The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 957

Chapter 957 The Mechanic Emperors Counter

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In the Army Commanders machinery modification room, row after row of assembly lines were lined in an orderly manner, and from the chassis of each assembly line stretched out dozens of multi-functional mechanical manufacturing arms that automatically assembled the products. The entire room was filled with the sound of parts fitting into each other, as the assembled products were sent down the lines to undergo transformation.

Han Xiao strolled down the busy workshop, continuously releasing his Mechanical Force like a dense spider web, linking all the assembly lines like countless extended limbs, which allowed him to multitask and build many machines at the same time.

Currently, machinery manufacturing and assembling had already become extremely convenient for him. The efficiency of such multi-tasking was linked to the Intelligence attribute, and even if there were no assembly lines, Han Xiao could also transform a large number of machines at the same time and utilize the method the players used, which was to concurrently manufacture and assemble.

Han Xiao walked up to one of the workbenches. This was where the Divine Mechanical Throne was currently being constructed, with the last parts currently being fitted in. The mechanical arms were painting and spraying it with cooling mist, which overflowed around the entire area.

Waving his hand to disperse the mist, Han Xiao carefully looked at the throne in front of him. It was a black alloy throne, with its surface covered in mechanical structural lines. The squares were sharp and angular, and one could see that it looked very badass.

Han Xiao had also added nano-deformation technology, which had a self-adjusting function, being able to perfectly fit any sort of body shape. Its appearance and style were similar to the floating throne he had created before, but the internal technology was vastly different. The previous floating throne only had a visual effect, but this throne had actual bonuses and was unique to the attributes of whoever designed it.

Opening his interface, Han Xiao glanced at the item introduction.


Black Stars Divine Mechanical Throne

Type: Extraordinary Bonus Equipment

Item Level: 300

Grade: Orange (Legendary)

Main Materials: 8th Gen Black Star Alloy, Mysterious Titanium, 15th Gen Nanoparticles

Energy Core: Lightly Modified Stable Psionic Reactor

Basic Attributes:

Durability: 50,000/50,000

Defense: 7,800

Shield Durability: 150,000/150,000

Equipped Effect 1: [Mechanical Sense Amplification] x1.1 Machinery Affinity

Equipped Effect 2: [Aura Enhancement] Increases deterrence, affects all targets that are looking at you. If the targets level is lower than yours by thirty or more, the opponents Attributes will temporarily decrease by 10%.

Equipped Effect 3: [Calm Commander] When used in a combat state, all mechanical soldiers that are boosted with Mechanical Force will obtain an additional 8% increase in Defense and Status Resistances.

Equipped Effect 4: [Walk with the Wind] +740 CHA

Remarks: Being handsome is everything!


"Can be used to look cool, and even adds bonuses. What a badass piece of divine equipment." Han Xiao stroked it lovingly, refusing to let go.

In the future when he brought this toy out to fight, those who were unaware would think that he had a lot of style. It completely suited his cold and suave character!

After experimenting with the results, Han Xiao stored the throne with satisfaction, turning back to the other workbenches.

The majority of the workbenches were updating the spare mechanical army that sat in the Black Star Army warehouse, reforming their technology to the level of the Divine Throne Mechanic. A small portion was however involved in manufacturing new machinery, many of which were taken from the blueprints of the Tyracles Legacy.

The Tyracles Legacy was a racial talent for his level 300 Promotion, and this race had a profound knowledge in mechanical technology, with all sorts of whimsical and miraculous machines. When Han Xiao completed the promotion mission, he had unlocked the blueprints up to level 300.

Some of the blueprints could be used, adding dozens of new machines to his current mechanical army. According to the different functions, his mechanical army had expanded to contain more units, which included many new types of soldiers.

The Cosmic Wanderer, the Tyracles Specialty Mechanical soldier, alternated between the colors of green and purple. It possessed a triangular knight helmet-like head and a thin skeletal body frame. Using biochemical machinery, a module under their armor housed a large amount of secret strengthening fluid to enhance its tendons and muscles, which would allow their body frame to swell explosively into a huge bodybuilder shape. The bonuses awarded were very high.

