The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 926

Chapter 926 First Phase Of Development

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The ability of having Enas might not be the strongest, but it was definitely the best to use. The joy of having a lot of money was something unimaginable.

After buying a lot of Energy Training Techniques, Han Xiao slowly inserted the experience, increasing his energy.

Time is money, and the life span of a Beyond Grade A was long. This long lifespan gave them plenty of time to learn more knowledge and skills, so each Beyond Grade A had a ridiculous number of Energy Training Techniques. While Han Xiao required less time compared to the other Beyond Grade As to raise his energy, it was still a chore for him.

The next day, Han Xiao brought Aurora to the restricted dock to send off Hila.

A black, reflective spaceship was parked there. This was an advanced spaceship that Han Xiao had given to Hila. Under the gangway where the cabin door was, Hila stood without her uniform.

Hila still maintained her cold expression, with her long red hair spread out around her, only loosely tied at the ends, hanging around her waist level. With bangs covering her forehead, her temperament appeared a lot more refreshing than her usual cold self.

She wore a lightweight and tough soft alloy jacket, similar to a windbreaker, coupled with black tights that were made by Han Xiao for defense. A small rucksack was on her shoulder/. She looked like a traveler.

"Sis, when are you coming back?" Aurora had a look of reluctance. Over the past few years, both sisters had stayed together, and now that they were separating, she was a little unused to it.

"When I reach Beyond Grade A." The corners of Hilas mouth curled up slightly as she glanced at Han Xiao.

Aurora let out a despondent "Ah"

"How long would that be"

"Youre my motivation. In order to return home to see you, Ill be quick." Hila ruffled Auroras hair.

Aurora helplessly grabbed at her hair before sighing. "After so many years, you still treat me like a kid."

In my heart, youll always be the kid that needs protecting Hila gently squeezed Auroras cheeks, a touch of love in her eyes.

By the side, Han Xiao coughed and interrupted them. "Ive equipped the spaceship with a nano-maintenance robot as well as some good mechanical equipment. There are also two mechanical hosts and some mechanical soldiers within the warehouse. If necessary, let me know and Ill activate them."

"Ok." Hila was different from her past self. While she enjoyed solitude, she no longer rejected the help of others.

"While Ames will be travelling with you, it is training, and she will not purposefully protect you. Furthermore, shes a Beyond Grade A, so some dangers that might seem like nothing to her could be lethal to you. You have to be careful," Han Xiao advised.

While those of the Calamity Grade could already walk unhindered in the universe, if one wished to train, they would have to deliberately wander around the danger zones. There were still many such places in the universe, where dangers abound. It could be experimental planets undergoing biochemical experiments or places filled with viruses, huge beasts, aberrations, and many more. Otherwise, they could attempt to hunt some powerful galactic beings. Even if they could not find such areas, wandering around to challenge people would also serve as a form of practice.

Hila nodded, expressing her understanding, but she did not think this way.

Only at the border of life and death could one explode with all their potential. Staying in the army has no life-and-death fight, so her progress was stalling. Her threshold to breakthrough into a Beyond Grade A was still far, and while Ames might be whimsical and take this trip as an adventure, Hila herself treated this as real life or death training.

Han Xiao was one of the few people she trusted, so only by handing Aurora over to Han Xiao would her mind be at ease.

After turning back to glance at them one last time, Hila turned around to board to spaceship.

The next moment, the spaceship shuddered, and the thrusters jetted out orange flames that quickly turned blue.


The spaceship sped up and rushed out of the port. In the blink of an eye, it entered hyperdrive and vanished from sight.

"Sigh I dont even know how many years Sis will need before she can achieve Beyond Grade A and return Its the Beyond Grade A realm, how could it be so easy?"

Auroras spirits were low, and she tugged at Han Xiaos sleeve.

"Er actually, I think its pretty easy." Han Xiaos lips curled up teasingly.

"My fault, I shouldnt have asked you." Aurora rolled her eyes, tiptoeing to pat on Han Xiaos shoulder, acting like the elder as she sighed. "Both Teacher and Sis are now gone. Old Uncle, its just you and me now."

"The Shattered Star Ring and Flickering World doesnt really need me to be here personally. Because of some reason, I have to go over to the dynasty for a period of time. You should follow me over too. Itll be safer for you."

Aurora hesitated. "You mean this place will be exposed to danger?"

"Thats Im not sure, but there will definitely be turmoil."

