The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Old Friend

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The amount of experience rewarded was about the same as his mission for fighting against the Tyrant. Completing all the objectives netted him more than twenty billion experience, and this was basically the standard when faced with a Beyond Grade A task.

With the addition of political assets, Han Xiaos actual experience almost doubled, and his savings rose quite a bit.

Other than that, he also received a Legendary Point and a Character Summon Card.


Star Field Legendary Point (Shattered Star Ring): [Battle with the Dragon Emperor]Your battle with the Dragon Emperor will be added to your battle records, and your reputation will be passed on.

Character Summon CardDragon Emperor Ames: [Force Field Dragon Body]Your body will be covered with a force field, and you will get additional shield durability equivalent to 300,000 HP and +3,000 defense. The shield regenerates at a speed of 30,000 per second, and if the shield is broken, theres a cooldown of ten seconds before it will reform. At the same time, each melee attack brings about 20,000 26,000 points of additional physical damage. When there is a STR judgment test, +1,500 points.

Duration: 30 minutes

Uses: 0/3


"Quite a strong effect. It should come in handy during close combat." Han Xiao nodded and switched off the interface.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Floating Dragon returned to its main base, and Han Xiao followed along.

The battlefield used for the spar was not too far from Planet Aquamarine and did not need much time to journey back. Floating Dragon Island soon reached Planet Aquamarine and stationed itself in outer space.

Spaceships could be seen rising from and descending to the blue planet. Right now, Planet Aquamarine had integrated with the interstellar society, and the development opportunities brought about by the financial groups also helped their civilization progress quickly. Now it also had the appearance of a galactic city.

After returning to his hometown, Han Xiao slowly looked over the changes in Planet Aquamarine, and after thinking about it, he invited Ames along.

Although Ames did not care much for her loss on the surface, Han Xiao needed to remove any negativity and maintain their relationship as allies. He would take this chance to properly interact with her, solidify their relationship, and reduce the friction to the minimum.

Ames looked at Planet Aquamarine every day, but she seldom went down to visit the surface city in person. With his invite, Ames obviously did not reject.

New Western Capital was situated at one of the original Six Nations, Stardragon.

Bennetts Black Star City was where the Black Star Armys sub-base was situated and also the political core of the Planet Aquamarine Federation. It continued to expand on the original Karst wilderness, attracted countless people, and had long become saturated. Later on, because the financial groups decided to focus their attention on the other cities that were not controlled so tightly, many other economic and financial cities were created around it, and the New Western Capital developed quickly, coming into the ranks of the first-tier cities of Planet Aquamarine.

It was just past noon, and the bright sunlight injected vitality into the city. The bustling streets were full of people, and voices clamored. There were not only natives but also many galactic citizens. With anti-gravity vehicles, public transportation carried people in an orderly manner across the citys midair cross-track network. This was a picture of peace.

Han Xiao and Ames hid their presence and aura, not letting anyone discover their presence.

The two of them walked side by side down the streets, observing the situation as they chatted.

Two kids chasing each other ran past Han Xiao, a carefree smile plastered on their faces.

Han Xiao kept his gaze and spoke emotionally.

"With the Mutation Disaster gone for almost a decade, the people in Planet Aquamarine have also walked out of the shadows, embracing their new life and producing a new generation. This kind of feeling is indeed good."

"This is the result of your effort. Are you feeling a sense of accomplishment?" Ames smiled.

"Just a little."

Han Xiao was not so humble. In the first place, he saved his mother planet purely out of the benefits of the Planet Aquamarine players. But seeing the results now, he was actually quite satisfied. No one disliked beautiful scenes.

"During the Mutation Disaster, you once invited me to view your mother planet, and at that time, I felt that it was full of despair and hopelessness. The people were confused about the future and did not know if they could survive past tomorrow. However, its now another extreme." Ames shook her head. "It was you who gave the planet a new life."

"Then its estimated that Im probably the turning point in history, haha." Han Xiao laughed. When interacting with people he was closer to, he could not be so humble.