In addition, this model had special capabilities. It possessed two stages of transformation. One of them was overclocking, which allowed it to obtain a strong explosive force and improvement in all attributes, and the second was Explosive Retreat, which was activated on the basis of overclocking. The second mode allowed it to release a special warp field, covering both ranged and melee attacks. After the actual combat test run, Han Xiao found out that the Cosmic Wanderer could rival most models that had the same specifications as it. Its basic performance was one of the best.

Han Xiao now had a few more slots for Apostle Weapons, so he chose the Cosmic Wanderer with the best basic attributes to convert into an Apostle Weapon. Initially, he wanted to name it Purple Muscle Tyrant, but thinking about it, the name seemed a little perverted.

Naming an Apostle Weapon was just like naming a child; it was not something he could randomly scream and be done with. After ruminating for a while, Han Xiao finally named it Purple Sky Spirit based on how he had named his previous Apostle Weapons and prepared to bring it over to the Machinery civilization to have it propagate as well.

Other than this, the Tyracles Legacy blueprints contained many other good items, such as physical missiles equipped with precision transition guidance. The ammunition was made from a special high-energy polymer, which contained a strong erosion effect, and was particularly useful toward a battleships shields.

There was also an interesting series of stellar star system devices that could create a path to guide and focus stellar energy from the universe, indirectly causing annihilation level strikes. However, Han Xiao was more concerned about the stellar concentrator under this series. It could take stellar matter on a large scale and, through its condensation, create a movable Fixed Star.

Other than energizing and guiding attacks, this device could also release material at other locations to form a completely new Fixed Star, the size of which was determined by the amount of material released. This was what it meant by movable.

Within the legacy, the Saint Tyracles used this method to multiply the stars. After duplicating them, the new stars were then filled with dust and matter to increase the volume. In that manner, the natural fixed stars that it produced had far more power output compared to ordinary man-made Fixed Stars.

What Han Xiao was concerned about was the usage of this device. If this device was released at point blank range, it was akin to a portable stellar bomb. Its destructive power was probably not much worse than the original Primordial Psionic Energy bomb, and there was no problem with environmental pollution. This facilitated murder as well as the removal of evidence.

As Han Xiao buried his head in the transformation of his machinery, Sylvia set out to implement the education plan. The first step was to announce to the entire Star Field that the army had diversified into the education sector.

Ever since Han Xiao had defeated the Tyrant, there were many galactic residents who were following his movements. They thought that Black Star would make big moves after acquiring the title of strongest in the Star Field.

The moment this announcement came out, the entirety of the Shattered Star Ring started boiling in excitement. The top Beyond Grade A of Shattered Star Ring had started a school, and just his name alone would attract a large number of people.

The plan was to prepare for the pilot testing of dozens of schools within the Godora galaxy, and Planet Aquamarine was one of the important pilot areas.

The development of Planet Aquamarine rapidly changed with each passing day. When Nero stepped off the spaceship, he felt that Black Star City had become a lot more foreign to him.

"Im home"

Nero settled his emotions and returned home, only to find out that Bennett had gone on a work trip, and only his mother was at home.

Because Han Xiao had given him a vacation, for the next few days, Nero indulged in eating, drinking, and playing games.

"This is the life!"

Lazing on the balcony of his high-attitude villa, Nero held a cup of ice cream in his hands, drinking the melted cream through a straw as he gazed on the scenery of the city.

Within the Black Star Army, he had no status, so he could only passively accept arrangements. Over here, he was the son of the planets leader, so he was the biggest young master in this city. As long as he did not break the law, he could have everything he wanted such as this ice cream, which he had asked his bodyguard to buy.


At this moment, the external screens of several buildings outside lit up, and the news played.

"The Black Star Army announced the establishment of its Black Star Super Academy yesterday in an effort to obtain more talents. President Bennett met up with the executive principal of the Black Star Super Academy and will be delivering a speech shortly"

The live broadcast played on the screen, and a press conference was in progress. On screen, Bennetts and Lagis long distance projections sat opposite each other, chatting in front of countless reporters. This was in an executive conference room within the government building, situated within Black Star City. Seeing his, Nero knew that Bennett had already returned.

"On behalf of the people on Planet Aquamarine, I thank the Black Star Army for their generosity." In the picture, Bennett smiled and expressed his attitude.

