The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 946

Chapter 946 Level 300 Promotion

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Circular mountains covered the land with some alloy wreckage sticking out from the ground occasionally. There was a black mountain peak filled with desolation and an ancient feeling in the distance.

The sky was gloomy, and the planet was deserted. A powerful gale was blowing through the planet, sweeping up anything that was on the surface of the planet.

This was a deserted planet covered with a thick layer of gray fog. From the outside of the planet, a large storm-like spiral could be seen in the atmosphere of the planet.

This used to be a planet full of life with the color of nature all around the planet and the sound of beasts roaring resounding through the forests. Today, only darkness and silence were left behind. This was one of the battlefields during the exploration era.

Underground, a large number of battleships were buried.

A black figure walked slowly on the planet as though he had melded into the background.

"This place is fine."

Han Xiao looked up at the gray skies and knew that a spaceship was waiting for him outside the atmosphere of the planet. The people on the spaceship would probably be looking at him through their windows.

The commotion of a beyond grade A Super would not be small, not to mention the fact that he was going to undergo a race upgrade and Class Advancement at the same time. The commotion would probably shake the mountains and the earth. He would probably destroy the spaceship if he carried out his Promotion on it. Thus, Han Xiao had found an uninhabited planet and was planning to complete his advancement on the planet.

Of course, he had already touched Feidin before coming over and was currently full of confidence.

Opening his interface, his Promotion Mission and Class Advancement Mission were already completed. Han Xiao then chose to end the missions.


Lv300 Promotion Mission completed!

+70 END Bonus! 1 END = 480 Health = 490 Stamina.

The energy within your cells causes your body to experience a transformation. Your genes are experiencing a transformation toward a higher level, and you are taking another step on the road of evolution.

Race Detected: Black Star Race (Specialty race, unchangeable)

Randomly drawing five matching evolutionary directions Randomizing Randomization complete.

Please select two from the five Race Evolution choices below and receive one talent from each.

1. [Void Archangel (Human Form)]

2. [Endless Proliferation Aberration Body (Group Consciousness)]

3. [Void Priest (Human Form)]

4. [Saint Tyracles Race]

5. [Margola Void Beast]


"The evolution directions arent too bad." Han Xiao nodded with satisfaction.

He had chosen [Void Saint] in his previous evolution, and he now had the option of [Void Archangel]. He was already coming to the end of the Void Race.

[Endless Proliferation Aberration Body] was a terrifying being that could endlessly proliferate as long as it had enough energy. There was no need to worry about his genes collapsing, and he would become a meat planet eventually.

He would also be able to form various flesh constructs such as a new organism that could reproduce normally. He could split up a part of his body to create an organism that was controlled by his consciousness but still had its own free will.

[Saint Tyracles] was an extinct race that had superb Mechanic talent. They were said to be natural born Mechanics.

[Margola Void Beast] was a Void Beast with an extremely powerful body. It was a leviathan in the void race that was an equal to the Void Dragons.

After pondering for a while, Han Xiao came to a decision. He chose [Void Archangel] and [Saint Tyracles]. The former was to maintain his void evolution path while the latter was to strengthen his Mechanic talent.

He had many different void talents. The reason he did not choose [Void Priest] was because it contained many of the talents of the [Void Archangel]. Although the [Endless Proliferation Aberration Body] was terrifying, Han Xiao was not prepared to give up his human form.

He still had to remain human.

[Margola Void Beast] was famous for being a meat shield and Han Xiao felt that he was already a first rate meat shield and didnt need to be strengthened in this regard.

All the talents of the two races were placed before him and he could choose one each. After looking at them for a while, he made his choice.


You have received the talent [Divine Void Power]!

You have received the talent [Tyracles Mechanical Legacy]!

[Divine Void Power]: Your understanding of the void has been increased to a new level. You will be able to control Void Energy more effectively and increase your attributes.

Your attack and defense will be boosted by Void Energy, and your attacks will receive a void bonus (12,500 points +12% attack). -10,000 damage and +15% Resistance to all damage taken.

You will receive more from Divine Void Power as your level increases.

Level 1 100: +15 STR, DEX, END, INT, and MYS for every 10 levels, +0.5% attack.

