The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Esgods Preparation

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Region 1749-C was the border between the Constellation Corridor and Silver Arm, and the Crimson Dynasty and Arcane Church had a large number of troops stationed there.

It only took Han Xiao a few days to arrive at the borders with the various stargates of the dynasty. This was the transaction location for the dynasty and Arcane Church.

Their battleship stopped beside the outpost, and Han Xiaos spaceship received a message from the outpost commander.

"Your Excellency Black Star, the Arcane Church escort fleet has arrived. They are waiting to complete the transaction with us. The location of the transaction is on an uninhabited planet between the two borders. His Excellency Milizaus and the outpost fleet will escort you to the destination."

"Milizaus is also here?" Han Xiao raised his brows.

Just when he asked that question, the old dragons voice sounded in the channel.

"I arrived a long time ago and have waited here for a long time already. The dynasty only wanted me to come as a precautionary measure. Although the odds of anything going wrong are slim, we cannot ignore the possibility that the other party may want to snatch the Spacetime Amber."

"Hmm, alright." Han Xiao nodded. "Commander, we can set off now."

A fleet of heavy-armored battleships flew out from the outpost, and Milizaus gigantic body followed beside them.

The fleet did not enter hyperdrive but relied on their thrusters only. After flying for a short while, an uninhabited planet appeared in their sights.

The Arcane Church and the Crimson Dynastys fleet had already arrived on the planet, and both parties were currently in a standoff outside the atmosphere. In the middle of the standoff was an Arcane Church escort fleet with the sealed Dylan being placed on the ground.

The dynasty had agreed to unseal Dylan. The weakest individual would usually receive special treatment from the enemy.

Han Xiao first scanned the situation on the planet and confirmed that there was no trap.

However, he had been caught off guard by the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device in the battle on Planet Lighthouse. Thus, he did not lower his guard.

"We have arrived. Your Excellency Black Star, lets go." In the bridge of the flagship, the dynasty emissary invited Han Xiao to set off with him.

Han Xiao nodded and left the spaceship.

The surface of the red planet got closer and closer to him.

Han Xiao landed on the ground and stepped on the sandy surface.

Walking in front of the Arcane Church squad, he looked at Dylan, who was trapped in the amber.

The dynasty emissary then talked to the Arcane Church emissary for a while before nodding to Han Xiao.

"Your Excellency Black Star, please release the seal."

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao stepped forward and stood in front of Dylan. He then turned around to look at the Arcane Church escort squad.

Great Mechanic Han then raised his brows and stomped on the ground lightly.

The next moment, the ground transformed into nano alloys, and a large metal wall was erected from the ground to ensure that no one would be able to see what was going on in the region.

Black Star obviously did not want to show others his method to unseal the seal. Everyone could only wait silently with disappointment.

After a full ten minutes, the alloy wall collapsed and returned to Han Xiaos palms. Dylans seal had already disappeared, and he collapsed onto the ground with a look of fear in his eyes.

"Your Excellency Dylan, are you alright?" The Arcane Church escort squad immediately went to support him.

"Im alright."

Dylan snapped back into his senses and stood up on his own while glaring at Han Xiao with enmity, anger, and fear.

"How have you been over the past few months?" Han Xiao squinted and chucked.

Dylan trembled and subconsciously took a step back.

His body had been sealed by the Spacetime Amber, but his thoughts had not been. He could clearly feel his body but was unable to control it. Such a feeling was unbearable as though he was possessed by a ghost. During the period when he was sealed, Dylan felt like every day was a year and had almost gone mad.

If not for the mental strength and will of a Beyond Grade A being extremely powerful, he felt that he might have truly been driven insane.

Although a few months of captivity was not enough to wipe out his consciousness, Dylan could feel his soul becoming weaker. If he continued to remain trapped, it was very likely that his soul would have been wiped out!

Such a possibility made Dylan tremble in fear.

It was not only capable of trapping his body but also capable of wiping out his consciousness. Even a Beyond Grade A was unable to resist it. The terrifying might of the Spacetime Amber truly made him tremble, and he never wanted to experience it again.

Han Xiao then looked around and suddenly said, "The seal has been undone. Where is your ambush? Its time for them to come out."

