The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 969

Chapter 969 Familiar Face And Exchanging Fire

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Chapter 969 Familiar Face and Exchanging Fire

Deactivating his long-distance projection, Han Xiaos viewpoint returned to his room. Before he even moved, a notification popped up on his interface. It was an Urgent Mission for the dynasty.

The contents of the mission were to listen to the dynastys plans and carry out various war missions to deal with the Kunde Race. It was similar to the secret war mission, and Han Xiao was no stranger to it.

"According to the reward of the secret war, if I can complete a war mission at such a level, there is a high chance of receiving Legendary Points, Political Assets, or a new dungeon type reward. Oh right, my Contribution Points should also be able to increase greatly."

Han Xiao stroked his chin, uncertain. After all, Purple Crystal and Klent were close to each other in strength during the secret war. But to the dynasty, the Kunde Race was no more than just a little threat. Getting rid of the Kunde Race was not difficult, and the reward might not be as much as the secretwar.

However, he would just take whatever came his way. His target this time was mainly to trigger various missions from Nero.

Although he was not planning to participate personally, Han Xiao would not slack off completely. He would not mind providing the dynasty with some Virtual Technology support during the war. Furthermore, Han Xiao was not planning to hide his map advantage.

The map that he referred to was not the star map. The astronomy observation equipment of a Universal Civilization was well developed, and they had already plotted out a map of the entire Flickering World. However, the details of the map could only be completed through exploration.

Han Xiao was familiar with the territory of the Kunde Race, and such information naturally would not be on the unexplored star map. This meant that the dynasty would not need to slowly explore the region and could charge straight into the Kunde Races territory.

Of course, the dynasty would need to believe his intelligence. Even with his Beyond Grade A status, he could not interfere with the war orders of the dynasty. Every advanced civilization would definitely be skeptical of unverified intelligence.

Han Xiao was not too bothered about this. He had the name of a fortune teller, and he still had the famous Aesop by his side. Furthermore, the dynasty would also make use of many Oracles, so it would not be a problem for him to release intelligence.

However, in order to prevent others from framing the Kunde Race, Han Xiao also could not give the dynasty too detailed information. Although he could do as he wanted at his level, being careful would save him some trouble in the future.

"A Star Cluster level war, this is the second time Ill participate in one, but this is different from the secret war"

Han Xiao let out a deep breath.

The secret war was a proxy war, and although the scale of the war was large, it did not involve the life and death of a race. This time, one party would be fighting to protect their homeland and would definitely employ all their strength and means.

Even if the Kunde Race was a native Star Cluster civilization, the scale of this war could not be compared to the secret war.

Han Xiao did not feel too much enmity toward the Kunde Race, but he did not have any goodwill toward them either. If he was a part of the Kunde Race, he would not be happy if a foreign civilization attempted to snatch his resources as well. By the time the Crimson Dynasty fully explored the Dust Light Star Cluster, it would be akin to locking the Kunde Race in this Star Cluster and limiting them to the level of a Star Cluster Civilization.

However, he was currently in the dynastys faction. The dynastys motive of exploring a new Star Field was to obtain new resources. With the advantage of absolute military might by their side, it was impossible for them to stop. It could only be said that both parties had a conflict of interests.

Since neither party was in the wrong, the one who was wrong would be the loser.

Han Xiao then wrote up a letter and sent some intelligence about the Kunde Race to Tarrokov. Without waiting for a reply, he sent out an order to gather his army.

"Summoning us to participate in the war?"

In the exploration fleet of the Black Star Army, the members of the Black Star Army received a message on their communicator. Some of them were excited, while others were grave.

Nero was a member of this exploration squad, and he immediately felt nervous upon receiving the order.

He had not made mental preparations for this sudden war. He had only participated in various different sparring matches but had never participated in a true war before. It was impossible for him not to be nervous.

Various different thoughts flashed through his head, and Nero could not help but let his imagination run wild. Will I be able to kill the enemy?

What does killing feel like?

Will I be killed by the enemy?

Will Mia participate in the war as well? Will she be in danger?

Just when he was letting his imagination run wild, he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was the captain of his squad, a burly freelance mercenary.

"Dont worry kid, we will take care of you." The captain laughed heartily.