As they walked and chatted, they unknowingly arrived at the central area. Towering buildings clustered around the areas like pigeons waiting for food. This place used to be the old site of the Dragonhorn Tower in Stardragon. It had been remodeled into a new one, which was built by a financial group.

Seeing all these buildings, Han Xiaos footsteps stopped as the memories surged, and he could not help but have a sense of aloofness from this world.

At this moment, Ames seemed to have spotted something and tugged at Han Xiaos sleeve as she asked, "Hey, whats that store?"

Turning to where she was looking, he saw a shop across the street with the sign Black Star Heritage Exhibition Hall written on the signboard!

"Ive actually become a cultural relic. Its not even been two decades"

Han Xiao felt like vomiting. However, his curiosity overwhelmed him, and he walked over with Ames.

The automatic glass doors opened as they neared, and they walked into the exhibition hall. They saw that it had various glass showcases with various objects within.

However, the entire hall seemed to be cold and empty, without a single person present. There was a counter at the door, with a sign erected and the price of the ticket written. A woman sitting behind the counter seemed to be a clerk with her upper body lying on the table napping. She did not even hear the two of them enter.

With his Beyond Grade A eyesight, Han Xiao glanced toward the inside of the shop and instantly saw what was within the display cases. His mouth twitched.

"What sort of nonsense is this?"

The exhibition hall was filled with all sorts of messy stuff, such as Chair That Black Star Has Sat On, Slippers Black Star Has Worn, and Bread That Black Star Has Bitten. There was even one that read Toilet Seat Thich Black Star Has Sat on.

Han Xiao swore that he had never seen the toilet in the display case!

Ames blinked a few times, pointing toward one of the cases, and curiously asked, "Did you really like to wear diapers in the past?"

"Youre the one who likes it!"

"Who didnt wear them when they were babies?" Ames opened her hands as she retorted.

Their voices woke up the clerk by the counter, and she raised her head, rubbing her eyes sleepily before showing herself in front of them while yawning.

"This is a small establishment, so we dont accept Enas as currency. One ticket requires 400 Aquamarine Credibility Points. I can explain the history behind each artifact if youre interested eh"

The woman finally took in their appearances after she yawned, and her mouth, which had not closed, hung open like that as she revealed a shocked expression.

Han Xiao originally wanted to question where these cultural artifacts came from, but after looking at her appearance, he suddenly felt that she looked a bit familiar. "Wait a minute"

Before he finished speaking, the woman suddenly got excited and opened her arms wide, as though she wished to give him a hug.

But just as she got into the pose, her face froze as though she had thought of something, and her entire body paused in mid action.

The next instant, she put down her hands, and her expression became cramped, as though she did not know where to place her hands. She tentatively asked, "Han no, Your Excellency Black Star, do you still remember me?"

Han Xiao frowned slightly as he closely looked at the woman. There were fine wrinkles around her eyes, and she seemed a little old, but she still had her womanly charms and had probably been extremely beautiful when she was young. She still maintained a good figure but under the scrutiny of a Beyond Grade A, this sort of beauty did not have any attractive appeal.

With each advancement, it was a sublimation of life level. At the Beyond Grade A level, one could see the minutest of details, and most creatures were covered with dirt in a Beyond Grade As eyes. Only others who were at the Beyond Grade A level would appear uncontaminated by dirt and dust.

Han Xiao scanned through the faces in his memory and matched with one of them. He said in a surprised tone, "Youre Li Yalin?"

The woman in front of him was actually his colleague back when he was working as an agent in Stardragon.

Seeing that Han Xiao recognized her, Li Yalin was overjoyed and nodded like a chicken pecking on millet.

"Thats right, thats right. You really still remember me!"

"Its harder for me to forget things than to remember now," Han Xiao explained. "Turns out, youre still alive. I thought you died in the Mutation Disaster. Since you were alive, why didnt you go to the Black Star Army to find me?"

