The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Floating Dragons Warning

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The challenge letter was sent personally and not a public one, but it was not as casual as the usual interaction between the two. Instead, it was an official challenge and included the location and time of the battlein five days on a desolate planet in the Godora Star System.

The news was too sudden, and Han Xiao was truly puzzled.

The relationship between them should not be a problem, and he did not understand why Ames would issue him a challenge letter without informing him beforehand. Furthermore, she did it in such a solemn manner.

Just what was she thinking

Han Xiao was currently in discussion with one of the civilizations about the trade terms of the Evolutionary Totem, and the moment he received Ames invitation, he immediately hung up the call with the representative of the civilization and contacted Ames.

He did not wish for the alliance between them to go wrong.

The call went through quickly, but the one who picked it up was Jenny, not Ames.

"Why is it you?"

Han Xiao was a little puzzled. He had dialed Ames personal number.

"Wheres Ames?"

"You received her challenge letter, right?" Jenny asked.

"Yes, just what are her intentions?" Han Xiao frowned.

"Just like what is written on the challenge letter, before fighting you, she does not wish to speak with you, and she wants me to tell you that she will fight you seriously this time."

"Why did she suddenly decide this?" Han Xiao asked.

"You can ask her yourself if you have any doubts. Remember to arrive on time." Jenny snorted coldly and hung up.

Looking at the black screen on the communicator, Han Xiao could not help but scratch his head.

It was extremely normal for Beyond Grade As to spar with each other, but with their relationship, all Ames had to do was give him a heads up. There was no need to have such an official challenge letter at all.

Forget it, this isnt the first time Ames has behaved willfully

Han Xiao shook his head with resignation and felt that Ames was once again behaving willfully.

At the same time in the main palace of the Floating Dragon Island, Jenny placed down the communicator and looked at Ames, who was seated on the floating throne.

Ames was listening by the side during the communication, and she nodded with a smile.

"Good work. Thank you."

"In truth, I dont really understand" Jenny could not help but speak up. "Although I dislike Black Star, his strength is undeniable. Pardon me for being direct, but I dont think your chances of victory are high. Why do you want to do so?"

"You dont seem to have any confidence in me," Ames said with a teasing voice.

Aesop, who was by the side, could not help but interrupt. "This has nothing to do with confidence. After the battle on Planet Lighthouse, Black Star has already proven his strength, and your chances of victory are very low. Why do you have to issue a challenge that you will lose for sure?"

Ames kept her smile upon hearing that.

"We have to fight before knowing whether or not I can win."

She then paused for a while and let out a soft sigh.

"Perhaps I am no longer a match for Black Star, but I want it to be proven"

Five days went by in a flash.

Situated in the Godora Star System was Planet G-S7058, a gigantic planet with an obvious asteroid belt revolving around the planet. This planet was not too far from the headquarters of the Black Star Army and Planet Aquamarine. It was the location of their battle.

A ray of light approached from afar and stopped outside the atmosphere of the planet. Han Xiao was the one piloting the spaceship, and he had come alone.

"Detecting a large unknown target. Matching it with the database Match found. The target is Floating Dragon Island, hum"

Phillips voice sounded in the spaceship. Without his reminder, Han Xiao could also see the scene outside the window.

A gigantic Floating Dragon Island floated outside the atmosphere of the planet, and the entire planet was protected by a golden yellow shield.

Ten large alloy satellites were lined up beside Floating Dragon. These were the weapons that Han Xiao had given to Ames.

The eyesight of a Beyond Grade A was shocking, and Han Xiao could see that Floating Dragon Island had already activated their armed mode. All the buildings were retracted underground, and no one was moving around on the island. Ames was the only one standing on the dock, looking at him from afar.

Han Xiaos face contorted slightly upon seeing that.

She actually brought Floating Dragon over? Does she really want to go all out?

He then tried calling Ames personal number, and Ames picked up this time.

Ames calm appearance appeared on the screen.

"Youre here."

"Since you sent me an invitation, how could I not come?" Han Xiao said with a helpless look. "You only need to ask me if you want to have a spar. Its not like I will reject you anyway. Is there really a need to make things so solemn?"

"You misunderstand me. This isnt a simple spar," Ames said slowly. "I will use all my strength to fight you, and I hope that you will also give it your all. You may lose your life if you are careless."

Han Xiao kept his smile upon hearing that and asked with a frown, "Just what is this about?"

"Ever since you entered the Beyond Grade A realm, Ive fought alongside you against Heber and EsGod, but we have never had a proper exchange between us. Thus, I want to fight you officially for once until one side loses the ability to fight back."