Lagi remained silent and only nodded, while the interpreter beside him enthusiastically spoke. "Planet Aquamarine is the mother star of Black Star, so he is very willing to help with its development. The people of Planet Aquamarine are just like his brothers and sisters."

After so many painful lessons, Lagi was hereby banned from speaking in such public events. Han Xiao had specially searched for a sunny and positive secretary to act as an interpreter.

Looking at Bennett in the live broadcast, Nero suddenly discovered that the wrinkles on Bennetts face seemed to have increased, and white hair also seemed to be filling up his head.

"Father is getting old"

Nero pursed his lips, inexplicable emotions spreading in his heart. The joy of his vacation gradually subsided, replaced by an uncomfortable feeling of having nothing to do.

After travelling through the universe, Neros experiences were far broader than his peers, and he had begun to mature early. He understood the situation of Planet Aquamarine as well as Bennetts pains, and this concept of responsibility also gradually formed within his heart.

After struggling inwardly for a while, Nero shoved the remainder of the ice cream into his mouth before retreating into his room and unwillingly pulling out a book on machinery theory, flipping through it with a bitter expression.

But this only lasted for a while before he slowly got absorbed within.

While he thought he would be unwilling, the long periods of studying had allowed him to develop an interest in machinery, and he had begun to learn how to appreciate it.

"Running a school?"

Seeing the public announcement by the Black Star Army, Sorokin fell into deep thought. He stepped up to the window, looking as spaceships continuously left the Bloodshed Land headquarters, and gently shook his head.

After Heber lost, such adverse effects had gradually emerged. His prestige had collapsed, and the cohesion of Bloodshed Land was also shaken, so talents were leaving. Every few days, someone withdrew from Bloodshed Land. With Heber still in closed door recuperation, the upper echelons had no orders to move, so they could only watch as their members left.

Toward Black Star moving into the education sector, this was to transform the influence into actual support from the people, which was unprecedented. Bloodshed Land had already fallen to the bottom and was in a miserable state.

In such a situation, Sorokin also had no good ideas. He could only keep a low profile and temporarily stop the business attack on the Black Star Army. He was prepared to wait until Black Stars limelight had faded.

Di di di

At this moment, his communicator rang. Picking it up, Sorokin saw that Manison was on the line.

"Your Excellency, whats the matter?"

"I would like to know the inside information of the Black Star Armys business. Give me a list."

Sorokin paused in shock. "Whats the meaning of this?"

"Helping you," Manison blandly replied.

"I understand now. You want to do a virtual intrusion into their database?" Sorokins eyes flashed, but he was surprised. This was as good as forming a grudge with Black Star.

"I also play a part in your current actions. The Federation of Light has tasked me with thoroughly checking the database of the Black Star Army, and Im just taking advantage of this opportunity to help you." Manisons expression remained indifferent.

"Its not just that, right?" Sorokin narrowed his eyes. "The rise of Black Star has given you pressure."

"Dont ask what you shouldnt know," Manison coldly commented.

"Haha, I understand. Ill send the list over shortly. If you can really get some inside information, this will help my actions a lot."

"Ok." Manison cut the call.

In actual fact, the Federation of Light did not ask him to hack into Black Stars database; it was Manison himself who suggested it.

Helping Sorokin was just an additional topping. The main point was that he wished to test Black Stars strength again. Instead of sparring, he wished to fight against him in the virtual network.

His reason for doing this was because he had received the notice of Black Star being enshrined in the Machinery Faith. In Manisons eyes, Black Star had transformed from a junior with potential into a competitor!

From the few times they had interacted, Manison knew that Black Star was not someone who was willing to sit still. The moment he was enshrined in the Machinery Faith as a deity, he would seek more followers, and Manison was not someone who would sit idly at the loss of his own interests.

Of course, he did not think that Black Star would be so easy to kill. He was not prepared to kill him either.

Manisons objective was to firmly push down Black Star in the area of the Mechanic class, doing to Han Xiao what he had done to the Tyrant, destroying his prestige.

In this manner, the Machinery Faith believers would not turn toward Black Star, and the entire Universe would hear his declaration.

I, the Mechanic Emperor, am still the father of the Mechanics!

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