The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Old Fox And Lobbyists

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Even as he thought about Sorokins information, Han Xiaos expression was normal, and he commented on Sorokins words with a voice full of interest.

"How can we cooperate?"

As he spoke, Sorokin smiled. "The Flickering World is a rare business opportunity. I heard that the Crimson Dynasty will divide the territory of its allies that participated in the exploration. When the new Star Field opens in the future, the Flickering World will be integrated into the universe, which will usher in a period of explosive development. The dynastys allies who sit on these sites will be the biggest winners, so we hope to invest heavily in the Black Star Army and build the site ahead of time with you.

"The Limitless Financial Group invests in the entire universe and does not miss any business opportunities. Presumably, you know of our financial resources. Our help will make the construction more efficient."

"Thats right. The market value of the Limitless Financial Group is indeed frightening. I do not doubt your capabilities." Han Xiao nodded.

Many subsidiaries of the Limitless Financial Group had been listed on the Interstellar Stock Market in different regions. Their market value was transparent and open, easily checked, and the amount of Enas they possessed made people who were unaware of it think that Enas were some inferior currency.

Resources were often gathered like this in the hands of a few. In the galactic age, the gap between the rich and poor was like the difference between a beast on a planet surface compared with a galactic resident.

The development of the territory in the Flickering World would inevitably be supported by various financial groups. This was also a means of cost saving and cooperation. The Crimson Dynasty tacitly agreed that the allies could sign contracts with financial groups to develop the territory together.

It sounded as though there was no problem, but this guy, Sorokin Han Xiao did not show any changes in facial expression while evaluating the man before him.

Seeing that Black Star did not show any confirmation, Sorokin narrowed his eyes and continued speaking. "The Black Star Army is now a huge business and dominates the Shattered Star Ring. In terms of financial resources, it does not lose out to the first-tier financial groups due to its deep background and connections. With an extensive network, along with support from the dynasty, it will definitely attract countless galactic residents to invest. It is not difficult to multiple its market value."

"Your meaning is?" Han Xiao raised a brow.

Sorokin smiled. "Our Limitless Financial Group has experience in this area. If the Black Star Army agrees, we are happy to help you"

"We can talk about this in the future." Han Xiao cut in. This idea was the real essence of growing leeks, but it came with its own disadvantages, and he temporarily did not wish to dabble in this.

Hearing this, Sorokin also put down this topic. He asked, "Then, what does Your Excellency Black Star think of my proposal?"

Han Xiao thought about it before asking, "Its not just myself that has a territory in the Flickering World. Based on normal circumstances, the financial groups will only move when the territory gets divided, so why are you guys approaching me for cooperation when everyone still has not chosen?"

"Haha, I have inside information because I have contacts within the Crimson Dynasty. Even without these connections, thanks to your contributions in the battle of Planet Lighthouse and the Fall of EsGod, plus the Evolution Cube that is in your hands, the territory given to you by the dynasty will be the best. In this case, why should I hesitate?"

Sorokin had a big smile on his face.

There were no falsehoods in his words. Even if he had no relationship with the dynasty, the best choice would still be the Black Star Army. With Han Xiaos current record and importance, everyone knew that the Black Star Army would be given the largest and best piece of meat.

A pity

"Is that so?" Han Xiao deeply looked at Sorokin.

This guys words were sincere and aligned with their interests. He seemed like he sincerely wished to work with him

However, because of Sorokins involvement in the Gulal civil war, Han Xiao was already alert to him. He hesitated a while before asking, "If I agree to work with you, are you prepared to sign the contract now?"

"Thats not the case." Sorokin shook his head and chuckled. "Im just here to reach a preliminary arrangement. The specific details can only be formed after the site is confirmed. Of course, the main reason I came over was because you insisted on me coming to attend Black Stars Party. Such big business needs me to be here in person, and I also admire what youve done so far."

To say such flattering words so easily, theres no air of a Beyond Grade A about him, Han Xiao thought.

At this moment, Han Xiao thought of something and said, "Ok. Then I have no objections."

