The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 947

Chapter 947 Divine Throne Mechanic

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[Divine Throne Mechanic] Lv1.

+450 Energy, +5 STR, +5 DEX, +15 END, +20 INT.

You have received 15 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

You have obtained the talent [Key of Adeptus Mechanicus]!

You have obtained the talent [Spirit Instrument]!

You have obtained the talent [Mechanical EvolutionCreators Heart]!

You have acquired the skill [Universal Simulation]!

You have acquired the skill [Dimension Factory]!

You have acquired the skill [Virtual Paramount]!

You have acquired the skill [Mechanical Proliferation Growth]!

You have acquired the skill [Strengthened Machinery Civilization]!

You have acquired the skill [Apostle Evolution]!

You have acquired the skill [Composite Mechanical Deity]!

You have acquired the blueprint [Divine Mechanical Throne]!

The effect of all your Virtual Technology related abilities and talents has increased by 50%.


A series of notifications popped up on the interface.

A huge cyclone was formed with Han Xiao at the center, and from outer space, it looked like a pot of gray soup being stirred rapidly.

[Divine Throne Mechanic] was a new boundary, and the level limit was increased from forty to sixty! Han Xiao had gone from Apostle, Emperor, Lord, and finally arrived at Divine Throne!

This was the current peak of the Mechanics in the universe. Mechanic Emperor Manison was currently at this stage, and there was not a Mechanic who had exceeded him yet.

At his current stage, all his abilities went through a series of transformations.

If the strength of an Apostle Mechanic was mainly reliant on himself, the specialty of an Emperor Mechanic was strengthening the Army Style, and the specialty of a Lord Mechanic was increasing the long distance combat ability of a Mechanic and creating Apostle Weapons, the specialty of a Divine Throne Mechanic was strengthening all three aspects greatly and creating an entirely new path.

Han Xiao endured the intense pain of the transformation and looked through his interface to see the benefits of the Class Advancement.

[Key of Adeptus Mechanicus]. Its basic effect increased Machinery Affinity by two hundred percent, and its core effect set up a Machinery Faith. As long as there were believers who treated him as their Machinery Deity, he would receive bonus attributes. The greater the number of followers, the greater the bonus.

There were many different religions in the universe, and the Machinery Faith was a special faith in the universe that was crazy about technological skills. The followers of the faith worshipped a powerful Mechanic and treated him as a Machinery Deity.

After Han Xiaos deeds resounded through the universe, he had actually collected a large batch of Machinery Faith followers, and he would be able to gain an attribute bonus from these followers. A Beyond Grade A Mechanic who had [Key of Adeptus Mechanicus] could increase their own Machinery Affinity.

Mechanic Emperor Manison was an important idol for the Machinery Faith and obtained great strength from his followers. Now, Han Xiao also had the ability to gain strength from his followers.

This was no different from harvesting crops, and it was the Great Mechanic Hans specialty!

[Spirit Instrument] could increase the success rate of gold-grade blueprints, and he would receive an additional bonus if he was able to construct Universal Treasure-grade gold equipment.

In his previous life, there was a popular saying on the forums. The five main Classes represented the five different aspects of a deity. The Pugilist represented the Body, the Psychic represented the Mind, the Mage represented the Control of Laws, the Esper represented Innate Divine Abilities, and the Mechanic represented Deitys Equipment.

Although such a saying did not have any proof or theory, it was an extremely popular saying.

[Mechanical EvolutionCreators Heart] was his core talent that increased his Machinery Affinity by 450%, production efficiency by 300%, and Machinery Creation Performance by 40%. It was similar to [Mechanical Force AscensionApostle Body], which also allowed the attributes of ones Mechanical Force to achieve a transformation.

At the same time, this talent strengthened his personal attributes as well. It would provide him with Free Attribute Points based on the levels of his Mechanic skills, which included blueprint skills. Level 4 would provide him with one point, level 7 with two points, and level 10 with three points.

Most of Han Xiaos Mechanic skills were basically at the max level, and Han Xiao obtained 189 Free Attribute Points. He also had thousands of blueprints on him, with the majority of them from gambling. Their levels had not been increased yet, and a portion of the blueprints provided him with 2,128 Free Attribute Points. This gave him a total of 2,317 Free Attribute Points.

