The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Impac

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Now that EsGod was gone, without their strong leader, no one had the qualifications to step up, so the lawless criminals also lost their reason for banding together.

The criminals knew that without their leader, the next move of the three Universal Civilizations would be to bring the knife to them, completely cleansing the desolate universe belt.

After EsGod fell, the powerful Fallen Ark also began to split apart into countless smaller groups, and one by one, they started to raid all the Fallen Ark’s treasuries.

The desolate universe belt in the Central Galaxy was actually the territory of the Fallen Ark and had maintained a very thin line of balance between all the forces, but now, it had become even more chaotic and dangerous, with the criminals killing and plundering each other.

At this moment, there were more than a thousand battleships surrounding a desolate planet and undergoing a battle.

This planet was one of the secret research facilities established by EsGod, and it stored various valuable materials, technology, and special products. The thousands of battleships belonged to the divided criminal groups, and their purpose was to snatch the results of this Ru0026D base. One of the teams belonged to Shazik.

The surface of the planet had turned into an intense battlefield. Most of the battlefields were not equipped with annihilation weapons but rather only used their battleship cannons to attack. The plasma beams interlaced with each other, coloring the dark universe with bright stripes, as though paint on a canvas. Hulls melted wherever it passed, turning into red hot slag that became obstacles in the battlefield.

The battle continued for a period of time, and finally, the victors were decided. Shazik’s team was one of them, and they raided this facility before leaving in satisfaction.

The inky black blade sliced across the throat, and fresh red blood seeped out, splattering on the bloodied cabin wall.


A gray-skinned creature with dense compound eyes fell over, clutching his bloodied neck, revealing the killer behind.

It was a humanoid creature with a long blade wearing a hood and a black mechanical mask that only revealed a pair of scarlet eyes.

This was a tattered ship cabin, the walls of which were covered with slash marks and electrical arcs. Lying on the ground were hundreds of dead bodies of different species, and the ground was solidified with colorful blood scabs. Only the killer was left standing.

“Number 11,570”

His voice was hoarse, sounding like a pair of worn bellows. With a flick of his wrist, the blood on the blade disappeared, and he sheathed the blade before pressing on his mechanical mask, sending a message to a number labelled ’employer’.

“Objective complete.”

Very quickly, the employer replied, their tone filled with gratitude.

“Thank you very much, Mister Lothaire. Thank you for taking revenge for us. Without you, we would forever be”

“This is a transaction. Remember to pay up.”

Lothaire indifferently cut the other party off.

He was a lone bounty hunter, but his hunting targets were limited to members of the Fallen Ark.

Lothaire was born in one of the colonial planets of an advanced civilization and had grown up in a peaceful environment. However, the Fallen Ark fleet descended upon them one day, bringing death and destruction.

He had thought that he would die, but somehow, a hidden Esper Ability within his body burst out at the juncture of life and death, allowing him to escape from his fate but resistance was futile, as they captured him and offered him to EsGod.

Thus, Lothaire met EsGod and had his newly awakened Esper Ability torn away from him, becoming a dying person, his life force flickering like a candle in the wind.

Normally, those whom EsGod had stolen abilities from would either be made into food or thrown out into the universe. Maybe Lady Luck was smiling at him, but Lothaire was thrown out into the universe. While ordinary people could not survive in the universe, he found out that the Esper Ability had changed his body structure, allowing him to survive even in the vacuum of the universe.

After the Fallen Ark fleet had left, the civilization’s rescue force managed to arrive before Lothaire died, making him the only survivor. He held an extreme hatred toward EsGod and Fallen Ark, and under this drive, Lothaire, who had lost his Esper ability, experienced mortal hardships, embarking on the path of a pugilist and becoming a Super.

After his training was completed, he became a bounty hunter.

The members of the Fallen Ark were all criminals, and they fled under EsGod’s umbrella to avoid being hunted by various civilizations. Lothaire was specialized in hunting down such criminals, and he made these self-confident fugitives pay their blood debt. Thus, his employers were usually victims of Fallen Ark.

As of today, the number of Fallen Ark members who had fallen under Lothaire’s blade was in six digits, but Lothaire was still unsatisfied. He was just like an ascetic monk that continued to grind his strength in order to complete his hidden goalassassinating EsGod!

