The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Eternal Power Source

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His Contribution Points in the dynasty had increased by another ten thousand or so, and with his original eleven thousand, he had more than twenty-two thousand. He used that to purchase one new Ultimate Knowledge from the dynasty.

Right now, the tumor that was EsGod had already been removed, and the external environment had also settled down and entered a stable development period. The pressure on him was greatly decreased, so he did not have to rush and gather more knowledge.

Han Xiao had currently grasped three Ultimate Knowledges: [Endless Material Science], [Mechanical Life Tinder], and [Virtual Creator]. There was one from each of the branches.

The Materials, Information, and Energy Branches had always been the Three Chariots of the Mechanic Class. He had obtained both material and information branches, so he chose to fill up the final branch with [Eternal Power Source].

This Ultimate Knowledge’s title was just a sham. Its effect was not so exaggerated as to provide an ‘eternal’ source. It was not literally inexhaustible energy. The name came from the significance it held toward a Mechanic’s combat strength.

The Cutting-Edge Knowledge [Abnormal State Energy] allowed a Mechanic to master the technology for safely extracting Psionic, dark matter, antimatter energy, and more. [Eternal Power Source] allowed these new energy sources to be utilized to elevate a Mechanic’s abilities. At this point, one would see that technology and magic had started to blend into one, and like a mage, a mechanic would also begin to wield multi-dimensional energy.

However, this did not mean a difference in energy levels. Multi-dimensional energy did not mean that it was stronger than Psionic energy. It was just an increase in the variety of energy that a mechanic could wield.

The real focus of [Eternal Power Source] was not mastering new energy but improving the technology of the mechanic such that it was able to welcome the energies.

Just like the progress from nuclear fission to fusion, learning a more advanced energy extraction method would create a new generation of Psionic and dark matter energy reactors, which would increase the power output and stability.

The result would be a comprehensive increase in weapon power, shield durability, and machinery performance, which was the improvement brought about by energy technology innovation.

The new Ultimate Knowledge also gave Han Xiao a new talent and ability.


[Advanced Energy Control]: When utilizing advanced energy, x1.15 Attack Power Bonus, x1.2 Shield Durability Factor, +30% Machinery Core Efficiency, +20% Output Efficiency.

[Energy Innovation]: Passive Ability. This Ability will only be upgraded with each increase in level for [Eternal Power Source]. Every level up will unlock additional advanced energy technology as well as reactor blueprints.


Energy was just too important, so no matter which Mechanic branch one belonged to, they had to max out the level of [Eternal Power Source]. This was also one of the culprits behind the players’ Enas hemorrhaging.

If one did not choose to specialize in the Energy Branch, the tripled cost of Potential Points needed would make people feel like dying!

Even Han Xiao himself felt the difficulty. Even at Level 280, he only had twenty-one spare Potential Points. Learning this knowledge would require twenty-four points, and even if he maxed out a few of his abilities to make up for the lack of points, maxing out [Eternal Power Source] from Lv.1 to Lv.5 would require another ninety-six Potential Points, which was equivalent to raising the level of ninety-six blueprints to the maximum.

The experience needed for this was even more frightening than what was needed to level up!

The strength of a mechanic was derived from knowledge, and blindly levelling up was insufficient. Only by stacking up the various knowledges would they then have a stronger combat capability among their peers. This was the foundation of a mechanic.

Han Xiao’s four Ultimate Knowledges were all at Lv.1. After raising his level, he had to consider raising his Ultimate Knowledge level. Because of his unique advantage of having leeks, he had decided to raise all the levels of his Ultimate Knowledges as much as possible. This was destined to be a long project, but upon completion, his combat capability would be off the charts.

In addition to his own growth plan, Han Xiao also took care of the officers. The [Ability Enhancement] Character Summon Card was utilized on both Hila and Aurora, as the former had a Beyond Grade A potential, whereas the latter had a strategic level ability.

The last usage was left behind. Because both Ames and him were in the S grade, it was impossible for him to use it on her. He prepared to save this chance for another time.

In the next month, Han Xiao settled a few more official matters. The most important was the business cooperation with the Federation of Light. This was the deal that they had agreed upon.

Their method of cooperation was to help Black Star by opening a branch in the Abyss of Stars. Han Xiao coordinated with a deployment team and arranged for several satellite bases to be sent over.

Those who went over as the deployment team did not include the players, however. The Great Mechanic Han did not have the habit of transplanting his own leeks into another person’s farm.

Currently, there were two major events for the players to participate inthe Gulal Civilization war and the exploration of the Flickering World.

Moreover, the promotion for the Pro League had already begun, and because Version 3.0 was the time where the volume of players shot up rapidly, there were far more newcomers. The volume for this Version’s Pro League was much greater than in the past, and every player that intended to participate was actively preparing.

Based on Han Xiao’s estimates, the enthusiasm of players had risen by 47.5%.

Thus, the players could be left alone. Han Xiao had recently been more concerned with the follow-up events of EsGod’s fall. The impact of the event had already begun to ferment, spreading to the whole universe.

The three Universal Civilizations had begun a new wave of cleaning up the evildoers, and the Fallen Ark that had threatened the entire Central Galaxy had now completely disbanded and scattered. Many of the criminals had left the Central Galaxy, choosing to roam through the universe. Some of the other organizations were actively recruiting such criminals, dividing up EsGod’s manpower.

The Fallen Ark was one of the most famous criminal organizations of this era, but it was not the only one. With the vastness of the universe, there were other large criminal organizations active in the major star fields, and it was these people that were taking in EsGod’s manpower and legacies.

