kuang could tell that Han Xiao could not dodge his hack!

"Ding "

The edge of the blade managed to touch Han Xiao's throat, but it was blocked by metallic scales!

Pan Kuang's pupils constricted. When did this armor appear

Han Xiao felt a little suffocated. Although the magnetically-controlled retractable armor could withstand the shock, there was still some leftover force that landed on his body. He raised the pistol and started firing continuously. Pan Kuang blocked the bullets with his blade again. This time, the high explosive rounds detonated the moment the blade touched its tip, and the flames enshrouded Pan Kuang's body and burnt him.

What the hell is this bullet? Pan Kuang's heart skipped a beat. He channeled his energy to shake off the flames but to no avail. The orange flames could not be shaken off, and his skin burned harshly. He could only retract his energy to protect his body. That resulted in a huge amount of energy being expended.

The high-explosive rounds were highly adhesive. Therefore, they were able to cause substantial, continuous damage. Pan Kuang had a high defense, so his HP was falling at a very slow rate. However, using the high-explosive rounds was still more effective than normal rounds. At least, the former was causing a decrease in Pan Kuang's HP.

The Berserk Eagles were spitting out rounds from slanted positions. When there was a final bullet left, Han Xiao used it to initiate the continuous gliding shots. At that point in time, Pan Kuang's clothing was burnt completely, and his hair also started burning. The price Han Xiao had to pay was the endurance of the magnetic armor, which fell after the relentless, powerful slashes by Pan Kuang.

Han Xiao focused hard. At the cost of taking another powerful blow, he put away the Berserk Eagles and took out the retractable machete. He held the machete in his right hand and the mechanical arm in his left. It was as if a barbarian had taken over his body; he had the courage of a beast that was unafraid of death. He was ready to give Pan Kuang a hard fight, which was also likely to be a bloody one.

The three items that Han Xiao was equipped with could all be used as shields, and in comparison, Pan Kuang was heavily disadvantaged since he could only use his body to defend Han Xiao's strikes.

However, in reality, Pan Kuang was steadily gaining ground. For most of the time, Han Xiao could only make a strike at Pan Kuang after receiving seven slashes. The fighting abilities of the two individuals were too far apart.Pan Kuang was a legitimate pugilist, and his fighting technique was stronger than that of Han Xiao by leaps and bounds. Han Xiao's close-range combat technique was considered a joke by Pan Kuang. If not for the gear he was equipped with, Pan Kuang would be unscathed by Han Xiao's attacks.

"You want to fight me up close? Don't you think that you are courting death?" Pan Kuang could not understand how Han Xiao had the courage to challenge a pugilist in close-quarters. In his mind, he considered such an act to be extremely arrogant. Han Xiao was challenging Pan Kuang's greatest strength with his greatest weakness.

A slash toward Han Xiao's face resulted in a deep cut that bled profusely.

Han Xiao had taken off his mask before the battle as he had been afraid that it would be destroyed in the battle. He revealed his genuine appearance, and Pan Kuang recognized him. Han Xiao was the traitor that escaped from the organization not long agoZero.

Why did Number Zero attack him here? Pan Kuang did not know, and he did not care. He only knew that the man before him was an enemy, and all Pan Kuang wanted to do was to hack him to death!

The force from the slashes shocked Han Xiao's body a few times. His HP decreased, but he remained calm.

The reason he dared to fight Pan Kuang close up was because he had faith in himself. The previous shots, explosions, and strikes had managed to lower Pan Kuang's HP by 700 to 800 points.

Under the protection of the magnetically-controlled retractable armor, his HP only fell by 300 points. The armor managed to prevent a total damage of at least 150 points of HP.

The armor was not even meant to be worn by Han Xiao at his current level. The armor had a defense of 75 points. It was strong and useful even until higher levels of 40-50. Han Xiao depended greatly on the armor!

With the armor, he had the ability to fight opponents of much higher levels!

Han Xiao locked his hand and grabbed hard on Pan Kuang blade-wielding hand. Pan Kuang was not afraid. He twisted his arm flexibly and broke free; at the same time, he gave Han Xiao another slash, which landed on the lightweight mechanical arm. If not for the platinum alloy, the mechanical arm would have long disintegrated into pieces and shards.

Han Xiao attentively discovered that Pan Kuang had a brief moment after every strike when he slowed down. Pan Kuang was instinctively trying to conserve his energy.

He is starting to feel tired. He used up too much of his energy and lost his additional attributes. He is no longer sharp!

Han Xiao eyes started flashing, and his sharp acumen allowed him to discover Pan Kuang weakness; the moment that he was waiting for had arrived. He selected an option on his interface.

A new characterNorsa Connor!


The summon card for character has been used. 1/1 card used. The card has been exhausted and will disappear.

Pan Kuang saw a faint shadow at Han Xiao's back. An eerie-eyed individual appeared in rainbow-colored mist. Pan Kuang felt that the individual looked familiar.

Who is that?

He looks like Norsa! Isn't Norsa long dead

What's going on

Pan Kuang was alarmed and wanted to move back, but it was all too late. He succumbed to the illusion and was paralyzed.



The scan is complete.

The target has an INT of less than 50. The illusion is successful.

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