"I only survived out of luck, and later on, when the Six Nations were disbanded by you, I also lost my job and took the severance payment. I didnt want to fight anymore, so I didnt go to you. I bought a house here and opened this exhibition hall."

She suddenly remembered all the nonsense around them and let out an awkward smile. "Oh that, I got all those things from the flea market and marketed them as things youve used before. No choice, life is hard"

" Relax, Im not going to make trouble for you."

Seeing an old friend, Han Xiaos mood was very good.

"Old friend?" Ames suddenly spoke out.

"Yeah, an old comrade more than twenty years ago." Han Xiao nodded.

Because Li Yalin had focused all her attention on Han Xiao, she did not notice Ames. She snapped back and bowed. "To not notice Your Excellency Dragon Emperor, Im sorry. Please forgive me."

Ames smiled as she nodded.

"Ai, were already old friends. Theres no need to be so polite." Han Xiao waved his hands.

"How can I?" Li Yalin was a little embarrassed. "Youre such a famous character now."

With more than twenty years, her friend had now reached a level that she would never obtain and was a great planetary character that appeared on the news. Li Yalin had to withstand the urge to hug him after thinking of the gap between them.

Han Xiao also noticed this point and could not help but sigh that ones status truly differentiated people. After thinking for a while, he suddenly smiled.

"Now, come to think of it, I seem to owe you money."

Li Yalin paused before waving her hands. "That was so long ago. You dont need to be bothered about it"

"Too late, already transferred." Han Xiao cut her off.


From within the room came the sound of a communicator pinging.

"Hey, I didnt tell you my account number. How did you know" Li Yalin was surprised, and she took out her communicator. After glancing, she froze in shock.


"One million Enas, enough to compensate for the interest accumulated for more than twenty years."

Han Xiao smiled and felt that he was radiating the aura of a wealthy wastrel.

"Its too much!" Li Yalin was helpless.

"This is not even a large sum for me, pocket money at most. You can rest easy and not worry about life in the future" Han Xiao glanced around and dryly coughed. "So, find a time to close this shop."

Ames could not help but start laughing.

"You look like those galactic pirates that paid me a protection fee in the past."

"No one will think youre mute if you dont talk." Han Xiao spat back.

Seeing Li Yalin still standing there with a dumbfounded expression, Han Xiao looked around and fished out a paper and pen from behind the counter, writing down his communicator number and passing it to her.

"Next time if you have problems, call me. You can come find me anytime."

Li Yalin slowly regained her wits and solemnly folded up the paper before replying in a serious tone, "Thank you."

"Theres no need. The money is a small matter."

"Its not about that." Li Yalin took a deep breath before bowing. "Im thanking you for whatever you did for the entire Planet Aquamarine, for all the people youve saved, including me. I did not have the chance to tell you that previously youll always be the hero in my heart."

Ames also smiled at that and joked, "What about me?"

"Ah, youre also the heroine in my heart." Li Yalin hurriedly bowed toward her as well.

At this moment, some other guests walked in, and seeing the scene, they felt a little surprised before suddenly exclaiming.

"Your Excellency Black Star"

"Goodness, its really him!"

Everyone rushed forward with excited expressions.

Among a hundred Aquamarians, probably only one would not know what Han Xiao looked like. A portion of them benefitted from the statue of him situated in Black Star City, while the other benefitted from the textbooks.

"I Can I take a photo with you" One of them excitedly took out his communicator.

"Of course." Han Xiao smiled. Anyways, he had nothing to do, so taking a bit of time did not matter.

As they took pictures with Han Xiao, their ruckus attracted more people, which started to form a queue in front of the stall. The tiny exhibition hall became crowded, and it was extremely rowdy, as though there was a fan meet within.

Han Xiao did not refuse anyone and took photos with all the happy citizens of Planet Aquamarine. The lights flashed continuously, and group photos were posted on Planet Aquamarines social network constantly.

The appearance of their Savior spread quickly and attracted countless people to swarm to this location.

By the sides, Ames looked at Han Xiao and how he was welcomed by everyone, and the admiration in her eyes was apparent.






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