Level 100 200: +30 STR, DEX, END, INT, and MYS for every 10 levels, +1% attack.

Level 200 and above: +45 STR, DEX, END, INT, and MYS for every 10 levels, +1.5% attack.

Current bonus: +900 STR, DEX, END, INT and MYS, +30% attack.

[Tyracles Mechanical Legacy]: The Mechanic discipline is inherited in the memories of the Saint Tyracles Race. The Saint Tyracles Race has superb talent in the Mechanic Class. -20% Experience to level up any Mechanic skills (inclusive of but not limited to Mechanic skills and blueprints).

You will receive more Mechanical Legacy as your level increases.

Level 1 Lv100: +8% Machinery Affinity for every 10 levels.

Level 100 Lv200: +12% Machinery Affinity for every 10 levels.

Level 200 and above: +16% Machinery Affinity for every 10 levels.

The legacy of the Saint Tyracles Race is stored in their memories. You will unlock a special race blueprint when you reach Levels 20, 60, 100, 160, 200, 260, 320, and 360.



Han Xiao felt his head spinning and his body being washed in void energy. It was as though he was attacked by both cold and heat at the same time.

A transformation was ongoing in Han Xiaos body, and more notifications popped up on his interface. The talent of his Black Star Race was also upgraded as well.


Your Black Star Race talent [Mechanical Genius] has been upgraded.

[Mechanical Genius]: 1.15x Machinery Affinity increased to 1.25x. +30% Machinery Creation Performance increased to 40%. New effect added: All Mechanic skills will be increased by 1 level.

Detecting Race Appearance Based on your evolution experience, you can change your appearance by up to 1.4%.


Han Xiao was still pretty confident in his own face editing skills, but he would not test them on his own face. Thus, he chose to maintain his own appearance.


Molecular structure has been improved, organ structure has been strengthened, and metabolism has been altered

Black Star Race potential upgraded. You have received bonus attributes: +334 STR, +320 DEX, +470 END, +767 INT, +580 MYS, +205 CHA, +8,000 Energy. Energy Level bonus attributes have been changed!


All his cells were trembling, and the powerful wave of energy gushing out from his body affected the environment of the entire planet. Han Xiao had turned into the eye of the storm, and a powerful cyclone was formed with him at the center.

In the fleet outside the atmosphere, Aurora, Feidin, Hadavy, and all the Black Star Guards stood in front of the window and watched the commotion that Han Xiao was causing on the planet.

"What a frightening energy reaction. His Excellency is experiencing another growth? He is actually able to increase his strength within such a short amount of time again" Hadavy was dumbfounded.

"Although I have known him for a long time, he always surprises me." Feidin shook his head. "Why is there such a talented individual in the world? He is like a natural-born Super."

"Ive never heard of a Beyond Grade A that grows so quickly," Hadavy lamented with a sour feeling in his heart.

He had fought for a long time in order to become a Beyond Grade A, but his wishes had not come true yet. However, Black Star was not only the individual who had used the least amount of time to become a Beyond Grade A, he was able to maintain his growth even after entering the Beyond Grade A realm. This was truly unheard of. Anyone would truly be angered to death if they tried to compare themself to Black Star.

Hadavy had a face full of envy.

Not just him, the other Black Star Guards were also astounded. Such a rapid growth rate was something that they could not imagine.

Aurora clenched her fists with sweat in her palms.

This was the first time that she had witnessed Han Xiaos Promotion process. She could clearly feel Han Xiaos life force shooting up to the sky rapidly, completely different from the slow evolution process of a Beyond Grade A. She could not help but be afraid that Han Xiaos Promotion would fail.

She was already prepared to exhaust ninety-nine percent of her life force to help Han Xiao.

After a long time, the high energy reaction finally subsided.

"It seems like he succeeded."

Just when everyone was about to heave a sigh of relief, they were shocked to realize that the subsiding energy level shot up again.

A new storm had appeared!

"Didnt he just complete an evolution? Hes going through another one again"

Everyone was dumbfounded and felt their worldview being shattered.

At this moment, Han Xiao, who was in the middle of the storm, received a notification.

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