"Then, I wish our cooperation a success." Sorokin laughed.

Han Xiao did not laugh and changed the topic. "Thats right. I heard that the Limitless Financial Group has many Beyond Grade A shareholders, and there are even Ancient Ones among them, such as the Mechanic Emperor Manison and even allies from the dynasty."

"Thats right."

"The Limitless Financial Group trades its shareholder position for resources and protection, am I right?"


"Oh, since you wish to cooperate, a verbal promise is unsuitable. In the future, since the Flickering World still has a long time ahead for development, if I become a shareholder of the Limitless Financial Group, then I can naturally cooperate fully with the financial group I think that my name, Black Star, still has some weight in the universe. Your Excellency Sorokin, do you think that I have the qualifications for a shareholder position with my current status and resources?"

Through the Gulal civil war, Han Xiao had discovered the Limitless Financial Groups attempt to steal his food, so he wished to break into the Limitless Financial Group and find out who was trying to snatch his rice bowl.

"This" Sorokin had an awkward expression.

Han Xiaos eyes gleamed, and he purposely deepened his voice. "Oh? It seems you think that I dont have the qualifications."

"Of course not." Sorokin shook his head, but he was laughing coldly to himself.

Im afraid you dont have the qualifications.

To want a shareholder position the first time we meet, your appetite is really big. It seems like your battle records have made you proud and reckless

While Sorokin thought this, he displayed a helpless expression on his face.

"Your Excellency Black Star, you have the qualifications, but with the size of the Limitless Financial group, the shareholder position is not given out easily. Even if Im willing, the others may not be willing, and theres only one shareholder for each of the three Universal Civilizations. The dynasty already has someone occupying a seat You understand what I mean."

"Ah, so its like that." Han Xiao nodded. Another method for the three Universal Civilizations to keep each other in check.

This reason seemed to be easy to use, with no way to figure out their thoughts.

"If thats the case, then lets not talk about such things for now. No matter what, to be able to meet another Beyond Grade A today, Im really happy." Han Xiao glanced at Sorokin. "Are you interested in a spar?"

"Ill give it a miss. Im not good at combat." Sorokin waved his hands while laughing.

"Haha, come on, a Beyond Grade A saying that they are not good at combat? You must be joking."

"I might be a Beyond Grade A, but I dont like to fight and have not exchanged blows with anyone for a long time. My skills have long regressed, and besides, with Your Excellency Black Stars renown in the universe, I admit that I will not be your opponent."

Saying this, Sorokin stood up and smiled. "If Im not wrong, you still need to meet others, right? Ive also just arrived and need to arrange my subordinates. Lets stop here for the day. Ill come and visit again tomorrow and chat more. How about that?"

"Alright." Hearing this, Han Xiao could only nod. The guest had come from afar, so he could not forcibly make Sorokin stay.

Sorokin smiled, and after exchanging communicator numbers, he left the room.

After he left, Han Xiao frowned.

"This guy has a seamless defense. If he doesnt agree to spar, then Ill need to think of another idea"

Sorokin was also a person of influence, and he came all the way to discuss a possibility of cooperation, so Han Xiao could not show any hatred. He did not know the intentions of the other party, and if he ended up antagonizing them, that would be bad.

While Sorokin seemed very sincere on the surface, Han Xiao felt that the other party did not really want to work with him.

Recalling their conversation previously, Han Xiao found it difficult to read Sorokins personality, as though he was wearing a mask the whole time.

"I dont even know what hes thinking" Han Xiao rubbed his temples, helplessly sighing.

Conversing with such people was the most taxing.

This year, the Tyrants Party and Black Stars Party were held at the same time. The civilizations of Shattered Star Ring could not afford to snub either one, so they also sent messengers to follow the habits of previous years to attend the Tyrants Party.

On the top floor of the Bloodshed Lands palace, Heber stood in front of a huge window. Outside the window was a black and gray fortress, as well as stars that spanned across the entire universe. His gaze was fixed toward the residences of the emissaries.

