The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 953

Chapter 953 Shattered Mentality

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The battle became a one-sided beating. Hebers tragic state was reflected in the eyes of the Mechanical Deity, but it was unknown as to when the beating would stop.

Some of the people could not bear to watch and averted their gazes, but they could not help turning back again.

This disheveled state of a Beyond Grade A was not commonly seen, and it was valuable video information. Not many would waste the opportunity to watch it in real life and have the capital to boast of it to others in the future.

As everyone in the Bloodshed Land watched their commander get beaten up by Black Star, a sense of shame and anger rose in their hearts, and they could barely resist the urge to rush up to help.

However, they were well aware that if Heber could not even fight against Black Star, them going into the battle would be like sending themselves up for the slaughter. Not only would it be useless, it would also destroy the fairness of this battle, decreasing the reputation of the Bloodshed Land further.

Moreover, the Tyrant himself would never forgive them if anyone dared interfere.

Thus, everyone watched, trembling in anger as their boss was pummeled repeatedly.


Fosters expression contorted, and he smashed the metal bulkhead of the spaceship in anger. His whole body was shaking as he restrained his urge to join the fight.

"Tyrant" Jorde gritted his teeth, feeling the shame as well.

How could they feel proud when their own boss was being thrashed?

On the other side, the three universal civilizations had many Beyond Grade As involved in the bet, and they were carefully gazing at the broadcast.

After the battle of Planet Lighthouse, the Beyond Grade A circle had already affirmed Black Stars strength, and most of them had guessed that Black Star would win but not the outcome.

In their predictions, Heber would at least cause some form of trouble for Black Star, killing most of his mechanical troops. They did not expect the situation to be such that Heber had no room left to fight back, with Black Star holding the initiative for the entire battle.

"To be beaten to this state, the defeat is too embarrassing to look at." Ravenlaude shook his head.

"Black Star is a really terrible guy. I think that Heber is already strong for being able to survive for so long. If it was me" Beyoni shuddered, imagining what would happen if he was in Hebers place.

Really now, why are you scaring yourself? Black Star and I are good friends, really good friends

"Regarding this point, I believe Dylan and you would have a lot of common topics." Milizaus could not help but poke fun at him.

Viru was a little sad as he sighed. "Sigh, after this battle, the prestige of the Tyrant will not even be a tenth of what it was."

As a pugilist, seeing Heber being beaten to this state made him feel a little sad and embarrassed.

The usage of Mechanical Deity by Black Star allowed the Beyond Grade As to know what this meant. It meant that he had already touched on the peak of the Beyond Grade A realm, so the defeat of Heber was not a shameful thing, but it was a fact that Heber had provoked Han Xiao earlier on in such a manner.

It was not just the allies of the dynasty. Even those from the federation and the church were discussing Black Star on their various channels. Han Xiaos performance caused the other Beyond Grade As to break out in cold sweat.

As they discussed the battle, the Mechanical Deity suddenly came to a stop.

Everyones eyes gleamed.

"It has come to an end!"

An irresistible force came from the palm of the Mechanical Deity, and Heber was once again blown out, smashing through several broken planetary fragments along the way until the momentum stopped when he collided with a particularly huge continental plate. His entire figure was imprinted on it, leaving a human-shaped hole on the outside.

Fresh blood covered his sights. Hebers trembling palm reached for the edge of the hole, and he pulled himself out. There was no part of his body that was not wracked with pain, and he was literally dripping with blood. He did not know how many bones and tendons were broken or snapped, and he could feel that his internal organs were close to becoming meat paste. Throughout his entire body, his extremely tired cells were barely repairing themselves.

The pugilist aura on Hebers body flickered like a candle on the wind, as though it could die off any moment.

Gritting his teeth, he wanted to revolve his strength again, but instead, a surge of powerlessness hit his body. There was not even a drop of strength left in him.

