The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 970

Chapter 970 Taking Out Unknown Technology

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Half an hour earlier

In the desolate universe belt far away from Planet Lighthouse, a Kunde Race fleet exited from the stargate and split up into various divisions. They then entered hyperdrive and approached Planet Lighthouse from different directions.

After the attack of the Arcane Church and EsGod, the Crimson Dynasty had expanded their surveillance perimeter several times. Not too long after the Kunde Race fleet appeared, they were detected by space detection equipment. However, the Kunde Race fleet completely ignored the fact that they were spotted and charged straight at Planet Lighthouse.

The command room of the flagship had a gray and blue theme. The various control panels were structured in a way for carapace creatures to use. The commander of the fleet was a gigantic lobster with flame like engravings on its shell.

The Kunde Race was also split up into different branches, and one of their branches had a special feature. Some parts of their shells would change colors according to their emotions. Red represented anger and agitation, and this commander was currently in a state of rage.

Yelu, a military commander of the Kunde Race, was an aggressive commander who had volunteered to participate in this ambush mission. He and the other members of the fleet knew that chances of returning alive were slim, but they had still chosen to accept the mission.

"How far are we from Planet Lighthouse?"

"Commander, we will still need about four hours."

"Speed up," Yelu said with a baleful aura. He hated the fact that he could not immediately unleash his firepower on the enemy.

It had only been a few years since the Kunde Race obtained the stargate and hyperdrive technology. Even if they had powerful production capability, they could not equip all of their fleets with such equipment. Furthermore, the Kunde Race still was not familiar with this technological skill and could not come up with too many tricks.

They naturally would not be able to ambush the enemy since they still had to travel for another four hours. However, this was already the best that the Kunde Race could do. They were only able to secretly place the stargate at this location; any nearer would have been impossible.

However, this fleet was not concerned about being discovered, and their plan was to launch a head-on attack.

In the information of the spaceship wreckage, a rough outline of Planet Lighthouses surveillance perimeter was marked out. It was also indicated that this was the command center of the Crimson Dynasty. The Kunde Race had used their long-distance surveillance equipment to verify this fact as well. As such, they had come up with the plan of attacking Planet Lighthouse while they sent their forces out.

The Kunde Race knew that it would be difficult for them to emerge victorious if they fought a head-on battle. As such, they could only take the risk of attacking the enemys headquarters. This way, they might be able to cut off the enemys path of retreat.

Their fleet carried a large amount of Primordial Psionic Energy weapons, and the Kunde Race truly believed in the strength of this item. As long as they could approach Planet Lighthouse, and as long as a single one of these weapons could hit Planet Lighthouse, their objective would be complete. The Primordial Psionic Energy was able to ignore most defenses, and most shields would only serve to provide energy for it.

Although they knew that it would be difficult for them to return alive, all of them in the fleet had a resolute will and were not afraid of death.

On one hand, it was because of their fury and hatred toward the dynasty. On the other hand, it was because of the fear in their heart. The reason for their fear was related to Han Xiao.

Originally, the Kunde Race paid attention to hiding their location because they were at a disadvantage. As long as the location of their territory was not revealed, they would be able to use that to their advantage and make many strategic arrangements.

However, the Crimson Dynasty did not scout ahead and actually went directly to their territory. This ruined many of the Kunde Races plans and made them flustered.

With the location of their territory being exposed, most of the methods that they had prepared became useless, and their entire army was placed in danger. Many of them were thankful that they had sent away most of their civilians. If not, they would have been in an even more passive position.

Helpless, the Kunde Race could only come up with a desperate method to attack the enemy headquarters.

The sole cause behind this entire event was Han Xiao, who had provided the intelligence. He saved the dynasty a great deal of effort and also forced the Kunde Race to make such a risky move.

In the command room of Planet Lighthouse, Tarrokov and the other commanders were gathered together. Their gazes were fixed on the star map and the red dots that represented the Kunde Race fleet approaching them with a countdown counter in the top-right corner of the screen.

"The enemy is approaching Planet Lighthouse and will arrive in about three hours," Tarrokov said with his arms behind his back. His expression was calm. He did not feel any pressure.

Everyone present was also calm and not too surprised by this development.

This was one of the outcomes that they had predicted, and they had made the necessary preparations. The enemy did not have any chance in a head-on battle and thus were extremely likely to make a risky move.

During the exploration era, the Crimson Dynasty had met plenty of different ambushes and were extremely experienced in dealing with ambushes. As such, the commanders present were not nervous at all. Some of them even felt like laughing.

The native civilization that had far too little battle experience was like a little child before their eyes, and all their actions were within their predictions.

They wanted to launch an ambush without the Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device?

They did not have the might of the Federation of Light but had the habits of the Federation of Light.

Planet Lighthouse was truly fraught with difficulties, and they were used to people coming after them.

After the last lesson, even if they sent out a large fleet, they would still leave sufficient spaceships to guard Planet Lighthouse. Furthermore, they had also expanded their surveillance perimeter, which resulted in the enemy requiring a longer time to reach Planet Lighthouse. A few hours was sufficient for their allies from Renault, Garu, and Crown to arrive. In fact, the army that they had sent out would also be able to return through the various stargates in time.

"Everyone is already aware of the situation. The only threat that the enemy can pose to us is by using Primordial Psionic Energy weapons." Tarrokov paced around and spoke slowly. "We have sufficient preparation time and will have to wipe out all the attacking spaceships before they can arrive on Planet Lighthouse. We will be in trouble if they are allowed to launch even a single attack on Planet Lighthouse."

"I wish to apply for the use of Primordial Psionic Energy weapons. Just like Black Star said, we should pay them back in their own coin," a commander from the hawk faction said.