"Relax." The vice captain, who was currently memorizing his spells, looked over and said casually, "I participated in the secret war before, and war is only so-so. It is either kill or be killed. Death in a galactic war of such a level will happen in an instant. There wont be any pain, so there isnt anything to be nervous about." Nero rubbed his head and forced out a smile upon hearing that. He had been sent to this squad under the identity of a maintenance staff. His captain and vice captain took good care of him, and his other squad mates treated him pretty well too.

In the battle squad of such a level, his background was not that important, and his personal combat strength was the most important. Neros strength was not too weak, and his Mechanic skills were outstanding. Thus, the other members of the team were willing to take care of him.

Although Nero was indeed feeling nervous about participating in the war, he did not have any intentions of contacting Han Xiao. He did not wish for any special treatment. While his godfather might agree to not let him enter the battlefield, his godfather would definitely look down on him. Nero did not want to let his godfather down after studying for such a long time.

Nero then walked to the side and took out his communicator. After hesitating for a moment, he dialed Mias number.

After ringing for a while, the other party picked up, but neither of them said anything. Only their breathing could be heard.

After a few seconds of silence, Nero then said, "Um Did you see the internal notice already? I am going to war."


"Er Arent you going to be worried for me?"

"Whats there to be worried about? I was also summoned." Mia snorted.

Nero felt his heart sink, and he said with hesitation, "Er are you nervous?" "Whats there to be nervous about?" Mia asked with a strange tone. "Didnt you already know that such a day would come when you became a Super? I am looking forward to the battle."

Nero was completely speechless and could only say, "Pay attention to your own safety. We arent in the same squad, and I wont be able to protect you"

"Who needs your protection?" Mia rolled her eyes. "You should take good care of yourself. Dont die."

The call was then cut off.

Nero then placed his communicator down and rubbed his nose with resignation.

He still preferred the shy and timid Mia that he had first met. Ever since she became a Pugilist, her violent tendencies had gotten worse.

There was no such thing as an absolute secret in the world, and the Crimson Dynasty was not attempting to hide anything.

Not too long later, news reached the explored universe, and the various Star Fields found out that the dynasty was preparing to go towar.

Most of the galactic residents did not have too much of an opinion. It was not surprising to them since the dynasty was dealing with a bunch of natives. They would rather the dynasty clean up all their enemies quickly and finish up the exploration early so that they could all go to the Flickering World and play. There was also a small group of individuals who took pity on the native civilizations and were crying out for peace. However, no one could be bothered with them, and their actions would not be able to influence the actions of an advanced civilization.

Most of the organizations were not too bothered by the news, but the various Super Star Cluster Civilizations were all extremely happy.

They hoped that the Kunde Race would be able to create as much trouble for the dynasty as possible. With the Primordial Psionic Energy, the Kunde Race definitely had the strength to cause damage to the dynasty. The more they killed, the better. It would be best if a few of the dynastys Beyond Grade As died as well. Regardless of who won or lost, they would not be on the losing end anyway.

The exploration of the Dust Light Star Cluster was suspended, and the dynasty was gathering their troops on Planet Lighthouse.

Apart from the exploration fleet, the Crimson Dynasty mobilized their elites from the Central Galaxy.

While it was partly because they did not want to underestimate the enemy, it was also to train their soldiers. They would not be able to easily meet such a war in the explored universe, and this was a good chance to train their soldiers.

Because Han Xiao was not personally interfering, the Black Star Army fleet would be led by Herlous.

"The army this time is made from many different organizations. I will be the chief commander, and I am in charge of deciding the overall strategy. Every army will have their own commander to lead the various allies. The commander in charge of your Black Star fleet has also been decided."

Tarrokov then opened a resume and showed it to Herlous.

After looking at the resume, Herlous felt that it was pretty familiar.

"Teny Amenos?"

"Thats right, its him."

"His rank isnt high. Will he be able to do the job?" Herlous asked with doubt.

"Ah ah, dont worry. He is an officer that the dynasty is currently training, and he has outstanding commanding abilities." Tarrokov smiled. "He arrived at Planet Lighthouse not too long ago. Follow me to meet him."

As he said that, Tarrokov knocked on the table and the room door was immediately pushed open. A military officer then walked into the room with his aide-de-camp behind him.

"We meet again, my friend from the Black Star Army." The military officer nodded.

"Oh! So its you." Herlous immediately recalled where he had met this individual.

He was an elite of the dynasty who had accepted the evolution energy of the Evolution Cube, the future Dynasty Marshal. He had a short interaction with Han Xiao eight to nine years ago, and the vice commander beside him was his trusted aide, Corbus.