Raising his head, he saw that the Mechanical Deity did not continue its pursuit but rather looked at him from afar.

"Continue!" Heber wanted to scream angrily, but sound could not travel through the vacuum, so he could only open his mouth mutely.

At this moment, the Mechanical Deity was released, and the mechanical host carrying Han Xiaos avatar popped out, floating in front of Heber. Looking at the man who had no untouched piece of skin throughout his body, Han Xiao released air to envelope both of them before opening the wide area communication channel.

"Its over. You have no more strength to continue the battle." Han Xiaos voice sounded through the channel, travelling into the ears of everyone present.

"This level of injury is only enough to tickle me. I still can fight with you for the whole day!"

Hebers eyes were bloodshot, and regardless of how his body was teetering on the edge of death, he dragged his torn muscles and threw a fist toward the avatar.


The fist was easily caught. The strength within was not even a tenth of its original.

Han Xiao breathed in deeply, calmly saying, "Admit defeat. Youve already lost."

Within his combat information, Hebers HP value was already close to nil, full of status conditions. If he continued fighting, he would definitely die.

Han Xiao had already achieved his objective. There should be a bottom line for everything. The reason the dynasty did not interfere this time was because they knew that he understood where his limits were, not because they did not care that an ally would die by his hand.

When taking action, what mattered most was controlling ones actions. There was nothing to gain from going overboard. There was no point in him getting his future development restricted by the dynasty just because of one mere Heber.

The Tyrant today did not possess the qualifications for Han Xiao to personally finish him off.

"Admit defeat? This phrase doesnt exist in my dictionary! I dont need your pity!" Heber raged, wanting to continue.

The next moment, countless mechanical capturing devices flew over, directly locking down Hebers body and only leaving his head unbound.

Ka ka ka!

Heber struggled with all his might, but there was no way for him to escape in his current state.

"Dont deceive yourself; youve already lost." Han Xiaos tone sank. "You should understand the current state of your body and the injuries better than me."

Heber did not answer, only glaring fixedly at Han Xiao, the unwilling and rage within clearly expressed, almost condensing.

After shooting him a glance, Han Xiao indifferently continued.

"Relax, were still allies of the dynasty. Ill spare your life."

Hearing this, it was as though a bomb had gone off in Hebers mind, filling it with unprecedented shame!

To be spared from death because of this identity was just like being forced to spare him, and this was a huge insult and torture to him.

He felt as though his dignity and pride were trampled under Han Xiaos feet, almost causing him to go mad.

Han Xiao suddenly noticed something, retreating a distance away.


Fosters and the other Vanguard Officials approached in a moment, standing guard in front of Heber.

"Weve lost" Fosters spat out the words with difficulty. "But if you still think you can insult His Excellency Heber, then you need to step over our corpses to do so!"

The Vanguard Officials all chorused in agreement, their expressions filled with wariness and some degree of anxiety.

"What are you guys doing? Scram!" Heber was furious. He was always the one that protected others, and now him being protected by his men only gave him more shame.

If I lose, then so be it. How is it that I, a renowned Beyond Grade A, now have to hide behind Calamity Grades for protection?

"No!" For the first time, Fosters disobeyed Hebers direct order.

Looking at all the backs of his Vanguard Officials, Heber felt a little stunned.

He had always regarded his men as consumables, and seeing this sight made him feel conflicting emotions.

In the distance, Jorde pursed his lips and surveyed his surroundings. Many of the Bloodshed Land members were showing confusion and conflicting emotions. He knew very well that the defeat of the Tyrant had directly shaken the beliefs of many people in the Bloodshed Land.

"I dont know how many of them will choose to leave now" Jorde sighed.

They might not join the Black Star Army, which they were hostile to, but there would definitely be people leaving the Bloodshed Land.

This scene also fell in the eyes of the spectators, with them feeling all sorts of complex emotions. The Bloodshed Land had been growing rapidly recently and was in the limelight. Nobody expected them to be hit so hard today.

