The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 883

Chapter 883 Breaking The Ice And Setting Conditions

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Chapter 883 Breaking the Ice and Setting Conditions

Mona could hear Han Xiaos sarcasm in his tone, and his face turned red, but he persevered. "In short, we hope that you will allow us to investigate the Spacetime Amber. The Federation of Light will definitely give you satisfactory compensation."

"I refuse." Han Xiao waved his hand. "Im not obliged to cooperate."

"Then could you allow us to take a look at the Spacetime Amber? This is a personal request of mine."


The atmosphere grew a little stiff. However, Mona had expected it. Black Star would naturally not allow any outsiders to come into contact with his Universal Treasures.

He pretended to take a sip from his drink, glancing left and right, before suddenly lowering his voice and changing the topic.

"Your Excellency Black Star, Im not sure but what do you think of the Federation of Light?"

They are finally further probing my attitude Han Xiao thought.

"My thoughts I should be asking you this question instead. You helped the Arcane Church during the Battle of Planet Lighthouse, and then you turned around to aid the dynasty. Im not sure whether I should consider you guys as enemies or friends. What do you think?"

Mona thought about it before solemnly replying, "While we belong to different factions, we are very willing to befriend you, Your Excellency Black Star."

Han Xiao raised his brows. "In that case, let me be more direct. Well always be opponents from different factions, but we can be business partners. You wont object to that, right?"

"Of course." This was one of the conditions given by the upper echelons before he set off, so Mona did not hesitate.

The three Universal Civilizations had always warred against each other; however, they also traded with each other frequently, cooperating in many industries. In this interstellar era, so long as the civilizations did not tear off all pretenses and go to war with each other, their cooperative relationship would still be maintained. The three universal civilizations were already used to this method, and in fact, interstellar integration was one of the points that bound all galactic civilizations together as this magnified the cost of them being isolated.

Thus, in terms of business and trade, a Universal Civilization would not prohibit their Beyond Grade A allies from expanding their business to profit off other civilizations. However, if they were to use the name of commerce to sell secret information to other parties, then the universal civilization would hunt them down.

However, the Beyond Grade A allies in each civilization would not easily allow outsiders to obtain a share of their pie. If one wished to develop a business in other factions, they would be pressured by the organizations of that faction. Without an official relationship, it would be hard to conduct business.

"Im sure that youre clear about our working style. Within the three Universal Civilizations, we are the most inclusive. We welcome financial groups and organizations from all over the universe to develop, and since the Shattered Star Ring is under the jurisdiction of the Federation of Light, you could say that weve always been working together," Mona said.

Han Xiao nodded. This part was true. The Crimson Dynasty was iron-blooded, while the Arcane Church leaned toward the spiritual side. The Federation of Light was undoubtedly the richest, with lots of territory and blooming with prosperity.

"Since you wish to be friends, then at least show some sincerity. Building a relationship requires funds." Han Xiao smiled.

"If youre willing, we can help the Black Star Army to develop their business in the Federation of Light at any time," Mona replied.

Han Xiaos eyes shifted quickly.

He roughly understood what the Federation of Light was trying to do. They first mentioned the Spacetime Amber before offering a trade cooperation. The situation was very clear. They wished to borrow the Spacetime Amber in the long run. After the previous incident, their relationship was strained, so one could imagine their success rate if they came knocking to request something.

Thus, the Federation of Light made a few proposals, of which one of them would be to use a business proposal to first break the ice, warming up their relationship before proposing a future follow-up relationship. In this way, they would not attempt to achieve their goals overnight but utilize a long-term relationship to obtain what they wanted.

As the requested party, Han Xiao had the advantage, and of course, he did not need to reply immediately.

"Ok, well talk about this again. I dont currently have that intention."

"Understood. If you still have any other requests, well do our best to consider it. No matter what, the Federation of Light looks forward to working with you."

Mona retained his sincere tone; the Federation of Light was not in a hurry to unseal the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter. They could afford to wait.

"Other requests" Han Xiaos eyes moved as he thought. He suddenly smiled. "I personally am not adverse to befriending the Federation of Light. Its just that because you helped the Arcane Church go against me last time, in addition to your sincerity, I feel you should display an apology."