"Is there a need to use such a method to see who is stronger between us?" Han Xiao did not understand.

"During this period, word of your actions has spread throughout the universe," Ames replied softly, "and in less than two years, youve gone from a new Beyond Grade A to your current status. Ive watched you changing every day. Do you know that the feeling of being caught up to really isnt nice?"

When Han Xiao first entered the Beyond Grade A realm, both of them had a relationship of equal status, and Ames was willing to help Han Xiao, who was a new Beyond Grade A, overcome his difficulty.

In just two short years, Han Xiao had grown at a rapid speed, and the organization that he had set up had already far exceeded Floating Dragon.

Ames could feel that their status and strength were gradually becoming further and further apart, and their relationship was no longer on equal grounds. As such, her mental state also experienced a subtle change.

Ames was a carefree individual and could not be bothered with many things. At the same time, she was extremely stubborn toward the people she cared about. This point could be clearly seen when she had stubbornly searched for Aesop.

And Han Xiao was one of those whom she cared about.

Ames had once watched as Han Xiao rose to prominence, but the status between them was now reversing. She did not wish to see Han Xiao overtake her by too much and was not satisfied by only seeing Han Xiaos battle records on the news. As such, she decided to issue a challenge and personally experience Han Xiaos strength.

She wanted to see just how big the difference between her and Han Xiao was!

The next moment, the alarm in Han Xiaos spaceship rang.

"Detecting a powerful energy source!"

Han Xiao then looked over and saw that it was Ames releasing her energy.

Ames stepped out from the dock and into space.

The energy level in Ames body was increased to the peak, and her tone became solemn.

"Dont hold anything back. Come!"

The next moment, she raised her arms, and the ten satellite bricks and Floating Dragon shot toward Han Xiao.

At this moment, a notification popped up on Han Xiaos interface.


You have triggered the S ranked mission [Dragon Emperor Ames]!

Mission Requirements: Last for as long as possible under Ames attacks. (The battle method isnt restricted. You can only leave battle mode for 30 mins at most. There are no restrictions to the number of times you leave battle mode.)

Reward: You will be able to attain the corresponding reward by fulfilling the corresponding requirements. (Only 1% of the time out of battle mode will be counted toward the mission.)


This was the same mission that he had when facing the Tyrant. The longer he hung in there, the higher the reward.

Apart from experience, he could obtain Legendary Points, Character Summon Cards, and the opportunity to draw one of Ames talents or skills.

However, Han Xiao was not in the mood to see the mission at the moment.

How can I go all out against you?

Han Xiao let out a sigh but did not say these words.

With his current strength, his attacks would be too lethal if he went all out.

She probably would not be able to tank his attacks.

Han Xiao shook his head. He did not plan on injuring Ames. No matter what, they were allies, and he would not go too far.

Seeing Ames blazing battle intent, Han Xiao instantly made a decision.

Let me drag this battle out. My tankiness will be enough to exhaust all her energy so that she cannot carry on fighting. This is the only way to prevent me from injuring her and ruining our relationship

The distance between them shrank rapidly, and Han Xiao no longer hesitated. He then activated his mechanical suit and opened the secondary dimension to summon a portion of his mechanical army.

"Lord." Psionic Prime appeared with various other Apostle Weapons.

Han Xiao then said with a deep voice, "Attack. Your main focus should be exhausting her. Do not go all out."

"Understood." Psionic Prime nodded, and flames shot out from his thrusters. He then charged at Ames with the mechanical army behind him.

The glow in Ames eyes grew brighter and brighter as she inched forward slowly.

Force Field: Floating Dragon Planet Destroying Hammer!

The force field surrounding Floating Dragon rapidly expanded, and Floating Dragon accelerated like a gigantic meteoroid, smashing down toward the densely packed mechanical army.

This scene was like a brick slamming down toward a bunch of ants.

If Floating Dragon crashed down on a planet at such velocity, it would probably be able to destroy an entire planet.

Using her force field to swing her weapon around was the Dragon Emperors style of combat!

The proper method for dealing with such an attack would be to destroy Floating Dragon. However, Han Xiao did not wish to destroy the other partys home and was truly helpless against Ames swinging her base around.

The mechanical army did not open fire toward Floating Dragon but followed their orders to allow Floating Dragon to break through their defensive line.

The outcome was obvious.

The gigantic Floating Dragon swung down on the tiny Han Xiao!

The shadow rapidly grew larger and covered everyones view.

Looking at the gigantic continent-like brick smashing down toward him, Han Xiao could feel his balls aching.

Ames had once used Floating Dragon to save him, but now he had to endure being smashed in the face by Floating Dragon.

This was truly retribution!






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