He had always felt that the Arcane Church would arrange for their troops in the nearby region, and these troops would appear right after the transaction was completed.

"We dont have an ambush," the Arcane Church emissary replied.

"Really? I thought that you guys would try and deal with me. This time, not only will you be able to snatch the Evolution Cube, you guys will also be able to get the Spacetime Amber. I never thought that there really wouldnt be an ambush around" Han Xiao shook his head and chuckled. "It seems like you guys are really scared of me."

The face of the Arcane Church emissary turned frosty.

Black Star had already used his strength to prove himself. In consideration for the other allies that were still sealed, they did not intend to take any risks. Furthermore, they were located at the border between both the civilizations, and the dynasty still had their guard up. It would be impossible for them to prepare an ambush.

Of course, aside from all these excuses, the truth was that they were truly afraid.

It was because Han Xiao said the truth that his words stabbed right into their hearts.

The Arcane Church emissary gritted his teeth and replied, "Since our transaction is complete, we shall take our leave. I hope that we will be able to complete similar transactions in the future."

Han Xiao then stroked his chin and said, "Are you just going to leave like that, Dylan? Do you want to stay behind and catch up with me?"

The Arcane Church emissary immediately became wary and asked, "Your Excellency Black Star, what do you want to do?"

The transaction location was located at the border because both parties were wary of each other. The dynasty was afraid that the Arcane Church might launch another ambush, and the Arcane Church was afraid that the dynasty would go back on their word and capture Dylan again. With both parties wary of each other, it was extremely easy for the Arcane Church to misunderstand Han Xiaos words.

"Why are you so nervous? Are you afraid that I will snatch him back?" Han Xiao smirked.

The Arcane Church emissary remained silent and did not respond.

Dylan then gritted his teeth and replied, "I will pay a visit to the Black Star Army in the future if there is a chance!"

"Then I hope that you will come with good will." Han Xiao raised his brows. "If not, history will probably repeat itself."

Upon hearing that, Dylan shrunk back and did not say another word.

A few rays of light then landed on Dylan and the others, sucking them back into the battleship.

Han Xiao looked at Dylan ascending into the sky and the Arcane Church fleet leaving the planet.

"The transaction is complete. Lets return."

Han Xiao patted the emissary on the shoulders with a teasing look on his face.

The Arcane Church would definitely ask Dylan about how he felt when he was sealed. Dylan would cooperate, and the Arcane Church would know that the seal could cause the death of ones consciousness.

The Arcane Church originally was not clear that being sealed by the Spacetime Amber had a risk of death, and after receiving the report from Dylan, they would be anxious to release the seals on the others.

This way, they would be at a disadvantage in their negotiations with the dynasty. In order to save time, they would have to accept some more ridiculous terms from the dynasty.

Their outcome could only be described with a single wordpitiful.

"Heh, I extorted a great deal out of them again." Han Xiao chuckled.

The happiness of an individual was usually built upon the suffering of others.

The transaction went smoothly, and Han Xiao followed the fleet back to the border outpost. He then received news from the upper echelons that the Arcane Church would send their Beyond Grade A combatants to participate in the operation to kill EsGod.

The allies who agreed to participate in the operation were already headed to the gathering point before heading over to Primeval Star River together.

Milizaus then came over to Han Xiao. "Black Star, I am preparing to head over to the gathering point. Do you have anything else to do?"

"I also planned to go now."

"Alright, then lets go together. My injuries from the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter havent healed yet. Do you still have that medicine?"

"Oh, I still have the medicine, but you should understand the meaning of equal exchange, right?"

"Speak, how much dragons blood do you want? Do you want mine?"

"Cough cough. Lets talk along the way." Han Xiaos mouth cramped up.

Indeed, as long as an individual broke their bottom line once, there would be a second time.

Milizaus originally refused to give Han Xiao his own blood, but after seeing Han Xiao gather quite a bit of his blood, he decided to just give up entirely. Since the other party already had his blood, a little more would not make a difference.

They did not remain at the border any longer and set off together.

The security in the dynasty was pretty good, and apart from Milizaus being a little anemic, they did not face any problems along the way. They were the first to reach the gathering point and waited for their allies to join them.