His experience of meeting EsGod had always been his nightmare, bringing him endless fear and causing him to wake up from his sleep. But even though he knew it was impossible, he refused to give up on his ultimate goal.

Without caring about the ground strewn with corpses, Lothaire walked toward the control room of the spaceship. Suddenly, his communicator notified him of a news flash, which was the joint report by the three civilizations.

“EsGod has been captured?”

Lothaire’s expression changed, and he stopped walking, concentrating on the news report.

After a while, he let out a long, relieved sigh. Suddenly, he felt a bit lost, as the goal in his heart had suddenly disappeared.

But very quickly, Lothaire regained the light in his eyes and muttered to himself, “The guy who caught EsGod is called Black Star”

On one planet where the people were living like nomads, less than a tenth of the population remained after being attacked by EsGod.

When news of EsGod’s capture reached this tribe, the people shed tears of joy.

“EsGod has been captured!”

“Wu wu wu we’ve waited so long for this day!”

“All praise Black Star!”

“Long live Black Star!”

The same scene was being repeated on many different planets.

The news of EsGod’s arrest incited joy but also alarmed a few secret organizations.

“EsGod was too violent in his bearings. I knew this day would come for him.”

“Now that EsGod is gone, the Fallen Ark also won’t exist. There’s no one else to take away the attention of the three civilizations. This is disadvantageous to us.”

“Continue maintaining a low profile and accumulate strength. We’re not as unbridled as EsGod, so it’s hard for them to focus on us.”

“This is also a chance. We can accept those under EsGod as well as his inheritance and use it to bolster our forces.”

“Yes, send someone to the Central Galaxy. There will be a lot of people who think the same way, so don’t fall behind.”

In the orbit of Planet Aquamarine, the Floating Dragon Island drifted.

Ames stood at the edge of Floating Dragon Island, overlooking the panoramic view of Planet Aquamarine.

Footsteps sounded behind her, and Ames turned to see Aesop walking to her.

“There’s big news.” Aesop shook his head. “EsGod has been captured by the three Universal Civilizations.”

“What happened?” Ames’ brows raised up.

“See for yourself.”

Aesop put the communicator on her hand.

After glancing through, Ames returned the communicator, a smile on her face.

“He really can’t sit still.”

“Black Star went and did something big again. He’s becoming stronger and stronger.” Aesop felt a little emotional.

Throughout his long life, he had experienced the age where EsGod was the craziest. He feared EsGod somewhat, but to think that this fellow actually was captured by a newbie Beyond Grade A.

Although this was a siege, he also saw the extent of Han Xiao’s current connections and influence from the lineup of the three civilizations in this operation. Even when he was part of the Ancient Ones, he probably did not have a reputation like Han Xiao’s.

“Yes, he is becoming stronger.”

Ames smiled but went a little silent. She still remembered the time she fought EsGod together with Han Xiao. At that time, his strength left her with a deep impression, but now EsGod had actually fallen to Han Xiao. This meant that Han Xiao’s overall strength should have surpassed hers.

While she had always been pursuing strength, watching her subordinate catch up to her left her with complicated feelings.

She was originally high up above, but later on, Black Star reached Beyond Grade A and sat on the same level as her. However, whether it was in position, strength, or influence, Black Star had completely surpassed her, completing a counterattack under her watch.

While she was also improving, the majority of it was because of the evolution that Black Star had given her.

Their roles had swapped.

Ames stretched before lightly blowing out.

“It seems that I’ve been too lazy these years and not exercising properly. I should look for a time to have a good fight with Black Star.”

Following the news, Han Xiao who was on the journey back also received a long-awaited notification.


You have received 1 Legendary Point.

Universe Legendary Point: The Fall of EsGodThe notorious leader of the Fallen Ark, the ‘Butcherer of Life’ EsGod, has finally been captured by the three Universal Civilizations. As one of the participants, and even the leader, countless races are grateful for your contribution and will remember your name.


Universe Legendary Point? Han Xiao whistled. The infamy of EsGod was really carved into everyone’s heart.

As one of the end bosses of the evil faction, EsGod had quite the reputation. The sensation caused by capturing him was no less than the Battle of Planet Lighthouse. Since EsGod’s influence covered the entire universe, he was given the highest legendary point rating.

Closing his notification, Han Xiao opened the forums. Everyone was discussing the fall of EsGod.

He had obtained reputation from this event, and this also seemed to have affected the players’ gaming experience.



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