In recent years, these messengers would take advantage of the time before the party to network with the others, but now, there was almost no movement from these emissaries. Most of them stayed within their rooms, and the hall appeared cold and deserted, like stagnant water.

Because Black Stars Party was livelier, the civilizations of the Shattered Star Ring all regarded Black Stars Party as the main stage of communication, and the Tyrants Party was a secondary occasion. Matters to be discussed could be done on one side, and they did not need to move on the other.

Right now, these people participated in Tyrants Party more as a way to show their face, rather than as a grand and lively occasion.

"Humph, Black Star."

Hebers expression was tense, and the fist behind him was clenched tight.

At this point, his Chief Staff Officer Jorde walked in. Walking behind Heber, he whispered, "Your Excellency Heber, the emissary from the Limitless Financial Group has arrived. Shes waiting outside."

"Let her in." Heber did not even turn back.

A moment later, Lovell walked into the room. Gazing at the huge figure in front of the window, a wave of pressure assaulted her.

She calmed her mind and whispered, "I greet Your Excellency Heber."

She was not even at the Calamity Grade and could not maintain the bearing her father Sorokin had in front of Han Xiao.

"I heard the Limitless Financial Group wants to work with us." Heber indifferently glanced at Lovell.

"Thats right. Its regarding the Flickering World. We"

"You wish to be an investor, right? Such small matters need not be discussed with me. You may look for the respective officer." Heber withdrew his gaze, uninterested.

Lovell gritted her teeth before taking out a letter. "His Excellency Sorokin tasked me with delivering this to you."

"Letter?" Hebers brows furrowed.

In this age where electronic communication was so convenient and efficient, a handwritten letter only meant that there was a need for secrecy. Heber was suspicious; he did not have any dealings with Sorokin, so why would the latter send him a letter? What did he mean? It was definitely not going to be a love letter.

Heber then turned to face Lovell, and with a gesture, the letter landed in his hands. The moment he opened it, his pupils shrank, and his expression became solemn.

"No wonder"

Heber waved his hands, and the letter turned to ash before disintegrating into atoms. He gazed at Jorde. "Leave for now."

Jorde was surprised, but he bowed and left, closing the door on his way out.

With only two of them in the room, a ray of light flashed past Hebers eyes, and energy rushed out, filling the room and isolating any external detection.

"You guys wish for me to deal with the Black Star Army?"

"Thats right." Lovell nodded.

"Humph, ridiculous!" Heber coldly replied. "While I have issues with Black Star, were still allies of the dynasty, and I cant do anything about him. Youve come to the wrong person."

Lovell took a deep breath. Recalling what Sorokin had taught her, she said, "Black Star has only been around for twenty years, but how many years have you already been in the Shattered Star Ring? Black Star came later, but his business is flourishing, and his influence has surpassed yours. Your Excellency, are you willing to watch this continue?"

Hebers expression was indifferent, but he did not refute.

"As for your ally, the Crimson Dynasty, they have always been biased toward the Black Star Army. Have you thought about why thats so"

Heber cut in. "He has the Evolution Cube, and I dont have anything. Its that simple."

"Yes!" Lovells voice rose a notch. "Thats the crux!"

"Humph, so you want me to help you take his Evolution Cube?" Sarcasm laced Hebers words.

"Of course not. We just need to come out with a way to make him lose the Evolution Cube. Theres a difference between the two."

"Oh? What is that?"

"Its almost impossible to rob, and the federation as well as the church will not rashly act. So, what we want is for Black Star to willingly give up his Evolution Cube."

Heber almost burst into laughter. "Pass the Evolution Cube to an outsider? Do you think Black Star is a fool? I understand that b*stard Black Star. Its easier for your Limitless Financial Group to go bankrupt tomorrow than for him to pass over his Evolution Cube."

"No, I did not mean it that way. What if we could make Black Star surrender the Evolution Cube to the dynasty?" Lovell replied.

Heber narrowed his eyes, seemingly interested.

"Go on."




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