He was referring to the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device. That time, the Federation of Light did not expect that they would need to request something from Black Star and could be said to have dug a hole for themselves. However, if they did not do so, then they probably would not have been able to obtain the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter. There were both advantages and disadvantages.

Monas eyes lit up. He was not afraid of Han Xiao making a request but more afraid of him not having any.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Its like this. If you could do me a favor, Ill forgive you, and only through resolving this then can our relationship truly begin."

"What do you need?" Mona sat up straight.

"EsGod also took part in the battle of Planet Lighthouse, and the dynasty has been busy with capturing those from the Arcane Church. However, they have now turned their attention toward this accomplice. I have quite a huge grudge with EsGod, and if you could help the dynasty and I with encircling the EsGod and killing him, we can wipe off all other issues and start on a clean slate. What do you think?" Han Xiaos tone grew solemn.

Mona was a little surprised. He was expecting Han Xiao to raise up some benefits for himself, but to think that he actually invited them to hunt down EsGod. It seemed like their enmity was quite serious.

"In this regard, I have no way to make a decision. I will report this upward." Mona spoke truthfully. "But from my experience, there is a high chance that they will agree."

If it was something else, the Federation of Light would still hesitate, but dealing with the EsGod had always been one of the priorities and would also benefit them.

At this moment, one of the mechanical guards from behind stepped forward and took off its helmet. It revealed the head of a mechanical host, and an electronic voice sounded from its mouth.

"Regarding this matter, I can do it for you instead."

Hearing this, Han Xiao turned around. Seeing the material of the mechanical host, his eyes lit up. He could tell that the host had high technological content, seemingly a high levelled machine made by a Beyond Grade A, much like the mechanical host that he utilized for [Lords Descent].

"You are"

"Mechanic Emperor Manison, the Ancient One, Palpatine[1]."

Han Xiaos eyes changed, revealing a wary look.

Because the [Lords Descent] was not yet used on the mechanical host, there were no fluctuations of a Beyond Grade A coming from it. Before Manison spoke, he had still thought it was just a normal mechanical soldier. In terms of stealth, Manison truly had the advantage.

The fact that Manison had chosen to approach him was out of Han Xiaos expectations.

A persons reputation was akin to the shadow a tree cast. The reputation of the Mechanic Empire in the universe was profound, almost universally regarded as the peak of mechanics. Furthermore, he had indirectly interacted with the other party before, so Han Xiao was vigilant of the name Mechanic Empire.

Mona coughed before explaining, "When His Excellency Manison heard that we were coming to pay you a visit, he requested to move together with us."

"Black Star, in actual fact, Ive always been wanting to pay you a visit. This time was just a good opportunity." Noticing Han Xiaos furrowed brows, Manison spoke without any emotions. "What, am I not welcome?"

Han Xiaos thoughts revolved quickly, and he immediately smoothed his brows over, putting on another smile as he calmly replied.

"Of course not. I just felt it to be a coincidence. I also heard of your name a long time ago and have always wished to pay you a visit. Its just that Ive never been able to find the chance to."

Mona stood up at this time. "This is my communicator number. Your Excellency Black Star, Ill report your intentions to the upper echelons, and youll receive a reply soon. I wont disrupt your conversation any longer. Your Excellency Manison, well wait for you aboard the spaceship."

Manisons mechanical host nodded, and Mona left the room, following Phillips directions back to the dock.

Only Manison and Han Xiao were left in the room.

"Hehe, Your Excellency Black Star, this should be our first time meeting." Manison sounded as though he was laughing, but the electronic voice did not display a single bit of emotion, making it a little frightening.

With the skills of the other party, it was possible for his host to completely mimic a persons emotions and tone, so this voice should be done on purpose.

"To be accurate, were not considered meeting yet. Youve seen my face, but I still have not seen yours." Han Xiao raised a brow and spoke some mischievous words while he thought of Manisons intentions in coming here today.

It was normal for people of the same profession to converse, but he felt that Manison had a reason for visiting.