"Hmm, alright." Tarrokov nodded.

The use of Primordial Psionic Energy weapons was prohibited in the explored universe, but since the enemy had already made use of it, the dynasty would not hold back. Since the universe would be polluted anyway, there was no need for them to care.

However, although he allowed the use of the Primordial Psionic Energy weapons, Tarrokov had other plans. He then added in a deep voice, "The strength of the Primordial Psionic Energy weapons is far too terrifying. If possible, try to make use of ordinary weapons to capture the enemy and enemy spaceships. This is the best chance to obtain information about the enemy. Dont forget that we do not know anything about their civilization. Furthermore, get the Virtual Mechanic squad to be on standby. Their help will be useful."

The dynasty had a large number of Virtual Mechanics, and there was no need for them to borrow the strength of a Beyond Grade A ally to face a native civilization. Black Stars fee was currently pretty expensive

After noticing the enemys intentions, the defense fleet of Planet Lighthouse began to set off to intercept the enemy.

Not too long later, both parties met in the desolate universe belt near Primordial Psionic Energy. The battle was not as peaceful as the battle in the explored universe, and both parties were using Primordial Psionic Energy weapons without any restraint.

In the open universe, the expansion of Primordial Psionic Energy was not as fast as it did not have an entire planet to swallow up. However, it was still equally dangerous as it would not dissipate.

The Primordial Psionic Energy was able to remain in the battlefield for a long time, and the spaceships could only opt to avoid it. Furthermore, the psionic energy sphere was still expanding and releasing a powerful attraction force to suck up the various spare parts of the destroyed spaceships. It was just like a mini black hole.

In such a complicated battlefield, everyone was wary of the other partys long-distance attacks.

"Commander, spaceships 078, 075, and 102 have been boarded by the enemy, and the guards on board arent able to block the enemy."

In the main flagship of the Kunde Race fleet, the scenes of the Supers slaughtering the Kunde Race soldiers were shown.

Upon seeing this scene, Yelu said with an unfriendly tone, "This is the Super that is mentioned in the information, huh? They are actually able to obtain superhuman strength without any modification of their genes"

"Commander, the situation isnt to our advantage. What should we do?"

Upon hearing that, Yelu glanced at the star map before him. There was a technological gap between their fleet and the enemy, and their losses were huge.

Although their operation this time was no different from suicide, they were not even able to see the shadow of Planet Lighthouse and had lost so many ships.

Everyone looked at him and seemed to be mentally preparing themselves for something.

Yelu then gritted his teeth and said with a malevolent tone, "It has been my honor to fight alongside all of you. Listen to my orders, activate the spacetime splicing equipment!"

On the other side, Han Xiao had already received news of the battle, and his long-distance projection was currently watching the battle on Planet Lighthouse.

The dynasty dealt with the assault of the Kunde Race fleet promptly, and the enemy was not able to fight back at all. It was not that easy to make up for the gap in technology.

Tarrokov controlled the situation calmly while Han Xiao slacked off by the side.

Although the situation was extremely good, Han Xiao had a doubt in his head.

Strange the Kunde Race seems to be extremely weak. Just how did they create trouble for the dynasty in my previous life?

The situation was slightly different from what he had expected. The way he saw it, the Kunde Race should have been able to fight the dynasty on somewhat equal grounds since they could be written down in history as a troublesome opponent. Why was the enemy so weak?

A group of Virtual Mechanics were currently breaking through the firewall of the Kunde Race fleet, and their progress was smooth.

They would be able to obtain an entire fleet in a few more minutes, and there was no need for him to take action.

The Kunde Race no longer has a chance to turn the situation around. Strange, Han Xiao thought to himself.

Just when he was deep in thought, a Virtual Mechanic suddenly said with a doubtful tone, "Chief Commander, weve discovered a problem."

Tarrokov looked over and asked doubtfully, "What problem?"

"This the enemy fleet disappeared from the quantum network, and we are unable to receive any signals. Our Virtual Intrusion has been automatically cut off, but they did not forcefully go offline."

Before Tarrokov could even respond, a strange scene occurred on the battlefield.

All of a sudden, all the Kunde Race spaceships seemed to have frozen on the spot.

The dynastys army would not fall into a daze and continued to rain down their attacks. More than half of the battleships were immediately destroyed, including Yelus flagship.

Right at this moment, a change occurred!

A spatial distortion could then be seen on these destroyed spaceships, and before everyone could react, these spaceships were suddenly repaired and returned to their state before being destroyed. At the same time, they moved forward a great deal as though they had teleported.

The dynastys army hesitated for a moment before attacking again. However, the exact same scene occurred, and the Kunde Race fleet moved forward again.

This time, the dynastys fleet no longer attacked by the Kunde Race fleet still moved forward as though they had teleported.

"What is this?" Tarrokov, who had observed this scene, was also at a loss.


Right at this moment, an alarm went off in the room!

"Detecting a spacetime ripple. Matching it with the database Match not found. Creating a new file"

At the same time, the dynastys army used all the means that they had to attack the enemy fleet but to no avail. Furthermore, they continued to approach Planet Lighthouse, and it was impossible to stop them.

Upon seeing this scene, Tarrokov took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions. He then shook his head and said, "It seems like we have underestimated them. We cant look down on any civilization."

Everyone then looked at each other with strange looks on their faces.

They originally thought that this would be an easy battle but never expected the enemy to suddenly take out unknown technology. It seemed related to spacetime, and who knew how they climbed up the technological skill tree?

Just when the commanders were at a loss, Han Xiao also fell into a daze.

He recognized this technology!

However, he had never imagined that it came from the Kunde Race!

This was one of their trump cards when dealing with the World Tree in his previous life!

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