Han Xiao ignored the group of Vanguard Officials and only stared at Heber directly.

"The old accounts between us are considered temporarily settled."

The moment he finished speaking, Han Xiao no longer bothered with Hebers response, flying toward the Palace of Hidden Spells under the gazes of everyone.

This move was also a signal, announcing the end of the battle.

As the victor, Han Xiao did not need to make any additional statements, nor did he need to chase after the Tyrant. This would only have a countereffect.

His goal had been reached by winning this battle. The rest would occur naturally without him deliberately pushing.

Seeing his action, the surrounding spaceships all parted for him to enter the Palace of Hidden Spells.

Everyone present knew that from this moment on, the new strongest of the Shattered Star Ring had been born!

Sigh, he indeed lost.

Within the Bloodshed Land fleet, Sorokins doppelganger sighed.

After this battle, Black Star had completely established his dominance of the Black Star Army in the Shattered Star Ring. Even if the Bloodshed Land could still compete with them, it would eventually still lose out, requiring twice the effort with half the amount of success.

The difficulty of the task just increased further Sorokin was helpless.

His employers from the dynasty failed to stop the battle, which made Sorokin a little depressed.

But he did not fully count on others, as he was just a financial group in their eyes, and it was impossible for him to have absolute certainty in swaying the decisions of the Universal Civilization.

Taking a look at Heber who was supported by his Vanguard Officials as they flew back to the fleet, Sorokin snorted.

He did not know how long it would take for the Tyrants shattered mentality to recover, which might affect their cooperation.

The situation has become more troublesome now.

Sorokins eyes flickered.

Having such great prestige as a Beyond Grade A will always risk such a catastrophe. Prestige is both an influence and a shackle to the Beyond Grade A class. Fortunately, Im not stupid like the Tyrant and have foresight. Only by throwing away the prestige of the Beyond Grade A will the shackles of ones identity no longer bind you. Only then can you live like a fish in water, free and easy.

If he was allowed to choose, he would not even choose to engage in this battle.

A pity that the Tyrant was still shackled by his prestige and made such a foolish move. Poor fellow Sorokin shook his head.

The countless spectators finally began to disperse from the scene. At the same time, Han Xiaos avatar had just stepped foot on the Palace of Hidden Spells and met up with Austin.

Summoning a mechanical throne, Han Xiao surveyed his surroundings.

"I see you still love joining such boisterous events. Has the Palace of Hidden Spells been fixed yet?"

"Long ago."

After some casual conversation, Austin opened his mouth to ridicule him. "Hehe, from today onward, youre now the new head of the Beyond Grade As of the Shattered Star Ring. What are your thoughts?"

"None." Han Xiao waved his hands before smirking. "In fact, I was already the head a long time ago; what was missing was just the identity."

"Youre really shameless!" Austin laughed, but he did not deny the fact.

He knew that he was not Han Xiaos opponent, Psyker had suffered under his hands before, Ames was close to him, and now with Heber out of the picture, Black Star was officially the strongest in this star field, the main spokesperson of the Crimson Dynasty.

After chatting a while, Han Xiao bade farewell and controlled his mechanical host to take the mechanical army back to the battleship, setting the return path before releasing [Lords Descent].

The vision of the avatar disappeared, and Han Xiao opened his eyes with the vision of his room in front of him.

He sat in silence for a moment before letting out a deep breath.

With this, he had temporarily disrupted Ty-Tys mental state and affected the influence of the Bloodshed Land, easing the pressure on him.

However, a Beyond Grade As mentality was not shaken so easily, and the Tyrant would accept reality sooner or later.

But in the short term, Heber was out of the picture.

Stretching his waist, Han Xiao opened the door and walked out.

Now that the mission to fight the Tyrant had been completed again, there was a reward to be drawn, and the necessary procedures had to be prepared beforehand.

Touching Feidin once would give him a lucky chance!

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