At the same time, in a desolate universe belt of the Primeval Star River, the Fallen Ark floated above a Fixed Star with its energy shield blocking out the powerful radiation.

In the command room of the flagship, Fakisen looked out of the window at a spot on the surface of the Fixed Star, which was where EsGod had landed. A whirlpool-like energy spiral could be seen with EsGod at the center.

The energy of a Fixed Star was far too blinding, and even with his Calamity Grade senses, he was unable to see EsGods figure clearly. The large energy whirlpool disrupted all the radars on board the spaceship, and the target region was covered with EsGods Esper Ability. No one was able to see what EsGod was doing on the Fixed Star.

"His Excellency EsGod has made us wait here for two days already. Just what is he doing?" a member of the spaceship asked impatiently.

"I dont know," Fakisen replied.

Two days ago, EsGod got them to await orders outside of this Fixed Star while he landed on the Fixed Star and absorbed energy like a bottomless pit.

At this moment, EsGod had his arms stretched out wide as he absorbed the endless energy of the Fixed Star.

He had an Esper Ability that could absorb the energy of the outside world called Black Hole. He had once displayed this ability when fighting Han Xiao.

As the energy was absorbed into his body, a black fog-like figure separated from EsGods body and transformed into a black crystal-like item that floated beside EsGod.

This black sphere was a doppelganger created by EsGod from absorbing the crazy amount of energy.

The more powerful an individual, the greater the effects of the Evolution Cube. EsGods strength received a huge boost, but he could clearly feel that his own body had not been completely transformed. It was as though the evolution energy had sunk into his cells and was like a treasure being sealed in a box.

EsGod did not have an interface and did not know that this was the additional Race Evolution opportunity that he had obtained by using the Evolution Cube. He would only be able to trigger it with a Promotion.

But if he was able to complete this promotion, he would experience a qualitative transformation!

However, the Evolution Cube did not have the ability to increase an individuals level, and thus, EsGod did not receive this energy at the moment.

Although the evolution ability did not allow EsGod to promote, it released some of the restrictions on EsGods body.

For example, gene load!

Because of the conflict between genes, EsGods body was not able to contain too many different abilities at the same time. His doppelganger was able to make up for this shortcoming and store certain Esper Abilities, but his main body could not make use of these abilities.

However, there was an obvious disadvantage to this method. The doppelganger created by EsGod was not without any burdens because maintaining the doppelganger required the activation of an Esper Ability.

If EsGod was like a computer, every Esper Ability would be like a program. The upper limit of his main body would be like his RAM, and maintaining a doppelganger was like running a program in the background. It would constantly take up his RAM.

The more powerful his doppelganger and the more doppelgangers he had at the same time, the more RAM it would require.

He needed his RAM to have extra space for him to use other Esper Abilities.

Thus, EsGod would not use his doppelgangers during a head on battle mainly because of this reason. The presence of his doppelgangers would reduce the combat capabilities of his main body.

However, the Evolution Cube had changed this.

Simply put, it increased his RAM and simplified his programs.

The upper limit of his main body was increased, and the load of every Esper Ability was reduced. This meant that he would be able to use more Esper Abilities at the same time.

This strengthened EsGods abilities to a large extent!

As such, EsGod was now capable of supporting more Beyond Grade A doppelgangers.

The change in quantity resulted in a change in quality!

It could be said that the improvement from the Evolution Cube changed EsGods combat strategy!

EsGod was currently sucking up energy from the Fixed Star so that he could create a large number of doppelgangers and prepare for the enemys revenge!

Since he had frustrated the Arcane Church and the Crimson Dynasty, it would only be a matter of time before both of them attempted to surround him. Since both parties seemed like they were about to take action, he naturally made his own preparations.

EsGod treasured his life a lot as he would only be able to fulfil his wishes if he remained alive. However, he was not afraid of danger either as he would only be able to become stronger by fighting.

The attack of a Universal Civilization would definitely be a good opportunity for him to test his strength. He would only be able to understand his own strength after fighting with other Beyond Grade As.

The attack this time was also an opportunity to him even though the meaning was slightly different.

This was his first battle after his evolution!

EsGod was truly excited in his heart.

He would only know just how strong he had become after testing his strength out.






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