Herlous stood up, and both of them shook hands before sitting back down. "It has been almost ten years since I last saw Black Star. I am truly happy for him that his status is getting higher and higher," Teny said.

Herlous nodded before said curiously, "Your rank mustve increased already. You were only a Colonel the last I saw you."

"I earned some merits, but my merits cant be compared to Black Star." Teny shook his head. "I requested to be the commander of the Black Star fleet and hope to reduce your casualties."

"Then I have to thank you for that." Herlous was overjoyed. As an allied organization of the dynasty, he was the most afraid of an incompetent commander.

"There isnt a need to thank me. You can treat it as me repaying a favor." Teny waved his arms. "Black Star gave me a set of mechanical guards that was personally constructed by him back then, which helped me overcome a few difficulties. I should be the one thanking him."

"I see."

Herlous came to a realization. There was no such thing as a free lunch. It turned out that the other party owed a favor to his boss.

He could not help but praise Han Xiaos foresight.

"I will pay a visit to the Garu Star Cluster to see Black Star after the end of the battle. I hope that he will be free," Teny said.

"Dont worry, the officers will be the ones in charge of the army, and he is extremely free every day." Herlous immediately sold Han Xiao out.

Both of them then chatted for a while until Tarrokov coughed. They left Tarrokovs office together and continued chatting with each other.

As they were walking about the base, Teny met someone he knew, another commander of the dynasty. Both of them greeted each other and chatted casually.

Herlous was not too bothered at the start but realized that the skinny aide-de-camp beside this commander kept staring at him with a profound look.

"Eh cough, what are you looking at me for?" Herlous asked.

That aide-de-camp then chuckled. Pointing at Herlous uniform, he asked, "Youre a member of the Black Star Army, right?"

"I am the fleet commander of the Black Star Army, Herlous. I wonder, how can I address you?" Herlous nodded. "Ah, call me Gaud."

"Have we met before? Why do you keep staring at me?" Herlous asked.

Gaud laughed and said, "Nope, but I have always admired Black Star. This is my first time seeing an officer of the Black Star Army, and I am a little curious."

He then turned around without the intention of continuing the conversation.

Upon seeing that, Herlous sized Gaud up and was secretly shocked. This fellow called Gaud obviously did not have much of a presence, but Herlous could not help but feel a sense of pressure when standing beside him.

At this moment, Teny finished his conversation with the other party, and he left with Gaud.

"Do you know that aide-de-camp?" Herlous asked.

Teny shook his head, and Corbus replied instead.

"Youre talking about Gaud? I know him. Whats the matter?"

"I chatted with him a bit just now and am a little curious."

Corbus nodded and said, "This Gaud isnt a graduate of the military academy, and he hasnt been serving the army for a long time. However, he is a Super with great potential and was spotted by that commander. His various abilities are extremely outstanding, and I heard that he is on the list of individuals to be trained by the military."

"This resume sounds very ordinary"

Herlous could not understand where the pressure came from, but he was certain that his feelings were accurate.

However, there was not much of a need for him to bother about such things, and he continued chatting with Teny, throwing Gaud to the back of his mind quickly.

The dynasty was extremely efficient. They only took a few days to gather their forces.

The dynasty originally did not know the location of the Kunde Race and originally planned to first send out their scouts to search ahead. However, Black Star had sent them an intelligence report not too long ago that marked out the rough location of the Kunde Race in the Dust Light Star Cluster. Although there were no accurate coordinates, it saved the dynasty a great deal of trouble.

Although the intelligence report was not too accurate, it allowed the dynasty to narrow down their scope of operations. Many reconnaissance squads were sent out toward the coordinates that Black Star had marked out, and the army also began moving toward the different directions.

With an entire Star Cluster as their battlefield, mobility was the key factor, and the stargates would be the blood vessels connecting the army.

Because of the Primordial Psionic Energy Explosion trap, the dynasty had already tacitly acknowledged that the other party had stargate technology. As such, the dynasty paid close attention to protecting their own stargates to prevent the enemy from launching an ambush.

However, the army did not meet a single enemy over the following half a month. The enemy was in the dark while they were in the light, and the enemy seemed to have disappeared.

A couple of days later, this situation changed, and the dynasty finally exchanged fire with the Kunde Race fleet.

The location of the battle was Planet Lighthouse!

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