"There will definitely be a chance in the future." The mechanical host pointed toward its chest. "Do you mind if I send my consciousness over?"

Han Xiao shook his head to indicate his answer.


The next instant, a surge of energy surged through the quantum infinite distance transmission channel, and the hosts body jolted. Golden electricity spilled out from it, sizzling as Manison utilized [Lords Descent].

The movements of the carrier instantly became a lot smoother. Manison twisted his neck, commenting, "Thats much better."

Remote communication could be compared to doing a video chat. [Lords Descent] was bringing ones consciousness into the scene, a lot more immersive.

Han Xiao smiled and did not speak, but he was full of awe in his heart.

When Manisons consciousness arrived, the mechanical force released by the host was so huge that it gave Han Xiao some pressure. To be able to allow another Beyond Grade A to feel pressure, the Mechanic Emperor was indeed unfathomable.

In all the Beyond Grade As he had seen, only EsGods aura could be compared with Manisons and this was only the host utilizing [Lords Descent], not Manisons true body.

Just what level had this guy actually reached?

Thinking about it, Han Xiao tilted his mouth toward the door.

"Your Excellency Manison, how about we change locations?"

"Sure. Could you show me around your Black Star Army?" Manison nodded.


The two stood up and left the room while chatting.

They had only just met, so they did not talk about any sensitive topics but rather revolved around different topics such as about the headquarters, materials and technology used, and so on.

Han Xiao kept vision of the quantum network constantly active, letting Phillip maintain constant surveillance on the system.

While the possibility was low, it was better to guard against any secret Virtual Intrusion from Manison. After all, having Manison there was just like having the neighbor next door come to visit ones house. One could never know when one might be cucked, so it was better to deter than to resolve.

But Manison did not have such intentions. He was only focused on conversing about mechanical knowledge, as though they were really sharing technology between peers.

Just based on his technical exchanges, the Mechanic Emperor was indeed powerful. He had accumulated experience for many years and had collected all the mechanic profession knowledge. He was even at the forefront of technological innovation, having developed an unknown number of blueprints.

Just based on the main profession level, his was far off from Manisons. The other party had not lived so many years in vain.

Because this was the first time he was dealing with the Mechanic Emperor, Han Xiao constantly wore a smile on his face. However, he never lowered his guard. In addition to the preconceived notions, he also had to take into account the identity of the other party.

"Oh right, you mentioned just now that you would help me to deal with EsGod."

"EsGod is currently in the Primeval Star River. That is my base camp, and if the Federation of Light agrees to your request, it will be me who acts." Manison turned to look at Han Xiao. "Naturally, I also have my own reasons."

"What are they?" Han Xiao was curious.

"The first, I warned EsGod before that he was not allowed to wander into my territory. As for the second hehe, I hope to obtain something from you." Manison did not bother hiding his intentions.

Obtain something from me? Han Xiaos eyes flashed. It would naturally not be his machinery, so it would most likely be the Universal Treasures. Was it the Evolution Cube or the Spacetime Amber?

However, Manison did not continue talking and only turned his head to another direction. At this moment, both of them had walked into a passageway, and surrounding them were combat training rooms.

"Since were here, why not have a spar?" It was hard to tell what Manison was trying to do.

"Here?" Han Xiao shook his head. With our strength, well flip my headquarters upside down.

"Relax, I didnt bring any other mechanical units, only this host." Manison waved his hands. "You can control another host as well, and well stop when hit. This way, the movements are more controlled, and we will not harm our relations."

This method works Han Xiao breathed in deeply and nodded. " Alright then."

Since there was no need to fight with ones true body, it would be simple to repair the mechanical host afterward. It would also be safer this way. Han Xiao suspected that Manison wished to test out his combat strength based on his Mechanical Force.

Having broken through the 52,000 Energy limit, this level of Mechanical Force would not allow him to be easily abused by others. Han Xiao had the confidence to spar.

Moreover, [Lords Descent] would also allow him to share the majority of his strength. He wished to also sneak a peek at Manisons attributes through the combat information.

[1] This used to be Papachi, but were changing it to Palpatine from now on.






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