"Alright, whatever the case, Ill follow you around Oh yes, can I try being part of the Black Star Guards?"

"Youre too green, better not."

"Humph. Rude!"

Han Xiao shook his head, turning to gaze at the river of stars in the universe.

How long will Hila take before she returns?

The day she returns, Ill have yet another trustworthy ally.

A few days later, in the Crimson Dynastys rulers office, the virtual projections of many of the dynastys upper echelons gathered together and stood neatly in the room. Tarrokov, as Commander-in-Chief of the Exploration army, was among them. A document adorned with the dynastys logo was spread out on the table in front of Urranrell, the written content densely packed.

Urranrell read the document quickly and, upon turning to the last page, paused before picking up the pen and signing her name at the end of the document.

The table shimmered, and a digitally projected head appeared, intoning in a synthetic voice.

"The authority of the dynastys ruler is confirmed. The decree Flickering World Construction Charter has been signed and is legally binding, effective immediately."

Every advanced civilization had to use artificial intelligence, and the three Universal Civilizations had their own versions of master artificial intelligences. With generations of Mechanics and scientists perfecting it, the master artificial intelligence would record the backup of each Dynasty Ruler as well as the elites of the civilization, merging them into an elite consciousness. It was codenamed [Heroic Soul].

Urranrell placed the pen down, handing the document to the secretary beside her as she announced, "In three days, announce to the world that the first phase of the Flickering World was a success Long live the dynasty."

"Long Live the dynasty!" the rest of the upper echelons echoed.

"Notify the allies involved in the development that it is time to divide the lands and formally begin the construction of the three Star Clusters in the first phase of development," Urranrell solemnly said. "Until the construction is completed, the second phase will not begin."

In the logistics department, Han Xiao was supervising Neros learning when he received a communication request from Tarrokov. He had a hunch as to why Tarrokov was calling.

Switching it on, Tarrokovs old face emerged on the screen.

"Black Star, Ruler Urranrell has already signed a decree and will soon announce to the entire universe that the first phase of the Flickering World has been completed. Let me specifically inform you that the dynastys decision to allocate land to the allies has also been finalized."

Finally, its here. Ive been waiting for a long time Han Xiaos attention was completely focused.

"Im listening. Please continue."

"Territory will be issued according to the merits of exploration. Most of the allies that joined later will only take a few Star Zones, at most no more than one Star System. As the earliest ally to participate, the dynasty will naturally give you more territory."

The three Star Clusters that were explored during the first phase were located at the gateway to the Flickering World and basically fell under the control of the dynasty and its allies.

A single Star Cluster contained dozens of Star Systems, and while each Star System seemed tiny in comparison, they were still large in scale. After all, the territory of a Star System level civilization encompassed the entire star system, with some not even reaching that scope.

Han Xiao nodded and asked, "So, how much are we being given?"

"Bloodshed Land will obtain about two Star Systems worth, and because of the deal we made regarding the secret war, Klent will obtain about four Star Systems. Their territories will be based in the Renault Star Cluster."

"And me?" Han Xiao was curious.

"The Black Star Armys exploration was the most well done. In addition, you had racked up huge merits. The Ruler favors you, so the dynasty has decided to give you" Tarrokov paused and smiled. "A whole seven Star Systems!"

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

Seven star systems was equivalent to about ten to twenty percent of the total territory in the Garu Star Cluster!

Furthermore, this was only the first phase!

Just based on this, this starting point had exceeded all the Star System civilizations by a few times.

"Furthermore" Tarrokovs grin got wider. "Urranrell did not forget her promise to you. The territory for the others has basically been allocated, but for your seven Star Systems, you may choose them yourself."

All my work paid off Han Xiao was jubilant.

So far, the Black Star Army had no proper base. Their headquarters and branches were actually located in the territories of others, as the universe currently had already been fully explored. There were not many vacancies left, and even the desolate universe belt had owners. Only now did they finally obtain their autonomous territory.

Part of the Star Cluster was to be distributed to their allies, while part of it would be under the direct control of the dynasty. The last part would be considered an open territory, for other organizations to compete over. With so many partitions, it was impressive that Han Xiao had obtained nearly a fifth of the entire Star Cluster.

According to Han Xiaos prediction, he would obtain about three to four Star Systems, which would already make it extremely profitable.

However, to think that the dynasty valued him so much to give him seven Star Systems immediately, a total of over 100 Star Zones, and he could even choose the location!

The dynasty was really generous!

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