Although it could not be compared to the attributes that he received from his Promotion, he could add them freely according to his preference.

Furthermore, this skill had huge growth potential and provided Han Xiao with a new way to increase his Attribute Points.

Knowledge was power. The more he learned, the greater his strength.

Apart from these three new skills, the others were core abilities of the [Divine Throne Mechanic].

[Universal Simulation] was not a combat ability but a creation skill. He could use his machinery to simulate various different celestial bodies, natural phenomena, and so on. Apart from being limited by materials, he was like the creator. However, this creator could only use machines.

As for the use of this skill, Han Xiao did not understand it fully yet. However, he guessed that it should be more of a daily life skill. He would be able to break free from the restrictions of blueprints, and nature would be his best material warehouse. Since ancient times, the starting point of all civilizations that developed naturally was from nature.

[Dimension Factory] was similar to an Emperor Mechanics [Secondary Dimension Army]. But the difference between the two was that [Dimension Factory] allowed him to set up a logistics base in the secondary dimension, and he would be able to bring his factory during a war, collecting the spare parts in the battlefield and sending them back into the furnace to create and repair machines.

The freshly constructed machines could then be sent straight into the battlefield. He would even be able to construct equipment on the spot to target the enemys weakness. It was much more powerful that [Waste Modification] and [Advanced Machinery Construction], and it allowed him to hold out longer during battle.

With [Dimension Factory], a Mechanic would not have to worry about the lack of logistical support no matter where he went.

[Virtual Paramount] was an ability that came from his Virtual Mechanic branch.

If he had chosen the Armed Branch, he would have acquired [Sky Dome]. If he had chosen the Energy Branch, he would be acquired [Energy Plasticity].

[Virtual Paramount] increased the effects of his Virtual Technology skills by two hundred percent and increased his Virtual Technology skills by three levels. Its core effect opened up a virtual world that only Virtual Life Forms and Virtual Souls could enter.

There were plenty of uses for this skill. It could be the breeding ground for Virtual Life Forms for it to evolve over time. It also allowed Han Xiao to build a fortress in the quantum network and release a large number of special AI hunters. He would be able to intercept information in the quantum network or spread viruses. When he used [Virtual Soul] to transform his target into a Virtual Soul, he could trap the other party in this Virtual World that was akin to the quantum network. The longer his target was trapped in the Virtual World, the greater the damage dealt.

Han Xiao felt that Manisons slave AI Civilization was dependent on this ability.

[Mechanical Proliferation Growth] and [Strengthened Machinery Civilization] were talents to strengthen his mechanical life forms. The former increased the efficiency of him transforming a mechanical life form and increased the effect of [Mechanical Life Tinder]. The latter would strengthen his machinery civilization in many ways, including improving their reproductive capabilities and the potential of future generations.

These two talents were extremely important for the Mechanic Emperor to accumulate a large machinery civilization army.

[Apostle Evolution] strengthened the effects of [Apostle Life Creation]. It did not increase the number of Apostle Weapon slots that he had but increased the combat capability of his Apostle Weapons.

[Composite Mechanical Deity] was a transformation skill. With his main body or Lord avatar as the core, he would be able to combine with his mechanical army to form a gigantic mechanical body.

As long as his mechanical army was large enough, it would be possible for him to grow to the size of a planet.

Furthermore, the gigantic mechanical body would have all the attributes of the mechanical army, and it was extremely terrifying.

Roaming unhindered through the universe with a gigantic body, that was a Mechanical Deity!

The final blueprint, [Divine Mechanical Throne], was special equipment. It was a floating throne that was similar to the one Han Xiao had constructed before.

However, this throne had a special effect. If he sat on the throne, it would increase his Machinery Affinity by 1.1x. Thus, it was not strange for all Beyond Grade As to create a throne. Of course, the biggest reason was still because it looked cool.

Han Xiao had never obtained so many skills from a Class Advancement, and this was sufficient to prove just how terrifying a [Divine Throne Mechanic] was.

"My strength has increased a great deal with this Promotion!"

Even if the Class Advancement process had not been completed, the pain could not suppress the excitement that Han Xiao felt.

He was truly at the level of EsGod, the Mechanic Emperor, and Dark Lord after completing his Class Advancement and Promotion at level 300.

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