The Black Star Army had also received the same treatment. From Sylvia’s report, there was a spike in newcomers registering, and this should be because of his reputation in the universe.

While the majority of them were victims of EsGod, there were two people who attracted Han Xiao’s attention.

In the reception room within the Black Star Army Headquarters, Shazik and Lothaire sat in front of Han Xiao. The three of them sized up each other.

Han Xiao’s gaze swept across the two of them. His expression was unreadable as he spoke. “Both of you are Calamity Grade Supers. Are you serious about joining the Black Star Army?”

Shazik nodded and solemnly said, “EsGod destroyed my entire hometown, and my reason for living was to take revenge on him. I once swore that if someone could help me take revenge, then I would follow him.”

Lothaire had half of his face covered, and he only coldly nodded in response. He did not talk much.

“If that’s the case, then on behalf of the Black Star Army, I formally welcome you two aboard.”

Han Xiao smiled. A Calamity Grade was a high-level combatant and could live a life of luxury in any organization. Thus, he definitely would not reject them.

The reason these two caught his notice was not just because they were Calamity Grade but because they were famous NPCs.

In the past, EsGod had rampaged in the universe for many versions and made many enemies. Both Shazik and Lothaire were people who appeared in the storyline of EsGod, and they were both enemies of EsGod.

Shazik ran a gray transit station in the Central Galaxy’s desolate universe belt, and while it looked like it provided services to the criminals, it was actually a venomous snake in hiding.

During the time he was in business, he secretly bribed the people in Fallen Ark, collecting intelligence to disclose to EsGod’s enemies while also quietly sheltering the various organizations that sought to take revenge against EsGod. He provided them with weapons and spaceships, and players who had joined the universal civilizations could accept missions from him.

Shazik used all sorts of methods to nibble away at the influence of the Fallen Ark, but what the universe did not lack was crime, and thus, his speed of destruction could not overcome the speed at which they recruited.

In the end, because players who accepted asylum from him posted about it on the forums, his behavior alerted a player of the Fallen Ark faction, who then revealed his identity. He died at the hands of a bunch of criminals.

As for Lothaire, he was even better. This was a madman that dared to try assassinating EsGod. He had a mid-level Luck Glow around him and was a revenge-type template of a main character.

Lothaire was a bounty hunter who specialized in assassinating members of Fallen Ark. In the middle versions, he had established a secret organization named ‘Assassin’s Society’. It was not a large organization, but all its members were elites, possessing some reputation in the universe.

This was a hidden faction, and only players who had passed the test would be able to enter. Within, they would be able to obtain the subclass [Galactic Assassin] and could learn all sorts of assassination related skills from the members present. There was also an S ranked mission, [Assassinate EsGod].

In the past, the Assassin’s Society had high popularity because a large portion of lone wolf players liked the feeling of being assassins. This was especially so if one was an assassin in the universe, as they could assassinate all sorts of great characters, then watch the chaos it brought.

Lothaire had the strength of a Beyond Grade A seed at his peak, and he appeared and disappeared like a specter. As an assassin known for his lethality, his deterrence force was even stronger than a normal Beyond Grade A seed. He far outstripped Hadavy in terms of strength and was ranked at the forefront for assassination in the universe.

A pity that, because he could no longer withstand the fear he got from his nightmares of EsGod, he finally attempted to assassinate EsGod alone. With that, the strongest assassin never returned, dying at the hands of EsGod.

Based on their past records, Han Xiao looked more favorably on Lothaire’s strength. If he could obtain his loyalty, there was a lot of value in grooming him.

Upon recalling Lothaire’s past, Han Xiao had an idea.

I can create a small squad within the Black Star Guards, which need not stay near me, but move out on black ops. They will only answer to me, and I can call them the Shadow Guards or Shadowers

This would allow Lothaire to once again create an assassin group similar to his past life. This might allow him to attract lone wolf players and use them to complete some shady objectives.

Just as Han Xiao was absorbed in his thoughts, Shazik took out a data storage device and placed it on the desk.

“Your Excellency Black Star, this is my greeting gift for you.”

Hearing his, Han Xiao tilted his head, asking curiously, “What’s inside?”

“A portion of EsGod’s legacies,” Shazik said in hushed tones. “Before we left the Central Galaxy, I mobilized all my undercover agents and seized a few of EsGod’s research bases. From there, we took their inheritance. This is my offering for joining the Black Star Army.”

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled, and he looked at Shazik with praise.

This leek truly knew how to do things and even brought fertilizer for him.

He was reliable in doing things, a talent!

The various organizations are now trying to divvy up EsGod’s inheritance. I didn’t expect that by sitting at home, I would also receive a copy.

Pointing with a finger, he shot out a ray of nanoparticles, which entered the port of the data storage, directly linking to the stored data within.

“Phillip, read the data inside.”

“Roger, hum”

Han Xiao closed his eyes, reaching into the quantum network. His brain, under the guidance of Phillip, quickly downloaded all the various information within.

There were quite a few goodies within, such as intelligence on certain civilizations, blueprints from lost civilizations, and special technology research reports.

After browsing for a while, Han Xiao found traces of the Evolutionary Civilization and was overjoyed.

With the instructions from the Evolutionary Civilization, he could now manufacture the containment block by himself, which solved one problem. Now, he need not be afraid of destroying the containment block to release its actual shape, and there were more methods to utilize it.

This information was priceless to him!

“What good stuff.” Han Xiao suppressed his excitement, quickly flipping through other reports.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed. A certain report had captured his attention.

Oh, this is a Super High Risk Esper Ability



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